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 Chapter 392: The Supreme Mantis Prawn Persistent And Relentless Hunt

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Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The swamp, which had dried up and hardened, emitted constant rumbles as countless people rushed out of the entrance of the crystal mine in sorry states.

Wu Mu's complexion was quite unsightly gripping a longsword as his sword energy ran amok.

The Serpent Sovereign's blue hair fluttered around, and she swayed her blue tail as countless ripples of true energy surged from her body.

It wasn't only them. The Serpent King, Du Kai, still had lightning flickering on his body, but he was soaked with blood and had lost countless pieces of blue scales.

Their gazes were locked onto the black entrance of the big crystal mine, and they involuntarily sucked in breaths of cold air.


Another loud rumble reverberated from the mine, and more people rushed out of it. One unlucky escapee was caught by several beasts, and he was sent flying; he crashed to the ground so heavily that his fall created a depression.

Executive Feng's pupils dilated. Although he was still in the air-borne warship, he was still able to discover that the unlucky escapee that was ambushed, sent flying, crashed to the ground heavily and was currently spouting mouthfuls of blood was the ninth grade Supreme-Being that he had sent in.

Bang! Bang!

The spirit beasts lingered around the mine's entrance. Their bodies seemed to be made out of crystals and glittered with a golden, ice-cold radiance. Their eyes glowed blood-red and were terrifying to behold.

A great number of these beasts surrounded the entrance to the mine, completely sealing it off.

Wu Mu and the Serpentine Sovereign watched the spirit beasts with apprehensive gazes. It was these spirit beasts that injured Bai Zhan and caused them to end up in such a sorry state.

Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species' expert squinted their eyes, masking the glint evident within them.

"These are... crystal beasts?" they both muttered at the same time. It was obvious that they possessed a more profound knowledge about the big crystal mine's spirit beasts than Wu Mu and the others.

Also, were those crystal beats capable of confronting ninth grade Supreme-Beings?

Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species' expert sucked in deep breaths and got excited.

"If the crystal beasts guarding the mine are this strong, then just how precious is the treasure within the crystal source?!" With a fervent gaze, Executive Feng leaned forward and placed both hands on the ship's banister.

Salty seawater sprayed the cheeks of the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert, and he proceeded to emit a resounding roar. If he wasn't mistaken, the prawn ancestor was surely asleep within the big crystal mine.


The corners of Executive Feng's mouth curled up, and he took a single step ahead. Instantly, his entire body shot forward, and an extremely powerful aura surged out of him. He instantly appeared mid-air over the crystal mine. His physical strength was tremendous, and even his muscles seemed to glow faintly. His gaze flickered like lightning, and his mere presence was powerful and imposing.

The fleshly body of a tenth grade Divine Realm expert, Divine Physique Echelon, was extremely powerful.

As soon as he stepped out of his warship, Executive Feng's speed seemed to transcend the speed of sound, and he appeared before the entrance in a single instant with a loud rumble.

The scarlet eyes of the crystal beasts lit up, and they roared before charging at Executive Feng.

Executive Feng raised a fist and punched.

The hard and firm crystal beasts were capable of withstanding attacks from ninth grade Supreme-Beings, and yet they immediately shattered into countless pieces of crystals the instant Executive Feng punched outward.

A scarlet light burst out from the shattered crystals and rushed into the mine.

Executive Feng's fleshly body was extremely powerful, and every blow of his fist could shatter a crystal beast; thus, he had been able to completely overwhelm the crystal beasts.

The Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert was taken aback for a moment, but he proceeded to step onto a wave with a foot which was adorned with fins.

The dreadful sea waves immediately soared up into the sky and charged toward Executive Feng.

As the two Divine Realm experts' gaze clashed in mid-air, they resembled flickering arcs of lightning.

With all of their might, they thrust out their fists at the same time, and when they collided, a frightening amount of waves surged into the air, and the gale worsened.

The Oceanic Species expert retreated back several steps. Suddenly, his cheeks opened up and water surged out of them.

Executive Feng raised his brow in astonishment, and he swung his arm.

The Great Barren Sect specialized in fleshly body cultivation, so it was only natural that Executive Feng's fleshly body was many times more powerful than the body of a normal Divine Physique Echelon's expert, who had just broken through one of the shackles of the Supreme-Being realm. However, the Oceanic Species expert confronted him directly, yet the former didn't suffer defeat.

As expected, the Oceanic Species was an amazing race.

The fight between the Divine Realm experts left Wu Mu and the Serpentine Sovereign feeling quite dumbfounded, but the terrifying fluctuations from the battle made both their bodies tremble.

Both the Oceanic Species expert and Executive Feng displayed levels of power which surpassed the comprehensions of Wu Mu and the Serpentine Sovereign.

As their fists collided, the vigor and true energy of both opponents surged out so much, the combination seemed like it would burst through the sky.

Were these two really tenth grade Divine Realm experts?

My God! Why would tenth grade Divine Realm experts appear in the Illusory Spirit Swamp?

Why such a small crystal mine attracted tenth grade Divine Realm experts?

The strengths of the Oceanic Species' Divine Realm expert and Executive Feng vastly surpassed all the peak experts within the Southern Region.


Both Executive Feng and the Oceanic Species expert sucked in deep breaths before they resumed their battle. As they had reached the tenth grade Divine Realm, their speed was so fast that it almost seemed to surpass the speed of sound.

The fluctuations that arose from the battle forced Wu Mu and the others to draw back repeatedly.

Their location had already turned into a battlefield for both tenth grade Divine Realm experts.

And, they were both fighting over who got to enter the big crystal mine.

An intense explosion erupted from the entrance of the crystals mine. Both Divine Physique Echelon experts were like barbaric beasts, disregarding everything and rushing into the entrance. As they collided within it, it crumbled.

Roar! Roar!

Countless crystal beats within the mine roared, rushed at the two invaders, and began attacking forcefully.

However, a single fist thrust in the direction of the crystal beasts was enough to shatter them into pieces.

Both Divine Physique Echelon experts threw punch after punch, bombarding the crystal beasts, and were able to create a path in the mine.

Outside the mine, Wu Mu and the others looked at each other in dismay. As they listened to the rumbling sounds resounding from the mine, they were hesitant, unable to decide whether they should enter in or not.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions and rumbles erupted from within the mine.

Suddenly, an alluring fragrance containing the pleasant scent of wine and seafood permeated the air.

Upon perceiving the aroma, Wu Mu and the others couldn't help but tremble. In bewilderment, they looked in the direction that the fragrance was drifting from. In that direction, they saw two shadows, one chasing the other.

The one being pursued was a youth who had a black wok in his grip and ran with large strides. The youth was also holding onto a greasy shrimp which seemed as though it had been cooked till it turned red. As he gave chase, the youth with the black wok kept eating the shrimp with elation.

Every time he bit into the shrimp, oil burst out of it and splattered all around, and its fragrance assailed their nostrils.

Behind the youth was a giant Deep Sea Mantis Prawn.

That was a supreme mantis prawn; its fighting prowess was extremely terrifying, and its fearful sickles possessed an extremely terrifying oppressive power.


The supreme Mantis Prawn charged with a fury as if it wished to tear apart the human in one move. However, Bu Fang's replied by shooting his scalding black wok toward it once more. Then, he took the opportunity to lengthen the distance between him and the supreme Mantis Prawn.

The Mantis Prawn roared, and its whole body trembled with rage.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up as he continued enjoying the delicious and greasy mantis shrimp, which flooded him with the feeling of comfort.

The Oceanic Species experts who were still atop the sea waves all widened their eyes as they witnessed the scene. "What happened? Shouldn't the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn be attacking the Grand Serpentine City? Why had it run all the way here, instead?"

Bu Fang slid atop the waves, spraying water all around before he stopped for a moment and took out the last mantis shrimp from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He raised his knife and skilfully peeled its shell.

When the Oceanic Species experts witnessed this, the corners of their mouth twitched as they thought, "It is no longer surprising that the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn chased this human down."

From the skillful way that Bu Fang peeled off the mantis shrimp's shell, it became evident that he had eaten countless mantis shrimps already.

Moreover, he was eating the mantis shrimps that had been cooked until they were thoroughly red and greasy, and he ate them in front of the supreme Mantis Prawn... wasn't that just a direct provocation?

After he had eaten the last shrimp, Bu Fang conveniently threw away its shell, which fell into the water with a "plump" sound.

Bu Fang comfortably exhaled a breath of steam. He licked the grease on his lips, feeling as though his body had become feather light. That was truly a delicious and invigorating meal.

The Mantis Prawn was enraged, and it swung its sickles at him.

Bu Fang's spiritual force was extremely powerful, and as he exerted some concentration, he started swaying left and right, unexpectedly dodging the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn's extremely swift attacks.

When the spectating Oceanic Species experts came back to their senses, their eyes shone with an ice-cold glow.

The Mantis Prawn was their comrade, and since this human unexpectedly dared to provoke it, he had become the enemy of the whole Oceanic Species. They emitted resounding roars before they all jumped down and charged toward Bu Fang.

When Bu Fang noticed them, his heart skipped a beat. There was a great number of them, and they were all experts with powerful cultivation levels.

"I would be retarded if I confronted all of you head-on."

He stirred his Black Turtle Constellation Wok by infusing it with his true energy. In the next instant, almost all of his true energy was used up, including the true energy he had just recovered by eating those mantis shrimps.

However, despite that, Bu Fang was still expressionless. After the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was infused with his true energy, A resplendent golden radiance burst out of it, and its swiftly expanding to the size of a small mountain, and it was at that moment that he hurled it.

The extremely heavy Black Turtle Constellation Wok soared toward them.

After he had done that, Bu Fang turned around without the slightest hesitation and rushed into the mine, disappearing from their sights.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok collided with the Deep Sea Mantis Prawn, sending the Supreme Beast staggering backward with a slight dizziness.

The Oceanic Species experts emitted powerful auras and blocked the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


With a loud rumble, the giant golden wok turned into green smoke and disappeared.

After they discovered that Bu Fang had disappeared, the Oceanic Species experts looked at each other in dismay. The supreme Mantis Prawn shook its head, and its eyes contracted before it emitted a loud roar.

Its body shot out with a loud rumble, and it forced its way into the mine.

Its gigantic body unexpectedly managed to pass through the narrow entrance.

Upon witnessing the scene, Wu Mu and the others, the Oceanic Species dismayed experts, and the Great Barren Sect's experts in the warship in the sky, all took deep breaths.

Just how much had that human provoked the Mantis Prawn?

Such persistence in hunting was truly shocking!

Bu Fang entered the mine and sped along the path before he suddenly noticed something. He looked down at piles of crystals that littered the ground, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help twitching.

Wasn't the temporary mission that asked him to come over the Illusory Spirit Swamp just about obtaining a big crystal mine's crystal source?

He had only intended to glance around, and he didn't expect that he would find it by chance.


Just when Bu Fang was reveling in his excitement, a loud rumble erupted from behind him.

Bu Fang was taken aback. He turned his head and saw the supreme Mantis Prawn's compound eyes. It waved is sickle, trying to cut apart the stone wall in its way as it charged toward Bu Fang.

It was truly persistent. Bu Fang took a deep breath. It seemed like the Mantis Prawn had gone crazy in a bid to slay him. Didn't it fear being stranded in such a narrow pathway?

Bu Fang criticized inwardly before he turned around and continued proceeding forward. Rumbles continued to erupt from behind him, but the path ahead of him was pitch-black. Bu Fang spouted out a ball of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames in order to light up the path ahead.

Suddenly, Bu Fang lost his footing, and his complexion immediately stiffened as a crevice appeared below him.

A powerful suction force erupted from it, instantly sucking Bu Fang into it.


Broken rocks flew all around.

The Deep Sea Mantis Prawn rushed forward. It twirled around wildly as its legs scurried around. Suddenly, its compound eyes became slightly vacant as it felt a suction force below it. Along with a "swoosh" sound, the stupefied Mantis Prawn was also sucked into the crevice.