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 Chapter 391: Oh, So Electrifying!

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Du Wei gazed at Bu Fang's receding figure, a funny look filling her beautiful eyes, as if she didn't know whether it was more appropriate to laugh or cry. She had never thought that such a stern, stony human would end up being such a clown.

But then again, a human with enough guts to attack the Grand Serpentine City with a mere dog by his side, was there anything he didn't dare to do?

As for cooking mantis shrimps right in front of a supreme mantis shrimp, it probably wasn't such a big deal...

What an unusual human being, yet... she certainly owed this human her gratitude.

A layer of frostiness clouded Du Wei's sharpening eyes. She swung her serpent tail and kicked up tumultuous tides as her entire figure soared into the palace.

"Activate the Guardian Magic Array! Blast away these grotesque creatures right away!"

Du Wei's thunderous holler filled every corner of the serpent-man palace the moment she glided in. The countless serpent-men hiding within the palace instantly felt the ground rumble.

The very next second, sea waves autonomically cleared out of the space around the palace. A faint green beam of light shot to the sky as one after another magic array crystalized near the palace, filling the air with such a sparkling glow.

Du Wei's head of purple hair hang loose, her eyes cold, and her red lips lightly pursed into a beautiful curve. Then, her mind was linked to the numerous magic arrays.

The magic array facing the Oceanic Species Army emitted a glaring sparkle. One after another Magic Array Cannons burst forth amidst a glistering radiance.


As Bu Fang continued running, he couldn't help but twitch his nose. The Braised Mantis Shrimps cooking inside the Black Turtle Constellation Wok smelt even more fragrant than before. The aroma was so rich that it almost made Bu Fang drool.

Like flower crabs, seafood including the mantis prawns tasted extremely well when braised with oil. In fact, it would taste even better than the Egg-Fried Rice sold in Fang Fang's Little Store.

Since the texture of the flesh from seafood was very different, braising with oil allowed for the utter release of any aroma found in the fat stored within such creatures. The resulting scent stimulated one's appetite, making one involuntarily gulp down saliva.

Bu Fang scurried off with large strides over the water. The amount of sea water within the Illusory Spirit Swamp was growing by the second, almost about to completely flood the area. The water level has already risen to over a meter high. If Bu Fang didn't rely on his true energy, he would quickly sink into the water.

This environment was not amiable toward Bu Fang at all, but served as quite a convenience for the Oceanic Species warriors and the supreme mantis shrimp chasing after him.

The Oceanic Species warriors looked less appealing compared to ordinary humans. They could be described as blue-skinned fish taking on the form of humans, with their fierce and bulging eyeballs, big blubber mouths, and cheeks slit open on both sides of their heads. Their fingers were also connected by webs, making them look like enlarged fish-men. Some of the Oceanic Species Warriors had a blue-colored fish tail covered with scales protruding out of their bottoms. It looked extremely peculiar.

As of this moment, the Oceanic Species warriors were all eyeing Bu Fang with wrath. Bu Fang's reckless cooking of mantis shrimps right before their eyes was a total belittlement of these Oceanic Species warriors.

Hiss Hiss!

The supreme mantis shrimp also emitted a low moan. Sea waves were rolling as high as the sky. Its dense rows of limbs shifted, enabling its gigantic body to dart forward at an amazing speed, easily shortening the distance between itself and Bu Fang.

Just as it was inches away from Bu Fang, the supreme mantis shrimp widened its eyes and extended its sickle-like claws. It was so fast that one couldn't capture its true speed or path of movement.

The air was nearly ripped apart in that very moment.

Bu Fang, stilling carrying the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, felt his body freeze. A cold sensation washed over him as he detected a murderous vibe. His heart, previously stirred by the aroma of the Braised Mantis Shrimp, suddenly lurched.


True energy surged as sky-high sea waves burst out of the water under his foot. Bu Fang's body rocketed to the sky.

The supreme mantis shrimp's two sickle-like claws scratched down ferociously.

Another eruption boomed. Two giant, deep pits appeared where Bu Fang was standing an instant ago, within which waves spun.

"What a strong, sturdy sickle claw... this mantis shrimp must have a lot of meat. It would surely taste spectacular!" Bu Fang stepped across the air and exclaimed to himself.

As he floated up into the sky, the Oceanic Species warriors also gradually closed in.

One of those warriors at the level of eighth grade War-God bellowed. A trident appeared and shot for Bu Fang.

Bu Fang took in a deep breath. With the flicker of his mind, true energy burst out, instantly consuming a huge chunk of the true energy stored within his body. At this very moment, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok swelled and expanded in size.

The lines of patterns on the surface of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok were suddenly enlivened. Beams of golden light twisted around it.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok, now almost as large as a small hill, was tossed out by Bu Fang.

The trident collided with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and was easily smacked away. It didn't have the capacity to even shake the Black Turtle Constellation Wok one bit.

A couple of Oceanic Species warriors took in chilled breaths. What the hell was this?

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok whistled by. Seeing the enemy's weapon tossed their way, the Oceanic Species warriors widened their fish-like eyes and slapped down with their palms. With so many Oceanic Species warriors smacking down at the same time, they were filled with confidence.

However, the moment their palms touched the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, an ugly expression smeared across the faces of these Oceanic Species warriors...

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!!

The aroma of meat wafted out, nearly contorting the complexions of the Oceanic Species warriors.

Miserable wails left their mouths. Fear charged their eyes.


Scorching hot!

The fire burning beneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Though it wasn't emitting powerful forces of pressure at that instant... how could their physical bodies take the heat of the roasting Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

These Oceanic Species warriors felt like their palms were nearly fried, and even the webs between their fingers teared open and curled up due to the heat.

However, what frightened them even more right now was that the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was still firing toward them.

Good heavens... this was a blistering hot wok!

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!!

Accompanying the waves of meaty fragrance, countless Oceanic Species warriors howled miserably as they fell from the sky and plummeted into the water below. A hot mist even rose up from the surface of the water.

Bu Fang watched all of this with a degree of astonishment. He never imagined the scalding hot Black Turtle Constellation Wok to have such effects. This meant he just discovered a new technique of the black wok. With the flicker of his mind, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok shrank and flew back to him.

The hot mists within the wok swirled around with the aroma.

A mantis shrimp already braised red sprang out. Oily sauce splattered everywhere in the sky, spreading a rich fragrance.

Bu Fang's eyes instantly sparkled.

"It'll be you, Braised Mantis Shrimp!"

A wisp of smoke twirled around and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared. Bu Fang caught the well-braised red shell of the mantis shrimp with the knife. The entire mantis shrimp has shriveled up, emitting hot steams and a pervading aroma.

Bu Fang's kitchen knife wobbled, sending the mantis shrimp back into the air.

He spun the kitchen knife and swiftly cut off the tail of the mantis shrimp. A light sauce dripped out of the opening from the last strip of the creature.

True energy coated Bu Fang's finger. He pinched the mantis shrimp and hooked the small opening with his kitchen knife. Then, he pulled outwards fiercely.

After a rip, the entire shell on the mantis shrimp was ripped off by Bu Fang.

What was left was the pale, tender shrimp flesh, still quivering gently. The braised shrimp meat smelled wonderful. Its flesh was soft and delicate, still steaming with a hot mist.

Gulp, Bu Fang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Holding on to the head of the shrimp, Bu Fang took a big bite of its flesh.

The tender shrimp meat glided into his mouth, causing his eyes to light up. An indescribable sensation flowed into his heart. This shrimp flesh was springy, bouncing between his teeth. The aroma drifted within Bu Fang's mouth and at the tip of his nose.

The freshness of seafood and the fragrance of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine were simply intoxicating.

The mantis shrimp contented a good amount of spirit energy. It glided down Bu Fang's throat, making him feel like his whole body was being cleansed.

"It tastes marvelous!" Bu Fang exclaimed with admiration, still in a state of euphoria. With another bite, he pushed the rest of the shrimp meat into his mouth, enjoying the pleasure gained by such gourmet delicacy.

Sizzle Sizzle!

Sniffing at the meaty fragrance in the air, the supreme mantis shrimp glared its eyes with even more rage. Spirit energy burst out of its body as its sickle-like claws tore past the air and slashed towards Bu Fang. Its entire figure launched forward like a spring.

With a swing, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was smashed toward the supreme mantis shrimp.

A loud thud was heard as the force of energy this mantis shrimp thrust outward smashed away the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang's heart shuddered. Another mantis shrimp popped out of the wok and was captured by Bu Fang's hand. Gripping the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang turned around to bolt without another word.

This supreme mantis shrimp's instant outburst of power was terrifying. There was no advantage in hitting back with sheer force, plus... the main thing right now was enjoying the flavors of his Braised Mantis Shrimp.

Wolfing down Braised Mantis Shrimp whilst being hunted by a mantis shrimp... Oh, how electrifying!

Bam Bam Bam!

Bu Fang stepped across the waters once more. As the true energy in his body boiled, he took flight at a fast speed.

His hands didn't slow down or do sloppy jobs. A smack of the knife and the mantis shrimp flew up. Off with its tail, and an easy rip of the shell-what was left was the pale and tender shrimp flesh still quivering gently.

Waves of aroma brushed against his face. Bu Fang took another bite as his mouth salivated. Bu Fang munched with his greasy lips, a satisfied look smearing across his face.

Whereas Bu Fang was having the time of his life, the supreme mantis shrimp chasing after him wasn't enjoying this one bit. Its dense rows of limbs moved nonstop, running after Bu Fang at an incredible speed.

Every time it almost caught up, a black wok came flying its way. This burning heavy wok was smacking its head numb. Then, that damned human would seize the chance to tug out another one of its babies and feast on it!

Agh! This mantis shrimp was about to go crazy!

Just like this, a man and a shrimp, one eating and one chasing, drifted away.

Bu Fang had no idea that he was getting closer and closer to the crystal mine.


The sea waves heaved. Multiple figures stepped across the tides, releasing ferocious forces of energy.

Up in the sky, a giant metal warship hovered in the air. Executive Feng, standing there with his body erect, pulled his hands behind his back as he watched the figures rolling in by water.

"The Oceanic Species?" Executive Feng muttered.

Executive Feng could feel the formidable forces of energy on these figures.

These forces of energy were on par with his. It was obvious that the other party was also at the tenth grade Divine Realm, a warrior of the Divine Physique Echelon. Its physical body was strapping, its blood and energy gushing like a fountain!

Could it be that the Oceanic Species also came for the crystal mine?

Executive Feng instantly scrunched his brows and curled his lips. Streams of blood and energy within his body swelled, billowing thunderously. He was directly confronting the Oceanic Species warrior at the Divine Physique Echelon who glided in on sea waves.

The Divine warrior of the Oceanic Species also widened his eyes and peered toward the metal warship suspending in the sky, his face turning somber.

Just as the two eyed each other, a giant explosion blasted out from the mouth of the crystal mine.

Boom Boom!!

After a few denotations, a couple of disheveled figures slipped out of the mine.