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 Chapter 390: Hurling Blows All The Way, Cooking Mantis Shrimps All The Way

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The Illusory Spirit Swamp, the crystal mine.

The marshy ground looked as if it was boiling, the moss peat has become dry as hot mists rose from it, hardening the mushy soils.

Peculiar roars continued to emit from the deep pit, accompanied by miserable wails.

The blood of multiple muscular serpent-men splattered out of the pit and landed miles away. This was a ghastly sight.

Spirit beasts seemingly built of crystals ripped apart one after another serpent-man within the pit, with their savage red eyes sparkling. Shrieks traveled out of their mouths. These spirit beasts were safeguarding the crystal mine, as if protecting something hidden within the crystals.

A couple of figures soared in from the other side of the sky, swooshing across the air.

Wu Mu came by his sword. He had a grave expression on. Seeing the fountain of blood squirting out of the crystal mine, he couldn't help but emit a deep sigh.

The Serpentine Sovereign Du Li also arrived at the crystal mine, swinging her serpent tail.

This crystal mine was developed by both the White Cloud Villa and the Grand Serpentine City. There were many strong serpent-men and White Cloud Villa disciples inside.

As of now, the strongest warrior of both spheres of influences was staring at the nasty pool of blood gushing out of the mine with a pale face. His heart dropped, feeling as if a hammer was just swung across his chest.

"Damn it! What's happening in the crystal mine!"

Wu Mu bellowed, hopped off of his sword, and instantly charged for the mine with utter rage. The Serpentine Sovereign caught up quickly. Behind her, the Serpentine King Du Kai hesitated for a brief moment and also followed suit. The three of them reached the mouth of the mine, and felt all the pores on their bodies tighten.

The pungent stench of blood pervaded the entire mine. On the ground were broken limbs, scuffed serpent tails... and severed heads scattered in all directions.

It was akin to a scene from hell.

This sight choked one up.

Wu Mu was raging with fury and the Serpentine Sovereign turned rigid with wrath. They stared into the depths of the dark mine, where there were violent quakes.

Afterwards, one after another spirit beasts seemingly formed of crystals emerged. The forces of energy on these spirit beasts were intimidating.

Above the Illusory Spirit Swamp, an icy, metallic warship sailed through the air, suspending right above the steaming hot mine.

"We finally found it..."

Executive Feng peered down at the giant mine. Though blood jetted out of the mouth of the mine, it didn't erase the excitement in Executive Feng's eyes one bit.

Multiple Grand Barren Sect disciples standing behind Executive Feng also gazed down with curiosity, thrilled as ever.

Suddenly, Executive Feng's pupils shrank as he saw a black shadow flash past and land beneath.

He arched his brows lightly and studied the shadow, only to see a plump black dog standing below the warship. That black dog was walking as elegantly as a cat, treading across the swamp eagerly. It stuck out a tongue and sprayed saliva everywhere.

"Where did this fat black dog come from?!"

Executive Feng was somewhat speechless. He merely flickered it a glimpse and turned away. A black dog was not enough to trigger his interest.

However, Executive Feng felt his body stiffen the very next second. As his eyes casually scanned across the landscape, he noticed with a jolt that the black dog strolling through the Illusory Spirit Swamp just then had disappeared.

There wasn't even a trace of dog fur left, as if something was wrong with his eyes.

"What? Could it be... I didn't see it right?" Executive Feng drew in a chilled breath and rubbed his eyes. A dignified warrior at the Divine Physique Echelon like him could have blurred vision?

Even he... couldn't bring himself to believe that.

Shaking his head, Executive Feng tried to forget about the black dog that mysteriously vanished. His fervent eyes landed once again on the mine.

But he wasn't in a rush to get in.

"Given past experiences, there are crystal beasts safeguarding every crystal mine. Let someone do the preliminary inspections first to test the capabilities of the crystal beasts?" Executive Feng fell silent for a while. Then, he arranged a ninth grade Supreme-Being in the warship to enter the mine first.

Since they've already located the crystal mine, then the three Crystal Cores inside couldn't be far.



A wisp of smoke twirled in the air and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in Bu Fang's hand. He spun the knife as beams of light radiated from the blade. An invisible dragon's might burst out of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Suddenly, the mantis prawn that shot out of the waters froze, the razor sharp claw it aimed at Bu Fang hang midair.

Bu Fang licked his lips and swung the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, directly tearing apart the mantis prawn's two sickle-like claws. Then, he extended a palm and caught the rather burly mantis prawn in his hand.

There were sharp pricks on the shell of this mantis shrimp. It continued to squirm, hoping to stab Bu Fang with such sharp pricks and hence find a chance to flee.

But how could Bu Fang be easily fooled by such small tricks?

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun and emerged. Bu Fang didn't give it another glance and instantly tossed the mantis prawn in his hands into the wok. Under the stifle of the dragon's might, the mantis prawn couldn't move at all. After this successful blow, Bu Fang silently exclaimed with satisfaction and sped up his movements.

The waters around him continued to break apart as one after another mantis prawn jumped out and charged at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes and injected the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with true energy, effectively amplifying the surge of dragon's might within. It smacked at all of the mantis prawns that hopped up, slamming them directly back into the water.

Bu Fang was exhilarated. He could detect countless mantis shrimps wriggling toward him. He stepped across the water and casually swung the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Every time the knife slapped the surface of the water, another paralyzed mantis shrimp was forced out.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok scooped the air and caught the mantis shrimps.

Bam Bam Bam!

It was stepping across the water all the way, hurling blows here and there all the way, and capturing mantis shrimps all the way.

It was such a stark contrast to the apocalyptic scenes around him that it even appeared rather comical. The Grand Serpentine City was currently a hot mess. Nearly all of the serpent-men recoiled with whimpers in the face of such brutal intruders.

Nowhere else could one see another Bu Fang, savagely and outrageously... plundering the mantis shrimps.

The serpent-men all pulled back out of fear in seeing the mantis shrimps. But Bu Fang here's got the nerve to continue fishing mantis shrimps with his Black Turtle Constellation Wok, as if there weren't enough of them for him to catch.

An Oceanic Species warrior gliding on sea waves glowered. He looked at the human lad essentially looting mantis shrimps with an odd expression.

"Who the hell is that brat?! Nu Ke, slaughter that human for me! Release all of the mantis prawn civilians he captured!"

A Oceanic Species warrior dressed in an armor of scales ordered a muscular, blue-skinned warrior bubbling with energy who standing not far from him.

"Merely a petty human! Get ready to hear my good news chief!"

Nu Ke, of the Oceanic Species, bawled and shot out of the waves, charging straight at Bu Fang, who was still capturing mantis shrimps.

Nu Ke had a cultivation level of eighth grade War-God. He held a long spear in his hand and descended on Bu Fang.


Bu Fang lifted the corner of his lips and stomped onto the water ferociously, kicking up waves that were multiple meters high.

With the flicker of his mind, he took out a bottle that held a golden colored oily sauce from the system's dimensions storage. Every time he left the store, Bu Fang made sure to prepare enough cooking tools, just in case of unexpected needs.

The bottle spun in Bu Fang's hand at an amazing speed.

The muscles on Bu Fang's palm quivered lightly, causing the bottle of oily sauce to continue spinning. Streams of golden shade oily sauce poured out like strands of silk and spilled onto the mantis shrimps within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok seemed to have suppressed these Deep Sea Mantis Prawns with a particular force, rendering them only capable of tossing and turning inside.

Swish Swash...

The oily sauce splashed down, completely covering the mantis shrimps within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Gulp Gulp Gulp.

These mantis shrimps were very much stupefied. They had a bad feeling about this. As they swallowed in and spat out the oily sauce, gurgling bubbles, they struggled to escape the wok.

"Agh! Damn human brat, release the mantis prawns! Or else... death will be upon you!" Nu Ke's blue-colored skin opened up, both cheeks spurting out sea water, as he glared with his eyes. He bellowed and charged at Bu Fang with a spear in hand.

Bu Fang, thoroughly immersed in delight, suddenly felt his heart thud. He sent this creature a perplexed look.

Tapping the tip of his foot on the water, Bu Fang leaped up from the erupting waves. He puffed his chest and his face flushed red.

Opening his mouth, he sprayed out golden flames.

A ball of golden fire floated up and seemed to set fire to the sky, enveloping Nu Ke!

The scorching sensation made Nu Ke's heart lurch. Amidst the resplendent sea of gold, he could no longer locate that human lad. Suddenly, a howl reverberated through the air.

Nu Ke's heart sank. He turned his head only to see a blanket of darkness closing in on him.


A muffled clang and Nu Ke felt his entire world spinning, as if his head was about to explode. His entire body plunged and sank deep into the water.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun and returned to Bu Fang's hand. A golden flame drifted out and slipped into the metal opening beneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


Braised Mantis Shrimp.

Bu Fang curled his lips and amped up the fire!

Within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the dazed mantis shrimps still gurgling bubbles instantly blanched and began to hop around desperately, causing oily sauce to splatter everywhere. Alas, they were utterly suppressed by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Not after long, an aroma wafted out of the wok.

Sniffing the familiar scent of the mantis shrimp, Bu Fang was overcome with hunger. With the flicker of his mind, a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine appeared in his hand.

He slapped open the lid and poured wine into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

In that very second, seething hot mist rose up alongside the surging aroma of mantis shrimps, billowing with steams.

The Oceanic Species warrior gliding on sea waves widened his eyes, his hearts shuddering and his jaws trembling!

"That human... how dare he cook mantis prawn civilians in front of the Oceanic Species! Damn it! Seize him this moment!"

The Oceanic Species warrior bawled with rage, causing the waves beside him to blast. Many other Oceanic Species warriors felt their scalps go numb. Responding to the command, they chased after Bu Fang.

Bu Fang clutched the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, still cooking his Braised Mantis Shrimp. Steam rose out of the wok. This mantis shrimp was almost done. Bu Fang certainly wasn't about to let these blue-skinned creatures spoil his work.

So, he scampered off, stepping across the surface of the water as he fled. Not after long, he ran out of the city.

As he continued running, Bu Fang turned his head to gaze at a mantis shrimp enormous in size and couldn't help but smack his lips.

"Look at how big it is, there must be a lot of meat inside!" Bu Fang thought to himself.

It was a pity that this was a supreme mantis shrimp. Bu Fang couldn't beat it right now... or else he wouldn't let it get away!

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames burning beneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok intensified. The aroma within the wok became even richer, kicking up and spreading through the entire city.

The giant mantis shrimp rolled around its stalked eyes and swayed the enormous sickle-like claw, instantly ripping through the air. Its dense layer of limbs waved around, launching towards Bu Fang like a spring.

All of a sudden, the entire scene became rather odd.

Bu Fang was running away as he clutched the wok of fragrant Braised Mantis Shrimp, yet chasing right behind him were enraged Oceanic Species warriors and a giant mantis shrimp on a rampage.

The serpent-men of the Grand Serpentine City taking flight were stunned to see this.

Du Wei pressed her palms into her bulging chest and, seeing Bu Fang bolt away in big strides across the water, couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry.