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 Chapter 389: Braised Mantis Shrimp

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"Why is Bai Zhan here? Isn't he in charge of inspecting the crystal mine?"

The Serpentine Sovereign and Wu Mu were both incredibly astonished to see Bai Zhan sprawled over the ground coughing up blood. Bai Zhan's body was covered with nasty gashes, out of which oozed streaks of blood. This was nearly unimaginable for someone like Bai Zhan, a warrior who had already reached the stage of Supreme-Being.

Who exactly hurt Bai Zhan to this extent?

Bu Fang was also slightly shocked to see Bai Zhan spitting out blood on the floor. He was obviously familiar with Bai Zhan, but was simply bewildered at his current state.

Bai Zhan widened his eyes as he continued coughing up blood, uttering to Wu Mu with some difficulty: "Villa... Villa Master... the crystal... crystal mine..."

As expected, it was the crystal mine!

Hearing Bai Zhan mention the crystals mine, everyone's heart lurched. There really was an incident at the crystal mine?

Judging by Bai Zhan's appearance, nothing good could have occurred!

As the crowds contemplated to themselves silently, the Serpentine Sovereign's face changed dramatically. Could it be the Oceanic Species warriors have already arrived?

"Owner Bu... please wait for a bit, let me finish handling this matter first before convening with you once more." Wu Mu wore an extremely somber expression. He shot Bu Fang a glance and said hurriedly.

However, before giving Bu Fang even a chance to respond, he had already left on his sword, soaring away from the palace.

The Serpentine Sovereign scanned Bu Fang with a pair of indignant eyes. However, her heart was currently elsewhere. Without saying another word to Bu Fang, she swayed her serpent tail and took off, following behind Wu Mu.

Both Serpentine Kings Du Kai and Du Wei exchanged looks and followed the Serpentine Sovereign out of the palace.

All of a sudden, all that was left in the main halls were Bu Fang and Bai Zhan, who was still spitting out blood... Oh, and Blacky, the black dog strutting his signature cat steps.

There was a trace of awkwardness in the air, with Bu Fang just abandoned like this...

Bu Fang tugged at his own hair to cover up for the uncomfortable awkwardness. Then, he twisted his head to inspect the palace.

A bloody stench continued to leak out of Bai Zhan's body. The odor was rather pungent.

Bu Fang watched as Bai Zhan struggled to get up from the floor and leaned against a pole, still coughing up blood. He hesitated for a bit and then extracted a steaming hot Oyster Pancake from the system's dimensional storage.

He tossed the Oyster Pancake towards the dazed Bai Zhan, who subconsciously caught it.

This steaming hot Oyster Pancake nearly burned Bai Zhan's palm. His pale face only got even more pallid. However, the rich aroma of the Oyster Pancake completely caught Bai Zhan's eyes.

"This is..."

After tossing Bai Zhan this Oyster Pancake, Bu Fang paid no more attention to him and began meandering around the main halls instead.

Blacky, who was just sauntering next to Bu Fang leisurely, suddenly squinted, a beam of light flashing beneath his doggy eyes.

"Bu Fang, you lad, hang out yourself for a while... this Lord Dog's got something else to do!" The Lord Dog suddenly said. Excitement seemed to have smeared across his eyes as drool dripped out of his jaws.

Bu Fang was taken aback. He stretched and looked toward Blacky, only to realize that the black dog had already vanished into a shadow at an amazing speed.

As Bai Zhan chewed the Oyster Pancake, a strong fragrance spread outward. Bu Fang couldn't help but lick his lips and took out an Oyster Pancake for himself, munching away.

Bai Zhan took a tentative bite of the Oyster Pancake. Once it hit his stomach, his eyes lit up. He felt a small fire burning at the bottom of his belly and that his body was resurged with energy. With enough true energy, on top of his Supreme-Being cultivation level, he was able to quickly halt the cracking of his skin, and hence stabilize his injuries.

Bu Fang made a full circle around the resplendent and magnificent palace and discovered a room. He pushed open the door and saw the shadow of an elegant figure inside the room.

Yu Fu and Bu Fang gazed at each other, feeling rather speechless.

"Owner Bu! It really is you!" However, after a moment of silence, Yu Fu recovered and exclaimed excitedly. Her entire face flushed with delight.

Bu Fang nodded lightly and inspected the surrounding of the room. His gaze landed on the shackles that locked up Yu Fu.

"Why do they have you chained?" Bu Fang scrunched his brows and asked.

"I said I don't want to become some heir and only wished to return to your store and study cooking... but the Serpentine Sovereign rejected my request and forcibly locked me here," Yu Fu said, full of grievances.

Hearing Yu Fu's words, Bu Fang felt his heart lighten. He lifted up the corners of his mouth and nodded his head. A wisp of smoke twirled and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was hard and sturdy. A few casual slashes easily sliced the chains into halves, freeing Yu Fu's body.

As he rescued Yu Fu, Bu Fang also declared solemnly: "It's right to learn cooking from me. Being my disciple will bring you a much brighter future than being some Serpentine Sovereign." Bu Fang remarked in a very serious tone.

Yu Fu was taken aback. Her lips puckered into a grin as she rolled her eyes at Bu Fang, taking his words as a mere joke.

Just as Bu Fang liberated Yu Fu, the entire palace started shaking so violently it was hard for anyone to stand steady.

Bu Fang's heart thumped, and he looked beyond the palace out of surprise.

Yu Fu was also astonished.

"What's going on?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows and rushed into the main halls with Yu Fu. He caught sight of Bai Zhan, who was leaning on a pole and still recovering, then twisted his head toward Yu Fu.

"Take good care of him first. Stay here and don't wander off. I'm going to take a look outside."

Yu Fu nodded earnestly. She felt like something big was about to happen.

Bu Fang turned around and took his time sauntering out of the palace. He didn't know where that fat dog Blacky ran off to. Bu Fang couldn't easily find him at the moment and so strolled out of the main halls by himself.

The moment he walked out of the main halls, a wave of salty sea breeze brushed past, and blew at strands of Bu Fang's loosely tied hair.

What entered Bu Fang's eyes was a gigantic spirit beast, more accurately... a water spirit beast. This was a water spirit beast that looked like a giant shrimp. Its body was divided into multiple strips, much like that of a centipede. Its innumerable long limbs were as sharp as razor-blades and there was a sickle bulging out of his head. Its eyes rolled around as it emitted a formidable energy.

Boom Boom!

This water spirit beast was savage as ever, slamming into the walls of the Grand Serpentine City ferociously.

It looked like it was about to crawl over the city walls.

The serpent-men guards and warriors went all out to resist this attack. The magic array on the city walls began sparkling as one after another ball of light shot out and landed on the water spirit beasts. Loud eruptions boomed in the air.

Bu Fang himself had already tasted the powers of the Magic Array Cannon. It was strong enough to force the water spirit beast backwards, preventing it from crawling into the city altogether.

However, the serpent-men guards also began to hurl out long spears. Most of these serpent-men guards were at the cultivation of fourth grade Battle-Spirit. Though their spears were covered with a level of spirit energy that barely had any effects on the supreme beast, together they were strong enough to injure it.

Bang Bang!!

The towering tides continued rolling in and slammed into the city walls violently.

A swarm of Deep Sea Mantis Prawns smaller in size charged forth. The cultivation levels of these Deep Sea Mantis Prawns varied significantly-from fifth grade, sixth grade, to a handful of eighth grade Deep Sea Mantis Prawns. One could tell them apart by the size of their bodies.

Some of these Deep Sea Mantis Prawns moved at a fast speed and caused incredible impacts. Smashing with their bodies, they nearly blasted through the city walls of the Grand Serpentine City.

The Magic Array Cannons blanketing the city walls were smattered by such collisions and lost their capabilities.

An ear-piercing laughter drifted in from the sea waves. A horde of blue-skinned Oceanic Species warriors glided in on the tides, watching from a distance the Deep Sea Mantis Prawns' assault on the Grand Serpentine City.

A purple beam of light blasted in from afar. That was the Serpentine King Du Wei, who had left with the Serpentine Sovereign earlier. A murderous look smeared across Du Wei's charming face. She bellowed at the Deep Sea Mantis Prawns attacking the city walls and swooped in.

Bu Fang gazed with astonishment at the dense swarm of water spirit beasts outside of the city walls.

This water spirit beast... seemed somewhat familiar?

Bu Fang rubbed his chin. " The Deep Sea Mantis Prawn ... isn't what they call the mantis shrimp?" His eyes lit up as he smacked his lips. The mantis shrimp was also known as mantis prawn since its two claws were as sharp as that of a mantis and had an incredible force of impact.

However, this wasn't what Bu Fang focused on. In comparison to the mantis prawn's combat capabilities, he was much more attracted to its taste! This was something that left Bu Fang with a deep impression. The tender meat of the mantis prawn, in addition to the genuine salty ocean flavors of seafood, entered his mind. His heart began to beat with excitement as he gulped. The gaze he shot toward the horde of mantis prawns began to sparkle.

Waves of true energy surged out of his body as Bu Fang's figure launched and shot out of the city walls.

Just as Bu Fang took off, the Oceanic Species warriors traveling by waves bawled ferociously. Multiple figures soared skyward and joined the battle. Du Wei, who was just fighting against the supreme mantis prawns, was heavily injured. She fell from the sky and crashed into the city, causing multiple buildings to collapse.


The giant creatures tore a deep hole through the city walls of the Grand Serpentine City with their razor-edged claws.

Seawater continued to surge in from outside of the city. The Deep Sea Mantis Prawn also waved their razor-sharp claws and glided into the Grand Serpentine City along the ocean water.

All of a sudden, miserable wails filled the Grand Serpentine City. The waves slapped in and flooded the previously noisy streets.

The stand frying squid and the store steaming lobsters were instantly drained by the sea water.

One after another mantis prawn shot out of the sea water and sliced the fleeing serpent-men into halves, causing blood to spurt everywhere.

Still, the serpent-men guards retreated in an orderly fashion, and soon enough the serpent-men were forced to seek refuge within the towering palace.

Bam Bam Bam...

Just as groups of serpent-men were about to recoil into the palace, a figure scurried out, running through the chaotic crowds and bolted forward across the wet pavement.

Some stared with their mouths agape, peering at the rocketing shadow with bewilderment.

Bu Fang landed a foot on the water, thrill filling his face. Deep Sea Mantis-Prawns... were valuable ingredients, hard to come by.


The water next to Bu Fang erupted as a mantis prawn waving its razor sharp claw stormed out, aiming its sickle at Bu Fang! It was prepared to slice Bu Fang apart.

Yet, in the face of this crisis, Bu Fang didn't flinch at all. Instead, he licked his lips and revealed an air of exhilaration. He scrutinized the mantis prawn as if he was eyeing a spectacular ingredient. In fact, he had already decided on the name of the dish. It shall be called... Braised Mantis Shrimp!