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 Chapter 383: Little Serpent-man, Are You Unexpectedly Looking Down Upon Your Lord Dog?

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He swayed his scarlet tail, causing a scorching airwave to sweep through the surrounding. The gale was enough to make everyone's pores involuntarily open up.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being proudly stood in the sky and looked down at Bu Fang with a gaze brimming with killing intent.

Bu Fang had unexpectedly killed a serpent-men tribe's elder in front of him. In fact, that was the same elder who had called him over.

This human actually dared to look down on a Supreme-Being like himself. The human must be really arrogant and foolhardy. A trifling seventh grade Battle-Saint like him actually dared to provoke a Supreme-Being.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok returned to Bu Fang and hovered above his palm. Afterward, Bu Fang looked up at the Supreme-Being in the sky.

His gaze didn't have the slightest trace of emotion within it. It was calm and peaceful like a smooth and gentle pond.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being furrowed his brows and coldly said, "Arrogant human kid. Is it you who seeks to take her highness Yu Fu away?"

"If Yu Fu is really willing to become your Grand Serpentine City's successor, then I won't intervene, but if she was forced by you all... then, as her culinary arts master, I can't ignore the matter," said Bu Fang.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being's pupils dilated, but shortly afterward, the corners of his lips curled upwards into a cold smile.

"It seems that you're that store owner who Her Highness Yu Fu always thinks about. This is quite a good opportunity. By killing you, I will be severing her highness' attachment to you, making her capable of devoting herself toward succeeding our Grand Serpentine City's legacy..." The serpent-man Supreme-Being sneered as his long scarlet tongue flickered incessantly and his aura surged.

When Yu Feng heard that, his countenance immediately changed to one of hesitation. It seemed like the Supreme-Being planned to attack Bu Fang.

"Sir, Owner Bu is my benefactor, and he's also Yu Fu's benefactor. Can you be more lenient and merciful-"

"There's no need for you to speak any further. I've already decided that this person must die," said the serpent-man Supreme-Being coldly, interrupting Yu Feng who had attempt to entreat him to forgive Bu Fang.

Bu Fang, who was still calmly watching the Supreme-Being, curled the corners of his lips up.

Blacky, who lay beside Bu Fang, raised its eyes to look up and snorted coldly.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being switched its tail, and a boundless true energy wave surged out of his body and turned into pressure. The pressure was so intense that it seemed to take form, and in the next moment, it pressed downwards toward Bu Fang.

When Ah Ni and the others felt the pressure of a Supreme-Being, their complexions turned deathly pale.

They realized that there weren't any more leeways for reconciliation.

Such pressure was incapable of affecting Bu Fang. It was only the squall that accompanied the pressure that was able to make some sort of impact; it blew Bu Fang's hair and caused it to flutter about-that was it.

Bu Fang exhaled a breath, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok hovering above his palm suddenly began to spin.

He raised his hand, pointing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which had shrunk to the size of a saucer, towards the serpent-man Supreme-Being, and with a small huff, Bu Fang hurled it.

The wok was so fast, it seemed to rip through space, generating a loud rumble as it streaked toward its target.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being's tongue flickered as he stirred up his true energy, and he swung his palm at the incoming Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


An intense tremor rippled through the serpent-man Supreme-Being's body, his pupils dilated, and he was sent flying far into the distance.

"What type of object is that? Is it a semi-divine tool?" The serpent-man Supreme-Being muttered in astonishment. Upon collision, he felt like he had struck a towering mountain, which he had been incapable of shaking, and that left him shocked.

However, Bu Fang was still only in the seventh grade, after all, so after its collision with the serpent-man Supreme-Being, the wok was sent flying back toward him.

Bu Fang calmly caught the wok. He proceeded to stir up his true energy and infuse it into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, causing countless strips and patterns on the wok to flicker.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok quickly began to expand in size, and a few moments later, it had expanded to the size of a small mountain. Bu Fang controlled the wok with his mind, and with a thought, the wok, which was shrouded in a golden radiance, hurtled towards the serpent-man Supreme-Being.

"It really is a semi-divine tool," concluded the serpent-man Supreme-Being, who watched the incoming wok race through the air, with a trace of greed in his eyes. He howled and stirred up his true energy, causing scarlet flames to burst out of his scales. He shoved down the boundless flames, which seemed capable of setting an entire prairie on fire, toward Bu Fang. The descending blaze formed a wall of flame in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok's path.

If he could obtain a semi-divine tool, his battle prowess would soar to a much higher level. Greed clouded the serpent-man Supreme-Being's mind, causing him to go all out.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being's scarlet flame was a spirit fire, and he had gotten it from within the Illusory Spirit Swamp. Although the scarlet flames were inferior to alchemic flames and Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, its power was many times stronger than ordinary flames.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok collided with the wall of flames and smashed it apart, leaving nothing but sparks and small wisps of flames, and continued on its trajectory without slowing down.


However, in that moment, the dispersing flame wisps coalesced and transformed into a snake made of flames, which proceeded to wrap itself around the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, preventing it from moving forward.

Bu Fang observed the scene with a tranquil countenance and didn't bother trying to control the wok anymore, leaving it to be completely encased in scarlet flames.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being laughed heartily. He hadn't expected to net such a great harvest. When his spirit flames erased the will on the semi-divine tool, it would then belong to him.

However, before that, he should first get rid of that arrogant human. Without his semi-divine tool, the human was just an ant that he, the serpent-man Supreme-Being, could easily crush to death.

The serpent-man Supreme-Being smiled coldly and swished his tail, stirring the true energy within his body. Scalding scarlet flames burst out his body and enveloped the sky. The blaze condensed to form a giant flame palm with an extremely terrifying power, which charged downward toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang calmly stood in place as though he had no intention of evading.

Ah Ni, who stood beside him, was scared to the point that his tail sagged, and his whole body trembled. The pressure emitted by a Supreme-Being wasn't something that someone like him could withstand.

"Could it be that I'm fated to die here?" thought Ah Ni in despair.

However, in the next moment, he saw a trace of derision briefly flash in the eyes of the composed Bu Fang. What? Derision?

How could Owner Bu still be composed at such a moment? Ah Ni almost wept out. However, in the next instant, the tears which had almost leaked out of his eye sockets were forced back down, and instead, his pupils dilated in astonishment.

As he looked up at the approaching flames, Bu Fang's face became flushed, and he opened his mouth and spouted out a golden flame. As it hovered in front of Bu Fang, the golden flame instantly caused the surrounding temperature to rise.

Bu Fang swung his hand and struck the flame, and the golden flame instantly swelled and became a sea of flames which filled the sky. The newly formed golden sea of flames proceeded to collide with the serpent-man Supreme-Being's scarlet flames.

That serpent-man Supreme-Being's heart lurched as he dumbfoundedly witnessed the ensuing scene.

"What kind of flame is that? Why is it this overbearing?"

The serpent-man Supreme-Being watched his spirit fire directly crumble upon contact with the golden flame, and immediately afterward, it was forcefully swallowed whole by the latter.


The Supreme-Being let out a sharp roar of resentment. That was his spirit fire, and it had unexpectedly been swallowed. Was that golden flame an alchemic flame? What is that kid's origin? He even possessed an alchemic flame.

"How hateful! My spirit fire!"

The pain of his loss made the serpent-man Supreme-Being fly into a rage. He waved his tail, and a black lance appeared in his hand, pointing at Bu Fang. He curved his body like a bow and hurled the lance at Bu Fang with all his might. The humiliation had angered him so greatly that he didn't hold back at all and went all-out with his attack.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to spin and broke free from the flame's fetters, and it returned to Bu Fang.

With a loud clank, the black lance struck the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and recoiled away.

Bu Fang took back the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames and sighed. The Ten Thousand Bestial Flame was a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, and its power was boundless; however, it was a pity that the current him was incapable of controlling it enough.

He opened his mouth, and the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame-which had just absorbed the scarlet spirit flames-flew back in and was swallowed.

Upon seeing that, the serpent-man Supreme-Being suddenly felt as though his heart was dripping with blood. He grasped the lance which had bounced back to him, and a boundless might burst out of him as he charged toward Bu Fang.

At that moment, his desire to slay Bu Fang had reached an unprecedented degree.

This human had unexpectedly swallowed his spirit fire, and to him, this was equivalent to stripping off all his scales.

"Damn! Drop dead!" The serpent-man Supreme-Being's roared with an ugly and malevolent expression.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok quickly shrank and returned into Bu Fang's hand. Bu Fang held the wok and calmly watched the serpent-man Supreme-Being charge toward him.

He was only a seventh grade Battle-Saint, after all, and he had only been capable of achieving those feats because of the piece of the God of Cooking's set and a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. An ordinary seventh grade Battle-Saint would have been easily slain by a single slap from a Supreme-Being.

The current Bu Fang was still incapable of truly confronting a Supreme-Being. However, Bu Fang wasn't worried as he wasn't fighting alone.

When Bu Fang looked at the calm Blacky, it rolled its eyes at him. "I knew that this kid would trouble this Lord Dog."

The surging waves emitted by the serpent-man Supreme-Being raised a gale that blew at its fur, causing it to flutter.

Blacky lazily swaggered like a cat for several steps and stood in the path of the serpent-man Supreme-Being.

"Are you counting on this plump dog to save you? You have truly exhausted all of your tricks, damned human." The serpent-man Supreme-Being's roared as he emitted a killing intent so intense that it almost seemed to take form.

When Blacky heard him, it was quite displeased. What's wrong with counting on a plump dog? Are you looking down on this Lord Dog?

"Little serpent-man, are you looking down on your Lord Dog?"

Blacky opened its mouth, exposing its pure white teeth, and spoke out in a mild and manly voice.

After it spoke out, the serpent-man Supreme-Being, which was rushing at them, immediately stopped in fright. What the hell? Was this dog unexpectedly capable of talking?

However, his astonishment only lasted a few moments, and soon afterwards, he brandished his sharp lance and charged at Blacky. Who cares if you can talk? I will cut you down first before I give the strange situation any more thought.

Blacky snorted and raised its small and exquisite paw.

Upon seeing the raised doggy paw, Yu Feng and Ah Ni, who were both standing close by, trembled.

They clearly remembered it.

The last time that this dog raised its paw, countless eighth grade War-God were slain, and now it had raised its paw again. This time, would a Supreme-Being be slain from a slap struck by that paw?

The charging serpent-man Supreme-Being suddenly felt a boundless wave of pressure that made all the scales on his body stand on end.

The lance that he had pointing at the black dog suddenly bent from the pressure.

The phantom image of a large paw suddenly appeared in the sky.

As his heart shivered from the sight, the phantom paw smacked right down at him.