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 Chapter 373: This Black-Hearted Store Has Lived up to Its Name

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Dead! All were dead!

The formidable warriors who had almost destroyed the entire Imperial City were simply slain by a dog of the store!

"Good Heavens! Am I in a dream?!"

How could there be such a domineering dog in this world? Why would such a powerful dog guard a store at its entrance? On what basis did the store owner dare to make this creature act as a guard dog?

The crowd broke into a commotion, with people whispering and shouting incessantly to release the astonishment on their minds. Their bodies and hearts shuddered while their faces bore expressions of fear or agitation.

Anyhow, with no doubt, the crisis that would have ruined the entire Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire was averted because of that dog.

An extremely strong, nearly demonic warrior had been completely obliterated. The Light Wind Empire once again survived a calamity. Some even wept with joy, kneeling on the ground in tears to pay respect to Blacky out of awe. Some began to dance in ecstasy.

Though many buildings were severely damaged, and people's homes wrecked, all of these could be rebuilt and reconstructed. But if the empire was ruined, the residents couldn't possibly survive for too long.

On the wall stood the totally limp Ji Chengxue. His face bore an exhausted smile and his eyes were filled with thrill. It was as if a heavy rock that weighed him down was finally lifted. It was quite a relief.

Waves after waves of attacks really kept him on tenterhooks.

Another supreme beast showed up after they settled the first one; a more ferocious Supreme-Being arrived after they handled the previous two... All these surprises around the corner drained the life out of him.

Though Ji Chengxue was not at an old age, he couldn't bear this degree of toss and turns...

The Supreme Elder and Wu Mu exchanged looks only to witness the bewilderment in each other's eyes. Then, they both walked down the city walls, wandering toward the huge crack where Duan Ling was killed by Blacky's one simple attack.

The two came to the deep hole and they gasped when they saw what lay inside. The scene in the pit was way too shocking.

Duan Ling, who was at the tenth grade Divine stage, had an almost invulnerable physical body. But in the deep hole, his body was completed crushed and pulped into a lump of mud.

The first being to advance to the Divine echelon in the Southern Region was easily smashed by a dog. Completely speechless, they were filled with complicated feelings.

Ji Chengxue stood up, tottering as he held his hands against the wall. His legs were still quivering as he was scared out of his wits. Waves after waves of Supreme-Beings intruding the Imperial City almost gave this emperor a heart attack.

He beat his brains out thinking why it was so difficult to be an emperor.

During his father's reign, even the presence of an eighth grade War-God was considered extraordinary circumstances. Now that it was his turn, seventh grade Battle-Saints and eighth-grade War-Gods were... freaking as common as cabbages sold in a supermarket. What made it more unsettling was the appearances of quite a few Supreme-Beings... He couldn't help but feel sorry for himself given all his arduous tasks.

Against the city walls, Ji Chengxue first peered towards the heart of the Imperial City. Watching the Imperial City full of ruins, Ji Chengxue couldn't help but exhale a long breath. The Imperial City spanned across a large area, yet this battle affected almost two-thirds of the land.

The only thing that slightly comforted him was that the Imperial Palace was not damaged. If his own nest was destroyed, Ji Chengxue would feel that being the emperor was a huge drag. All the officials made their ways onto the walls, gazing at Ji Chengxue with respect, and awaited his commands.

These officials now sincerely admired Ji Chengxue.

Despite being the empire's ruler, he actually exposed himself to the most dangerous zone, almost as if he were an ordinary soldier. This courage was already enough for them to devote themselves entirely to him.

Ji Chengxue regained his composure and ordered for preparations to rebuild and restore the Imperial City. This was no minor project, so Ji Chengxue merely went over the rough outlines for now.

A more important concern was Ji Chengyu's hundreds of thousands of soldiers standing by outside the Imperial City. More than half of them perished because the High Priestess sucked away their spiritual essences. The remaining half of the army was basically in a very weak state.

This was certainly an optimal situation for Ji Chengxue.

Although there were only tens of thousands of guards inside the Imperial City, that was enough to take care of this feeble army.

Ji Chengyu's troops were absorbed into the local forces. Those who resisted were sent directly to prison. Ji Chengyu and Zhao Musheng were both frail at the moment. Being the main leaders of this uprising, they held special statuses. Even then, they had no power to fight back.

Xiao Yue also returned with his mighty troops and assisted the guards in dealing with those rebels.

All Ji Chengyue's hopes shattered into pieces when he was taken into custody. He had schemed this for such a long time, yet it all turned out to be a wild goose chase. This made him feel utterly dispirited. He rose to prominence by leaning on the Shura Sect, but his destruction was also caused by this very Shura Sect.

Maybe this was karma.

Ji Chengxue, with his hands behind his back, stared at Ji Chengyu in dismay. This time his face showed no sign of mercy as he coldly glared at his own brother.

Ji Chengyu forced a wan smile, his hair disheveled, and shook his head. At last Xiao Yue locked down Ji Chengyu's cultivation and took him to prison.

King Yu, the once domineering rebel, now faced utter defeat.

The Light Wind Empire restored its usual peace and tranquility.

As for some of the rebels on the run, the guards would, in the following months, begin a throughout search around the empire's major counties. All in all, this disturbing rebellion was eventually quenched.

After dealing with some other trivial businesses, Ji Chengxue finally walked off the city walls. He rubbed his exhausted head and headed toward Fang Fang's Little Store rapidly.

The store, which continued to surprise him time after time, had now reached a very high position in his heart.

Ji Chengxue was not foolish. Even though he paid some attention to the store, he never took anything to heart before today. This was due to the fact that he was more or less familiar with Owner Bu, and because the store has never revealed such unfathomable powers in the past.

However, over the past few days, none of the Supreme-Beings who arrived could cause trouble to the store...

Ji Chengxue sensed, with his sharp vision, that if this store remained, then his Light Wind Empire may have the chance to gain a reputation in the Southern Region.

The Supreme Elder and Wu Mu also walked into the store. By now, the two dared not look down on this seemingly ordinary store. When they caught sight of the black dog sleeping soundly in front of the door, they became even more cautious lest this fat dog suddenly used its claw to smash them into pulp. Even Duan Ling's Divine physique was crushed by the dog's claw... let alone them. They were just two low-profile Supreme-Beings.

As soon as the two stepped into the store, their eyes suddenly flickered with astonishment.

The dense fragrance drifting inside the store lit up their eyes.

Peering toward the distance, they saw Bu Fang scooping up ingredients that emitted rich aroma and spirit energy from the jar of Buddha Jumps over the Wall Soup.

Hot air steamed up from the ingredients. It was quite eye-catching.

There was golden-skinned duck, Blood Phoenix Chicken so red it looked like it was dipped in blood, pieces of glittering meat, Black Spirit Abalone trickling with a golden sauce, as well as other kinds of special delicacies.

The spirit energy and aroma that burst from those ingredients stimulated everybody's appetite.


The Supreme Elder and Wu Mu, who had just arrived, seemed to have forgotten the objective of their trip. Instead, they simply stared at the ingredients that Bu Fang scooped out.

Xiao Meng drank a bowl of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup and his complexion changed dramatically. His muscles, originally covered with strips of poison, were now cleansed by dense spirit energy wrapped around his arm, and finally recovered.

Xiao Yanyu wept with joy.

Xiao Xiaolong waved his fist with excitement, gazing at Bu Fang with even more awe and admiration. Surely there was nothing Owner Bu could not resolve!

This dish... was definitely a most marvelous elixir and medicine.

Bu Fang sensed everyone gaping at him and glanced around.

There was Ni Yan with an eager expression, Ye Ziling kicking her lips, the excited Xiao Xiaolong, and both Supreme Elder and Wu Mu still in a state of shock...

" Umm... these folks were probably captivated by the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup."

Bu Fang curled the corners of his lips, and then turned around to face them.

"This dish is called Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup and there is only one portion available. We are all friends here, so if anyone would like to have a taste, the price is ten thousand crystals for a bowl."

The crowd couldn't help but gasp, absolutely dumbfounded by Bu Fang's words.

A bowl for ten thousand crystals?

This black-hearted store has certainly lived up to its name.

The jar of soup was not small and it could probably pour out one or two dozen bowls. One could estimate the total value...

Xiao Yanyu was also petrified at first.

However, she thought about it some more, and it occurred to her that this dish contained ingredients from a supreme beast, and that it even saved her father's life... for that, it was worth the ten thousand crystals.

Owner Bu was being honest when he said he charged them a friend's discount. Ten thousand crystals a bowl... was actually quite cheap.

When all the poison in his body was driven out, Xiao Meng suddenly raised his drooping head. With a humph, he opened his mouth and let out a black cloud of smog. This was the toxic that contaminated his body.

Afterwards, Xiao Meng's eyes immediately widened as waves of spirit energy began to fluctuate around his body...

Having just recovered, his cultivation reached the verge of a breakthrough and he was about to advance!