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 Chapter 370: There Isn't Anything This Lord Dog Cannot Eat

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Splash Splash Splash!

Bu Fang held his bamboo chopsticks and neatly picked out a glossy piece of the dragon claw from the jar of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

This was part of the dragon claw of the supreme Fire Dragon. It emitted a rich aroma. The layers of meat on the claw were like sparkling dewdrops. Each vein and string of muscle underneath the skin could be seen.

A light golden broth dripped down from the tip of the dragon claw. When the drops of soup broke open, the aroma and spirit energy contained within suddenly burst out. The waft of flavor intoxicated Bu Fang.

The claw of the dragon shone like a crystal. The scales had been scraped off by Bu Fang. Though the dragon meat was dark in color, it was still extremely tender in texture.

Sniffing it carefully, one could smell the wine fragrance spreading from the dragon claw.

This was because Bu Fang applied the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine during his cooking process. Bu Fang wanted to use Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew at first, but since this brew was limited in quantity, he could only take up the next best option. Thus, he settled with the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

Fortunately, the end product of this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup had a superb taste.

The crowd within the store shifted their glances onto the dragon claw in Bu Fang's hand.

This was not even a whole dragon claw, but only a small part. The dragon claw itself was actually huge in size, and could not possibly fit in the ceramic jar.


Ouyang Xiaoyi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Her large eyes fixated on the dragon claw in Bu Fang's hand as she drew in a chilled breath.

That dragon claw... was an ingredient from a supreme beast!

Was Owner Bu just going to eat it with his hand? Like eating a chicken claw?

"Could you show a little bit more respect for supreme beasts?"

Xiao Xiaolong was very curious about the taste of this supreme beast. He leered at the dragon claw in Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang himself couldn't wait to dig in. Paying no attention whatsoever to the gazes of others around him. He sank his teeth into the dragon claw.


It was tender and crispy at the same time!

He broke off a part of the dragon claw. Its flesh was extremely succulent and plump, completely different from that of chicken meat. Once it touched the tongue, Bu Fang exhaled a hot breath.

The sinews within the dragon claw were densely packed. It was hard to have this part of the meat thoroughly cooked. In comparison to the rest of the dragon meat, this was much harder to chew.

However, the chewiness actually provided an unusual kind of enjoyment.

Though the dragon sinew was stringy, it still had a spectacular taste. It also had a unique aroma, one not as fresh as that of the dragon meat, but that contained a kind of richness.

Bu Fang was overcome with joy as he gnawed at the claw with a greasy mouth. Able to taste this kind of gourmet delicacy definitely put him in a good mood. This dish was made of supreme beast ingredients, which was very rare. This was a supreme beast after all, so it was much better than the meat of an eighth grade spirit beast!


Bu Fang nibbled at the dragon claw. He walked to the entrance of the store, leaned on the door frame, and spat out two pieces of dragon bone. He smacked his lips and watched as Duan Ling swooped back into the battle with Blacky.

The sight of Bu Fang relishing in this fight amused Ni Yan, who couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry.

Duan Ling naturally caught sight of Bu Fang's face as well-seeing this brat gnawing at gourmet delicacies and observing the fight. He obviously looked down upon him! Duan Ling has never been belittled like this before! So, his rage elevated to a whole new level.

No matter the owner or the guard dog of this store, all had to be terminated!

The towering blood colored sword swiped across the air, emanating a forbidding send elf pressure. Blood colored sword vigor scattered into all four directions. Eruptions broke out once in a while, creating dents in the grounds below.

Duan Ling's hair fluttered in the wind, and his eyes targeted Blacky.

Clink Clank!

The Supreme-Being shackles wrapped around his left hand rang as they dropped down. He glared his eyes, emitting a murderous vibe. Duan Ling bellowed, as if summoning all the energy in his body. He thrust out the gigantic blood sword with one hand.

Boom boom bang!

The giant blood-colored sword glided through the sky, nearly colliding with the air particles with loud pops.

Both the Supreme Elder and Wu Mu felt their pupils shrink.

The force of this blade was very frightening, to the point where both Supreme-Beings were covered with goosebumps, completely overpowered by a sense of despair. They had no faith in themselves to successfully resist a strike like that.

This was the capability of someone half a step away from the Divine echelon. The terrifying assault of an almost Divine warrior was... unbeatable in the Southern Region!

However... Duan Ling's opponent was no simple human!

The Supreme Elder placed his hopes on Blacky. He stood up, both hands pressed firmly on the city walls, and watched with narrowed eyes. Suddenly, his glance flickered, his entire body shuddering.

As if he has just witnessed something extraordinary!

He wasn't the only one. Up on the walls, Ji Chengxue, Wu Mu, as well as all the soldiers, wore astonished looks, staring into the distance as if they had seen a monster.

Back in Ji Chengyu's troops, the High Priestess, who has been drawing up the talisman array within the carriage, suddenly fluttered open her eyelids. Her heart trembled as her scrutiny pierced through the carriage curtains, only to see a shocking scene.

Blacky lazily shook his head and sauntered towards the gigantic sword heading his way.

The sword was humungous in size. Slicing down, it looked like it was going to extend to the store behind it.

Furious waves of wind and forces of pressure emanated from the gigantic sword, almost forcing everyone onto their knees.

Perhaps the force of pressure on this sword was really that powerful. However, for Blacky, as well as those in the store, the force of pressure from this sword had no effect on them whatsoever. It at most stirred up tumultuous rolls of wind.

Smack Smack...

Bu Fang gnawed at the dragon claw and shot the delicate, blood-colored sword an interested look. He secretly gasped in admiration...

The blood colored-gigantic sword was made of sword will, which was merely another form of true energy. So, in other words, this enormous sword was formed by a rich source of true energy.

But how much true energy would it require... Not even a Supreme-Being would have that much true energy, right?

For the first time, Blacky's doggy eyes turned solemn. He could feel the pressure of heaven and earth on this sword. This was a kind of pressure that only a Divine warrior could summon.

"The Pressure of Heaven and Earth? Pity that he is only half a step into the Divine echelon. The Pressure of Heaven and Earth from someone like that is pretty much useless." Blacky muttered, and then slammed his doggy paw into the floor.


A terrifying force of pressure instantly burst from his body!!

This force of pressure looked like it was soaring to the sky, forcibly suppressing the Pressure of Heaven and Earth that Duan Ling had endowed the blood-colored sword.

Finally, Duan Ling's face changed colors.

"This dog can control the Pressure of Heaven and Earth?" Duan Ling's heart thudded as if his entire person was hit by the early morning bells and drums of a monastery.

However, the very next scene instilled a dreadful sense of fear in him.

Before his eyes, that chubby lazy dog suddenly enlarged in size and stretched his jaws towards the gigantic sword.

The sword slashed down, brewing up a storm. But the tempestuous whirls of winds all flooded into the dog's mouth.

That blood-colored sword, Duan Ling's critical strike, swiped down.

However, the reality did not go as Duan Ling imagined, where his sword would slaughter the dog. Instead, the Shura Sect Sword was gradually swallowed by the bloated dog.

The black dog's tummy, having been stretched long, now looked like a bottomless pit. Duan Ling's sword, despite its huge size, was actually consumed.

This scene in itself was a shock to the eyes.

Many residents of the Imperial City felt so limp they fell to the floor. They were simply dumbfounded, each wearing a dull expression on their faces.

Terrifying, simply too terrifying!

"Able to gulp down a gigantic sword made of true energy... is there anything this dog cannot eat?"

Having just swallowed this terrifying sword, Blacky burped a satisfying burp, and then licked his lips.

The swift and fierce doggy eyes finally peered toward Duan Ling.


With an explosion, Blacky's elongated and wild figure disappeared on the spot and in the very next second appeared before Duan Ling.

Then, he slapped Duan Ling across the head.

Bam, Duan Ling was smashed into the pavement, triggering a violent quake that shook the grounds of the Imperial City.

Blacky was truly magnificent!

Bu Fang nibbled at the dragon claw, excited as ever. His entire mouth was covered with grease as spiritual essence diffused around him.


Blacky landed back on the floor with another large clash, and Duan Ling's figure was tossed out like a grenade.

At that very moment, his entire body felt numb, all luster gone from his eyes. Thin cracks started to appear on his nearly Divine physical body, as if he was about to be shattered the very next second!

"Rumor has it you're going to butcher this Lord Dog with your sword?"

Blacky sent Duan Ling flying backward with another strike and calmly uttered these words. Afterwards, Blacky's figure disappeared once more. With a flash, Duan Ling was flung away another time. He was coughing up blood, with his entire body bursting into pieces.

"How dare you flaunt before this Lord Dog before even obtaining the Divine physique?!"

Bam! Duan Ling crashed onto the ground again like a bomb.


Duan Ling, tossed away by the Lord Dog once more, glided through the air as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was as pale as a ghost, his blood almost staining the sky.

"Is this ever coming to an end?"

He had sunk into a state of despair. At this point, he could already determine that this dog was no freaking supreme beast!

It was a genuine... divine beast!

As someone only at the half Divine stage, no wonder he was totally dominated by a true divine beast! He was fuming mad. If he had successfully shed away the Supreme-Being shackles and officially stepped into the Divine echelon, how could he ever be humiliated by a dog like this?!

He was filled with resentment! This was all thanks to the damned bastard who swallowed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames!

Duan Ling couldn't move his body at all. He directed his burning eyes toward Bu Fang.

Crunch Crunch.

Bu Fang spat out a couple of dragon bones. He met Duan Ling's angry gaze with cool eyes.

Spat! Duan Ling was so livid that he coughed up another mouthful of blood.

"How boring..."

The Lord Dog flickered a glimpse at the now rigid Duan Ling. He twitched his mouth and raised up his doggy paw, overloading Duan Ling's body with a dose of Pressure of Heaven and Earth.

The silhouette of a doggy paw suddenly appeared and slammed at Duan Ling, ready to completely exterminate this ludicrous human.

However, the paw was only halfway down when the Lord Dog suddenly humphed. He gazed beyond the Imperial City.


A graceful figure stepped across the air, heading their way. A dainty pair of feet sent ripples across the sky. A blood colored jade talisman was hurled this way. With a whistle, it slipped into Duan Ling's body before he was about to be smashed to smithereens by the dog paw.