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 Chapter 367: Kid, I Finally Found You

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A deafening explosion resounded out as airwaves swept the surrounding. Whistling gales were formed as they swept through the Imperial Capital.

In the sky above it, three extremely terrifying beings were colliding with each other unceasingly.

Along with each collision, a huge explosion would sound out. Everyone in the Imperial Capital who was paying attention to the fight would feel their heart shudder with fright after every explosion.

The Supreme Elder and Wu Mu became more startled and apprehensive the more they fought against Duan Ling.

This was because, after every clash against Duan Ling, they would feel like the power within their bodies would deplete very quickly. As the power within them was not their own, if this kept up, they knew that the power wouldn't last long.

As for Duan Ling, his breathing didn't even speed up after so many collisions. It was obvious that he wasn't using his full strength.

The half-step Divine Realm was really powerful... Just like what they had expected.

Although the half-step Divine Realm was still above the Supreme-Being's level, it was just half a step after all. Since his power was already so close to the Divine Realm, it would definitely be extraordinary.

Although the Big Dipper Slaughter Array was extremely powerful, the Supreme Elder wasn't able to use it for a long time. Time had taken its toll on his body.

His complexion had already turned deathly pale after a few clashes with Duan Ling. The Supreme Elder already knew that he was incapable of stopping the Shura Sect's Master, Duan Ling.


A blood-red sword hacked down toward the Supreme Elder.

That giant which was made out of starlight collapsed after it was slashed by Duan Ling's sword. It disintegrated and turned into countless dots of starlight which eventually dissipated into the air.

The Supreme Elder's aura quickly weakened and his complexion became haggard. His body fell from the air and slammed onto the ground with a huge impact. After he landed on the ground, he spat a mouthful of blood. The aura around the Supreme Elder became so weak that it was faintly discernible.

Wu Mu's sword intent had also started to weaken. In the end, Wu Mu was just a Supreme-Being. Although the Sword Intent Three Eruption could temporarily raise his strength, it had a heavy toll on his body. After using it for a long time, it would greatly harm and damage the sword intent which he had comprehended.

With a wave of his sword, Wu Mu slashed toward Duan Ling. He seemed as though he was a sword immortal who was glistening with resplendent radiance.

However, the shura sword's intent was more overbearing. It directly pounded against Wu Mu's sword intent with its surging slaughter aura.

Wu Mu, who was in the air, spouted a mouthful of blood as his complexion became as pale as paper. The semi-divine tool in his hand, the Cloud Rising Sword, disintegrated. He started falling from the sky, just like the Supreme Elder just a moment ago.


The two peak Supreme-Beings of the Southern Region were completely defeated.

Duan Ling proudly stood in the sky as he held onto the blood-red shura sword. Blood-red radiance erupted from behind him and it almost covered the sky.

His imposing manner and aura were extremely terrifying.

The first rays of the morning sun shone upon them from far away. The light rays were like a sword which tore apart the starry sky apart as it illuminated the earth.

Duan Ling, whose complexion was ice-cold, gazed at the two experts who were on the ground. The aura around them was already weak and feeble. As they leaned on the city wall with their sorry appearance, Duan Ling couldn't help but laugh out heartily.

So what if they were the Southern Region's peak experts?

They were still defeated by him, Duan Ling. When he stepped into the first layer of the Divine Realm, the Divine Body Realm, they would all be ants in his eyes. The Celestial Arcanum Sect's Supreme Elder and the White Clouds Villa's Lord. They would be nothing compared to him.

When the first rays of the morning sun shone upon his back, he seemed like a heavenly god who was standing proudly atop the heavens.

When the people beneath him saw that he defeated the two peak experts from the Southern Region, they were all shocked. One by one, they started to kneel down in the ground toward him. They all seemed to be worshipping him under his feet.

It was precisely this feeling.

The feeling of being worshipped by everyone, the feeling of supremacy.

Duan Ling slightly squinted his eyes which were filled with excitement and a booming laughter escaped his lips. He soared into the sky in front of everyone.

On top of the city wall, Wu Mu and the Supreme Elder shut their eyes in despair.

All of a sudden, the Supreme Elder opened his eyes. His heart, which was almost engulfed by darkness, seemed like it found a ray of hope.

There was still a spirit beast whose strength was unknown. All he knew was that the spirit beast had a profound cultivation and lived in the Imperial Capital.

That plump dog who killed the supreme Fire Dragon with two slaps... With such a powerful spirit beast in the Imperial Capital, they might be able to stop the Shura Sect's devil.

The Supreme Elder felt a stifling sensation in his chest as he spouted another mouthful of blood. Even though his injuries became worse, there was a ray of hope in his heart.

If even that powerful supreme beast was unable to stop Duan Ling, the Southern Region would... It would once again fall under the rule of the Shura Sect.

Duan Ling's laughter resounded through the entire Imperial Capital and everyone was oppressed by his laughter. However, it stopped all of a sudden.

The pupils of the Supreme Elder and Wu Mu contracted. Turning their heads, they looked toward a specific region in the Imperial Capital.

In the distance, they could sense a surging spiritual energy which soared into the sky. It seemed as though it was about to scatter all of the clouds in the sky.

"What's the matter? What is that thing?"

A trace of excitement appeared on Ni Yan's beautiful face as she turned her head and looked towards Bu Fang's store.

The only thing she saw was a golden light beam which shot toward the sky. The color of the light beam was extremely pure and clear, and the golden color was resplendent.

Blacky, who was lying down in front of the store, stood up abruptly. It raised its head as it gazed at the golden light beam with astonishment in its eyes.

The moment the golden light beam started to disperse, a peculiar scent filled the kitchen.

The fragrance which filled the kitchen was extremely dense. Anyone would be tempted by the smell if they caught a whiff of it.

With Bu Fang's store as the center, the aroma started to diffuse outwards. The entire Imperial Capital was filled with the smell of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall within moments.

That fragrance, which was indescribable, would captivate anyone who caught a whiff of it. Everyone who was in the Imperial Capital closed their eyes and took a deep breath. It seemed as though they wanted to capture that ethereal fragrance.

All of the citizens in the Imperial Capital, who were kneeling down on the ground, were attracted by that fragrance. They all closed their eyes as they raised their heads in the air. The look on their faces was one of enjoyment.

"It's truly fragrant."

"I never smelled something as fragrant as this before... Where did the smell come from?"

"This fragrance is... sweeter than the scent coming from a woman's body. I'm done for, I've been intoxicated by this smell."


The citizen started to discuss the fragrance in the air fervently, It seemed as though they had all been intoxicated by the smell.

Ni Yan and the others were also captivated by the smell. The fragrance in the air smelled like wine, yet it also smelled like meat. If one were to carefully sniff the air, they would be able to make out the aroma of abalone... It was impossible to clearly describe the smell.

They felt as though someone was scratching at their heart when they smelled the fragrance in the air.

Such itch was unbearable.

The entire Imperial Capital was enveloped by that fragrance.

The atmosphere which Duan Ling created with great difficulties was ruined by it. The people who were kneeling down in the floor couldn't help but stand up.

The Supreme Elder and Wu Mu, whose expressions were quite odd at this moment, started taking in deep breaths of air. After smelling the fragrance, they couldn't help but exclaim inwardly. The smell was really fragrant!

When facing such a scene, Ji Chengxue didn't know if he should laugh or cry. Did this fragrance appear because Owner Bu had just completed his dish?

When three Supreme-Beings were fighting in the air above the Imperial Capital, he was still able to keep his calm and cook?

Owner Bu... You are really amazing.

As he was disturbed by that fragrance, Ji Chengxue's fear of Duan Ling disappeared. His tightened muscles relaxed and he was able to calm himself down.

Since the fragrance filled the Imperial Capital, Duan Ling was also able to smell it. His gaze flickered like lightning as he stared straight at the source of the smell.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was located there... That fragrance was also coming from that place.

That was where he needed to go.


Bu Fang carefully opened the golden-purple spirit fruit's leaf which was emitting a golden luster. He managed to tear open a small hole in the leaf.

Billowing steam immediately surged out from the small hole and it brought along a fragrant smell which thoroughly intoxicated him.

That fragrance seemed like it took form and turned into a resplendent dragon. It could either be described as a resplendent dragon who flew out of the jar or it could also be described as a golden butterfly which was fluttering around.

It seemed like countless arrows shot toward his heart.

He squinted his eyes and the corner of his mouth slightly rose upwards as he enjoyed the intoxicating fragrance.

Only after a long while, Bu Fang came back to his senses. He couldn't help but exclaim inwardly with admiration for the dish.

"As expected of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall."

When he was cooking it, it didn't emit even the slightest aroma. However, just after tearing an opening in the purple spirit fruit's leaf, a fragrance which he couldn't resist rushed into his nose and his pores. The smell seemed to have entered all four of his limbs and all of the bones in his body.

Bu Fang swallowed his saliva with a "slurp" sound as he completely tore open the purple spirit fruit's leaf.

The fragrance and spirit essence which was brimming with spiritual energy rushed out the moment Bu Fang tore open the leaf.

The dish seemed as though it was glowing and glistening with many different colors. It appeared to be extremely beautiful.

However, the glow didn't last for long. It quickly disappeared and only the aroma, spiritual essence, and spiritual energy remained. They rushed out together with the billowing steam.

Bu Fang still had no idea that the fragrance of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall had already permeated and filled the entire Imperial Capital.

He was quite delighted and joyful as he carried the warm porcelain jar out of the kitchen.


Slurp! Slurp!

The sound of people swallowing their saliva constantly resounded through the Imperial Capital. Such a scene was shocking and stunning. Even Ji Chengxue, who was the Light Wind Empire's emperor, had never seen anything like it.


A loud snort came from the sky. It was like a sudden clap of thunder in the sky, and everyone below, who had been intoxicated by the fragrance, raised their heads up with fear in their eyes. It was at that moment they came back to their senses. They remembered that there was still a terrifying existence in the sky above them.

Duan Ling used his snort to remind them that he was still present. His gaze fell upon the store and his nose slightly twitched. He couldn't deny that the smell coming from the store was really sweet. However, the thing he was most concerned about was the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

With a tap of his foot, the air below his feet rippled. Sounds of collision resounded in the air as the shackles collided with Duan Ling's arm. He landed in front of Bu Fang's store and strong gales were swept up by his landing.

Ni Yan and the others were terrified when they saw that Duan Ling had appeared in front of the store. In an instant, they all retreated into the store. When facing such an existence, they felt as though they could only be at ease inside the store.

Bu Fang carried the porcelain jar filled with the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall as he went out of the kitchen. Placing it on a table, the fragrance of the dish seemed to be eternal. It emerged from the pot endlessly.

His gaze fell upon Xiao Yanyu as he curled up the corners of his mouth.

"The Elixir Cuisine, 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall', is ready. General Xiao Meng's poison can be treated now."

When Xiao Yanyu heard Bu Fang's words, she burst into tears of joy. She hurriedly went over to support Xiao Meng who was covered in an aura of death.

When Bu Fang left the kitchen, Duan Ling immediately caught sight of him. Duan Ling would never forget Bu Fang's appearance. That was the damned guy who tore apart the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames under his nose. He was the freaking kid who swallowed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames in front of his face.

With the shura sword in his hand, a dense and thick killing intent rushed out of his body. The killing intent shot toward Bu Fang like an arrow.

Bu Fang seemed to have sensed something and he raised his head with a puzzled expression on his face. Looking outside the store, he saw Duan Ling, who was glaring at him with a gaze full of killing intent. He could also see that Duan Ling was walking toward him step by step.

"Hey, wasn't this the guy who was only slightly inferior to me when we fought over the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames? Why did he come here?"

Not to mention the fact that he seemed to be extremely powerful. Even Whitey wasn't able to defeat him.

When Bu Fang was still thinking about the reason Duan Ling was here, he wiped his hands which were wet as he stared expressionlessly at Duan Ling.

Duan Ling stared back at Bu Fang with a ferocious gaze as he sinisterly said, "Kid, I finally found you. Hand over the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames... or die!"