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 Chapter 361: No One Is Allowed To Fight With Lord Dog Over It

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The Wildlands, in a temple hidden within a dense forest.

Jin Kun sat cross-legged with a pale complexion. He hadn't recovered from the intense spicy dish that he ate in the Light Wind Empire's Capital. Nowadays, whenever he laid eyes on a spicy dish, his chrysanthemum would tighten, and his heart would jolt in fear.

"Em, did I forget to inform those two guys about some matters?"

Jin Kun, who was sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes in bewilderment. However, he shook his head, put those thoughts to the back of his mind, and stopped worrying about it. He had sent those two Supreme-Beings to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to fight over the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, and they wouldn't go over to the Light Wind Empire's Capital to cause any trouble.

Moreover, even if they did go there to cause trouble, they still had the One-Legged Supreme Toad with them, so even if they had to face that store's supreme beast, they'd be able to put up a fight.

Therefore, when he reached that conclusion, he closed his eyes and continued cultivating.



An earth-shatteringly loud dragon's roar marked the arrival of the Fire Dragon at the Imperial Capital.

Its eyes brimmed with a killing intent so strong that it caused Ji Chengxue's heart to sink.

That was a supreme Fire Dragon. A supreme beast of the dragon race.

Ji Chengxue almost fell into complete despair. How could the Imperial Capital bear the arrival of countless supreme existences?

The Fire Dragon flapped its huge wings once and swept Ji Chengxue and the others with a cruel gaze, before looking over at the mountain-sized One-Legged Toad which had just crashed to the ground.

Its pupils contracted when it saw a man with a golden kitchen knife in his hands charging at the One-Legged Toad.

It's the human!

The hateful human who had stolen the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames it once protected.


Another dragon's roar filled with anger shook the firmament, and its mouth suddenly filled up with high-temperature flames which almost seemed to distort space.

A vicious glow flashed in its eyes, and it spouted its flames at all the people atop the city wall.

"Nowadays, just the sight of humans angers me greatly; they should all die!"

That Fire Dragon was inwardly roaring as it thought of that.

Ji Chengxue and the others, who were atop the city walls, were all stunned stiff as they stared at the approaching flames which covered the sky and felt the aura of death shroud them.

"Will I just die like this?" Ji Chengxue muttered blankly.

The breath of a supreme Fire Dragon wasn't something someone with his cultivation level could withstand. It would probably dissolve the city walls upon contact.

When that happened, the empire wouldn't even find their emperor's corpse.

"I'm truly not resigned to such an outcome."

As he watched the scarlet dragon's breath approach him, Ji Chengxue sighed in despair.


The dragon's scalding breath enveloped the city walls, causing a huge cloud of flame to rise up into the sky, before dispersing in every direction.

All of a sudden, the Fire Dragon suddenly felt that something wasn't right, so it stopped spouting its breath, and the surging flames gradually dispersed, giving rise to clouds of steam.

Ji Chengxue slowly opened his eyes which had been tightly shut. He wasn't the only survivor. All the soldiers atop the wall opened their eyes in astonishment.

Were they still alive? They were unexpectedly still alive!

Ji Chengxue got up and looked up. He saw countless white talismans hovering above them.

The talismans contained a mysterious and profound aura, and when they were linked together, they formed a peculiar canopy with a screen which resembled a starry sky.

It was that screen's protection that prevented the Fire Dragon's breath from incinerating them.

Underneath the city's walls stood three people, and one of them was an old man whose hair and brows were white. His body emitted a surging aura. That old man stepped on the air as he floated up and faced that Fire Dragon.

"Every wrong has its source and every debt has its debtor. There is no need to vent your anger on those mortals; after all, you are still a supreme beast," said the Supreme Elder in a mild tone.

The Fire Dragon glared at him and responded by spouting another bout of dreadful breath, giving rise to billowing heat waves.

The Supreme Elder pinched a seal in his hand, and the bunch of talismans appeared before him, blocking the dragon's breath.

The overwhelming flames dissipated to reveal the Fire Dragon still glaring at the Supreme Elder.

The Supreme Elder only warmly smiled back at it.

The Fire Dragon roared, unfurled its wings and flew toward the scene of ongoing battle within the Imperial Capital. It was disinclined to pay any more interest to the old human.

Ni Yan and Ye Ziling went to the top of the city wall and observed the battle ensuing in the distance. There was quite a scene raging over there between supreme existences. They didn't dare approach the battlefield.

The Supreme Elder also landed atop the city wall and gazed at the battle in the distance; he had no plans to participate in the fight.

"Supreme Elder, you should quickly go and help out. How would Owner Bu confront this many supreme existences? Ah!" Ni Yan anxiously looked at the Supreme Elder who was beside her.

"No need to worry. Since he dared to rob the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, then he must be capable of confronting them. I cannot make a move now; the true enemy... has yet to arrive." The Supreme Elder calmly replied with a smile and waved his hand, dismissing her suggestion.

Although Ni Yan hadn't been convinced, she didn't know what else to say.

She could only turn her head in anger and observe the battle in anxiety.


The mountain-sized One-Legged Toad crashed into the ground. It had been completely suppressed by Whitey, who didn't even give it a chance to budge.

The enormous toad roared angrily, revealing a mouthful of water which it intended to spout. However, before it managed that, Whitey buried a fist into its stomach with a thunderous rumble. Its eyes widened, and it involuntarily swallowed the water back down.

The One-Legged Toad was nearly choked by it.

Why bully a toad like that?

Bu Fang gripped the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and streaked toward the One-Legged Toad. When he had closed the distance between them, he leaped up high and directly landed atop the gigantic toad's belly.

He dropped down and pressed the tip of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on its belly. When the struggling toad felt the kitchen knife's tip prod its belly, it immediately felt a chill spread from the point where the knife touched its skin, which caused it to feel fear.

Naturally, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's draconic might suppressive effect against spirit beasts had been strengthened when Bu Fang's cultivation advanced. Although the One-Legged Toad was a supreme beast, it still felt fear from the pressure and prestige exuded by the kitchen knife.

As expected of a supreme beast, its flesh was brimming with rich spiritual energy. It truly was an exceptional ingredient.

Bu Fang took several steps across the One-Legged Toad's belly before his gaze landed on its leg.

The toad's leg, which was extremely muscular, was the point where its essence coalesced. Although a part of it had been cut open by Whitey, with its vast build, the wound was only superfluous.

One could only imagine how exceptionally its leg would serve as an ingredient.

When the One-Legged Toad located the destination of Bu Fang's gaze, which harbored malicious intentions, it began to struggle like crazy. It tried to swing its leg but was firmly restrained by Whitey, who didn't even allow it move a muscle.

Bu Fang gripped the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen knife and leaped up high, facing the One-Legged Toad's thigh.

He spared no glance at the One-Legged Toad's tearful gaze and soared as high as he could, his knife twinkling radiantly, then plunged down heavily toward the toad's leg. He swung the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife at the One-Legged Toad's only leg.


How could the One-Legged Toad resign itself to such a fate? As it attempted to struggle again, it emitted a deafening croak.

The shadow of something torn up shot out of its mouth, ripping through the air in its way.

This was its last strike; its final attempt at stopping Bu Fang.

However, a metallic arm suddenly appeared and firmly grabbed the tongue that had streaked out of its mouth, preventing the toad from retracting it.


For the sharp Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, slicing through such a giant leg was quite easy.

A scarlet torrent of blood surged out as Bu Fang quickly deposited the leg into the system's dimensional storage.

The toad fell into despair. It had lost its leg-which had been its sole support and the point where most of its essence coalesced-and losing it was tantamount to losing all its essence. Suddenly, its vast body began shrinking.

In only a few moments, the toad had shrunk to the size of a house.

Its aura also became quite faint and weak.

Whitey unfurled the wings in its back, once again, as a silver radiance flickered in its eyes.

Bang! Bang!

When they heard two consecutive rumbles, Whitey and Bu Fang both turned and gazed at their side.

They watched the two Supreme-Beings from the Godly Temples of the Wildlands soar through the air, spouting large amounts of blood, and crash heaving into the ground, creating two vast pits which emitted clouds of dust.

Blacky slowly swaggered like a cat while licking its claws. It glanced at Bu Fang and Whitey and rolled its eyes at them.


A dragon's roar reverberated across the sky.

Bu Fang's brows furrowed when he felt the heat waves emanating off the Fire Dragon that had appeared in the sky.

The Fire Dragon kept flapping its wings as its opened its mouth, which was filled with sharp fangs, and spouted a scalding scarlet dragon's breath at Bu Fang. Its breath was so hot that it seemed capable of incinerating everything into ashes.

Bu Fang waved his hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared before him. It quickly grew in size and floated above him, blocking the dragon's breath.

"Why did even this supreme dragon crawled out of that pit of fire?" Bu Fang muttered, somewhat surprised.

Whitey's wings unfurled as it intended to soar upwards. However, it was stopped by Bu Fang's hand. Whitey's mechanical eyes stared at him in bewilderment. It really didn't understand why Bu Fang had stopped it.

The corners of Bu Fang mouth curled up, and he turned to look at Blacky.

"Blacky, do you want to eat a delicious Sweet 'n' Sour Supreme Dragon Meat Ribs?"

Upon hearing Bu Fang's question, Blacky-who was still swaggering like a cat-trembled, and it turned to look at the supreme dragon in the sky, its eyes twinkling with a dazzling radiance.

"No one is allowed to snatch it. This lizard belongs to Lord Dog... Woof!"