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 Chapter 351: This Psychopath, Actually Ate the Fire!

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Duan Ling was so enraged that all his hair stood up on their ends. Blood-colored sword will swerved around his body, losing all orientation. He was so livid that he lost control over his magic array.

The Departed Soul Orb was to float above the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Duan Ling had planned for the tens of thousands of spiritual essences in the Departed Soul Orb to be roasted by the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, and then turn into rich surges of spirit energy to replenish his body.

This would allow him to break through the shackles of the Supreme-Being stage and elevate to a whole new cultivation level.

Everything was going just as planned. He could clearly feel joy flushing over him as his cultivation strengthened.

Yet, just as the beam of spirit energy shooting down from the sky suddenly disappeared, Duan Ling suddenly felt his heart lurch. He had a bad feeling about this.

And so he turned around his head only to see a slim figure effortlessly pulling the Departed Soul Orb away from the top of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

"Pull it off if you want-but did you have to toss the orb to the puppet like it's a piece of trash? That was the Departed Soul Orb! A Semi-Divine Tool!"

That sight almost made him explode with rage. It was infuriating-like his dignity being trampled over, or like somebody slapping him across the face.

Of course, with the Departed Soul Orb swallowed by the puppet, the beam of spirit energy also vanished. That he could no longer pursue his cultivation breakthrough angered him all the more.

He had planned this for so long, taking pains to trigger a war in the Light Wind Empire while collecting countless spiritual essences and phantom spirits. All of this was for the sake of his breakthrough.

Look at what happened... all of his hard work chucked away like a piece of trash, and worse, eaten by a puppet.

"What the heck was that puppet? How dare it swallow my good fortunes!"

After throwing the grayish white orb into Whitey's belly, Bu Fang forgot all about it. His attention was focused on the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

The flames were golden and shone with a dazzling radiance, almost as beautiful as a flower drenched in gold.

The true energy within Bu Fang's energy core began to spread through his four limbs, filling his body with an uncontrollable amount of heat. Gazing at the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, Bu Fang suddenly felt parched. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He exhaled a simmering breath, his own eyes burning with fervor. Then, he cupped the golden blazes with his hands and lifted it up slowly. He inched his mouth toward it.

At this very moment, all fighting on the battlefield came to a halt. Every pair of eyes turned toward Bu Fang. Their faces were filled with perplexity, all confounded by his action.

Bei Gongming was stupefied, his heart thudding loudly.

A seventh grade Battle-Saint who not only easily approached the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, but also grabbed it with his bare hands... This was the freaking Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames made with countless spirit energy found between heaven and earth!

"Not even a Supreme-Being dare touch it, how could a seventh grade Battle-Saint have so much courage? And most importantly... how hasn't he been burned to ashes yet? Could it be that this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was fake?"

An odd expression flashed across Ye Ziling's delicate face. As she observed Owner Bu's every move, she widened her eyes.

"Owner Bu... surely doesn't plan on eating the fire?"

All the chubby meat on Ye Yunqing's body began to shake.

"He has gone berserk! What kind of creature are you, devouring even the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames?!"


The crowds became more and more intrigued as they watched Bu Fang with odd looks. When he pressed his face against the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, their hearts almost skipped a beat.

It's not fire that you're eating, it's our heartbeats that you're toying with!

The Supreme Elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect rubbed his white beard with a merry face. He looked at Bu Fang with eyes that emitted a peculiar beam, as if deep in thought.

The Shura Sect High Priestess' black hair fluttered in the air. The eyes below her mask were filled with rage. Even her chest puffed beneath her bodice.

The Departed Soul Orb gone, the Obsidian Flames seized. All of the Shura Sect's accomplishments have been burned to the ground!

Damn this guy!

In this very moment, all eyes fell on Bu Fang. With so many Supreme-Beings exerting their pressure, even eighth grade War-Gods would feel their legs turn into jelly, let alone a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Yet, Bu Fang kept his composure. The aura from Supreme-Beings had no effects on him whatsoever.

His gaze was fixated on the golden, dazzling Ten Thousand Bestial Flames that flickered nonstop.

The Obsidian Flames had a degree of spiritual sagacity. Having detected danger heading its way, it actually began to jerk, struggling to shake off Bu Fang's grasp. It had never imagined in a million years that someone planned on eating it. It was just a ball of fire, it wasn't an Oyster Pancake!

Under everyone's sharpening glances, Bu Fang's face finally stopped right before the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Everyone drew in a chilled breath.

The pulsating Ten Thousand Bestial Flames also froze.

All the true energy had converged onto Bu Fang's face by now. His face was covered with thick patterns of true energy moires.

He opened his mouth and bit down, making a ripping sound.

The piece of the ball of fire surged within his mouth. He twirled his tongue, and with a gulp, swallowed it.

The crowd was as silent as the grave.

It was so quiet one could probably hear a pin drop on the floor.

"What just happened? Did that person just swallow the fire? Is fire... really edible?"

Duan Ling was originally filled with rage. However, witnessing this sight, he dropped his jaws, his eyes filled with astonishment.

How could there be... such bizarre fire-eating folks in the world?

Bu Fang knitted his brows as he felt the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames glide down his throat and into his stomach. The texture was not great, as it was at a blistering temperature. Its taste was also not impressive, there was a faint... flavor of burnt meat.

Bu Fang smacked his lips, suddenly feeling an unusual sensation.

Under everyone's ogling eyes, he ripped off another piece from the ball of fire. He twirled his tongue and sent the Obsidian Flames down his stomach.

It was as if he had suddenly detected a new flavor to it. Bu Fang arched his eyebrows as he continued ripping off pieces and shoving them down his throat. Not after long, the jittery ball of Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was all gone.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames struggled for its survival at the start, but toward the end it had lost all will to fight and instead, accepted its fate.

Once the ball of fire hit his stomach, Bu Fang's face flushed red. He belched out loud.

A thin, golden trace of flame shot out with this burp.

Bu Fang widened his eyes and immediately covered his mouth.

"So he just... ate it all? The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, consisting of countless spirit energy between heaven and earth, has been devoured one bite at a time?"

Everyone stared at Bu Fang like they'd seen a monster, but after finally recovering from the initial shock, fascination smeared across their faces.

Damn it... They were all fighting over this Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. What's there left to seize if the object of their desire had already been swallowed by someone?!


The Shura Sect Overlord Duan Ling completely lost it. His eyes were seeing red as violent vigor of sword soared around him. The intent to kill boiling in his heart was about to erupt.

"The Departed Soul Orb was eaten by a puppet, and the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was eaten by a loser! What enmity do you hold against me to treat me this way?!"

Seeing Duan Ling bristle with anger, the Supreme Elder couldn't help but throw back his head and howl with laughter. He was overcome with joy. Since his main objective was to prevent Duan Ling from obtaining the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, he was naturally happy with an ending like this.

Wu Mu also leaned on his sword and burst out laughing. " Sure, I can't beat you in a fight, but seeing you lose the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames brings me great pleasure!"

Duan Ling waved the Shura Sect Sword across the sky and pointed it right at Bu Fang.

"Whoever tampered with my plan, must be exterminated!"

As soon as his voice faded, he began to charge at Bu Fang. However, the Supreme Elder's magic array lurched and encircled him. Wu Mu also swooped in, launching white streaks of sword will.

They were determined to protect Bu Fang.

Having swallowed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, Bu Fang could feel heat rolling through his body. It was so hot that even his eyes turned red.

"Man, this fire is toxic..." Bu Fang thought in his heart.

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Temporary mission completed, your reward shall be issued momentarily. Get ready to be transported back..."

Just as Bu Fang felt like he could no longer bear the heat, the system's solemn voice rang in his head.

Bu Fang opened his eyes and noticed a pale light began converging above his head. It formed the very familiar Teleport Array.


Right next to Bu Fang, Whitey's body suddenly floated upwards.

"Huh? Whitey... you can fly?" Bu Fang exclaimed.

Whitey hovered in the air, with its body emitting mystifying waves. Its chubby body swayed in the sky, akin to a drunkard trying to regain his balance. Whitey's mechanic eyes continued to flicker, sometimes red, sometimes purple.

Bu Fang's heart tightened. Could it be Whitey had a stomachache of some sort? Perhaps the orb he tossed in earlier... was poisonous?


The magic array above Bu Fang's head was materializing. The Supreme-Beings standing from a distance suddenly snapped out of it. They could easily detect the energy fields of the Teleport Array.

"That fellow wants to flee!"

The Supreme-Beings were instantly inflamed. From the pit of fire echoed the Fire Dragon's roar. It flapped its wings, exerting a domineering force, and shot for the sky, aiming right at Bu Fang.

The One-Legged Toad also croaked. It stomped down and leaped into the sky, also heading toward Bu Fang's direction.

Both Supreme-Beings of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands bellowed. Bulging their muscles, they charged at Bu Fang with bloodshot eyes.

The Serpentine Sovereign wore a frosty expression on her face. Swaying her serpent tail, she also glided toward Bu Fang.

All five Supreme-Beings besieged Bu Fang at the same time!

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, feeling unsettled. Having five Supreme-Beings charge at him was still very terrorizing! He lifted up his head to see a fully drawn magic array. With that, he was finally able to let out a relaxed breath.

Wild wind whistled, forming a tornado around Bu Fang's body, ready to send him away.

All five Supreme-Beings swooped in, covering the sky with their terrifying forces of energy. Even the air seemed to be shaking.


Whitey's tipsy body suddenly stopped whirring. Its red and purple eyes ultimately turned into a shade of gray... the same as that of the Departed Soul Orb.

Its gray eyes flickered.

The sound of metals colliding suddenly broke out behind Whitey. A pair of metallic wings suddenly appeared, flashing a beam of light that sent chills down one's spine.

It shielded Bu Fang from the five Supreme-Beings heading his way.