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 Chapter 350: The Fire-Eating Owner Bu

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The system's distant voice echoed in Bu Fang's head.

He realized how the true energy within his energy core began circulating at an incredible speed and then pump through his entire body. Waves of true energy wrapped around his arms and charged through his veins. The swelling sensation was quite uncomfortable.

Bu Fang knew this was the cultivation method sent by the system to conquer the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. This Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames was a rare treasure that consisted of the spirit energy floating between the heavens and earth. How could one obtain it without some tricks up the sleeves?

However, after thoroughly studying the method provided by the system, Bu Fang opened this eyes to cast a soft glance at the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

It was a look filled with affection.

If anyone was there to witness the look in Bu Fang's eyes, they would have reckoned he was crazy.

Only Bu Fang knew deep down that he wasn't losing his mind, since this was a method tailored for him by the system.

"Subdue the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames... by eating it."

Eat it?

This bizarre method was what put a baffled expression on Bu Fang's face. But having worked through the initial stages of bewilderment, Bu Fang slowly understood the instructions.

This was why his gaze toward the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was so tender.

The method provided by the system... was one that suited Bu Fang the best. He peered at the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, his pupils dilated and bubbled with excitement.

He wondered how good this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames would taste?

"But it is simply a ball of fire, it shouldn't taste that good, not to mention its expected mediocre texture..."

Bu Fang squinted his eyes and thought to himself. This was his first time eating fire, so he felt all jittery inside. Just as he mulled over this, waves of true energy, abiding by the system's cultivation method, had already enveloped his entire body.

Bu Fang's skin flushed a shade of red. He parted his lips and exhaled a hot breath. His eyes burned as they fixated on the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.


A loud boom.

The blood-colored Shura Sect Sword Will directly shattered the sword will of the White Cloud Villa's Master. Wu Mu was thrust backward as blood trickled down the corners of his mouth.

Their battle had already cut down all the trees nearby. Nothing could stop the sharp sword will. Every time one slashed down, it left a deep gash in the ground.

The battle between the Supreme Elder and Shura Sect High Priestess had also turned white-hot. The exchanges between the two Magic Array Masters were much more eye-opening. Even though their back and forth didn't seem conspicuous on the surface, each bore an intense degree of risk. One weak point uncovered and the other would gain a leverage.

Once a weakness was cleverly exploited, the losing side would be left with a broken array and a dead body.

Therefore, the battle of Magic Array Masters was much more wild and dangerous than that between two ordinary Supreme-Beings.

The High Priest, dressed in a bodice, showed off her curvy figure. Her elegant face hidden behind a mask was currently filled with grimness. Her fair legs twisted together as numerous blood-colored jade talismans circled her body to form mystifying magic arrays.

The Supreme Elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect looked much more at ease. Having spent years studying magic arrays, he was much more experienced, after all. His familiarity with such arrays far exceeded that of the High Priest. Handling her was not the hardest task.

From afar, Duan Yun gaped with dull eyes.

He widened his eyes and sucked on the tree branch used to string the roast meat together. His gray hair fluttered in the whistling waves of energy.

"This fellow... managed to make it all the way there... and is so very close to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames! How isn't he burned to death yet!"

Duan Yun's heart was filled with bafflement. Or, in other words, Bu Fang as a whole just made him scratch his head.

Were it Bu Fang's mysterious cooking skills, his seventh grade cultivation level, or the ability to knock others down with a black wok-everything appeared bizarre and inconceivable to Duan Yun. He had always suspected that Bu Fang came from somewhere beyond the Southern Regions. The Hidden Dragon Continent was so vast in size, for there to appear one or two eccentrics was not that uncommon.

A sense of excitement suddenly washed over Duan Yun. " What if this fellow succeeds in seizing the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames? That would be a hoot. A bunch of Supreme-Beings battling over the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, and it ends up in the hands of an ordinary and insignificant seventh grade Battle-Saint..."

Just thinking about it was exhilarating!

Those who were acquainted with Bu Fang, including Ye Ziling and Ye Yun, found it increasingly bewildering. They could never imagine in a million years to see Bu Fang there.

Duan Ling felt his own cultivation strengthening by the second. Beams of spirit energy shot down from the sky and straight at him, as if replenishing the thirst in his body. He felt the shackles around his body fracturing. He had the illusion that he was about to step into a whole new echelon-the tenth grade Divine state!

The Shura Sect came from somewhere outside of the Southern Region, and so he knew very well just how powerful was the echelon of tenth grade Divine.

Anyone below that state, be it even ninth grade Supreme-Beings, were merely mortals. They were confined by shackles that held them down. Before the Divine state, a Supreme-Being was a nobody.

He clutched the Shura Sect Sword as the sword will gushing out of his arm toughened. With a slash, a thick surge of true energy shot across the sky.

This slice sent Wu Mu flying backward, crashing into the ground and coughing up blood.

Wu Mu was also a swordsman who excelled in the sword will. However, in the face of an opponent whose power increasingly ballooned, he appeared extremely frail.

"Hahaha! Go down! My Shura Sect shall resurrect. I, Duan Ling, will reclaim my glory!"

Duan Ling threw back his head excitedly and laughed. His guffaw was filled with a domineering force that reverberated through the air.

Down below, Bei Gongming, who was knocked out by Bu Fang's wok earlier, finally sat up.

He felt like his head has been ripped apart. One touch of his distorted nose bridge brought searing pain. He wanted to cry but had no tears to give. Who did he offend to deserve this. What happened to the no face hitting rule. Bei Gongming felt like his face no longer belonged to him.

He failed miserably at such an easy task!

Thinking about this brought up unresolved anger toward Bu Fang, the initiator of all evil. His mind flickered as he began to look for Bu Fang. His eyes turned and paused on a figure in a distance. Things were fine before he actually took in the sight before his eyes. It gave him such a fright that his heart almost jumped out of his chest!

"Is that guy insane?!"

He was witnessing with his very own eyes, a petty seventh grade Battle-Saint... reaching for the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

Even a Supreme-Being warrior wouldn't dare to touch the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames with bare hands!

Bu Fang felt his entire body heat up, which put a frown on his forehead. He reached out his hand, extending his slender fingers.


As if able to detect Bu Fang approaching, the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames shook violently and sent unseeable ripples of energy outwards. These fluctuations seemed to be warning Bu Fang-don't come any closer!

However, Bu Fang was never one to care about others' emotions, let alone the mood of a ball of fire. In his eyes, the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames had almost transformed into a steaming hot Oyster Pancake that emitted an alluring fragrance.

Bu Fang licked his lips. His palm has finally reached the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. A peculiar force of suction exploded from his palm. Bu Fang instantly arched his brows.


Whitey stomped down fiercely and shot up to the sky, floating right next to Bu Fang. A purple light flickered in its eyes, its will to fight suddenly enlarged.

Once Bu Fang snatched the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, the only feeling he could feel was scorching heat. This ball of fire was blistering hot. Waves of true energy circulated within Bu Fang's body. The mysterious patterns allowed Bu Fang to hold onto the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, making it difficult for the fire to break away.

Fortunately, this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames had just recently formed and contained a limited amount of might. It enabled Bu Fang to control the fire. If its force was any stronger, Bu Fang would have been easily burned into ashes.

Holding the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames with his hands, Bu Fang could more genuinely appreciate this notion.

"Huh? What is this?"

Bu Fang exhaled lightly, spitting out a breath so hot it almost simmered. Yet, he remained composed.

Next, he caught sight of a grayish white orb suspending above the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Rich waves of spirit energy, as well as miserable howls, gushed out of the orb.

Bu Fang extended a hand and grabbed the searing hot orb, directly pulling it down from its previous position above the flames.

"This looks familiar..." Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. He felt like this orb was very similar to the Departed Soul Orb he had gained once before. However, he had always looked down at such things in scorn. After all... it wasn't edible, was it?

"Whitey, open up your belly..."

Bu Fang said calmly to Whitey, who was floating beside him.

Whitey, filled with a tyrannical sense of force, was just about to swoop down and slaughter the Fire Dragon down below. Suddenly hearing Bu Fang's instruction, its mechanic eyes flashed purple.

Whitey obeyed Bu Fang's command and stretched open its tummy to reveal a dark black hole.

Gazing into the gloomy, pitch-black hole, Bu Fang tossed the grayish-white orb in his hand and directly hurled it into Whitey's belly.


Duan Ling, still levitating in the sky, was basked in a shower of spirit energy. His face was content with a sense of pleasure.

He felt like his entire being was undergoing an elevation. The purified spirit energy all came from rich sources of vitality energy and could be easily absorbed by his body. Once he absorbed all the spirit energy of the spiritual essences contained in the Departed Soul Orb, he could break through the shackles of the Supreme-Being stage and step into the tenth echelon. Then, he'd become a ruler that descended upon the world. He'd have the capability to rejuvenate the Shura Sect and take over... the continent!

He was intoxicated in the accumulation of true energy, indulging in the strengthening of his powers.

Yet, this satisfying sensation didn't last long.

It suddenly came to a halt.

The beam of spirit energy that dropped from the sky suddenly waned... and disappeared.

Duan Ling fluttered open his eyelids. His heart trembled. What happened?!

"Why has the spirit energy sent down by the Departed Soul Orb evaporated? Who touched my Departed Soul Orb? Who is tampering with my good fortunes!"

A flame burned in his heart. He twisted his head to look toward the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. What he saw next made him blow up in anger.