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 Chapter 349: Seizing The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames

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The One-Legged Toad was a supreme beast of the Wildlands. Its capabilities were terrifying, enabling it to take up a dominant role over that land.

Even the Godly Temple of the Wildlands dared not infuriate this One-Legged toad. They had even reached a prior agreement to compete for the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

The supreme beast's combat capabilities were terrorizing. Every time it croaked, those around it felt their hearts tremble. The gigantic One-Legged Toad waved its hands and slapped them downwards, sending a slight tremor through the ground.

The Serpentine Sovereign swayed her serpent tail. Hers was different from the tails of the ordinary serpent-men that resided in the Illusory Spirit Swamp. Her serpent tail was a shade of green, covered in scales made of dark green gems. The entire sight was dazzling to the eyes. She had a very attractive body. With her slim figure, she moved at an incredible speed.

Since the Serpentine Sovereign was able to easily glide around, the One-Legged Toad found it difficult to deal with her.

The ferocious supreme beast leaped high into the air and stomped down, but never managing to crush the Serpentine Sovereign.

The Serpentine Sovereign spun around. Her beautiful face was both cold and elegant. She suddenly stretched open her red lips and slowly squeezed out a whip made of bones from the back of her throat.

The Serpentine Sovereign's head of green hair fluttered as she curled her lips. Then, she bolted forward and jerked the whip of bones, leaving bloody gashes on the One-Legged Toad.

The wounded One-Legged Toad became even more enraged.

Clink clang!

The two were drawn into a fierce battle.

The warriors of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands and those of the Clear Sky Pagoda continued on with their combat. There were Supreme-Beings and eighth grade War-Gods on both sides charging at each other. Waves of true energy continued to fan out.

They were giving it their all, for the sake of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Before actually seeing the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, they were driven by the sole goal of obstructing the Shura Sect demons. Yet, the moment they caught sight of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, they were overcome by the desire burning in their hearts. To each of them, it was supposed to be their own.

The Shura Sect Overlord, Duan Ling, had obviously anticipated this all. He merely shot a look at these folks and smirked coldly. He could feel the purified spirit energy surging into the Departed Soul Orb. The spirit energy instilled into his body, then transformed into a type of Shura Sect true energy.

The amount of true energy he felt in his body continued to grow.

Wu Mu, the Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, also clearly detected the heightening sense of pressure pushing downwards. This unbearable weight added an ugly expression onto his face. He waved the Cloud Rising Sword in his hand. Every slash stirred up a ruckus. Tens of thousands of sword slashes sprinkled down like a river stream.

Bang Bang!

Two different sword wills collided with each other. Wu Mu's sword will was penetrating and solid, Duan Ling's was gory and barbarous.

Once they crashed into each other, Wu Mu's sword will began to steadily lose its ground. As time passed, a series of defeat hit him even faster as Duan Ling's sword will became more aggressive.

Duan Ling trained with the Shura Sect Sword Will. This was a power cultivated by the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea.

Years back, the Shura Sect wrecked a bloody havoc in the Southern Region because Duan Ling was cultivating the Shura Sect Sword Will. Back then, Duan Ling was simply unrivaled and completely terrorized the Southern Region. He was basically a nightmare to all forces of influence there.

The Celestial Arcanum Sect ended up collaborating with the warriors of other major sects to suppress the Shura Sect.

Now that the Shura Sect was seeking to make a comeback, Duan Ling's Shura Sect Sword Will had become even more assertive. Since his cultivation level advanced, he now needed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames to break through the shackles of the Supreme-Being echelon. Only then could he climb above the stages of Supreme-Being and reach the tenth grade!

"Shura Sect demon! Don't even think about seizing the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames!"

Wu Mu tasted blood in his mouth. Seething, he howled and summoned countless sword slashes to converge into a single, gigantic blade. The sword glistened, almost about to slice the sky into half.

Duan Ling's gaze froze as a grave look filled his eyes. This Wu Mu had begun to burn with vital energy, and he increasingly emboldened as the battle continued.


Bu Fang clutched the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his right hand and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his left. He lifted up his head and directed a glance at the Fire Dragon covered with fuming flames.

This was a supreme beast. One could detect the pressure exuded by the Fire Dragon.

Bu Fang could even feel its ferocity.


The Fire Dragon howled as hot magma spurted out of the fire pit. Scorching waves of heat rolled along and blew at Bu Fang's hair. The velvet rope tied around his hair snapped, leaving strands of hair fluttering against the wind.

Bu Fang scrunched his brows and injected true energy into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. The pitch-black wok expanded in size instantaneously and gained a new layer of golden sparkle. The moires of patterns on the wok also seemed revitalized in a mystifying manner.

The Fire Dragon opened its jaws wide, showing off the lines of razor-edged teeth inside. Then, it roared and chomped at Bu Fang.

It was going to devour the little ant hunched down below.

Bu Fang waved his palm and raised the gigantic Black Turtle Constellation Wok into the air.

Then, he spat out a light breath and slammed his palm onto the wok. A muffled bang echoed.

The enormous and radiating Black Turtle Constellation Wok was sent flying toward the Fire Dragon by Bu Fang's smash.

The Fire Dragon stretched open its jaws and breathed out a ball of fire.

The scorching hot Dragon's breath crashed into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bang Bang Bang!

A purple light suddenly flashed by.

Whitey's figure suddenly stormed in from afar. Both of its eyes flickered purple. Stomping down on the ground, Whitey lifted up its chubby head and suddenly shot for the sky like a rocket. With a swish, it appeared right before the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Whitey swayed a fist and jammed it into the wok. With a buzz, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, previously obstructed by the dragon's breath, now rolled forward forcefully and smacked the Fire Dragon's head.

The wok was incredibly heavy in weight and sturdy in built. One slam, and even the Supreme Beast Fire Dragon felt a little dazed. The giant Fire Dragon stumbled a few steps backward and instantly crashed back into the scorching lava.

Whitey was attached on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, its purples eyes still flickering.

Then, Whitey stomped down a foot and made a full spin in the sky like an agile fatty. Its figure landed on the pavement with vigor.

Having completed the strike, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok returned to its blackish shade and flew back to Bu Fang, who caught it with one hand.

With a light puff, it turned into a wisp of smoke and evaporated into thin air.

Splash Splash Splash!

The Fire Dragon's figure bellowed and dumped out of the flowing bed of lava. It flapped its wings and swept up tides of flames, glowering at Bu Fang with deadly eyes.

Whitey kicked its leg once again, leaving behind a shattered pavement where its foot landed. Its figure shot up like a bullet and effectively caught the Fire Dragon's attention by thrusting a punch its way.

The two went at each other furiously, neither one gaining the upper hand.

Bu Fang gazed at Whitey and the Fire Dragon both in combat mode. Then, he twisted around his head and laid his gaze on the golden ball of fire suspending mid-air.

There was a grayish white orb just above the blaze, within which circulated an infinite amount of spiritual essences and phantom spirits.

Bu Fang tipped on his toes, enabling his body to wobble and float upwards gradually.

Having reached seventh grade Battle-Saint, he could accomplish temporary levitations. This was somewhat helpful, as Bu Fang was just fretting over how to approach the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

This was his first time walking on air, and even though he looked unsteady and clumsy, he alas still...smoothly reached the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

The temperature around the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was insufferable. Once Bu Fang drew closer, he felt as if his entire body was burning into ashes. The scorching heat put a frown on his forehead.

As a kind of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames must have some exceptional attributes.

From time to time, sparks around the burning blaze metamorphosized into savage, howling spirit beasts charging at Bu Fang.

It looked like a wild tiger, then a male lion, then a lone wolf, and then a fierce dragon!

The silhouettes changed constantly and the atmosphere was dense with a tyrannical force of pressure.

"System... how could I obtain the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?" As Bu Fang inched toward this Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, sweat broke out from his body. Strands of hair flapped backwards and stuck onto his face and body.

Since Bu Fang naturally had no idea how to seize the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, he consulted the system.

"The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames is a kind of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, a rare treasure consisted of the spirit energy floating between the heavens and earth. The system does not provide service with regards to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames but can inform the Host how to obtain it."

The system's solemn response echoed.

Bu Fang was stumped for a moment, then a muffled voice, both wispy and distant, rang in his head. This was the system delivering to Bu Fang the method of acquiring the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.


From afar, the Shura Sect Overlord Duan Ling was still crushing Wu Fu. A sensation suddenly flickered across his heart. He turned around his head only to see a tiny figure floating beside the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

"When did someone get so close to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames already?"

Duan Ling's heart shuddered. However, with a closer scrutiny, he detected that the figure only had the cultivation level of a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

"Only an overconfident loser. The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames is so fiery, how could anyone besides a Supreme-Being dare covet it... Just wait to be set on fire."

Duan Yun laughed to himself contemptuously and paid no more attention to that figure. He was sure that once the greedy fool tried to snatch the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, he would be ruthlessly burned to death!

Not only Duan Ling, but many others witnessed this scene. They too scoffed at Bu Fang's reckless brashness. Of course, there were also some exceptions.

The Supreme-Being of the Clear Sky Pagoda, Ye Yunqing, widened his eyes. The muscles on his face trembled as he studied the figure hovering beside the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, leaving him instantly stupefied.

"Isn't that... Owner Bu?"

Ye Ziling also wore a perplexed confusion. Her cherry red lips parted as she exclaimed in shock.

"It really is...Owner Bu..."

"But isn't this fellow supposed to be running a business in the Imperial City? Why did he come to the Ten Thousand Mountains, sneak through a crowd of Supreme-Beings, and end up appearing beside the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames? Most importantly... is this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames something you can lay your hands on?! Owner Bu would be burned to death by this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, wouldn't he?"

Ye Ziling asked herself hesitantly.

Bu Fang, on the other end, slowly fluttered open his eyelids. He couldn't care less about what others thought of him. The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, both dazzling and scorching hot a moment ago, suddenly waned and transformed into a much softer glow.