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 Chapter 348: Owner Bu Advances

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A piece of grilled meat fell onto the ground, giving Duan Yun, who was just snapping out of his thought, quite the heartache.

But what was more bewildering to him was Bu Fang. How dare that fellow... just saunter toward the center of the Supreme-Beings' battle.

"What's he got to gain as a mere seventh grade Battle-Saint?"

Duan Yun might have held a fantasy about obtaining the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame at first, but all such unrealistic imaginations had evaporated by now. There were so many Supreme-Being fighting over it. He would be easily crushed by their pressure as soon as he tried to step in.

He hesitated for a moment and then bellowed at Bu Fang's fading figure. He decided that he had to stop Bu Fang rather than watch him die.

Yet his shouts were drowned by the roars of the battling Supreme-Beings, failing to call Bu Fang back.

Duan Yun sank onto the ground dejectedly. He took a bite of the meat, sniffing the dense fragrance of the grilled meat in the air, whilst feeling a touch of sorrow in his heart.

Nobody else could ever cook such delicious grilled meat...


Whitey's chubby body trailed behind Bu Fang. The man and puppet swiftly trod through the mountain valleys and gradually approached the location of the fire pit.

Bu Fang clutched his pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in one hand. The spirit beasts nearby were sensible enough to detect the knife's aura and so didn't try to harass him.

Once in a while, a foolish spirit beast tried to charge at Bu Fang, but was sent flying backward by Whitey's punch.

Bu Fang was now a seventh grade Battle-Saint, which meant Whitey had reached the peak-which was the ninth grade. Yet even then, there were sub-levels within the ninth grade echelon.

For example, Whitey was totally subdued by the Venerable Master of the Shura Sect earlier, back when it only had the combat capabilities of an emerging ninth grade warrior.

As Bu Fang's own cultivation level rose, and Whitey also saw an advancement to the middle stage of ninth grade echelon.

However, that was neither here nor there. With so many Supreme-Beings around, to rely on Whitey alone in seizing this Ten Thousand Bestial Flame would be a fool's talk. Bu Fang was evidently not this ditzy.

Though Whitey was tough and resilient, Bu Fang didn't know whether it could survive the bombardment of so many Supreme-Beings.

Therefore, Bu Fang planned for Whitey to distract the Supreme-Beings while he tried to sneakily slip through the crowd.

He would become a noticeable target with Whitey, whose fighting ability was not weaker than that of the Supreme-Beings currently battling each other. That would easily draw their attention his way.

If Bu Fang were by himself, he would be less eye-catching given his background as a seventh grade Battle-Saint, which was considered a nonentity in the eyes of Supreme-Beings.

As for whether the Supreme-Beings would notice him when he got closer to the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, he'd have to wait until that time came.

"If I cannot get closer to it, then how can I obtain it? " Bu Fang thought to himself.

"Find a place and stand by. Pay attention to my order for the next move." Bu Fang patted Whitey's chubby belly and instructed calmly.

Whitey paused, then stopped in its tracks and turned around, indicating that it's got Bu Fang's back like a solid rock.

Bu Fang nodded his head, and with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in hand, walked toward the pit spurting out towering flames.

A loud splash echoed...

From afar, the sound of rocks being crushed echoed in the air. A bloody figure, in a very sorry state, struggled to crawl out of the debris and ruins.

The figure's breath seemed weak as he took in large gulps of air.

Bu Fang stopped after a couple of steps, widened his eyes and gazed at the man picking himself up a second ago.

Bei Gongming was no longer the handsome, majestic man he was before. He was now in a wretched state, his body covered with bruises and wounds. The last streak of true energy thrust by the Shura Sect Overlord nearly maimed him. Fortunately, he still possessed an excellent cultivation level. He held on to his true energy and managed to survive that whip of true energy.

Bei Gongming was also dumbfounded when he saw Bu Fang.

This was because Bu Fang did not conceal the true energy circulating around him, which indicated to Bei Gongming at first glance that he was a seventh grade Battle-Saint.

Seeing through him was precisely what confounded Bei Gongming.

A seventh grade Battle-Saint... freaking sneaked into the battleground of numerous Supreme-Beings? Was this some sort of a hallucination or was this fellow completely deranged?

What seventh grade Battle-Saint wouldn't keep themselves as far away as possible from this kind of battle?

"What... what are you doing?" Bei Gongming narrowed his eyes. As disheveled as he was, his eyes were still as sharp and his force as domineering as that of a ninth grade Supreme-Being.

Bu Fang cast a look toward Bei Gongming and twisted the corners of his mouth. He ignored this fellow in tattered clothes and continued along his way, heading straight for the fire pit.

He, Bei Gongming, just got snubbed?!

By a useless seventh grade Battle-Saint from the training grounds?!

Bei Gongming was already choked up with resentment. Being brushed off by a fellow like this was the last straw.

What was even more striking was that... this fellow's goal seemed to be that Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames floating up in the sky.

How dare a seventh grade Battle-Saint lay hands on the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames? That was the most absurd, laughable thing in the world!

"Stop! The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames is way out of your league... Get lost!" Bei Gongming scolded Bu Fang with disdain.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames was his, nobody could snatch it away! This was the good fortunes that belonged to him!

Though the Shura Sect Overlord was at the peak of the Supreme-Being echelon, Bei Gongming himself did come from somewhere outside of the Southern Region. Thus, he had some special tricks up his sleeves.

Of course, even if he couldn't obtain it at the end, a mere seventh grade Battle-Saint still had no rights to lust after the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows, turned around, and peered at the disdainful Bei Gongming with his poker face.

"Stop the nonsense. The one blessed with good fortunes gets the treasure. I am naturally allowed to give it a shot," Bu Fang replied.

The contempt on Bei Gongming's face deepened. That really was an idiot poisoned by his greed and temptation.

"Yes, the lucky man will get the rare treasure. But how could a seventh grade warrior like you be the one? Surely you cannot even stand the formidable force exerted by the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames?"

A seventh grade Battle-Saint trying to snatch the Obsidian Flames would be burned into ashes upon the first touch. Rather than seizing good fortunes, it was more like committing suicide.

Bei Gongming tapped the ground lightly and with a splash suddenly appeared by Bu Fang's side.

He grabbed Bu Fang by the shoulders, trying to push this Battle-Saint out of his way.

"Just get lost like I told you to. Don't waste my time. Otherwise, I'll kill you!" Bei Gongming warned coldly.

However, no sooner had he finished these words than he felt a numbing sensation crawling over his scalp.

Somehow, the hand he placed on Bu Fang's shoulder wasn't enough to pull this seventh grade Battle-Saint away... But he was a Supreme-Being after all! Though badly injured, he was still a Supreme-Being!

Bei Gongming's face froze as he twisted his head toward Bu Fang. The latter turned his head slowly at the same time and the two exchanged looks.


With a wisp of smoke, a black wok appeared in Bu Fang's right hand. As he swung his arm, the wok expanded in size, and soon became as large as a human body.

"What the hell is this..."

Bei Gongming sensed a gust of wind blowing toward him. His eyes widened as he stared at the black wok flung toward his face. Before he could even finish his sentence, the wok had already smacked into his head.

At that instance, his heart was filled with all sorts of mixed feelings-much like an assortment of sauces getting knocked over and flooding his mouth. He heard a crispy sound and began sensing a throbbing pain around his nose bridge.

"It's usually an unspoken rule to avoid hitting the face in a fight, for the sake of both party's appearances. Must you afflict this kind of pain on me?!"

Bei Gongming murmured as he was smacked away. His body flew out and crashed onto the ground far away.

Without any traces of warning, Bei Gongming brushed his lips against the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Having just picked himself up earlier, he was beaten to the floor again. But this time... he was knocked out cold and couldn't even get up.

His nose was slightly distorted and streaks of blood trickled down from it.

Bu Fang waved the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, twisting the corners of his mouth as he glimpsed at the unconscious Bei Gongming.

"As I said before, the one blessed with good fortunes gets the treasure. You do your part and I do mine. Why did you insist on harassing me... Now this guy is evidently brainless."

Not wanting to waste any more time on Bei Gongming, who was already knocked out by his wok, Bu Fang turned his gaze to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames burning furiously.

After a few more steps, he finally arrived at the giant pit of fire.

Down below was a turbulent bed of lava. Hot steams gushed up.


The loud growl of a dragon echoed above Bu Fang. A huge head dropped down slowly. Two giant lantern-like eyes stared right at him.

With another roar, that Supreme Fire Dragon crawled out of the fire pit and charged at Bu Fang.