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 Chapter 346: Tens of Thousands of Beasts Breathed Out, The Obsidian Flames Blossomed

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The giant One-Legged Toad croaked. Those nearby felt their hearts shudder in fear. This was the domineering force of a supreme beast. Its every move affected one's state of mind.

Swarms after swarms of spirit beasts crept out of the blazing pit. A large number of them also swished in from the heart of the forests.

In that very moment, the spaces surrounding the fire pit had transformed into a spirit beast kingdom. It was as if the crowds were engulfed by this spirit beast fever.

The warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda were not perturbed by this spirit beast fever. Having grown up in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, they had witnessed countless waves of the spirit beast fever. So, they did not feel the need to fuss over this.

They were aware that the outburst of the spirit beast fever was a product of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, which coincidentally blocked the dragon pulse of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

The dragon pulse energies were the source of spirit energy for the mountainous ranges. Spirit beasts depended on such supply of spirit energy for their cultivation. Every time the spirit beast fever broke out, it would cut off the spirit energy source of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. This forced the nearby spirit beasts to run to this pit of fire, exchanging spirit energy for the vitality energy they breath out.

Once the spirit beast vitality energy entered the pit of fire, it would come out as spirit energy after a cleansing by the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. The resulting spirit energy pumped out was extremely rich and pure. It was essentially a drug for the lower grade spirit beasts, who could not stop inhaling this purified spirit energy.

This was also the origin of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Having absorbed the vitality energy of countless spirit beasts roaming through the Hundred Thousand Mountains, this Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames had become unbelievably powerful.

Hoards of spirit beasts were so densely packed that water almost couldn't pass through. However, the humans hemmed in by these beasts were of high cultivation levels. Being the finest Supreme-Being warriors of each major force of influence, they were naturally unintimidated by these creatures.

When a spirit beast emitted a low growl, spitting vitality energy into the pit of fire, other spirit beasts followed suit.

These surges of vitality energy looked somewhat hazy, almost producing a fog.

If it wasn't obvious when one spirit beast breathed out, it was certainly conspicuous when hundreds of spirit beasts exhaled together, not to mention switching up the number to tens of thousands of spirit beasts.

The richly concentrated vitality energy that gushed to the sky almost turned back into droplets of liquid.

These whirls of vitality energy floated above the pit of fire, gliding slowly like a layer of mist.

Suddenly, an immense force of suction emanated from the pit, swallowing the vitality energy at a speed visible to the naked eye. Not after long, everything was fully absorbed.

This bizarre scene caused everyone to hold in their breaths, excited to see what would happen next.

Tempestuous golden flames gradually rose up from the blazing pit. Around the stream of fire was a ring of unseeable beastly roar. That beastly roar was like a dragon's growl, a tiger's howl, an eagle's screech... It consisted of the roars of hundreds of beasts. A mystifying sight indeed.

The golden flames also changed shapes constantly, metamorphosizing into a lion, and then a fearsome tiger, to a squirming dragon...

One scene after another, bestowing upon the blazes varied kinds of spiritual sagacity.

This ball of fire had effectively absorbed the spiritual sagacity of tens of thousands of spirit beasts, forging into their unique Flames of Truth. Now this... was the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

The difference before the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames and an alchemic fire was, therefore, the degree of spirit sagacity they contained.

The reflection of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames burned in Bei Gongming's eyes. More accurately, this was the tinder of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, given it had just formed. Unlike the matured Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, it could not burn all things into ashes.

The energy of this flame was not big, and so demanded tender care and further cultivation.

Bei Gongming wanted the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames badly. He could only accomplish a breakthrough in his capabilities by gaining the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

This ball of fire tempted him like no other objects could.

Flapping the bright wings behind his shoulders and leaving the other Supreme-Beings behind, Bei Gongming shot for the radiating Ten Thousand Bestial Flames like a bolt of lightning.

He must seize the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames before anyone else got a chance at it.

However, just as his body launched, Ye Yunqing, who kept a close eye on him, also stirred.

A surge of true energy burst from his body. Ye Yunqing caught the Thunderbolt Bow that Ye Ziling tossed his way. This was a Semi-Divine Tool and once in the hands of a Supreme-Being warrior, its powers were infinite!

A flash of lightning suddenly whizzed past, instantly shaking everyone in the crowd.

The gigantic One-Legged Toad rolled its eyeballs and fixated them on Ye Yunqing and Bei Gongming. Then, it stretched open its mouth and stuck out its tongue. An indescribable sound whirred, one that ripped through the air quietly.

Boom Boom!!

However, both Bei Gongming and Ye Yunqing were highly alerted. The two glided through the air smoothly, effectively blocking the strike from this One-Legged Toad's wriggling tongue.

The One-Legged Toad croaked once more, stamping down its paw to swat at the two figures. These petite humans were like insignificant mosquitos in the eyes of this gigantic One-Legged Toad.

Bei Gongming and Ye Yunqing were all instantly enraged. How could they be terrorized by a mere supreme beast toad?

They charged at the gigantic toad one after another.

The two men and one beast kickstarted another battle. Beams of light flickered as they launched strikes at each other.

Bang Bang Bang!

The other supreme beast, the red Fire Dragon that had crawled out of the pit of fire, growled, and burning flames spewed out of its mouth. Their power was frightening.


A sword flash dropped from the sky, heading straight for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. A fierce sword will burst forth, enveloping everything around it.

The Fire Dragon roared once more and spurt out another ball of fire. It flapped its wings and soared to the sky, glaring at Wu Mu with a heavy killing intent.

Though the Serpentine Sovereign had the body of a snake, she was still able to move at an incredible speed. The Serpentine Empress had a face more beautiful than that of most human women. Her head full of lush green hair fluttered in the air like tiny serpents. She swayed her serpent tail and moved quickly. Her target was also the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, which was even more important to serpent-people.

Serpent-people shed their skin each time they went through a breakthrough. As their cultivation levels heightened, the energy needed for shedding grew exponentially. For a Serpentine Sovereign to shed a layer of skin, the amount of energy needed was beyond one's imagination.

The Serpentine Sovereign was already a Supreme-Being warrior, after all. Skin shedding was needed to break through to a higher echelon. Once the shedding was completed, the Serpentine Sovereign may move to the next level. Yet, he or she would then need a specific catalyst, which was this Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Another Supreme-Being warrior also made a move. He could not stand idly by as the Serpentine Sovereign tried to snatch the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

At the same time, the warriors from the Wildlands sitting on the One-Legged Toad also leaped out.

The battle broke out in an instant, one flooded with warriors at the Supreme-Being echelon.

Bu Fang and Duan Yun observed everything from a distance. They were also surrounded by swarms of spirit beasts, to the point where they were forced to seek refuge on the tree branches.

They were not too far from the pit of fire. Other onlookers like them were also hit with unexpected misfortune.

A couple of spirit beasts charged toward them with ferocious growls.

Duan Yun concentrated his mind and summoned the alchemic fire. A cascade of flames sprang up around his body. These streaks shuttled to and fro, exterminating each and every spirit beasts that jumped at them.

With the special alchemic fire, he had an impressive combat capability. Even though this alchemic fire couldn't compare to the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, it was still a notch above any ordinary fire.

Bu Fang handled these spirit beasts with an even easier approach.

Or, one could say, with a lazier approach.

With the wisp of a smoke, the pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. He flicked his fingers and spun the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hands effortlessly. A terrifying dragon's might burst out of the knife, scaring the spirit beasts just charging at them out of their wits. With a thump, they also sprawled onto the floor.

With that, not many spirit beasts dared to approach Bu Fang.

Duan Yun stared at him with his mouth agape. What kind of technique was this? He could scare away spirit beasts with the twirl of a knife? How pretentious was that?

Spirit beasts near them couldn't stop howling. The vitality energy they breathed out was getting richer by the minute. The vitality energy was poured into the golden flames and flooded out again after a cleansing, transforming into a tempestuous wave of spirit energy that was inhaled once more by the spirit beasts.

As time passed, the golden gleams of the flames shone more radiantly.

It became divinely resplendent, almost as if a blossoming flower. Petals fell down one after another as these tiny balls of golden flames clustered together. The tinder of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames had finally appeared!

The Shura Sect Overlord, Duan Ling, who had been watching in silence all this time, brightened up. An overpowering sense of energy instantly erupted from his body. This force of energy was like a hurricane, immediately startling everyone else engaged in the battle.

The Shura Sect Overlord gazed at a ball of fire rich with spirit sagacity floating above the other flames. His eyes were filled with yearning and anticipation, his body shivering with excitement.

He took a stride, stepping across the air, and walked toward that special blazing ball.