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 Chapter 345: The Supreme-Beings Have Assembled

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Bei Gongming caught sight of the golden flames from afar, which were burning with intensity as they emitted raging streams of heat. Though they were still pretty far away, he could feel the scorching heat of the fire, in addition to rich wafts of spirit energy pervading the air.

This was no ordinary fire, being a ball of spirit energy flames instead. This was a blaze that contained spiritual sagacity.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames!

Bei Gongming was feverish with excitement. If he could merge with this Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, then he could certainly transcend the intermediate level of the Supreme-Being echelon. In fact, he might even climb to the peak of that echelon!

With the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames in his hands, his combat capabilities would also see a steep improvement.

He'd also make a name for himself among the sects. Add a couple more years of cultivation with the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames and he may even surpass the echelon of Supreme-Being!

By then, he'd be a most distinguished figure among the younger warriors! He could become the leader of the younger generation!

In the face of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, he really couldn't suppress the avaricious craving in his heart.

Just as he was about to sprint toward the golden flames, a screech echoed in the air. Then, a streak of flames was spurt out by a blazing bird that intercepted him.

This was the Intense Sun Bird, a spirit beast that came from very hot regions.

On the Intense Sun Bird sat a cross-legged chubby elder-Ye Yunqing.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames has been held down by the Clear Sky Pagoda. As the elder of the Clear Sky Pagoda, Ye Yunqing would not permit anyone to seize it.

"A Supreme-Being of the training ground?! Humph! Anyone who is between me and my good fortunes must be killed!"

It seemed like Bei Gongming only had eyes for the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. He flickered a quick glance at Ye Yunqing and scoffed coldly.

Bei Gongming had a very impressive cultivation level. Even though he wasn't exactly the most prominent warrior among the younger generation, he was still very capable and even had a reputation good enough. He was so self-assured that he paid no attention to Ye Yunqing. In his eyes, the Supreme-Beings of the training ground were all trashy bumpkins.

Those from the training ground were essentially slaves that other sects kept around to train their own disciples!

How dare a slave defy its master-it is time to meet your end!

Bang Bang!

As Bei Gongming summoned his cultivation method, a pair of pale white wings spread out from his back. Feathers made of spirit energy drifted down from the pair of luminous fair wings.


After a loud noise, Bei Gongming's body dashed out, charging toward Ye Yunqing like a bolt of lightning.

The two were both Supreme-Beings. However, Ye Yunqing was merely at the early stages of the Supreme-Being echelon. After colliding with Bei Gongming for the first time, his entire body shot backwards with the force of a detonating bomb. He crashed into the pavement, causing the small hills around them to rupture.

Bei Gongming smirked, his face covered with a frosty expression. Given that his cultivation level was much higher than that of Ye Yunqing, he could easily subdue the opponent.

"The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames... must be mine! It is a good fortune that I am entitled to!

Bei Gongming's glowing wings flapped as his figure hovered majestically in the air, howling with laughter.

However, one after another wave of sound ripped through the air.

Numerous warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda had arrived. There was another Supreme-Being warrior among them with a strong cultivation level. He pulled out his bow and shot an arrow that glided through the air with dazzling sparks and headed straight for Bei Gongming.

Those from the Clear Sky Pagoda were very proficient with archery. Their arrows contained a powerful amount of force.

However, Bei Gongming had an even higher cultivation level. Nobody could figure out what the pair of glowing wings was, but it blanketed his entire figure. The bright arrows that warriors from the Clear Sky Pagoda shot out merely bounced off the shield of wings and exploded.

Then, the disciples that came with Bei Gongming also stormed in, entangled in a huge battle with warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda.

These people did not come from the Southern Region. The cultivation methods they used for training were of a superior level. Even though their individual cultivation levels were not high, they were able to fight those from a level above.

This was why disciples of the Clear Sky Pagoda found themselves badly losing though they were greater in number.

Even the superior warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda were being brutally crushed.

Bei Gongming looked as if he had gone wild. He fluttered his wings and suddenly zipped past like a stroke of light. The two primary level Supreme-Beings were utterly subdued, to the point where their forces of energy began to fluctuate unsteadily.

"Grandpa! Ziling will come to save you!"

Suddenly, a thunderous roar emerged from the deep of the forest.

An arrow flashed by, wrapped in a coat of thunder. Like a shooting star, it glided toward Bei Gongming and his unfurled wings.

Bei Gongming's hair fluttered in the air. He thrust out a punch and smashed away the thunder arrow.

Yet his entire person was flung back by a tremendous force, and even his fist felt numb.

"A Semi-Divine Tool?" Bei Gongming's pupils shrank.

An elegant figure emerged from the forest with a blue bow in hand. The bright thunder arrow was attached to the bow.

Ye Ziling, in a heroic spirit, released his finger, and the thunderous arrow instantly swooshed in.

This was the Semi-Divine Tool of the Clear Sky Pagoda, the Thunderbolt Bow.

Bei Gongming bellowed. He showed no signs of fear toward the Semi-Divine Tool and continued to overpower the two other Supreme-Being warriors.


Flames spew out of a deep pit, within which danced sparkling blazes. A beam of light shot straight to the sky.

Numerous cries instantly filled the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Everyone in the battle jumped up in fright and gazed towards the red-eyed spirit beasts climbing out of the pit one after another.

These spirit beasts emanated fiery forces of energy.

Those from both sides of the battle pulled apart and began to deal with these wild and vicious spirit beasts.

Innumerable spirit beasts flooded the scene. The hoards mainly consisted of lower level spirit beasts, though there were still plenty of sixth and seventh grade ones. Eighth grade spirit beasts acted as pact leaders, though they were few in number.

There were simply too many spirit beasts. All at once, pandemonium broke out amidst the battles.

Roars and screeches filled the sky as two Intense Sun Birds flew out of the pit. Even the warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda felt their hearts shudder.

"Hundreds of thousands of beasts have uprisen. It looks like the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames is about to be released..."


On a towering tree not far from there, the High Priest walked with her bare feet as she said to the black-robed Shura Sect Overlord.

The Departed Soul Orb in their hands shone with a grayish glow, absorbing the wailing spiritual essences and phantom spirits floating in the air. The spiritual essences came from both spirit beasts and humans. This was an added benefit to them.

High up, a shadow large enough to cover the entire sky emerged. A single foot stomped down and landed ferociously near the pit of fire.

A terrifying wave of energy spread in all directions, immediately killing numerous spirit beasts with its force.

The ninth grade supreme beast, the One-Legged Toad, finally appeared. This One-Legged Toad was gargantuan in size. Its two bulging eyeballs rolled around.

Suddenly, a loud croak burst through the air like a flash of thunder. More spirit beasts physically exploded, sending splatters of blood everywhere. A good handful of humans were even sent flying away, coughing up blood at the emergence of that sound.

A ruthless look flashed across Bei Gongming's eyes. He flapped his glowing wings and lifted himself up into the sky.

The two Supreme-Being warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda also floated about in a flustered manner.

They were clearly intimidated by this gigantic supreme beast, the One-Legged Toad. Its combat capability was simply too menacing.

Just as this One-Legged toad was wrecking havoc, a red Fire Dragon slowly crawled out of the fire pit. Its body was covered with burning flames, both awe-inspiring and tormenting.

Another supreme beast! This was the spirit beast guardian of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames! Two supreme beasts had surfaced at this point.

A flash of a blade whipped past. A figure stood majestically on his sword, gliding through the air. An elder with white robes, white hair, and white brows also drew nearer as he stepped across the air, watching from afar.

Slither Slither Slither...

From a distance, a wriggling body was wrapped around the branches of a towering tree. The figure continued to slide upwards, staring straight ahead intently.

This was a member of the serpent-man, being actually a female. Her head full of green hair swayed against the air. Her lovely face and ravishing beauty took one's breath away.

"Even the Serpentine Sovereign traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to get here..."

The Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, Wu Mu, remarked with a smile, still hovering mid-air on the Semi-Divine Tool, Cloud Rising Sword.

The look he cast at the stunning Serpentine Sovereign was filled with complicated emotions.


"Oh dear heavens! How could there be so many Supreme-Being warriors! And two supreme beasts...How can I obtain the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames now!"

Duan Yun stared blankly at the warriors jumping out one after another. The levels of energy on them were incredibly strong. This sent shivers down his spine. These were all Supreme-Being warriors, none of which Duan Yun himself could take on.

He was so distressed he had even forgotten to eat the roasted meat.

He had never expected that so many Supreme-Beings would emerge in the training grounds. With this many Supreme-Beings, he had no chance of ever touching the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

What a miscalculation!

Bu Fang kept his cool. Given how precious that Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames was, its ability to attract so many Supreme-Beings did not come as a surprise. Leaning against a towering tree, Bu Fang calmly chewed the roasted meat as he observed the heated situation.

As time went by, the sense of grimness pervading the air worsened.

Even the blistering flames burning in the pit of fire kicked up a notch, getting hotter and hotter.