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 Chapter 344: The Birth of The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames

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The violent explosions left the Clear Sky Pagoda wobbling nonstop. A commotion broke in the city at the foot of the Clear Sky Pagoda. Numerous disciples rushed out of their respective training grounds.

Their faces had yet to recover from the shock, all badly shaken by the sudden eruption. Such explosions had not occurred there for years. What was going on?

There was a lot of information that these regular disciples had no access to, as they had not reached a certain level.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame that the Clear Sky Pagoda had safeguarded for ages. This type of fire had a forbidding amount of might. If it weren't for the suppression of the dragon pulse from the Hundred Thousand Mountains and the Clear Sky Pagoda magic array, this entire piece of land would have already been burned to ashes.

Knowledge of such details was reserved for the higher levels of the Clear Sky Pagoda.

This was why when everyone else was startled by the eruption, the Supreme-Beings of the Clear Sky Pagoda wore grave expressions instead. Their gazes shifted toward the same direction.

In the distance, flames had dashed up to the sky, completely lighting up the night.

This was really a chilling sight.

Ye Yunqing knit his brows and stared at that direction for a long time. Then, he drew in a deep, long breath and sent Ye Ziling and Ye Pang off, warning them not to wander around. Then, he sat down on the back of the Intense Sun Bird and bolted straight for the source of eruption.

Countless figures also rushed out, all being the finest warriors of the Clear Sky Pagoda.


Within the densely packed Hundred Thousand Mountains, a line of people slowly lifted up their heads. The forces of energy on these folks were extremely powerful. They all wore uniformed long robes. It was obvious that they did not belong to the Clear Sky Pagoda.

"Senior disciple, is the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames about to erupt?"

One of them asked solemnly.

"How could there be Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames in the training ground? I fear the sect elders aren't aware of this fact. But that's fine, consider it our chance to obtain the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. If that is the case, this trip would be just perfect. Plus I, Bei Gongming, would gain much more respect within the major sects!"

The one in the lead was a fine-looking man. He gazed at the direction where flames were flickering in the air, his eyes filled with excitement.

The Southern Region was their sect's training ground. It mainly provided a space for the disciples to cultivate but did not garner much attention from the sects. Yet who would have thought that a ball of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames would appear in such an overlooked area.

That was truly a precious treasure! Once acquired, it could provide immense assistance to one's advancement in cultivation. It was not an exaggeration for someone in possession of it to become an influential figure among the sects!

"Come on! We must secure the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Anyone standing in our way must be eliminated!" A sense of greediness flashed across Bei Gongming's burning eyes. Then, an instinct to kill burst out of him as he took his men to sprint toward the location of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

This concerned the future of his cultivation level and reputation. How could Bei Gongming not attach great importance to this mission!


"Very good, gradually peter out the alchemic fire, just like that..."

Duan Yun had a gloomy face. His most cherished alchemic fire was used to roast meat. He wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry about this.

But he had to admit that the aroma pervading through the air was getting richer by the second. This intensified his hunger, leaving his stomach grumbling.

The eruption continued on. The sky burned with glaring lights.

Both Duan Yun and Bu Fang knew this was a sign that the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was about to burst out.

Duan Yun was all jittery and anxious since he was keen himself on acquiring this Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

Yet, Bu Fang remained calm, with his eyes glued to the roasted meat. He took his time, showing no sense of urgency. It was as if this roasted meat was much more important than the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames to Bu Fang.

"Alright, the meat is done. Earth Dragon flesh roasted by alchemic fire, it must taste good." Bu Fang declared, then told Duan Yun to store away the alchemic fire, and squinted his eyes.

Having been roasted by the alchemic fire, the Earth Dragon flesh flushed red like an exquisite piece of ruby, both sparkling and divine.

A hot mist circulated on top of the Earth Dragon meat, bringing with it a rich fragrance. This Dragon Earth meat was a feast for the eyes, not to mention a big stimulus for one's appetite.

Bu Fang stood up and stretched his body. This Earth Dragon meat was high in cultivation level. He needed to use true energy cooking techniques to soak up its spirit energy and ensure its tastiness and juicy texture.

He strung a few pieces of meat through a branch and tossed it to Duan Yun.

Seeing that this lad had spurt out alchemic fire for so long, Bu Fang naturally wouldn't treat him shabbily.

Duan Yun was absolutely thrilled as he caught this kebab. The aroma of the roasted meat had completely enveloped his nose. He felt like his entire person was drowning in this enchanting fragrance. He had completely thrown the sky full of flames out of his mind.

"Smells... so good!"

Duan Yun gulped as he exclaimed.

Bu Fang clutched a kebab and flickered the dazzled Duan Yun a look. Then, he turned his gaze to the direction of the burning flames. Without another minute of hesitation, he tidied up everything and headed in that direction.

Duan Yun was licking the oily sauce on the roasted meat when he realized Bu Fang was ready to leave. He got up in a rush, took a bite of the meat, and strung along.

The roasted meat was absolutely delicious. It had not been overcooked under the alchemic fire and instead retained a tender texture. It's rich aroma and succulent chewiness filled his mouth with a delightful taste.


With a thunderous boom, a fierce howl of wind whistled by, blowing apart the trees of these chains of mountains.

An enormous foot smashed down from the heavens and landed ruthlessly on the mountains, trampling batches of trees.

A spiral of wind brushed past, fluttering Duan Yun and Bu Fang's robe and hair.

The two protected their roasted meat and studied the gigantic one-legged creature with scrunched brows.

Boom Boom Bang.

The single leg raised up again, making a huge leap. It bolted straight away at an alarming speed, leaving behind only a giant footprint.

This was a massive long-legged toad with a terrifying force of energy.

"This is a supreme beast!" Duan Yun was stunned. He came from outside of the Southern Region and was not that curious about supreme beasts. However, to have one appear in the training grounds was bewildering.

"I wonder how supreme beasts taste like?"

Bu Fang peered at the body of the gigantic one-legged toad and muttered. He took a bite of the roasted meat, causing its oily sauce to splash everywhere.

Aside from the fat dog lying before his front door, this was the first time he had witnessed another supreme beast. He really couldn't help but feel intrigued.

Duan Yun flickered Bu Fang a glimpse, completely speechless. " How is eating always on your mind? " The Supreme Beast could be considered indestructible... even the disciples of the Grand Sect could not belittle this creature. How could an existence like that be reduced to food on a platter?

Duan Yun smacked his lips and sunk his teeth into the Roasted Earth Dragon Meat. He had completely forgotten that the cooked flesh in his hands belonged to an eight grade spirit beast.

"The birth of this Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames has definitely attracted numerous warriors. Even the one-legged supreme beast traveled for tens of thousands of miles to rush here. Look..." Duan Yun observed as he pointed his finger at something.

On the back of the supreme beast sat a couple of cross-legged figures.

A flash of blade glided across the sky like a shooting star. That was the flying sword of another warrior.

Those who dared to covet the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames were undoubtedly Supreme-Being warriors.

"I had never expected there to be so many Supreme-Beings in the training ground... this is quite a conundrum." Duan Yun chomped on the meat as an unpleasant feeling spread across his body.

Bu Fang paid no heed to Duan Yun, who was muttering to himself. Instead, he sauntered towards the targeted direction slowly.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, a type of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, was something he must obtain. With this flame, his cooking skills could finally advance to the next level. A good fire that had enough spiritual sagacity could bestow upon the ingredients even more spiritual energy. This would be a tremendous help to Bu Fang's cooking.

Duan Yun sighed and tailed behind him.

The two, plus a puppet, sped up their paces. Now that they had a clear target, they were able to reach the destination quickly given their cultivation levels.

They arrived at the scene only to see numerous battles already broken out over the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.