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 Chapter 343: Believe in Yourself, You Are a Professional

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Bu Fang was able to slaughter the Earth Dragon, which Duan Yun had to fight with for ages, with two quick slices. Why was Bu Fang so powerful... this seemed a bit far-fetched?

Duan Yun was absolutely shocked. As the saying goes-no comparison, no harm. With Bu Fang's sense of effortlessness against his own desperate struggles, an indescribable dejection rushed to his heart.

Bu Fang didn't care what Duan Yun was going through emotionally.

He walked around the Earth Dragon's corpse and sauntered to the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree.

A faint glow circulated above the tree, emitting a fluorescent light. The aroma that pervaded the air contained a trace of sweetness unique to spirit fruits. Bu Fang wouldn't wait to pick one off and taste it himself.

He plucked off a Violet Cloud Fruit from the branches. This was a seventh grade Violet Cloud Fruit and contained a rich source of spirit energy within.

He easily peeled off the outer skin of this Violet Cloud Fruit. In comparison to the tender flesh inside, the Violet Cloud Fruit's outer layer was coarse. Plus, it had a bitter astringency to it and did not taste good.

The star of the show was still the flesh inside, which was truly the essence of this fruit. The flesh of the Violet Cloud Fruit was not a purple shade. Instead, it was as transparent and pale as a cube of ice, much like the texture of the lychee flesh.

As he took a bite of the Violet Cloud Fruit, a nectar filled his entire mouth. A delicate fragrance circulated in Bu Fang's mouth alongside the sweet taste. It was quite a treat.

After quickly gobbling up this Violet Cloud Fruit, Bu Fang took out a blue and white ceramic bowl. Behold the correct way to process the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree!

With a wisp of smoke, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand again. Rubbing the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree's smooth branches, Bu Fang located a spot and wiped his cleaver against it. The branch was easily sliced apart.

Once cut apart, a fountain of sparkling clear nectar flowed out.

In comparison to fresh spring water, this nectar was much more viscous. Bu Fang placed the blue and white ceramic bowl under the branch's opening, catching the river of nectar that gushed out.

After collecting an entire bowl of fresh nectar, Bu Fang pressed down lightly at the cut with his thumb.

The cut was somehow sealed, and not after long, stopped dripping out nectar.

Duan Yun walked over. He was excited to see this bowl of fresh Violet Cloud Nectar.

The Violet Cloud Nectar had wonderful healing properties. Not to mention its main function, it also tasted incredibly delicious. It definitely made a fine drink.

Bu Fang ignored Duan Yun's envious gaze and instead lifted up the ceramic bowl for a sip.

Gulp Gulp Gulp.

He chugged a big mouthful of this Violet Cloud Nectar. Once it hit his tongue, Bu Fang's eyes instantly lit up.

This Violet Cloud Nectar was ice-cold as if it had been frozen before. It had a refreshing texture, both sweet and cool in taste once down the throat.

It was a little bit similar to the sugar cane juice that Bu Fang had drunk in his precious lifetime, only it wasn't as sweet. A lingering aftertaste curled around in Bu Fang's mouth. The aroma caused Bu Fang to squint his eyes.

The Violet Cloud Nectar contained just as much spirit energy as the Violet Cloud Fruit. After a single swig, Bu Fang opened his mouth wide and spurt forth rich waves of spirit energy.

After one sip of the Violet Cloud Nectar, he felt that all the weariness on his body simply washed away.

"Very nice." Bu Fang was satisfied. He lifted up the ceramic bowl and continued gulping down the content inside. Not after long, he had drained the entire bowl.

This Violet Cloud Nectar really quenched one's thirst. It had a spectacular texture and indeed made a fine drink.

Bu Fang dug out the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree from its roots and placed it into the System's dimensional bag. He planned on taking it back to the store and replanting it there as an addition to the store's afforestation.

When he curled up in a chair to enjoy some sunshine on an ordinary day, he could also get himself a bowl of this Violet Cloud Nectar. Now that was the way to live life.

Duan Yun also yearned for a sip of this Violet Cloud Nectar, but Bu Fang took no notice of him and instead proceeded to store away the Violet Cloud Tree. This made him feel like he was kicked in the balls.

"Carry this Earth Dragon. It's our dinner tonight." Bu Fang instructed solemnly and then walked ahead with hands behind his back.

Duan Yun's face darkened.

The body of this Earth Dragon was rather big. However, with Duan Yun's cultivation level-at the peak of eighth grade War-God level-, carrying it certainly wasn't an ordeal.

The two figures, on top of a puppet and an Earth Dragon corpse, trod through the forest. The night was falling. The scorching sun hanging in the sky also slipped down the horizon.

After the last bits of the evening glow, the sun completely disappeared, leaving behind a state of dusky stillness.

Two crescent moons gradually crystallized, intertwining with each other in the night sky.

A bonfire was lit.

A large black wok was set upon the bonfire. The boiling clear water inside bubbled. Duan Yun sat on the side and threw in a couple of twigs from time to time.

He still couldn't quite digest everything that just happened. This time it wasn't because of Bu Fang's intimidating combat capability, but because Bu Fang had just sliced off all the meat from this gigantic dragon in a grand manner. In the end, all that was left of the Earth Dragon was a pile of bones.

His dissecting and cutting techniques... covered Duan Yun's scalp with a tingling sensation.

Bu Fang did not put away the leftover skin of this Earth Dragon. Given that this Earth Dragon has been living underground throughout the year, its skin was rough and coarse. Since it was completely useless, Bu Fang cast it away after carving out the flesh.

For today's meal, Bu Fang was going to make Red Braised Earth Dragon Meat.

Duan Yun, still absent-minded, sniffed the rich aroma that dissipated through the air. Watching as Bu Fang cooked skillfully, he couldn't quite believe he was in the training ground.

Though this training ground posed little threat to the genius disciples of the Grand Sect, Duan Yun's own cultivation level couldn't be considered that impressive, and hence he found this training ground somewhat dangerous.

This was the first time Duan Yun had witnessed anyone like Bu Fang... who managed to turn the training ground into his kitchen and cooked at such ease.

The Earth Dragon's flesh was dark-toned. Without the addition of any extra condiments, it already wore a beautiful shade, both glossy and sparkling clear in texture. Stripped of its outer skin, the Earth Dragon flesh was extremely tender. The glittering chunks of meat even quivered in the bowl, shaking slightly like pieces of jello.

It shimmered against the flames and was blanketed by a lustrous layer of oil. Just looking at it stimulated one's appetite.

Bu Fang glanced at Duan Yun, who was drooling helplessly, and casually tossed him a bowl and a pair of chopsticks.

Duan Yun caught it and shot a look at Bu Fang with an odd expression. " This fellow has all sorts of kitchen appliances on him. Surely, Bu Fang... didn't really take this training ground as his personalized kitchen?"

However, he didn't give it another thought. Instead, he mimicked Bu Fang, picking up a piece of the glittering, steaming hot Earth Dragon meat and pushed it into his mouth.

It was so fresh and tender to the tongue, its texture almost akin to jelly. The meat was awfully springy upon fully cooked, bouncing between his teeth. He was immersed in a state of satisfaction.

The meaty aroma spread through his mouth and shot up his nostrils. It was as if every waft of fragrance had transformed into a thick winter's coat and enveloped his body. It made him feel as comfy and cozy as ever.

"How could this dish taste so good! It turns out Earth Dragon flesh was absolutely succulent..."

As Duan Yun continued to chomp on the meat, he gasped in admiration. Grease was smeared across the corners of his mouth and his eyes couldn't stop sparkling.

The more Duan Yun ate, the more he was shaken to his core.

The Roasted Demonic Potato from before was already beyond his expectations. Yet the cooking techniques involved with that dish was not high. Or, in other words, even if it was intricate, Duan Yun certainly could never tell. He dismissed it as a fluke, especially since the texture and taste of the Demonic Potato itself was enough to make a fine treat.

However, this time, the Red Braised Earth Dragon Meat revealed Bu Fang's true capabilities. His body movements during the entire cooking process were as fluid as a stream of water, all appearing so natural to him.

"This Bu Fang... really is a chef!"

As a disciple of the Alchemy Sect, he was defeated by a mere chef... this was too painful.

But no matter how despondent this realization made him, Duan Yun simply couldn't resist the temptation of gourmet delicacies. Anything that happened once could happen twice. Sure enough, Bu Fang successfully coaxed him into utilizing the alchemic fire again.

Only this time, Bu Fang applied his alchemic fire to roasting meat...

Duan Yun refused at first, reminded of the dignity that a master of alchemy should retain. However, picturing the mouthwatering Red Braised Earth Dragon Meat, he convinced himself that upholding the dignity of a master of alchemy... could be postponed.

He was already forced into roasting potatoes anyway, was it really a loss to roast meat as well?

Just as the Earth Dragon flesh was roasted into a glowing red shade, glistening drops of sauced oil dripped off the roasted meat.

The concentrated meaty aroma dispersed and almost shot into Duan Yun's body like tiny serpents. Though he was still spouting out flames, Duan Yuan felt his mouth water. Meat roasted by the alchemic fire smelled... too delectable! That fragrance had the power to entice anyone. Sniffing that aroma, Duan Yun began to tremble, almost losing control of the fire.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows: "Keep still and keep the flames under control. Belief in yourself, you are a professional."

Duan Yun almost spat out blood as he screamed madly in his heart. "I am not a professional fire-lighter! I am a noble master of alchemy! Ahh!"

Just as the roasted Earth Dragon meat was about to be done, a giant explosion erupted within the Hundred Thousand Mountains. From the source of the outburst, a flame shot to the sky. The glaring flames almost obscured the entire sky, turning the night back into day.

Duan Yun was startled, "Could... this be the release of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?"

Bu Fang flickered a glimpse at the dazzling flame and calmly twisted back his head. He looked at the Earth Dragon meat roasted into a scarlet shade and scrunched his brows.

"Concentrate and keep the fire steady. Even if the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames has been released, we still need to finish cooking the meat first."