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 Chapter 342: A Petrified Duan Yun

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A pair of dainty feet, as smooth and pale as jade, tread across the paths of the forest. The piles of fallen leaves covering the ground sank in with each step, albeit not leaving any trace of dust on these feet.

Against the now pitch-black shade of fallen leaves, the pair of walking feet appeared even more fair-skinned. The slim legs, with its beautiful curves, caused one to fall into a reverie.

"Sect Overlord, are we heading straight for the city where the Clear Sky Pagoda is situated?" A gentle female voice suddenly rang and echoed through the tranquil forest.

"What's there to do in the Clear Sky Pagoda? We want to go straight to the location of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames and wait for its release. This is a type of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames after all and must attract a huge crowd. We want to get there ahead of time, just consider it an opportunity to capture a few extra spiritual essences."

The Shura Sect Overlord had a raspy voice, one that reflected having undergone the vicissitudes of life.

The High Priest's eyes, hidden under her mask, instantly sparkled with a sense of excitement.

The two sped up. Though the forest was crowded with trees, they were able to traverse large distances with each step. The densely packed forest did not throw them off, as they had a very clear target in mind.


Outside of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

A hoary figure riding a skinny white bird soared through the sky. With his white gown, white strands of hair, white beard and eyebrows, he exuded a divine and majestic demeanor.

Sitting cross-legged on the back of the white bird, the elder gracefully leaped off, as agile as a swallow, once they hit the border of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

He lifted up a hand and patted the bird's head. With a gleeful chirp, the bird spun around in the air, flapped its wings, and headed for the direction of the sun.

The white-gowned elder pulled his hands behind him. Hunching his back, he trod lightly across the air. He gazed at the boundless chains of alps with squinted eyes.

"The Hundred Thousand Mountains is still as beautiful as ever. It's a pity that such a lovely landscape suffers from an endless threat of crisis."

The elder exclaimed softly. He could somehow detect, with his eyes, the shape of a ferocious dragon silhouette bursting out of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. The dragon silhouette twisted its body and emitted muted screeches. An eye-blinding gleam was wrapped around its belly.

The elder drew in a deep breath. The Probing Energy Technique of the Celestial Arcanum Sect enabled him to detect all the energies within each mountain. The dragon energy of the Hundred Thousand Mountains surged like turbulent waves. However, the resplendent gleam of light on the belly was like a source that absorbed all of the dragon pulse energies.

That must be where the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was birthed. Able to seize the dragon pulse energy dominating an entire mountain has to be the work of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

Of course, simply the plundering of such dragon pulse energy was not enough to create the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames. There had to be other determining factors involved.

The elder was not interested in learning the details. He only needed to know that the dragon pulse's point of blockage was the birthing spot of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames.

Gushes of wind brushed past him, causing his hair to flutter in the air.

Suddenly, right outside of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, a swift sword energy slash pierced through the air.

The elder twisted his head and smiled.

The flash of a blade swooped in, on which stood a middle-aged man dressed in a brocade robe. He wore a commanding look on his face, with dashing eyebrows and a pair of sparkling eyes. There was an elegant air of dominance on him as he flew in on his sword.

The bright rays of the blade began to fade as the sword gradually slowed down. Not before long, the shadow of this figure reached the elder's side.

"The Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, Wu Mu, pays his respect to the Supreme Elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect."

The middle-aged man bowed to the elder in humble reverence. The elder smiled gently and waved his hand.

Wu Mu was the Villa Master of the White Cloud Villa, a ninth grade Supreme-Being swordsman. The flying sword under his feet was the White Cloud Villa's Semi-Divine Tool, the Cloud Rising Sword.

"Villa Master Wu's sword will is getting stronger. Looks like you've improved by great strides. This is worth celebrating." The Supreme Elder chuckled.

A trace of smile suddenly swept across Wu Mu's serious face.

The two exchanged more greetings and continued to charge toward the mountains. Both aimed for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, or in other words, to at least obstruct the Shura Sect Master from obtaining the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

Once the two left, another roar erupted in the sky.

A gigantic one-legged toad, large enough to almost obscure the sky, hopped down. Each leap caused the ground underneath it to quake violently.

This was a supreme beast.

There were a few tiny figures standing on the head of the supreme beast. Up close, one could easily detect the forbidding forces of energy on their bodies. This was especially true for the person in the lead. Despite his petite physique, his aura was not a bit weaker than the massive one-legged toad supreme beast.

The warriors from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands... had finally arrived.


Bu Fang looked at Duan Yun with a spurious smile. He was too lazy to alert him and instead watched in silence.

There was a circle of empty space around the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree, but countless skeletons were scattered there. The ghostly white skeletons looked eerie as ever, as if screaming danger.

Duan Yun was both talented and bold. He did not belong to the Southern Region and naturally showed no signs of fear toward this training ground. He possessed the alchemic fire and had a respectable cultivation level. Therefore, he was not concerned with his safety at all.

Yet, just as he stepped into the empty space, he was overcome with a bad feeling.

The soil beneath his foot began to crack. A bloody jaw appeared before him, causing the hair on his body to stand on their ends.

There was an eighth grade creature here?!

The alchemic fire began to billow. With a loud boom, Duan Yun's body instantly shot up.

This was an eighth grade Earth Dragon, with bloodshot eyes and a body covered in ferocious pricks. Its bloody jaws were filled with rows of teeth as sharp as blades. This Earth Dragon was like an enormous lizard, traveling at an incredible speed. Bang bang bang, it bolted straight for Duan Yun.

Its whip-like tail swept across the air, charging straight for Duan Yun's torso.

Duan Yun was instantly enraged. How dare an eighth grade creature make a move on him. With the alchemic fire in his hands, Duan Yun was undaunted.

He sprinted forth and began to battle with the eighth grade Earth Dragon.

At this very moment, an intense surge of strong winds and flames of fire rose up from the empty space, blowing the piles of skeletons in all directions.

The Violet Cloud Fruit Tree continued to emit its luring radiance and aroma, swaying gently against the breeze.

An eighth grade Earth Dragon. It suddenly dawned upon Bu Fang that this creature was using the Violet Cloud Fruit Tree as a trap to catch preys.

Of course, one could also say the Earth Dragon was the spirit beast guarding this Violet Cloud Fruit Tree.

Given the existence of "dragon" in its name, the creature's combat capabilities cannot be dismissed.

Duan Yuan grappled with the Earth Dragon for a while but found it impossible to defeat it. This caused him to sweat nonstop. Of course, his level of fury rose as he continued to wrestle the creature.

The Earth Dragon had coarse skin and could even spit fire. Even though it was afraid of his alchemic fire, it was still able to resist Duan Yun's strikes.

Duan Yun himself was only an eighth grade War-God. Without the alchemic fire, he was no match for the Earth Dragon.

The Earth Dragon's cultivation level was strong, to the point where it was probably ready to evolve into the echelon of a supreme beast.


The swaying tail flung Duan Yun out of the empty space. As the Earth Dragon crawled forward, it stretched open its bloody jaws and howled at Bu Fang and Duan Yun. A nasty stench immediately wafted through the air.

Bu Fang shot a cool look at the Earth Dragon and took a stride forward, leisurely stepping into the empty space.

A wisp of smoke twirled around his wrist, and the pitch-black, unadorned kitchen knife immediately appeared his hand.

This was the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the kryptonite of any spirit beasts that belonged to the dragon species. Given Bu Fang's current cultivation level, if he triggered the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, dragon type spirit beasts even at the echelon of supreme beast would face defeat.

This Earth Dragon also detected a sense of crisis, its savage eyes suddenly wincing.

Duan Yun stood from afar and gaped at Bu Fang, who was about to make a move, in astonishment. The alchemic fire burning in his hands waned. He was very intrigued to see how this would go down.

This Earth Dragon was incredibly fierce. He waited to see how Bu Fang would handle it, surely not slamming it with a wok again? This Earth Dragon had a layer of thick, coarse skin... did he think it was as easily subdued as Duan Yun?

However, the next scene he witnessed almost popped his eyeballs out of his eye sockets.

The Earth Dragon that he almost grappled to death with, the very creature that nearly snapped his body in half, was... effortlessly slaughtered by Bu Fang with two slashes.

A lustrous golden gleam gushed out, almost lighting up the cold, gloomy forest.

Bu Fang shouldered his giant golden kitchen knife, his face still without any expressions.

By his feet was the hotshot Earth Dragon that, one moment ago was all high and mighty, and now... a slab of dead meat, with both its head and tail badly severed.

A river of dragon blood poured through the soil, filling the forest with an unbearable stench.

Duan Yuan ogled with his mouth agape, utterly flabbergasted.

He was baffled. He was dumbfounded.

Just two slices? Was this a freaking fake Earth Dragon?

Bu Fang was merely a seventh grade Battle-Saint, making him even a level lower than himself. The Earth Dragon was full of energy when fighting him, but was reduced to a piece of trash before Bu Fang? Was he too impotent himself... or was Bu Fang simply too powerful?

Bu Fang stored his flashy golden kitchen knife and flickered at glimpse at Duan Yun. He patted the Earth Dragon's gigantic body and uttered calmly: "You're in charge of carrying this Earth Dragon. Tonight we shall feast on dragon meat."