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 Chapter 339: A Demonic Potato Roasted by an Alchemic Flame

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"You want to borrow my flame... to roast a sweet potato?

"Are you sure that you aren't making fun of me? My flame is an alchemic flame. A precious flame used to refine elixirs, and you say you want to use it to roast a sweet potato?"

Duan Yun stared at Bu Fang with wide eyes. At that moment, he felt like thousands of black dogs were galloping in his mind.

"Don't be afraid. I won't take advantage of you. Since I intend to borrow your flames, I will give you half of the sweet potato." When Bu Fang noticed that Duan Yun was staring at him with a peculiar expression, he pondered for a second and suddenly said with an understanding gaze.

When he heard Bu Fang's suggestion, Duan Yun was taken aback, and he felt the urge to vomit blood. This fellow that went about smashing people with a wok... what was going on in his head? Do I seem like someone who would sell his dignity for a sweet potato?

The alchemic flame was an Alchemist's treasure, and to a certain extent, an Alchemist's honor and dignity. How could he discard his honor for a trifling sweet potato?

"The alchemic flame is used for refining elixirs, not for roasting sweet potatoes. I will absolutely not lend you my alchemic flame!" Duan Yun gnashed his teeth, coldly snorted in his heart, and turned his head in disgust. The impression he gave off was quite akin to "I'd rather die than obey".

Bu Fang was quite surprised by his reaction; he hadn't expected this fellow to be this unyielding.

As Bu Fang played with the Lion Head Demonic Potato in his hands, a fragrant scent gently wafted out of it, and he became slightly impatient.

As Duan Yun watched Bu Fang play with the Demonic Potato in his hands as though it was a ball, he suddenly thought of something and stared at Bu Fang in surprise.

"The sweet potato that you spoke about... it wouldn't happen to be the Lion Head Demonic Potato, would it?"

"It is indeed the very one. Don't be shy. I will truly give you half of it," Bu Fang earnestly replied.

Pff... Duan Yun vomited blood in his mind. This was an eighth grade spiritual medicine, an extremely precious ingredient. It could already supplement one's essence, heal injuries, and Increase the quantity of true energy, and if it were refined into an elixir, it could consolidate one's foundation and increase their cultivation level. It was an exceptionally good treasure.

And this fellow with him unexpectedly wanted to roast and eat it, was this an ingredient which someone would dare roast?

If one roasted the Lion Head Demonic Potato, how would they go about optimally preserving and utilizing its medicinal properties? Roasting it would truly be a reckless waste of a natural treasure.

"You... How could you even consider roasting this Demonic Potato?" Duan Yun's lips twitched with annoyance.

Riiip! Duan Yun watched in astonishment as Bu Fang lightly tore off one of the Lion Head Demonic Potato's roots. A rich essence gushed out from the split and immediately permeated the surroundings. Bu Fang's eyes brightened as he took in a whiff of the fragrant essence in enjoyment.

The pulp of the Lion Head Demonic Potato unexpectedly had a sparkling orange color; it was extremely attractive.

"Well... What's wrong? Wouldn't you like a roasted sweet potato? You have nothing to worry about. If I boiled it along with a meal, its flavor will definitely be good; however, you must lend me your flame," said Bu Fang.

The only reason why Bu Fang knocked Duan Yun unconscious and dragged him all the way here was to make use of his alchemic flame. It was the first time Bu Fang had seen such a peculiar flame. Its temperature was extremely high, and it seemed sentient. A dish cooked using such a flame would definitely be delicious.

Who was talking about food with you? When he heard Bu Fang's reply, Duan Yun was quite annoyed. Was food the only thought this fellow had in his head? If only he was able to refine this Demonic Potato, he might even manage to refine an eighth grade elixir out of it.

"Will you lend me your flame or not?"

"I won't. This is related to an Alchemist's dignity, so I can't lend it to you," Duan Yun replied stubbornly.

Bu Fang stood up and faced Duan Yun, who was still lying on the floor, with an indifferent expression, before slowly raising his hand.

When he saw Bu Fang move, Duan Yun squinted his eyes. What... do you want to fight?


A wisp of smoke curled around Bu Fang's hand, and a pitch-black, simple kitchen knife appeared in his grip.

A kitchen knife...

What is this fellow trying to do? If you have something against me, just properly say it. What are you taking out a kitchen knife for?

As the sunlight reflected off the sharp kitchen knife, it twinkled with a bright radiance, and Duan Yun felt every pore on his body contract.

At that moment, Duan Yun wanted to weep. Why did he have to meet such a weirdo? Was he shortly to become the first noble alchemist who died under a chef's kitchen knife?

"I'm sorry. I took out the wrong item?"

Bu Fang's complexion stiffened, and he muttered awkwardly when he saw the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand. The knife turned into green smoke and vanished.

Along with a humming sound, and the appearance of the green smoke, a giant black wok appeared in Bu Fang's hand. He gripped it and raised it above Duan Yun's head.

Duan Yun dispiritedly looked at that wok. It would have been better if you simply used that kitchen knife.


"You should stabilize the fire intensity, don't be anxious and impetuous. Just slowly take your time."

Bu Fang calm voice echoed, and in a corner of the forest, a flame burned brightly, and the temperature began to increase.

Duan Yun tilted his swollen head sideways as he sat before a big pit. There was a scarlet flame burning brightly inside the pit; it was Duan Yun's alchemic flame.

Bu Fang came beside him and gently placed a hand on Duan Yun's shoulder as he stared at the Lion Head Demonic Potato roasting in the pit.

Within the alchemic flames, the Lion Head Demonic Potato's essence was quickly extracted from the ingredient and into the alchemic flame, and it began to burn more brightly and vigorously.

"Can a Lion Head Demonic Potato which has been roasted like this still be of any use? You are simply wasting a precious medical plant. If you were a member of my sect and got caught doing this, you would be thrown into the pigs' cage," Duan Yun said weakly as he glanced at the excited Bu Fang.

"This Lion Head Demonic Potato is an excellent ingredient, so how could it ever be unedible? Not only is it edible, it's also a rare delicacy, so don't put back your flame. Instead, stabilize its intensity," Bu Fang earnestly said.

He walked to the side of the pit and observed the flame more closely. As its temperature was extremely high and it seemed sentient, the alchemic flame was definitely something that mortal flames couldn't rival.

If a chef ever used this sort of flame to cook, it would bring them unimaginable benefits.

Bu Fang stretched out his hand over the pit, his senses heightened, and true energy winded out of his outstretched hand like a small snake and drilled into the alchemic flame, right down the middle.

There in the midst of the flames, the Lion Head Demonic Potato unexpectedly trembled intensely and generated the faint outline of an angry lion roaring.

Although the outline of the Lion Head Demonic Potato was faintly visible within the alchemic flames, its golden color had already become slightly dim.

"Look at it, if we continue roasting this demonic potato, all of its essence would be completely lost," Duan Yun said in distress.

"Shut up and continue producing the flames," Bu Fang said without even sparing him a glance.

Duan Yun felt quite aggrieved. After all, he was an alchemist, not a flamethrower.

But when he glanced at the pitch-black, heavy wok at Bu Fang's side, he breathed out lightly and obediently continued controlling the alchemic flame.

Bu Fang's True Energy parted the alchemic flame and wrapped around the Lion Head Demonic Potato like countless threads.

True energy cooking was Bu Fang's specialty. He infused the ingredient with his true energy in order to smoothen its texture and improve its flavor to the optimum state.

This method of cooking was an extremely difficult and complex one. It required an excellent control over True Energy and a powerful soul.

Duan Yun was quite surprised when he sensed Bu Fang's true energy threads within his alchemic flame. He is unexpectedly capable of controlling his True Energy to such a degree? How terrifying was this fellow's soul strength? The extent to which he can control his true energy is too terrifying.


Another lion roar resounded, and the Lion Head Demonic Potato seemed like it was about to repel the alchemic flames and rush out, but Bu Fang's true energy threads, which had wrapped it, held it in place and made it incapable of budging from its spot.

"Strengthen your flames and burn it." Bu Fang hollered.

Duan Yun obeyed and strengthened his flames, and with a rumbling sound, the pit suddenly exploded.

Thick, black smoke surged out from the scene of the explosion.

"Cough, cough..." Duan Yun's face was covered in soot, and the thick smoke caused him to cough repeatedly.

He became slightly dazed as he watched a man slowly walk out of from the pit.

Bu Fang came out of the pit untainted, not even a speck of dust was visible on his person. His hand was shrouded in True Energy as he held a pitch-black ball which resembled carbon.

However, from its shape, it was easy to tell that this was once the golden Lion Head Demonic Potato which overflowed with essence.

"Will you look at that! I told you not to roast it. How did that turn out? You have roasted it into a mass of carbon! What a way to waste a Lion Head Demonic Potato! What a way to waste an eight grade spirit medicine, ah!" Duan Yun was in pain because such a treasure had been wasted by the foolish chef.

Bu Fang remained calm in the face of Duan Yun's hollers. He raised a thin finger to his lips and lightly blew on it.

"Shut up and listen to me."

Duan Yun was abruptly taken aback. In the next moment, Bu Fang lightly tapped the pitch-black ball of carbon, and the black cover immediately broke apart with a rustle, revealing a resplendent golden roaring lion.