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 Chapter 338: I Want to Borrow Your Flame to Roast a... Sweet Potato

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Duan Yun didn't care a whit for Bu Fang. In his eyes, there were no opponents under the Supreme-Being realm that he needed to take seriously. In this insignificant training ground, he was confident that he was invincible within his realm, eighth grade War-God, and that he could easily kill anyone below the Supreme-Being level.

His confidence stemmed from his powerful backing and trump cards.

However, this black wok had completed shattered his confidence, leaving him in a daze. Since it was only a wok, he believed that he would shatter it easily.

Alas, the reality was cruel.

When Duan Yun smacked the black wok, he didn't leave a single dent on it; instead, he felt his hand become numb from the huge force of impact. He was taken aback as a greater suppressing power dispelled the force in his arm, and the wok went on to hit his head.


A crispy and heavy sound reverberated as the wok hit Duan Yun's head. The impact left Duan Yun completely dazed; his ears rang, and his eyes became hazy.

Grasping the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in one hand, Bu Fang approached Duan Yun.

Although the black wok smash had slightly dazed Duan Yun, he was still a very powerful expert, after all, even more than the Blood Guard-who was at the peak of the eighth grade.

Duan Yun's blurry sight was only able to register Bu Fang's figure when he had arrived in front of Duan Yun, with an indifferent expression on his face.

When Duan Yun came back to his senses, his pupils immediately contracted.

"You unexpectedly didn't pass out... I must try again."

Bu Fang muttered, and Duan Yun heard him clearly as they were both facing each other.

The corners of Duan Yun's mouth twitched, and he opened them as if to say something, but Bu Fang didn't care for any replies.

He raised the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and smashed it into Duan Yun, again, with a resounding bang, knocking the latter unconscious. Despite his cultivation being at the eighth grade War-God level, Duan Yun was still knocked unconscious by a wok; he would definitely be weeping in his heart.

Bu Fang remained standing at the same spot, holding onto the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in one hand, and the unconscious Duan Yun in the other hand. When Duan Yun passed out, the raging flames gradually began to dissipate.


The sound of a bowstring ripping the air resounded from the forest.

An arrow glowing with true energy streaked toward Bu Fang. The arrow's might was extremely terrifying and many times stronger than those shot by the Clear Sky Pagoda's disciples.

Bu Fang felt a sharp wind rushing toward him as though it wanted to pierce through his flesh.

He subconsciously used the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to block it.


An extremely crisp sound resounded as the arrow smashed into the wok, and gave rise to sparks. Upon collision, the arrow scattered into motes of light and disappeared.

A wisp of green smoke twirled around Bu fang's hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok disappeared.

Bu Fang exhaled and stretched his slightly numb hand. He grabbed the Lion Head Demonic Potato and steadied his hold on the unconscious Duan Yun before he turned around and left.

Whitey lifted its mechanical arm and scratched its round head, as the purple glow in its mechanical eyes reverted back to red.

They all silently watched Bu Fang leave, and no one had the courage to go and speak to him.

This was someone who knocked the assailing eighth grade War-God expert, who had suppressed them all by himself, unconscious, with just two hits of his wok. What kind of person walks around waving a wok? Why was he this terrifying?

Ye Pang looked elated. It turned out that he had misunderstood the chef, who was really an unfathomable and powerful expert.

The woman and the stern man felt embarrassed, especially because of the advises that they had given Bu Fang. They thought they had saved him from the wolves, but they hadn't expected that the wolves would end up as Bu Fang's delicacies. They acted like they were powerful people, but in front of such an expert, they were only being meddlesome.

It was truly embarrassing.

Luckily, Bu Fang didn't pay them any mind; otherwise, they didn't know how they could have faced him.


Several figures led by a beautiful young girl rushed out of the forest.

"Big sister!"

When Ye Pang saw the graceful girl, his eyes immediately brightened, and he waved his hands at her before he shouted.

When Ye Ziling saw their pitiful appearances and felt the scalding heat still present in the air, her heart shuddered slightly. It seemed her reinforcements were late. She was slightly puzzled because when she was still further away, she had seen the back of someone in front of Ye Pang, a back which was familiar to her.

However, by the time she got there, the person had already disappeared.

"The back of that person looked very familiar..." Ye Ziling furrowed her beautiful brows as she tried to recall, but even after pondering about it for a long time, she couldn't remember who the back belonged to.

She soon gave up and tossed the thought to the back of her mind. When she saw many of the Clear Sky Pagoda's disciples still alive, she relaxed even though there were still a lot of disciples who had perished, but at the very least, a large number had managed to survive the ordeal.

"Kid, you should obediently go back with me. You almost scared me to death, this time." Although Ye Ziling had been scared silly, she still put on the appearance of an elder sister in front of Ye Pang and scolded him in displeasure.

At that moment, there were no traces of the obedient appearance she had when she had followed behind Ni Yan.

Ye Pang grinned and recounted the earlier battle to her, and he made sure to vividly describe how mysterious and great that chef had been.


Duan Yun awoke with a jolt and was greeted by a splitting pain in his head, making it seem like it was about to burst open.

He sucked in a deep breath, partially opened his eyes and took a look at his surroundings; however, all he could see was the bright sky, the clouds hovering within it, and the horizon over yonder.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Duan Yun could feel his head bubbling up at down as it brushed against the ground, which seemed to be the cause of the splitting pain.

This sobered him up fast, and he quickly tried to completely open his blurry eyes. When he succeeded, he discovered that his legs were being held by someone, who seemed to be dragging him, while his head brushed against the ground.

His posture was quite embarrassing.

Duan Yun felt an unprecedented humiliation from this and started trying to struggle.

"Who are you? Let me go."

"Don't you know who I am? I am the ruffian of the training ground."

Bu Fang had been dragging Duan Yun when he suddenly realized that the latter had woken up and begun bickering without stop.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and turned to look at the gray-haired youth, who was glaring at him, and the corners of his mouth curled up. Green smoke curled around his arm and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared again.

Duan Yun looked at that black wok in alarm, before he took a look at the expressionless face of Bu Fang as he saw that the black wok was unceasingly enlarging in his eyes as it approached him.

Thump! He was once again knocked unconscious by it.

However, with his constitution, it didn't take too long before he woke up again. Bu Fang frowned and knocked him unconscious again.

When he regained consciousness for the third time, he didn't struggle and simply lay on the ground in low spirits, and let Bu Fang drag him.

When Bu Fang noticed that Duan Yun had stopped his grumbles, he didn't knock the latter unconscious anymore. In a short while, they left the valley, and Bu Fang looked for a good spot before he put Duan Yun down.

The marble white brilliance of dawn glowed even bright and soon, the sun rays shone on them, highlighting the dead and dry leaves on the ground, which made it seem like the ground was littered with pieces of gold.

When Duan Yun finally noticed the black wok disappear, he struggled to get up from the ground and rubbed the painful bumps on his head. Then, he proceeded to take a good look at his captor.

The more he stared, the more indignant he felt.

He also discovered that the Lion Head Demonic Potato which he had stolen from the Clear Sky Pagoda's disciples had been seized by this wok-fiend.

The wok-fiend examined it carefully and turned to face Duan Yun with a nonchalant expression, causing the latter to nurse a bad premonition.

"Do you want to taste a delicacy?" the fiend calmly asked.

When he heard the question, Duan Yun was taken aback, "Ah?"

"Don't be afraid. I only want to borrow your flame to roast a sweet potato... no, I mean, a demonic potato."