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 Chapter 337: Why Is he Still Alive?

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Two crescent moons were hung up in the pitch-black sky, where countless stars flickered, and a shooting star streaked past, from time to time. The shooting star was reminiscent of a rock tossed into a lake, creating countless ripples.

In a peaceful and boundless plain, the ancient and dignified city, Western Mystery City, stood tall.

There were two figures covered in pitch-black gowns rushing toward the city. Both figures seemed like they were gliding toward the city, as they were able to cross a great distance with every step they took.


As the whistling wind blew past them, the hood covering one of them was blown back, revealing an ice-cold mask.

"Sect Master... that city is the Western Mystery City. Should we go in?" The High Priestess respectfully asked the figure beside her, from whom not even the slightest trace of an aura could be sensed.

"Our objective is the catalyst required to refine the Hundred Thousand Soul Essences in the Departed Soul Orb, so what would we enter the city for? The Soul Essences in the Departed Soul Orb are already of sufficient quality; therefore, we do not need to vainly massacre a city to increase its Soul Essences." The man replied in a hoarse voice, and the High Priestess nodded in acknowledgment.

Both of them shot an indifferent look at the Western Mystery City, then took a detour around the city and hastily made for the mountain range behind it.

This was the objective of their trip-the Hundred Thousand Mountains.


"Why, it's you? Quickly escape!"

At this moment, Ye Pang, who was drenched in sweat, used all his strength to stir his True Energy and resist the chirping, ardent, flaming bird in the air. Just like the others, he believed that reinforcements had arrived, but he hadn't expected it was only the chef who they ran into earlier.

Ye Pang thought highly of Bu Fang, or rather he thought highly of Bu Fang's culinary arts, as that red rice congee thoroughly conquered him.

Before Ye Pang left, he had persuaded Bu Fang into leaving the Hundred Thousand Mountains, so that he wouldn't meaninglessly lose his life.

Therefore, he hadn't expected Bu Fang to rush over there, despite his warning. Couldn't he see that there was an intense battle taking place? Had he not realized that this place was extremely dangerous?

The true energy fluctuations that Ye Pang sensed from Bu Fang weren't intense, and in his eyes, Bu Fang was probably only a fourth grade Battle-Spirit, or a fifth grade Battle-King, at most. Such a cultivation level was nothing in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

In his hands, Bu Fang held the roasted golden-yellow wolf's meat. which emitted streams of steam and dripped trails of oil. Its aroma quickly wafted around the surrounding. Bu Fang munched on it while he walked over.

Although the flavor of the meat was acceptable, its texture was extremely bad. Even after it underwent Bu Fang's special processing, its texture still wasn't tender.

This was, after all, the primary property of this meat. Trying to change it would be an arduous and unrewarding task.

Once he took two more bites of the meat, Bu Fang felt that it was slightly insipid.

"Hey, don't come over here," Ye Pang shouted anxiously.

When Bu Fang heard Ye Pang's shouts, he turned to look over and when he finally noticed Ye Pang, who was resisting the ardent bird with great effort, a trace of surprise appeared on Bu Fang's face.

"It's quite a coincidence that you are also here," said Bu Fang.

Coincidence... how the hell was this coincidence? Didn't he comprehend the danger they were in?

Truly, Bu Fang hadn't considered any of that, and as soon as he caught sight of the Lion Head Demonic Potato, he couldn't help but walk toward it.

The gray-haired youth had been staring at Bu Fang all along, curious about his identity.

When he saw the chubby Whitey trailing behind Bu Fang, his pupil slightly contracted and he asked, "Are you from the Puppet Sect?"

Bu Fang had no idea who the Puppet Sect was, so he didn't reply and continued to stare at the Lion Head Demonic Potato with a peculiar gaze.

"No... You aren't from the Puppet Sect, and this chubby thing isn't the Puppet Sect's Copper Corpse Puppet; what the hell is it?" The gray-haired youth asked; his attention was fully focused on Whitey, which was following Bu Fang.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flickered slightly, and it swept the gray-haired youth with its gaze.

The gray-haired youth's pupils slightly contracted, and he felt his heart thump in fear.

Bu Fang continued striding toward him.

The gray-haired youth furrowed his brows and shouted coldly, "Get lost!"

Bu Fang stopped for a moment to shoot an indifferent gaze at the youth, then he continued forward.

"You are courting death..." the gray-haired youth sneered coldly. Since he wasn't from the Puppet Sect, then there was no harm in killing him.

He waved his hand, and the flaming ardent bird, which had been suppressing the experts from the Clear Sky Pagoda, unfurled its wings and charged toward Bu Fang. It wanted to burn him to ashes directly.

The glow in Whitey's eyes quickly turned purple, and just as it was about to make its move, it was stopped by Bu Fang.

Bu Fang stared at the approaching chirping flaming ardent bird with excitement.

A wisp of green smoke curled around his hand, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared before him. The wok slightly revolved in the air, and under his control, it floated to the top of his head.

At that moment, the chirping bird reached Bu Fang.


A dreadful flame burned up as heatwaves billowed all around.

The surrounding experts from the Clear Sky Pagoda all widened their eyes and their hearts lurched.

Although that gray-haired youth's flames weren't the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, its power was still extremely terrifying.

They had never heard of anyone else like the gray-haired youth in the Land of Southern Border.

"That fellow is doomed."

The woman from earlier gazed at Bu Fang's position, but soon her complexion turned red as the billowing flames approached her.

What a pity... Ye Pang sighed. He truly appreciated Bu Fang's culinary arts and considered the unexpected death of an outstanding chef like him a pity.

The other experts from the Clear Sky Pagoda didn't think too much about it because they didn't care about Bu Fang.

All they cared about was how they would escape from the gray-haired youth.

Although the youth's cultivation was only at the eight grade War-God level, the power of his peculiar flame made him almost on par with a ninth grade Supreme-Being, so they weren't his match at all.

Since such an expert had appeared in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the people from the Clear Sky Pagoda sought to return and inform their own experts.

"I will tie him down, then all of you must quickly escape. You must definitely return back alive," said the Clear Sky Pagoda's elder, with resolute determination visible in his eyes.

He rushed forward and stood in front of the other disciples, blocking the gray-haired youth.

The disciples seemed quite sorrowful, but they knew that they couldn't make the elder change his mind, so they turned around and prepared to leave.

"Do you want to escape? After being so arrogant in front of me, Duan Yun, you still want to escape?" The youth laughed coldly as he waved his hand, and his flame swiftly rushed into the sky and transformed into a flaming giant palm.

Immediately, the raging palm of flames swatted downwards, toward Ye Pang and the other disciples.

However, when the flames which were burning at Bu Fang's position rushed up into the sky along with the others, being commanded by gray-haired youth, Duan Yun was immediately taken aback.

Tha was because a tall figure was still calmy standing at the same spot.

"Why weren't you burned to ashes by my alchemical flame?" Duan Yun immediately exclaimed in alarm. He was quite amazed at the feat because he understood his level of power.

Although the alchemic flame was inferior to a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, he could use it to kill an eighth grade War-God, let alone someone like Bu Fang, whose aura didn't seem all that strong.

Duan Yun wasn't the only one amazed by Bu Fang's feat; the experts from the Clear Sky Pagoda were so shocked that their jaws almost reached the ground, especially the woman from earlier. When the flames struck Bu Fang, she thought he would have immediately turned to ashes; however, the outcome was outside everyone's expectations.

"He's unexpectedly still fine?" Ye Pang gasped with wide eyes.

Bu Fang calmly stood at the same spot and furrowed his brows as a trace of disappointment appeared in his eyes.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok hovered atop his head, and every flame Duan Yu sent at him could only slam against it and dissipate.

He wanted to try whether that scarlet flame could operate the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, however even after it burned it for a while, the wok temperature didn't change for the least bit.

It was obvious..... that as the system said, only a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame could operate the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

"Unexpectedly, you are able to resist my alchemical flame. It seems like I underestimated you... you truly hid your strength."

Duan Yun's expression turned cold; he pinched a talisman, and the palm of flames rushing toward the disciples of the Clear Sky Pagoda changed directions and charged at Bu Fang instead.

Bu Fang's impression of Duan Yun was quite bad.

He had just come out of the shrubs and only wanted to take a look at that Lion Head Demonic Potato, yet this Duan Yun wanted to kill him. The situation dumbfounded him.


The gigantic flaming palm crashed down onto Bu Fang, and the raging flames scorched the ground and rose back into the sky, like a mushroom cloud.

This time, he must truly be doomed...

Duan Yun exhaled lightly. The might of that palm was much stronger than the flaming ardent bird, which he had only used for convenience. He didn't believe that Bu Fang would survive his latest attack. The mere heat caused by the alchemical flame combustion was something ordinary people could not withstand.

When the disciples of the Clear Sky Pagoda witnessed the power of the flames, the corners of their mouths twitched.

If the palm had swatted at them instead, they would have already turned into ashes.

"This... this time, he must be dead, right?" Ye Pang stared at the raging flames with uncertainty.

His pupils quickly contracted when he saw a figure slowly emerge from it.

Witnessing the same scene, Duan Yun's muscles tightened.

He stared intently at the flames. The scorching flames which had risen into the sky were suddenly shredded apart when a light exhale reverberated.

Suddenly, a huge black wok flew out from within the flames and rushed toward Duan Yun.

What the hell was this wok?

Duan Yu was taken aback, and he subconsciously tried to smash away the black wok, which he already considered an eyesore.

However, when his palm came in contact with the work, an expressionless face appeared behind it.

Bu Fang held the black work and leisurely smashed it into Duan Yu.