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 Chapter 336: I Came for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames

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Just like what the woman thought, the Green Wolves' meat was really bad. The taste was extremely nasty.

After skinning the wolves and collecting the meat, Bu Fang was able to roughly judge their flavor. The wolves were very muscular and every single fiber in their muscle was extremely tough to bite through. Their flavor would definitely be bad,

Even though the meat contained extremely rich spiritual energy, it wouldn't change the fact that the meat was unpalatable.

When he looked at the ingredients, Bu Fang couldn't help but furrow his brows. This was the meat of a fifth grade beast... Just wasting it didn't conform to Bu Fang's mentality as a chef.

He waved his kitchen knife and separated the wolves' meat into several portions. He pierced through the meat with a branch and placed them above the bonfire to be roasted.

Throughout the roasting process, Bu Fang simply seasoned the meat from time to time with spiritual energy.

The boiling Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee in the pot was almost completely eaten. As such, Bu Fang didn't want to scrape it out to finish the leftovers as he had already properly tasted it.

Washing the pot properly, Bu Fang stored it before turning his attention back to the wolf meat roasting above the flame. He took care of the meat carefully with all of his attention. The smell of blood which filled the surroundings lingered and the roars of countless beasts could be heard. Anyone who heard the ferocious roars would be scared numb.


The meat was quickly roasted above the dancing flames. Although the muscle fibers in the meat made it extremely tough, the meat became bright golden yellow after it was roasted. As drops of oil dripped from the meat into the bonfire, the flames crackled and burned more vigorously.

Retrieving some seasoning from the system's dimensional bag, he lathered the meat with them.

Although this wasn't the best ingredient Bu Fang could get his hands on, he wasn't willing to waste them. He spared no effort trying to cook the Green Wolf's meat into something delicious.

From the sizzling meat, a delicious aroma was released. The supposedly unpalatable wolf meat started to emit a tempting aroma which would make one involuntarily swallow their saliva.

As the fragrance of the meat diffused throughout the entire forest, the restless spiritual beasts were attracted by the amazing smell. They rushed out from their hiding spots and surrounded Bu Fang once again.

Just as they were about to pounce on Bu Fang, the sound of an explosion stopped all of them.

It was as though the spiritual beasts sensed something. Raising their head to look into the sky, the beasts turned around and fled. In just a short while, every single one of them disappeared into the forest.

Bu Fang looked in the direction of the explosion in bemusement and grabbed the wolf meat. It had already been roasted to a rich golden yellow color and it emitted a fragrant aroma. He stood up and was about to head towards the sound of the explosion.

He leisurely roused his true energy as he slapped toward the bonfire. It was extinguished with a single slap from Bu Fang. Holding onto the roasted wolf meat, he slowly walked toward the direction of the blast.

He came to the Hundred Thousand Mountains for the seed of the fire called Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Who knew if the explosion was related to the flame...

When he thought about it, he couldn't help but rush toward the sound of the explosion with the roasted wolf meat in his hand.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flickered for a while before it nimbly followed behind Bu Fang.


"Hehe... Are you someone from the Clear Sky Pagoda?"

A disdainful voice resounded and echoed in the hollow valley.

In the gloomy valley overflowing with vegetation, above a giant and tall tree, a grey-haired youth crossed his arms as he stared at everyone standing on the ground.

The people on the ground wore long white gowns where the picture of a small pagoda was depicted. They were obviously experts from the Clear Sky Pagoda.

The Hundred Thousand Mountains were, after all, the territory of the Clear Sky Pagoda.

"Lunatic! Since you dared to kill a disciple from the Clear Sky Pagoda, you should obediently surrender yourself to us."

An old man who wore a cold expression stared at the grey-haired youth. His eyes were filled with anger as he shouted at the youth. The disciples from the Clear Sky Pagoda beside him were also indignant and angry.

"You guys are really scary... The Clear Sky Pagoda is truly amazing. All of you dare to be so unreasonable just because you come from the Clear Sky Pagoda." The grey-haired youth sneered at everyone on the ground.

"It's me who first discovered this eight grade Lion Head Demonic Potato. When your Clear Sky Pagoda's disciple tried to snatch it from me, I killed him. He died because he was weaker than me, so how can you blame me for this?"

The Clear Sky Pagoda's elder coldly snorted as his gaze fell upon a dark green plant. Spiritual energy was revolving above the lush green leaf of the plant and although it didn't seem special at first glance, the elder knew it was a special plant. He was surprised at his discovery as this was the eight grade Lion Head Demonic Potato.

An eight grade medicine was extremely precious.

"This is still not a valid reason for killing my Clear Sky Pagoda's disciple." The elder took a deep breath and continued to pressure the youth. His eyes became sharp and the several disciples beside him drew their bowstrings. They aimed all of their bows toward the gray-haired youth.

Twisting and cracking his neck, the gray-haired youth sneered. His gaze became colder as he looked at the people from the Clear Sky Pagoda.

"A small faction in the training ground dares to behave so arrogantly and wildly? As expected, ruffians were born from the barren hills and wild rivers. Since all of you are trying to seek death right now... I'll send you all to hell." The gray-haired youth laughed out loud and killing intent filled his eyes.


A strong fluctuation exploded from within him.

The Clear Sky Pagoda's elder angrily shouted, "Shoot!"

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Countless arrows shining with true energy shot out toward the gray-haired youth. Although he was standing on top of the giant tree and the distance between him and the people from the Clear Sky Pagoda was large, the arrows were extremely swift. The arrows whistled as they tore through the sky and toward the youth.

The disciples from the Clear Sky Pagoda were specially trained in archery. When they worked together to cover the sky with arrows, their enemies would find it difficult to find a place to hide.

The strongest of the disciples from the Clear Sky Pagoda had reached the seventh grade. The weakest of them was at least of the fifth grade. The rain of arrows would be able to threaten even an eighth grade War-God.

However, the only response they got from the youth was a cold sneer. The corners of his mouth curled upwards in disdain as he faced the rain of arrows. His hand glittered with a bright radiance as a fireball appeared on his palm. The flame was blazing and scorching and it seemed to distort the air around it. The moment the youth swung his arms forward, a wall of flame was formed before him.

The moment the arrows touched the wall of flame, sparks flew. Even though the power behind each arrow was really strong, the arrows were unable to pierce through the wall of flame.

"Is that the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?" The old man from the Clear Sky Pagoda sucked in a cold breath. He knitted his eyebrows together and thought about it carefully.

No... It couldn't be the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Although the power of his flame was amazing, it was weaker than the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames by a whole grade.

"Did you come to our Hundred Thousand Mountains for... for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?"

The appearance of someone with such a powerful cultivation and the fact that he possessed such a peculiar flame... The only reason he would come to the Hundred Thousand Mountains was definitely for the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames.

"Old fogy, you are quite smart. The appearance of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames in the Southern Region is this land's good luck. I'm naturally here to try my luck," the gray-haired young man indifferently said.

The elder from the Clear Sky Pagoda was about to continue speaking but he shut his mouth quickly. He discovered that the blazing wall of flame had suddenly transformed into a chirping ardent bird. The bird extended its wings and rushed toward the group from the Clear Sky Pagoda with terrifying power.

The few disciples from the Clear Sky Pagoda who were standing in front bore the brunt of the blow and they instantly turned into ashes.

That gray-haired youth was an eighth grade War-God. With the peculiar flame of his, he was extremely formidable. When facing the attacks of the Clear Sky Pagoda's elder, he was able to defend himself. He managed to cause the elder to cough out blood without sustaining many injuries.

In this fight, several of the Clear Sky Pagoda's disciples were burned into ashes. In the end, they had to rely on an array to resist the assault from the gray-haired youth. The array was created by the joint powers of all the disciples and they managed to hold out against the attack for quite some time.

Even though the disciples were holding out against the attacks from the gray-haired youth, it was clear that he wasn't using all his power. He simply used his flames to toy with the people from the Clear Sky Pagoda.

All of a sudden, the eyes of the gray-haired youth fell onto the Lion Head Demonic Potato below him. Jumping to the ground, he walked toward the Lion Head Demonic Potato. The spiritual plant was swaying in the wind and it emitted a rich fragrance. He took a deep breath involuntarily.

The Lion Head Demonic Potato was named as such because there was a lion head like mushroom growing under the leaf of the plant.

Grabbing tightly onto the leaf, the youth exerted all his strength as he gave it a strong pull. The moment he pulled on the leaf, a lion's roar resounded. Rich spiritual energy surged out of the plant and it filled the surroundings.

Under the leaf, there was a vivid and lifelike golden lion's head. It opened its mouth and issued a loud roar.

"This Lion Head Demonic Potato is an extremely delicious ingredient... Looks like I didn't waste my time."

The gray-haired youth grinned as he moved his nose closer to the lion's head. He took in a deep breath and a joyous expression was written all over his face.

As though he sensed something, the youth stared into the distance. His gaze became grave all of a sudden as he shouted, "Who is there? Get out here!"

When the people from the Clear Sky Pagoda heard the youth's shout, they became overjoyed. After resisting the mysterious ardent flame bird for so long, they were about to lose the fight against it. Are the reinforcements from the Clear Sky Pagoda finally here?

They stared into the distance, where rustling sounds came from the bush. Although they were feeling despair just a moment ago, they were delighted now.

However, their delight quickly disappeared as they realized that the person who just arrived wasn't the reinforcement from the Clear Sky Pagoda.

It was just a strange thin figure. It was a youth who was holding a handful of roasted meat. The meat was still dripping with oil as he stared at the group of people fighting...