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 Chapter 335: Are you here to Snatch my Ingredients?

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In the pitch-black and gloomy Hundred Thousand Mountains, a series of rustling sounds filled the air as countless spirit wolves emerged from the shrubs. The eyes of those spiritual beasts emitted eerie green light, contained greed, and were leaking killing intent as they glared at Bu Fang.

In the midst of the dried fallen leaves on the ground, raging flames were dancing under the pot. Bu Fang was cooking snake meat in the pot and a steady stream of steam was rising toward the sky. The Dragon Blood Rice, which was also cooking in the pot, emitted a rich fragrance.

Bu Fang took out a blue-patterned spoon in one of his hand. A bowl which was filled with the Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee was held in his other hand. He stood still and stared at the pack of spirit wolves. They gradually surrounded him in all directions.

The spiritual beast, Green Wolf, was a beast of the Fifth Grade. Such a huge pack of wolves... They were the nightmare of every single person who entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

A single Green Wolf wasn't scary at all. However, the same couldn't be said for a pack full of them. They were the stuff of nightmares for adventurers.

The wolves were feared not because they attacked in huge numbers. It was because they were orderly when they attacked. They were like soldiers who were properly trained. They were disciplined and acted more like the military then a pack of wolves. They understood that they had to force their prey into a tight corner. They knew how to torment their prey in both mind and spirit until the prey was utterly exhausted. The only fate of their prey was to become food in their mouths.

A pack of Green Wolves... If they were hungry, they would even try to encircle and hunt a seventh grade beast.

There wasn't a single adventurer who hoped to meet a pack of Green Wolves in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

When he saw that he was surrounded by a pack of Green Wolves, Bu Fang was also surprised. He held the bowl up and scooped a spoon full of Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee from it. The congee was perfectly cooked and the tender, yet elastic snake meat was extremely tasty. When it entered his mouth, Bu Fang felt as though the meat was bouncing in his mouth.

The aroma emitted from the dish was rich. Although there wasn't much snake meat in the congee, the whole bowl was filled with the snake meat's essence. As the essence of the snake meat was very potent, the snake meat was like a mobile fragrance sprouting machine which was unceasingly emitting rich fragrance when cooked into the congee.

The fragrance instantly aroused Bu Fang's appetite.

Even though he was surrounded by the Green Wolves, he continued to eat his bowl of Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee.

When the pack of wolves stared at Bu Fang, they were able to sniff the rich aroma in the air. Smelly saliva started dripping to the ground and it splattered all over the place. They opened their mouths and rows of sharp teeth could be seen.

In their eyes, Bu Fang was food. So was the Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee.

"Why would so many... So many ingredients suddenly appear from the forest? I wonder how the wolves' meat taste."

What was out of those wolves' expectations was that there wasn't the slightest trace of fear or worry on Bu Fang's face. Instead, the human appeared to be excited as he stared at them with a gaze which... which wasn't much different from theirs.

It was the gaze of a hunter staring at their prey.

The way Bu Fang looked at them was completely out of their expectations.

All of a sudden. A mellifluous wolf howl resounded. All the other wolves raised their head and emitted howls. They formed a choir and the howls emitted by the wolves sounded like pleasant music to Bu Fang's ears.

Although is sounded melodious, Bu Fang knew that this was a signal for the wolves to attack. It was also a howl to strip their enemies of their will to resist.

As Bu Fang listened to their howls, he scooped another part of the congee. He ate it as he smacked his lips and clicked his tongue.


Bu Fang's fearless appearance angered those wolves. One of them angrily howled as it swatted the ground fiercely with its claws. It rushed toward Bu Fang with terrifying speed.

It seemed like there was some rhythm to their assault as all of the wolves rushed toward Bu Fang orderly.

This was a shocking scene. Anyone who saw this scene would fall to the ground with shock.

After this pack of wolves rushed toward him in order, they didn't immediately try to push him down. They simply circled around him and left Bu Fang in the middle of their circle. They tried to break his will before consuming him.

After Bu Fang drank the last mouthful of his congee, he placed the bowl down. He directed his gaze to the pack of wolves who were surrounding him. His expression gradually became grave.

A wisp of green smoke twirled around him and a dragon's roar appeared from nowhere. A pitch-black kitchen knife appeared in his hands. As he had the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand, Bu Fang was fearless. Everything on the other end of his kitchen knife was one of his ingredients.

This pack of wolves.... They were going to become one of his ingredients.

Just as Bu Fang was about to display his skills and harvest the ingredients in front of him... a whistling sound resounded from the mountain's depths.

It was the sound of an arrow breaking through the air. Countless arrows which were flickering with the glow of true energy shot toward the pack of wolves. The arrows pierced the body of a Green Wolf and nailed it to the ground.

The Green Wolf howled in grief before it fell to the ground. Blood gushed out from its wound without stopping.

The smell of blood stimulated the Green Wolves and their green eyes became scarlet. They glared at Bu Fang with a cruel gaze.


As those wolves weren't able to find the person attacking them, they directed their killing intent at Bu Fang. This time, they were not going to wait for him to tire himself out any longer. They directly pounced on him.

The sound of bowstrings being pulled resounded once again. Countless glowing arrows shot out from the darkness towards the wolves.

The skill of the person shooting the arrows was pretty good. Every single one of the arrows hit their target and before long, the blood of the wolves dyed the ground red.

Bu Fang glanced toward the gloomy forest in bemusement. He had no idea why the arrows shot toward the Green Wolves.


The sound of people jumping came from inside the woods. Three figures appeared on the trunk of a giant tree not too far away from Bu Fang.

All three of them drew their bowstrings as they pointed toward Bu Fang. They had an extremely powerful aura. It gave Bu Fang a peculiar and profound feeling.

The three of them wore long gowns and there was a picture of a small pagoda on them. The party of three consisted of two men and a woman. They stood in the tree as they looked at Bu Fang who was surrounded by the corpses of the dead wolves.

They had strange looks on their faces when they looked at Bu Fang. It was their first time discovering a person who didn't fear death. Where would they find a person so fearless that they would wander about alone in the Hundred Thousand Mountains? Was this person seeking death?

Howl! Another howl resounded. A Green Wolf pounced toward Bu Fang, who was still staring at the three of them. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws. It opened its hideous mouth as it got ready to kill Bu Fang.

"This beast... This beast is seeking death."

The brows of one of the men creased. Standing on top of the trunk of the tree, this man had a cold and indifferent expression on his face. He snorted coldly and pointed his bow towards the wolf. A glowing arrow burst out of the bowstring and shot toward the wolf which pounced toward Bu Fang. The arrow instantly pierced through the wolf.

The wolf was nailed deep into the ground and its faint howls of grief resounded in Bu Fang's ears.

Bu Fang calmly took a look at the wolf pinned to the ground before raising his head. He stared at the three people who were proudly standing atop the tree trunks and he furrowed his brows.

What is this? Are they here to snatch my ingredients?

The other wolves emitted a rough howl before retreating. The stern and austere atmosphere in the forest returned to normal. It became cold and quiet.

The three of them jumped to the ground as they walked toward Bu Fang.

"Are you a person from the village outside the mountain? How dare you come to the Hundred Thousand Mountains alone? This isn't a place where the likes of you can come to." The stern man furrowed his brows and coldly shouted at Bu Fang. He rebuked and berated Bu Fang for being a weakling.

As for the other two, they stared at Bu Fang with a faint smile on their lips.

"Didn't you come here to steal my ingredients?" Bu Fang was taken aback. He returned their question with one of his own.

Ingredients? What ingredients?

The tree people stared at each other in puzzlement before turning to look at the corpses of the wolves. They raised their brows.

"Are you talking about those Green Wolves? Heh, we are here to save you."

The woman who wore a long gown where a picture of a small pagoda was depicted stared at Bu Fang in amusement. Ingredients? Who would fight over some ingredients with a mortal like you? Let's not even talk about being mortals or anything else. Just taking into account how unpalatable those Green Wolves' meat taste, no one would fight over them.

From the way you stared at the wolves in fear, it seemed like you were the ingredient...

"Eh... Thanks for saving me. As for those green wolves' corpses, leave them for me." Bu Fang nodded his head at her. Since they were not here to snatch his ingredients, everything was fine.

The kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hands revolved before turning into green smoke. The knife disappeared and Bu Fang calmly grabbed the corpses of the wolves. He carried them toward the bonfire.

When she saw what Bu Fang did, she was angered. Why was this fellow so boorish? We just saved his life.

"Senior sister... Don't you think that the stuff inside that pot is quite fragrant?"

One of the men who seemed to be a youth twitched his nose. His glittering gaze fell upon the Snakeball Dragon Blood Congee which was in a pot above the bonfire's blazing flames.

When she heard what he said, the woman's nose twitched subconsciously and her eyes slightly widened.

"It's... It's truly fragrant."

"Senior sister, let's go there and eat it. Since we were the ones who saved him, we'll consider that as compensation." That youth grinned as he walked toward Bu Fang's side.

Facing such a scene, the woman was quite helpless. She knew that her junior brother was a foodie.

The three of them walked toward Bu Fang and they surrounded the bonfire.

Bu Fang looked at them with a strange expression. What's the meaning of this? Didn't you say that you weren't going to snatch my ingredients?

"Kid, do you know the danger of entering the Hundred Thousand Mountains? You should wait till morning before leaving. This isn't a place you can stay in," The stern youth said to Bu Fang.

"Wow! Eldest senior brother! This... This congee is truly delicious!"

The stern man wasn't able to finish his words before the foodie youth interrupted him. He furrowed his brows and he stared at the youth who was scooping mouthfuls of the congee.

"How shameful! Ye Pang, you should be more well-behaved. Stop shaming our Clear Sky Pagoda," the stern youth said with displeasure.

That youth's complexion immediately stiffened and he sat down awkwardly.

The three of them sat beside Bu Fang for quite some time. Just as they were feeling bored, the stern youth's expression changed. He took out a glowing jade pendant and stood up.

"It's the summon command of the elder! We should hurry up."

That stern man frowned and he turned to look at Bu Fang. "Kid, leave this place quickly. Treasure your life."

"Snort..." that woman coldly snorted toward Bu Fang and turned her head before walking away.

"Are you a chef? This congee is truly delicious. You should listen to my eldest senior brother's words and leave by tomorrow morning. Otherwise, you will end up dead. With your skill, it will truly be a pity." The youth grinned and he left words of advice for Bu Fang. Without waiting for a response, he quickly followed behind the other two.

Bu Fang was speechless as he stared at the back of the three of them.

He eventually turned his head and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand once more. He used it to effortlessly skin the Green Wolves. This... If this feat was witnessed by the three people, they would be utterly shocked.

This was the skin of a fifth grade Green Wolf, easily skinning them... isn't just a question of proficiency in culinary arts, it would also need a powerful cultivation.