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 Chapter 333: The Top Experts Were Dispatched

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After Bu Fang heard the system's words, he immediately revealed a look of surprise. He must obtain the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame and use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to cook the dish called Buddha Jumps Over The Wall so that he could cleanse the poison inside Xiao Meng's body.

However, he didn't even know the name of the poison which affected Xiao Meng. Could he even depend on the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall to cure him?

Bu Fang had his doubts regarding this. However, after looking at the ingredients which the Mortal Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall required, Bu Fang didn't feel as doubtful. That was because all of the ingredients required to cook the dish were uncommon ingredients. Considering the fact that it needed a piece of the God of Cooking set, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, to be cooked, it might really be able to cure Xiao Meng.

The reason why the dish could cure Xiao Meng should be... Who cared about the reason anyway? Why care what the poison was? As long as the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was able to cure Xiao Meng, none of that mattered.

However, all of these were Bu Fang's guesses and conjectures. As for what was really going on, he had no idea.

"You should wait until I come back. I might have some way to save Xiao Meng after coming back... However, I don't have any way of helping General Xiao Meng right now," Bu Fang looked at Xiao Xiaolong as he calmly said.

After hearing what Bu Fang said, Xiaolong blanked out for a while. Excitement appeared on his face before long after thinking about what Owner Bu said.

"Did he just say that he might be able to save my father? Could this actually be happening?"

Bu Fang didn't pay much attention to Xiao Xiaolong as he turned around to walk into the kitchen. After practicing his cutting and carving skills for some time, he returned to his room.

He started preparing the ingredients and seasoning which he would need on his trip to the Hundred Thousand Mountains.


The night always seemed quiet and calm.

Above the northwest plain, Western Mystery City was proudly erected like a giant who overlooked the heaven and earth. It emitted an endless amount of vast and boundless prestige. If one looked from the sky from inside the Western Mystery City, they would be able to see an indistinct, boundless, and vast mountain range covered in mist in the distance.

On the road leading to the mountains, there was a swaying carriage pulled by a spiritual horse. As the carriage traveled down the road, it left a trail of dust behind it.

After traveling for a long time, the carriage started to slow down. The curtain was slowly lifted and a handsome yet expressionless face appeared inside the carriage. Bu Fang's slim body slowly stepped down from the carriage and a huge puppet followed behind him.

The carriage driver observed this odd duo and smoked on his tobacco as he said to Bu Fang, "Youngster, this is the entrance of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. I won't send you any further than this."

"The Hundred Thousand Mountains are quite terrifying. There are countless man-eating spiritual beasts living on it. If you are planning to explore it alone, you must be careful." The driver kindly warned him.

After giving Bu Fang some warning, he shook his head. It's another youngster who was enticed by the Hundred Thousand Mountains' riches and treasures.

If one was able to come back alive from the Hundred Thousand Mountains and bring out one or two treasures, they would be able to spend the rest of their life without any monetary worry.

Countless youngsters came to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to seek treasures. However, there were only a few of them who were able to return alive.

The beast tides occurred frequently on the northwest plain, and the Hundred Thousand Mountains were their source. This was the source of that disaster.

"Youngsters nowadays would throw away their life for money." The driver continued smoking the tobacco before starting to cough violently. Under Bu Fang's gaze, he urged the spiritual horse to turn around.

Bu Fang was wearing a long gown and tied his hair with a velvet hair tie. His complexion was fair and white and his expression was composed and calm. He was standing before the Hundred Thousand Mountains' entrance and it seemed eerie and gloomy. It seemed like a fearsome black hole which would swallow people whole.

The surrounding of the entrance was filled with ferocious and malevolent plants.

Bu Fang patted Whitey's belly and lightly exhaled a breath. Raising his leg, he began his journey into the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Whitey's mechanical eyes flickered for a moment before following Bu Fang into the mountains.

On this trip to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Bu Fang didn't take with him Whitey's clone. Instead, he brought along the real Whitey, who was much more terrifying.

From the system arrangement, it was obvious that this mission of obtaining the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame wouldn't be easy. Otherwise, it wouldn't allow Bu Fang to bring Whitey out with him.

The duo of a person and a puppet walked into the darkness as they passed the entrance of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Those mountains were vast and boundless. The entrance they went into was the one nearest to Western Mystery City.

The moment they entered the forest, Bu Fang could feel the chill caused by the vastness of the place. Although it wasn't winter yet, the temperature was close to freezing.


In the vast Border City.

The Blood Guard who was sitting cross-legged felt as though his whole body was shaking as an intense vibration hit him. He opened his eyes and witnessed something out of this world. The massive Black Tower which he was protecting was shaking.


Just when the Blood Guard started to calm down, he saw the Black Tower soar into the sky. A beautiful figure rushed out of the tower.

Behind this beautiful figure was a figure completely covered in pitch-black true energy. The figure was blurry and no one could see the face of the figure clearly. However, looking at the body shape of the figure, it was obvious that it was a man.

The Black Tower revolved in the sky several times before shrinking and falling into the High Priestess' palm.

The High Priestess respectfully bowed toward the man covered with black energy. Giving the High Priestess a slight nod, he turned toward the Blood Guard who was staring at him.

The Blood Guard's body trembled violently and he felt as though all the blood in his body was about to gush out when he met the gaze of the man.

"Sect... Sect... Sect Master."

The Blood Guard's pupils contracted and he had fright and happiness in his voice when he greeted the Sect Master.

Did the Sect Master finish his closed-door cultivation? Since the Sect Master finally made his appearance again after so long, it should be to lead the Shura Sect back to glory. After attaining its former glory, the Shura Sect would make the factions in the land of the southern border live in fear.

"Let's go. If we want to refine the Soul Essence within the Departed Soul Orb and Soul Congregation Array, we'll need a catalyst. The catalyst is extremely important and we must obtain it. Failure is not an option. I waited all these years for it to mature," The Shura Sect's master said before transforming into a mass of black energy as shooting into the distance.

The High Priestess' eyes which were hidden beneath her mask flickered. Her translucent feet stepped on the air as she followed behind the Sect Master. The figure of the two people disappeared into the darkness.

Standing up and looking around, the Blood Guard stared at the empty ground where the Black Tower once stood. Since the Black Tower was gone, there was nothing left for the Blood Guard to guard. It was time for him to join the other Blood Guards in the war.

When the Shura Sect rose to power again, the whole Southern Region would be theirs.


The White Cloud Villa.

Within the hazy white clouds, countless refined and splendid buildings were erected. The buildings were orderly and organized and they were all surrounded by countless white clouds. This place seemed to be the legendary Immortal Paradise. In the middle of it, there was a small pond surrounded by countless pavilions.

Above that small pond which was covered by mist, there was a faintly visible small boat. A man was calmly seated on the boat.

That man was leisurely fishing and the sound of water could be heard, albeit faintly. From time to time, his fishing pole would slightly tremble when a fish bit on the bait. The trembling of the fishing line disrupted the serenity of the water and ripples would appear on top of the water surface.

Bai Zhan floated toward the side of the pond as he directed his gaze toward the small boat in the middle of the pond.

"Villa Lord..... We received a confidential letter from the Celestial Arcanum Sect."

Bai Zhan's complexion was grave as the Celestial Arcanum Sect was the most mysterious faction in the southern border. All of the other factions were respectful toward the Celestial Arcanum Sect.

A confidential letter personally delivered by the Celestial Arcanum Sect was naturally an extremely important matter.


The boat moved without wind and quickly arrived at the side of the pond.

A middle-aged man who was wearing a straw raincoat and a bamboo hat leisurely disembarked from the boat. Hanging on his back, there was a basket containing the fish he caught, and he looked at Bai Zhan with a smile on his face.

"A confidential letter personally delivered by the Celestial Arcanum Sect? Is the content related to the Shura Sect?"

The Villa Lord's brows rose up and he asked Bai Zhan with astonishment in his voice.

Bai Zhan was naturally not clear about the letter's content. He was only here to deliver the letter to the Villa Lord.

Putting down the basket, the Villa Lord wiped away the water from his hand before receiving the letter from Bai Zhan. He carefully read the letter which was sent by the Celestial Arcanum Sect.

The moment he read the letter, it burst into a light blue flame and turned into ashes.

"It seems like I must take a trip out..." The Villa Lord started to laugh heartily after reading the letter and his laughter resounded in the entire White Cloud Villa.

Bai Zhan was puzzled by what just happened, but he knew that it wasn't in his place to question the Villa Lord. He simply followed behind the Villa Lord.


The ambiance of several powerful factions in the Southern Region became quite heavy in just a short period of time.

All of the top experts from those factions were dispatched and everyone in the faction was surprised. The people that were dispatched stood at the top of the Southern Region, and every time they came out, a large disturbance was bound to happen. The reason why they were dispatched must be of great importance...

At the Hundred Thousand Mountains' entrance, oblivious to the great disturbance within the other factions, a frail figure was slowly striding into the depths of the mountain range.