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 Chapter 332: The Hundred Thousand Mountains

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The Hundred Thousand Mountains?

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was unexpectedly in the Hundred Thousand Mountains...

Bu Fang heard the name Hundred Thousand Mountains more than once. When he was in Western Mystery City, he faintly saw the Hundred Thousand Mountains' outline. It was said that it was a vast mountain range where spiritual beasts and ingredients could be found everywhere. It was a famous region in the Southern Region.

The Hundred Thousand Mountains were also called by another name by those on the Southern Region. It was called the natural barrier. The Hidden Dragon Continent was vast and boundless and the Land of Southern Region was only a small corner of it. if one were to cross the Hundred Thousand Mountains, they could leave the Southern Region and step onto the boundless land on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

However, crossing the Hundred Thousand Mountains was an extremely difficult task. If one didn't possess powerful cultivation, they would only be seeking death if they were to enter the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

The appearance of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in that place was slightly out of Bu Fang's expectations. However, he wasn't too surprised by it.

When Bu Fang was drying his wet hair, he thought about many things.

The Hundred Thousand Mountains were rich in resources and there were countless ingredients hidden in the mountain range. After all, it was a vast mountain range and it was bound to be treasures hidden in it.

Even the primitive forests on Earth were rich in resources. There were precious ingredients and medicinal plants hidden in the forests on Earth. On the Hidden Dragon Continent's cast mountain range, how could there not be any hidden treasure?

The only thing Bu Fang needed to do now was to think about what he should prepare for the trip three days later.


The Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital,

In the Imperial Palace's courtyard.

Jin Kun was carrying Elder Sun as he flew toward the courtyard. It was as though he was stepping on the wind. Throwing Elder Sun onto the ground, he anxiously rushed into a room. He grabbed a pot of tea and poured its contents down his mouth.

Even at this moment, the spiciness which almost made him ascend to heaven remained in his mouth. He didn't care that the tea was boiling hot as he gulped it all down.

The servants in the courtyard were all alarmed by this scene and they quickly handed him pots of tea.

After drinking seven to eight pots of tea, the spiciness lingering in his mouth slightly disappeared. However, he was still able to feel the pain coming from his lips.

The feeling made him feel as though his lips were sausages which were on the roast.

He exhaled a long breath and lay down, gasping for breath. He stretched out his tongue and tried to cool the remaining heat from his mouth by taking big breaths of cool air.

After this probe, he completely believed the news that the store's supreme beast killed the Shura Sect's Venerable.

Even a dish almost killed him... This store had many strange methods up their sleeve.

It was a must know that he was a Supreme-Being. Both his body and cultivation reached the Supreme-Being level. HIs body was extremely powerful. Not to mention a single chili pepper. Even if he ate a mountain of chili, he wouldn't so much as furrow his brows.

Who knew what kind of chili pepper Bu Fang added to that delicious dish. Just eating two mouthfuls of it made him burst into tears.

Elder Sun collapsed down on the ground and his lips were completely swollen. Even after such a long time, his lips were still puffed up from the spicy dish. Jin Kun didn't pay any attention to Elder Sun on the ground as he immersed himself in thought.

There was another person who was deep in his thoughts. It was Bai Zhan, who was in the courtyard next to Jin Kun's.

As a faction that wasn't any weaker than the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, the White Cloud Villa was naturally quite apprehensive towards this store. Bai Zhan and Jin Kun came to the conclusion that Bu Fang was definitely... Definitely someone not from the Light Wind Empire. Maybe he wasn't even someone from the Southern Region.

No matter if it was the mysterious Ninth Grade puppet or the Supreme Beast who was lazily lying before the door. They were definitely not experts from the Southern Region.

They knew of all the Supreme-Being experts or the supreme beasts within the Southern Region.

Besides the White Cloud Villa, Godly Temple of the Wildlands, Grand Serpentine City, Celestial Arcanum Sect and Clear Sky Pagoda, the only other faction with a Supreme-Being expert was the Shura Sect.

Since they killed the Shura Sect's Venerable, they were obviously not part of the Shura Sect.

As for supreme beasts, they were only two of them. One lived in the Hundred Thousand Mountains and the other one lived in the Wildlands. Supreme beasts were rarer than Supreme-Beings.

This was the reason why they were so astonished when they heard that there was a supreme beast guarding the store.

Jin Kun wanted to settle Xia Yu and Xia Da's enmity. However, he didn't expect the store to be so terrifying. He could only forget about it.

The Shura Sect's matter temporarily came to an end. The White Cloud Villa and Godly Temples of the Wildlands' experts received orders to return home. They left the Imperial Capital quickly.

On the second day, Ji Chengxue respectfully bade farewell to the Supreme-Beings from the White Cloud Villa and Godly Temple of the Wildlands.

After they left, Ji Chengxue was finally able to relax. With their presence in the Imperial Capital, they oppressed and stressed him to no end. Now that they were gone, everything was good.


In the tall and lofty Wuliang Mountain, there was the ancient and simple Celestial Arcanum Sect.

Above the Heavenly Secret Plaza, the Celestial Arcanum Sect's disciples were all diligently cultivating.

There was a small log cabin on one side of the plaza and creaking sounds could be heard as the old door slowly opened. An aged man slowly walked out of the cabin.

The old drunkard was lazily lying in a corner of the plaza and basking in the sun. Springing up to his feet, the looked at the old man in astonishment as he walked toward him hurriedly and respectfully.

"Supreme Elder, why did you come out?"

The old drunkard kept his liquor bottle gourd. Even though his entire body was emitting the smell of alcohol, he asked the old man respectfully.

The Celestial Arcanum Sect's Supreme Elder warmly looked at the old drunkard as he stroked his beard and said, "Stop wasting your time on wine. At least, don't drink in the front of the disciples. You will be a bad influence on them."

Old drunkard awkwardly laughed and scratched the back of his head.

The Supreme Elder's gaze fell upon the disciples who were vigorously training on the plaza and a slight smile appeared on his face. However, the smile soon disappeared from his face and a worried expression replaced it.

"The Shura Sect made such huge movements. It's obvious that they have plans to rise up once again. They will require a catalyst to finally gain power and this catalyst will soon appear..." the Supreme Elder muttered.

The old drunkard was confused by what he said and looked at him in amusement.

"The sect master is in a crucial moment of his closed-door cultivation. As for the rest, their cultivation level isn't high enough. They will only throw away their lives if they were to go... It seems as though I have to make a trip there personally." A faint smile appeared on the Supreme Elder's face which was full of wrinkles.

"I haven't left the Wuliang Mountains for countless years. I'm slightly looking forward to the outside world... I wonder, how many people in the Southern Region will remember my name, Yun Cang."


In the morning, the sunlight shone upon the store.

The efficiency of the artisans which Ji Chengxue sent was quite high. In just several days of reconstruction, there were already many houses constructed around the store. The surrounding of the store which was quite spacious in the past became narrow all of a sudden.

When everything was being rebuilt, there was another major event going on. It was the opening of another Immortal Phoenix Restaurant on the other side of the Imperial Capital.

The rich and imposing Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's Owner, Qian Bao, spent a large sum of money to buy another big restaurant in the Imperial Capital. He changed its name and reconstructed it to become the Immortal Phoenix Pavillion before opening it up for business.

On the day of opening, the whole city was extremely lively and bustling. Countless people rushed to the opening ceremony of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

When all of this was happening, Bu Fang was lying on his chair lazily as he basked in the sun. There were only some customers in his store. However, they had a satisfied smile plastered on their faces.

After the customers left, Bu Fang went to the kitchen as he planned to instruct Xiao Xiaolong for a while.

In the past few days, Xiao Xiaolong's complexion was becoming more wan and pale. However, he still prepared the dishes methodically and properly just like how he did before. Bu Fang was very satisfied with his performance.

"Tomorrow, I will leave the Imperial Capital once again. I may be absent for several days and while I'm gone, you'll be in charge of the store." Bu Fang looked at Xiao Xiaolong and stated.

Owner Bu was going to leave again?

Xiao Xiaolong looked at Bu Fang in astonishment. However, his complexion didn't change much as he was already accustomed to Bu Fang's temper.

"Em, okay." Xiao Xiaolong gave a simple and concise reply.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes and gazed calmly at Xiao Xiaolong. His eyebrows slightly creased and he asked, "How is General Xiao Meng? Are his injuries healing?"

When he mentioned Xiao Meng's injuries, Xiao Xiaolong's pupils immediately contracted. An aggrieved expression appeared on Xiao Xiaolong's face.

"The imperial physician said that the poison has already seeped into his internal organs. He won't be able to live for long."

Xiao Xiaolong raised his head all of a sudden and stared at Bu Fang with an expectant gaze.

"Owner Bu... Do you know how to save him? Please, I beg you, save general Xiao Meng."

Bu Fang sighed. He wanted to help Xiao Meng. However, he was simply incapable of doing anything right now. The poison in Xiao Meng's body was obviously different from the poison which he had cured in the past. Even if he concocted an elixir from the Demonic Fish's meat, it would be insufficient to save Xiao Meng's life.

His relation with the Xiao Family was quite good. Xiao Xiaolong was the first customer he served since opening the sore. If he had the abilities to save Xiao Meng, Bu Fang would definitely do so. However, he honestly didn't have the capabilities right now.

"System, do you know what elixir can cure General Xiao's poison?" Bu Fang asked the System.

The system might have some method to save Xiao Meng. However, Bu Fang wasn't expecting much.

"If the host can obtain the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame and use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to cook the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, there is a chance of curing him."