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 Chapter 331: Owner Bu Reached the Seventh Grade

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The High Priestess lifted the Departed Soul Orb which was floating above her palm and observed the indistinct radiance it emitted. Her eyes started to flicker under her mask and were filled with grief.

Her voice was slightly solemn and deep as it resounded through the entire sky. Anyone who heard it would undoubtedly quiver.

After the Blood Guard who was shaken away by the Departed Soul Orb heard the High Priestess' guarantee, his pupils constricted. He sucked in a breath of cold air and wasn't able to believe what happened.

What? What did the High Priestess say?

The Venerable died?

How was this possible? The Venerable had extremely powerful cultivation. How was it possible for him to die?

"Protect the sacred tower well. We'll leave the Border City shortly and make the Shura Sect regain its former glory. When the Shura Sect recovers, we'll definitely avenge the Venerable." The High Priestess' faint voice sounded out in the Blood Guard's ears. Her jade-like foot stepped onto the air as she held the orb in her palm. She left ripples in the air as she walked back to the Black Tower.

The Blood Guard's gaze was fixed on the Black Tower and he took a deep breath.


Absolute and abrupt silence was the scariest thing in the world.

Currently, Bai Zhan had such a feeling and he felt quite embarrassed.

Bu Fang faintly smiled as he looked at Bai Zhan who was at a loss for words. Ouyang Xiaoyi tilted her head to the side and stared at Bai Zhan as well. As for Zhan Kong, he turned his head and looked toward another direction as he evaded their gaze. The store became extremely quiet and there was only the faint sound of breathing in the air.

Bai Zhan's face gradually became red from frustration. "Can you defeat Blacky?"

Those four words filled his mind. Can I defeat Blacky?

Like hell I can...

This was a supreme beast which killed a middle-stage Supreme-Being. Although Bai Zhan was a Supreme-Being himself, he would at most be able to end up in a stalemate against the Shura Sect's Venerable. It would be impossible for Bai Zhan to kill the Venerable.

Since this supreme beast was capable of killing the Venerable, it was obviously capable of killing him as well.

So, could he defeat Blacky?

It should be... It should be impossible for him.

"Cough cough... Lassie, that Lord Dog is a spiritual beast. He can't teach and guide you. I'm the White Cloud Villa..."

"Since you can't defeat Blacky, why should I accept you as my master?"

Ouyang Xiaoyi rolled her eyes at him once again as she relentlessly grumbled.

Bai Zhan felt as though he was about to burst out into tears soon. He thought that he would become like Jin Kun before long. Many people were desperate to take him as a master, but this little loli was the complete opposite. He actually needed to wait upon and entreat this loli into becoming his disciple.

Why was there such a huge difference in treatment?

"I'm cultivating quite well in Owner Bu's store. I don't need your guidance."

In the end, Ouyang Xiaoyi informed Bai Zhan of her decision.

Bai Zhan glanced at Bu Fang before turning to look at Ouyang Xiaoyi again. His expression became complex and his thick eyebrows creased together to form a line.

"Enough. Since Xiaoyi doesn't want to be your disciple, you should take your leave."

Bu Fang stood up from his chair which he was lying on and slowly walked toward Bai Zhan. He calmly chased him out of the store.

Bai Zhan was about to add something but Bu Fang had no intentions of listening to his words. Patting Ouyang Xiaoyi's head, Bu Fang turned around and walked toward the kitchen.

Bai Zhan was unresigned to the fact that he was rejected by Ouyang Xiaoyi. He didn't want to leave the store. After hesitating and pondering for quite some time, Bai Zhan didn't find a way to convince Ouyang Xiaoyi to follow him. He knew that there was no way to forcefully get what he wanted as he knew that he would be defeated by the supreme beast.

In the end, he could only leave crystals behind before leading Zhan Kong away.

Although he didn't want to accept the fact that he was rejected, he didn't have a choice.

The moment Bai Zhan left the store, the system's solemn and earnest voice resounded in Bu Fang's mind.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the short-term task. The system will level up and the reward will be issued..."

Bu Fang's body immediately stopped moving and the corners of his mouth tilted upwards. It turned out that those two meals allowed Bu Fang to obtain enough turnover for the system to level up. The promotion of the system always excited him. That was because every time the system was upgraded, Bu Fang's cultivation would improve as well.

He immersed his mind on his body and he started to observe the System Panel.

Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Level: Seventh Grade (Has already reached the level of simulating objects with True Energy. As the man who would become the God of Cooking in this fantasy world, the road ahead of the host would become harder and more arduous. Work hard, young man.)

Cooking Talent: Three Star

Skills: Level Two Meteor Knife Technique (100/100), Level One Big Dipper Carving Technique (80/100)

Tools: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking set), Black Turtle Constellation Wok (God of Cooking set)

God of Cooking overall rating: Intermediate Chef (Your culinary arts took a step further as you finally became a qualified chef. Your cutting and carving techniques reached a higher level. The path towards becoming the God of Cooking had already been opened for you.)

System Level: Seven Stars (Conversion ratio is at a hundred percent.)

System Reward: Mortal Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall recipe, God of Cooking set's fragment (1/3)

As expected, the System Panel experienced great changes. His cultivation level finally reached the seventh grade Battle-Saint level after being stuck at a bottleneck for so long. Bu Fang finally achieved a breakthrough.

His cooking talent reached three stars and his mind became clearer and brighter. He instantly solved and understood many questions he had about cooking.

The questions and issues he had with cooking were easily solved.

"An Intermediate Chef..." Bu Fang squinted his eyes as he was interested in this title.

However, the thing that excited Bu Fang the most was the promotion of the system's Level. His current system was at seven stars. Its conversion ratio was at a hundred percent.

A hundred percent... Bu Fang's eyes immediately brightened when he saw the conversion rate. This meant that all of the earning from his business would be converted into True Energy cultivation.

This was definitely a piece of news which would excite anyone.

"Owner Bu..."

Xiao Xiaolong gazed at Bu Fang who blanked out in front of the kitchen's door. His eyes were vacant and no one knew what Bu Fang was thinking about. Bu Fang's expressionless face had a strange smile on it.

His smile made Xiao Xiaolong's entire body shudder. He thought that Bu Fang was terrifying at this moment.

The moment Bu Fang came back to his senses, his gaze fell upon Xiao Xiaolong's body. He said in a calm voice.

"The store is closed now. Quickly go home and rest."

When Xiao Xiaolong heard what Bu Fang said, he was shocked. Today, Owner Bu unexpectedly didn't want him to practice his cutting and carving skills.

Anyway, since Bu Fang wanted him to go home and rest, he didn't say any more. He was worried about his father's injuries and felt as though it was good that he could leave early to take care of his father.

Without thinking too much about it, he bade farewell to Bu Fang and left the store along with Ouyang Xiaoyi.

After they left, Bu Fang waited for the opening hours to end. He closed the door the moment the opening hours ended. He wanted to quickly experience and test out the system after the promotion.

After reaching the seventh grade Battle-Saint level, Bu Fang felt as though his body possessed an indistinct aura. It was something he sensed on Battle-Saints like Xiao Meng and the others.

Although Bu Fang didn't practice any martial skills, he felt like his body was becoming stronger. When the system promoted his cultivation, both his true energy and body cultivation broke through to the seventh grade Battle-Saint level.

This was of great help to him. With his fleshy body improving, he could use the Meteor Knife technique more skillfully and easily. Moreover, Bu Fang had a premonition that his cutting technique would experience great changes in the near future.

Along with the promotion of his cultivation level and cooking talent, Bu Fang felt as though his level-two Meteor Knife Technique was unable to keep up with his current needs.

"The system's reward still contained a fragment of the God of Cooking set. It's just like I suspected. There should be other pieces from the God of Cooking set other than the Golden Dragon Bone Knife and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok."

After thinking about all these, he placed all of his attention on the new dish.

Bu Fang was quite familiar with this dish, as it was quite well-known. The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was a famous dish in his previous world.

"System, why is the dish, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, classified as Mortal Grade?" Bu Fang asked the system.

"The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is divided into two grades: Mortal and Heavenly. The dish had a strict requirement on the ingredients. The difference between the Mortal Grade and the Heavenly Grade is the difference in the ingredients used. The requirements to cook the Mortal Grade dish and the Heavenly Grade dish are very different as well," the system said.

Bu Fang pondered about this for a while before figuring it out. It was obvious that this Mortal Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall was of a lower grade. As such, the ingredients needed to prepare the dish was of a lower grade as well.

It was obvious that his current skill didn't meet the requirement to prepare the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. It was truly interesting. As it turned out, there were two different grades of the same dish, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Bu Fang was quite interested in this.

After thinking about it, he went to the kitchen. As his current cooking talent was promoted, Bu Fang prepared some dishes to see what exactly improved. The flavor and smell of the dishes rose up to another level and the results were completely out of Bu Fang's expectations.

Moreover, he was able to easily and naturally use the Meteor Knife Technique. It came to him naturally, as though he was eating a meal or drinking water.

The promotion of his cooking talent was what pleased him the most.

After practicing for a while, Bu Fang returned to his room. Taking a bath with warm water, he left the bathroom with his hair still wet. All of a sudden, the system's voice resounded in his mind.

"The Temporary Mission: 'obtain the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame' will start after three days. The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame's location will be announced on the Delicacy Map. Please get ready to harvest the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in your peak state.

"Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame made an appearance on the Hundred Thousand Mountains."