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 Chapter 330: Can you Defeat Blacky?

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Elder Sun knelt on the ground as he grasped at his throat. He felt as though he was about to sprout fire from it. His mind slowly became confused and the world gradually appeared to be more gloomy in his eyes.

Where am I? Where do I want to go? What am I going to do?

Why are my lips so swollen?

Elder Sun felt like his lips swelled to the size of two sausages. The fire burning within him made tears stream out of his eyes.

What the hell was this intense flavor?

As for Jin Kun, at this moment, he was still weeping. Tears were bursting out of his eye sockets and he felt as though they were never going to stop. He wanted to endure the pain and stop crying, but he was unable to do anything about it.

He covered his mouth as he unceasingly gasped for breath. His furrowed brows formed a line and when coupled with the shiny bald head of his, he adopted a funny appearance.

Facing such a scene, Bai Zhan didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. As for Zhan Kong, he was completely dumbfounded.

After a long while, Jin Kun exhaled a breath of air as he raised his head. His nose was bright red and his tears were still twinkling at the corner of his eye.

"Do you think the flavor is intense?"

When Bu Fang saw Jun Kun's funny appearance, he couldn't help but ask.

The moment he heard Bu Fang's question, Jin Kun's body instantly stiffened. He shot a look at the tofu where red lightning was unceasingly flickering in and his heart shuddered.

Was its flavor intense or not?

How much more intense do you want it to be? Will it be intense enough only when I died after eating it?

Jin Kun was cursing in his mind and he gave Bu Fang an apprehensive look.

"Stand up... Let's go back."

Jin Kun said this to Elder Sun who was kneeling on the ground.

Elder Sun squinted his eyes as beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. His swollen lips made him look as though two sausages were hanging on his face. His eyes were vacant. Elder Sun looked extremely confused and dazed.

Jin Kun looked at him and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Bu Fang speechlessly looked at Elder Sun as he shook his head.

"If you wanted to eat it, why didn't you inform me before putting it in your mouth?" Bu Fang sighted and shook his head at Elder Sun.

The spoonful of Abysmal Chili Sauce Bu Fang added to the Mapo Tofu was prepared for a Supreme-Being. Why on earth was an eighth grade War-God like Elder Sun eating it? If you wanted to eat it, you should have said so earlier...

Jin Kun took crystals out of his pockets and placed them on the table. He stared at Bu Fang in fright. As it turned out, chefs were terrifying existences as well. A simple plate made a Supreme-Being like him burst out into tears. Not to mention the fact that it almost killed an eighth grade War-God.

Why did you make the flavor so intense?

Bai Zhan was quite curious about the Lightning Thunder Mapo Tofu's flavor. However, he thought about what happened after Jin Kun ate it. He managed to suppress his curiosity in the end. He didn't want to end up like Jin Kun.

Turning his head around, he focused on the rest of the dishes before him. He could smell the rich aroma of the food on the table and he knew that they would taste extremely good. As such, he quickly turned his attention away from the Lightning Mapo Tofu and started eating the rest of the dishes with relish.

Jin Kun left the store with an anxious heart. As he hurried out of the store, he carried the barely alive Elder Sun with him.

Bu Fang retained his composure as he stood beside the door. He watched as Jin Kun left the store with Elder Sun in tow.

Bai Zhan used a long time to finish his meal. With his appetite as a Supreme-Being expert, it wasn't difficult for him to finish all of the food on the table.

After eating and drinking to his heart's content, Bai Zhan, who had not enjoyed food for a long time, leaned back in his chair. He stroked his stomach in content and narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. He squinted his eyes and his thick eyebrows wiggled around for a long time.

"It's delicious! It has been a long time since I ate such good stuff. I'm quite satisfied with them."

"Great Commander, I already said that Owner Bu's culinary art is perfect. Wasn't I right?" Zhan Kong said with a smile.

Bai Zhan nodded at him and sat up properly. He rested for some time before directing his gaze toward Bu Fang.

He already finished his meal. However, he didn't forget about his original objective. He was here to do proper business.

"Owner Bu, this girl's talent is quite high. Working as a waitress in this store will definitely waste her talent." Bai Zhan looked at Bu Fang who was laying on his chair. With a clear voice, he spoke about the matter.

While Bu Fang was lazily basking under the sun, he suddenly heard Bai Zhan's voice so he turned his head and looked at him in confusion.

"What did you say?

"I said that leaving that girl, Ouyang Xiaoyi, working as a waitress in this store would waste her talent. Since she has such excellent talent, you should find a proper place for her to cultivate. In the future, she'll definitely become another Supreme-Being. She'll be able to overlook the Southern Region," Bai Zhan stood up and earnestly said.

He had noticed that Ouyang Xiaoyi's talent was really amazing. As such, he wanted to nurture her and take her in as his disciple.

However, Ouyang Xiaoyi was a waitress in this store. If this was an ordinary store, he would have taken her and directly left the store. How could it be possible for him to be so courteous and inquire about her future?

It was only Bu Fang's mysterious store which would make a Supreme-Being like him apprehensive.

"Eh... Do you want to take Xiaoyi as your disciple? You should just ask her yourself."

Bu Fang took at look at Bai Zhan in astonishment as the corners of his mouth twitched. He lifted his hand and pointed toward Ouyang Xiaoyi when he replied to Bai Zhan.

The moment Bai Zhan heard what Bu Fang said, his eyes brightened. He had originally thought that Bu Fang would stop him from taking Ouyang Xiaoyi away.

It's too awesome! As it turned out, Owner Bu was such an open-minded person.

It seemed as though he would be able to train up another Supreme-Being soon.

He clenched his fists as he turned his head toward Ouyang Xiaoyi. The charming Ouyang Xiaoyi was sitting beside the Path-Understanding Tree and she heard everything Bai Zhan said.

However, everything went south the moment Bai Zhan approached her. Unexpectedly, when Bai Zhan expressed his desire of taking her in as his disciple, her response stunned him for quite some time.

Squinting her adorable eyes, Ouyang Xiaoyi raised her head and looked at the thick-browed Bai Zhan.

She earnestly asked him, "Can you defeat Blacky?"

Who in the world is Blacky?

Bai Zhan was immediately taken aback. What kind of expert was this Blacky?

"Lassie, you may not know who I am. I'm...."

"I don't care who you are! Can you defeat Blacky?" Ouyang Xiaoyi directly interrupted him with another question.

Bai Zhan's body immediately stiffened and his complexion turned ugly.

This girl dared to look down on him! What kind of person was he? He was the Great Commander of the White Clouds Villa. He was a solemn and grand Supreme-Being expert. Even if one searched through the whole Southern Region, Bai Zhan would still be considered a peerless expert.

"Who is Blacky? This Commander will go and defeat him right now. Lassie, you shouldn't waste your talent. It will be best for you if you accept me as your master."

Bai Zhan's expression became dignified as he straightened his back. He heroically declared to Ouyang Xiaoyi.

When Zhan Kong heard what Bai Zhan said, his muscles started to twitch.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth slightly tilted upwards and he was shocked by Bai Zhan's heroic spirit.

As for Ouyang Xiaoyi, her expression immediately became strange. She blinked her big eyes and tilted her head sideways. She gave Bai Zhan a strange look.

"Tell me, who is Blacky?"

Bai Zhan squinted his eyes and appeared to be extremely arrogant when he said this.

Ouyang Xiaoyi extended her white and delicate finger and pointed toward the front of the store.

Bai Zhan furrowed his thick eyebrows and his gaze followed the direction of her finger.

There was a dog there. A plump black dog was sleeping at the entrance of the shop.

Huf... As it turned out, Blacky wasn't a person. It was simply a dog!

Bai Zhan gawked for a long while as his heroic spirit instantly died down. Rage slowly replaced his excitement and he stared at the dog in front of the store.

"It's quite odd... Is this girl looking down on me? She dares to think that this Commander can't even defeat a dog?"

Ouyang Xiaoyi widened her eyes and rolled them at Bai Zhan.

Zhan Kong slightly coughed and he quickly whispered into Bai Zhan's ear. "That... Great Commander, that Blacky is this store's Supreme Beast."

When he heard Zhan Kong's words, Bai Zhan's body stiffened. He blanked out for quite some time as he looked at the black dog in front of the store.

A Supreme Beast... That dog?

The one who killed the Shura Sect's Venerable was... A supreme dog?


At the vast Border City, beside the towering Black Tower, a whistling sound resounded from beyond the heavens. It was followed by bursts of sonic booms as something rushed toward the tower.

The Blood Guard who was sitting beside the Black Tower immediately opened his eyes. It seemed like there was a strange radiance flickering in his pupils.

He gazed at the shooting meteor-like stream of light rushing toward the city and he charged toward it.

Along with a hissing sound, he shot out from his position. His blood red true energy surged and he was ready to act at any moment.

He raised his hand and tried grasping at that stream of light. The moment his hand came into contact with the airwaves, the airwaves shot outward toward him.

A tremendous strength forced his body to continuously retreat as his complexion changed greatly.


An even more tremendous pressure burst out from the Black Tower. A lithe figure swayed as she rushed out from the tower.

She possessed small and cute feet and her toes appeared to be translucent. She seemed to be completely made out of white jade. As she flew out of the tower, she left ripples in her path.

The High Priestess was only wearing undergarments and a mask. With a graceful wave of her hand, she immediately appeared beside the Blood Guard. She waved her hand another time and the Blood Guard stopped in place.

Her sparkling finger curved slightly before she tapped on the stream of light. The stream of light let out a burst of blinding light as a spiritual fluctuation on it scattered.

When the light disappeared, the object within the stream of light appeared before the High Priestess.

It was a gray bead and there were strange and odd pictures drawn on it.

When she looked at the pearl, the High Priestess' chest, which was covered by her undergarment, heaved up and down. She grasped the bead tightly and started to murmur to herself in an aggrieved tone.

"The Departed Soul Orb came back... However, the Venerable will never return.

"Venerable... You can rest assured that the Shura Sect will definitely avenge you. The Sect Master will certainly kill the one who took your life."