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 Chapter 329: The Supreme-Being who Wept because of a Spicy Dish

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The Abyssal Chili Sauce was made from meticulously chosen pieces of Scarlet Facing Heaven Pepper of the Abyss, and it was nurtured daily by the essence produced by the abyssal devils, so its spiciness was extremely terrifying.

The Abyssal land was gloomy, moist and cold, and that was why the abyssal devils were quite fond of the Abyssal Chili Sauce. When they swallowed a mouthful of it, they would feel as though flames had combusted within them, which warmed their bodies. Therefore, it was one of the most essential delicacies for the abyssal devils.

However, naturally, the abyssal devils also suffered from the Abyssal Chili Sauce's scary spiciness.

Xiao Xiaolong watched in astonishment as Bu Fang, whose lips had curled up, leisurely filled a big spoon with the Abyssal Chili Sauce and poured it above the Lightning Mapo Tofu.

Is this really... okay?

He could recall the time when Bu Fang used one drop of it, and although a long time had passed since then, he recalled that a single drop was enough to torment that person.

However, this time, it was a big spoon filled to the brim...

Owner Bu, do you want to murder him?

Xiao Xiaolong felt aggrieved for the person who had ordered the dish. Why did he have to be so pretentious? He had proclaimed his demand for an intense dish and now, this dish would be really intense.

If this dish wasn't intense, then Xiao Xiaolong wouldn't protest being beaten up.

Bu Fang took a porcelain bowl and filled it with Lightning Mapo Tofu. The dish's rudy texture was gorgeous, and the little arcs of lightning flickering between it seemed like gorgeous spirits, wielding an unparalleled beauty.

"It is quite good."

Bu Fang was quite satisfied with this dish. He moved his nose closer to the Lightning Mapo Tofu and inhaled slightly. His brows quickly furrowed as he felt his nose become slightly sour.

Bu Fang grabbed the bowl filled with this special Mapo Tofu and went out of the kitchen.

When he saw Bu Fang leaving, Xiao Xiaolong pondered for a bit and decided to follow him. He felt an extreme interest in the scene that was about to unfold, and it would be a pity if he missed it.

Jin Kun narrowed his eyes when he saw a thin figure leisurely walk out of the kitchen. It looked like the slender figure held a porcelain bowl in his hands, which emitted strong gushes of steam.

He came!

Jin Kun immediately sat up straight and focused.

Aren't you too proud of your dishes? I will make you question and doubt your whole life by criticizing this dish.

The porcelain bowl, which exuded thick steam, was placed in front of Jin Kun.

This dish fragrance was rich, and its aroma quickly wafted around the store, along with its steam. Even Bai Zhan was attracted to this dish. He stopped eating and looked at Jin Kun.

His eyes immediately brightened.

Zhan Kong unconsciously stood up as he gazed at the dish that Bu Fang prepared for Jin Kun.

Cultivators from the Wildlands were all fond of spicy food. Their personalities were wild and unrestrained, and so was their taste.

From the dishes that Bu Fang had prepared for him, it was obvious that he didn't specialize in making dishes with intense flavors, so Zhan Kong was quite curious to see if this dish could satisfy Jin Kun.

As he stared at the dish in front of him, Jin Kun's eyes widened.

Its ruddy luster pleased the eyes, and as he looked at the arc of lighting flickering between the Mapo Tofu, Jin Kun felt all his pores slightly open up.

As he took a deep breath and perceived the aroma surging out of the dish, his eyes widened even more.

It's really a spicy dish, and from its aroma, it is obvious that its spiciness is not intense.

"This is the Lightning Mapo Tofu. It's a Mapo Tofu that has been prepared in a unique way, and it's extremely spicy and intense." Bu Fang introduced the dish to him.

After he was done with the introduction, Bu Fang stared at Jin Kun in a composed manner, hinting at him to have a taste.

Elder Sun, who was sitting beside Jin Kun, swallowed his saliva with a slurping sound.

"Hey, hey... you are not the one who decides if this dish is intense or not, it's me."

Jin Kun sneered as he picked up the porcelain spoon which lay beside the bowl. He took another whiff of the tofu's aroma, before scooping up a spoonful of it.

When he scooped up the tofu, the spoon left a trail of red juice behind, wherein lightning was slightly flickering.

While watching the scene, the look of excitement on Bu Fang's face became more apparent. He drew a stool close to Jin Kun, sat on it and stared fixedly at him.

Jin Kun slowly raised the spoon filled with tofu, which was so scarlet that it resembled scorching flames, into his mouth. The lightning, which would seemingly only numb his mouth, made his entire body tremble instead.

When he swallowed it, Jin Kun first felt its softness. The pieces of tofu were so soft and tender that they easily melted from the slightest bite. Soon, his mouth was filled with the tofu's rich fragrance. Subsequently, he felt the numbness brought about by the lightning, which made him feel like his body had been immersed in a pool of lightning. The numbness was swiftly followed by a scalding sensation.

As a Supreme-Being, getting scalded by a dish was an inconceivable matter for him. However, the scalding sensation wasn't real. It was just an illusion that had been created after Bu Fang infused his true energy into the dish. After all, with his Supreme-Being cultivation, even if he was being burned by flames, Jin Kun wouldn't felt the heat at all.

Therefore, when Jin Kun felt that scalding pain, he also felt a rich and boundless True Energy intertwining in his mouth.

After that, the succeeding sensation slowly overwhelmed his sense of taste.

Elder Sun, who had been observing Jin Kun attentively, was astonished to see him enjoying this; after all, he clearly understood how heavy the taste buds of the Ferocious Divine Hall's Palace Master was.

Bai Zhan had also been paying attention to Jin Kun, and when he noticed the latter seemingly enjoying his meal, he couldn't help but desire a mouthful of Jin Kun's dish.

All of a sudden, while he was leisurely chewing, Jin Kun's complexion stiffened, and he quickly opened his eyes and glared at Bu Fang. An overwhelming spiciness engulfed his taste bud, leaving him feeling as though he were eating boiling lava. Immediately, his body became completely red.

However, due to Jin Kun's natural skin tone, ordinary people wouldn't see it as a big deal if his skin became red.

Several seconds later, beads of sweat began to drip down his head.

Jin Kun swallowed another mouthful of tofu and felt like a fire had started in his throat, as the food slid down into his belly.


Jin Kun could no longer resist the impulse to let out light groans, as his nostrils contracted and emitted thick streams of smoke.

"Sir, how does it taste? Is the dish's spiciness intense or not?"

Elder Sun, who had noticed Jin Kun's strangeness, felt apprehensive and asked hesitantly.

At that moment, Jin Kun's brain felt stiff, and he strenuously turned and glared at Elder Sun. He pouted his lips, and his bald head seemed to more resplendent.

"If you want to find out, then you should take several mouthfuls of it. You can't properly savor the taste with just one mouthful, so the more you eat, the more intense the flavor will be, believe me... if you still don't find it spicy by then, you can beat me up as you like," Bu Fang replied earnestly.


As he glared at Bu Fang, Jin Kun's widened nostrils spouted more smoke.

"Thi-This flavor isn't intense... then... I will eat."

Jin Kun pounded the table, as sweat dripped from him like rain, and he scooped another spoonful of the Lightning Mapo Tofu. The lightning flickering within this spoonful caused his heart to tremble.

After he stuffed it into his mouth, the spiciness seemed to reach a new degree, akin to herculean waves of lava crashing against each other.


Jin Kun blinked nonstop as his face became very unsightly. "It is both scalding and spicy; how is it possible for such a flavor to exist in this world?"

Even the Bursting Pepper of the Wildlands couldn't rival this dish. In fact, it was completely lacking in comparison to this dish.

"How is it? Sir, is it still not intense?"

Elder Sun excitedly asked Jin Kun. If its flavor wasn't intense enough, then they could viciously shame the insufferably arrogant Bu Fang.

However, Jin Kun didn't reply to him.

Bai Zhan licked his lip and grinned...

It was already obvious that the taste was quite intense. Jin Kun's complexion had long since turned ashen.

"What's wrong? If it isn't intense, then you should try another mouthful of it."

Bu Fang continued urging.

Jin Kun completely ignored Bu Fang and continued shaking his head... What the hell is this dish?

Elder Sun glanced at Bu Fang, and then at the Abyssal Chili Sauce in the porcelain bowl. He took in a deep breath, scooped one spoon full of the tofu and ate it.

Bu Fang looked at him in astonishment, and a trace of sympathy appeared within his gaze. The quantity of sauce that he had put in it was specifically for a Supreme Being.

As soon as Elder Sun swallowed the Mapo Tofu, the initial look of enjoyment that had appeared on Jin Kun's face was nowhere to been seen on his. He stiffened completely, and the porcelain spoon fell on the table with a resounding thump.

He felt like he had just stripped off his clothes and jumped into a pool of magma. He could feel the spiciness permeate his entire body. It was overwhelming to the point that it had begun distorting his view of the world. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if one of the spectators were to proclaim that Elder Sun's seven orifices were emitting thick smoke, as his expression remained unsightly.

From red, his face became scarlet, and then gradually began turning purple.

"Cough, cough..."

After he swallowed the Mapo Tofu, he quickly lay on the table and coughed severely, with his hand grasping his throat as though it was about to spout fire out of it.


His hoarse echoed out amidst the unceasing coughs.

At that moment, the Elder Sun really wanted to slap himself. Why had he poked his nose into this? He already considered whether he'd end up getting killed by the intense spiciness.

If that really happened, not only would he become the eighth grade War-God who died the most miserable death, he would also become renowned as the first eighth grade War-God who got killed by spicy food.

As Jin Kun's bald head glowed even brighter, he twitched his nose and took a deep breath. His eyes then turned slightly moist, and tears dripped down to his cheeks. The heat emitted by his cheeks made the tears seem like they'd evaporate any second.

Bai Zhan and Zhan Kong regarded the scene with dumbfounded expressions.

A solemn Supreme-Being from the Ferocious Divine Hall, who wouldn't shed a single drop of tear even if he was being chopped by blades, had unexpectedly burst into tears.

What kind of dish did that porcelain bowl contain?

A dish which made a Supreme-Being weep, this was perhaps something only Bu Fang could achieve.

Jin Kun's face was filled with grief. Hadn't his loose mouth gotten him into this situation? Is the dish spicy enough or not? Is its spiciness intense enough or not?

The sensation was so overwhelming that he began to doubt this world, and he even wondered if he was living within an illusion or not.

Jin Kun opened his mouth and waved his hand as he wanted to say something, but his throat was being scorched from within, as if it contained flames, so he wasn't able to utter a single word.

His tears dripped down without stop.

He craved for water. He wanted to drink a large quantity of water, as his tears were doing little to moisten his swollen lips.

Upon witnessing such a scene, the corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched, and he didn't know if he should laugh or cry. If the customer had something to say, then he should say it directly... there was no need to burst into tears.