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 Chapter 328: A Spoon of the Abyssal Chilli Sauce

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Bu Fang gripped the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and twirled it in his hands. He picked up some ingredients and placed them on the stove, then began to process them.

Xiao Xiaolong began methodically cooking on his stove. As he had trained for a long time and garnered experience, he was already quite familiar with cooking several dishes, and when he cooked them, their flavors rivaled the ones Bu Fang made when he just started cooking.

Bu Fang's pace never faltered, and his skills were quite terrifying. His cutting prowess, carving prowess, and knowledge of dishes had all experienced a great leap in comparison to the skills that he had when he just started his business. He was steadily progressing toward his goal to become the God of Cooking who stood atop the food chain of this Fantasy World.

He lit the stove and began warming the pan, and in only a short while, thick steam and rich aromas clouded the entire kitchen.

Bu Fang, who was cooking the dishes ordered by Bai Zhan, only prepared the dishes which were difficult to make. As for dishes like Egg-Fried Rice and Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, Bu Fang left them for Xiao Xiaolong.

After all, it would be much faster if they both cooked than if only he made the dishes.

Each time Bu Fang prepared a dish, he would put it on the window, and Ouyang Xiaoyi would take it and serve it to Bai Zhan.

The rich aroma seemed to possess a physical form as it revolved around the dishes before dissipating, leaving one's eyes watery.

Xiao Xiaolong also put his finished dishes on the window, and they were all served by Xiaoyi.

As the number of completed dishes increased, the aroma enveloping the store became so rich, it seemed like it would burst out of the store and permeate the area within ten miles of the store.

Bai Zhan looked at all dishes being served with astonishment. They all looked good and smelled even better, and although he was a Supreme-Being, he couldn't help but lick his lips unconsciously as he picked up his chopsticks.

He picked up a piece of Red Braised Meat which emitted streams of steam, and its luster was rosy, as though it was glowing brightly. As the chopsticks gripped it, a tiny amount of oil burst out from within it.

Its enticing fragrance prompted Bai Zhan to stuff the piece of Red Braised Meat into his mouth. Contrary to his expectations, it wasn't greasy and melted in his mouth upon contact with his tongue. It was tender and soft, and with a slurping sound, he swallowed it into his stomach.

Even after he had swallowed, the rich taste still coated his taste buds.

The experience, and its succeeding sensation, which was comfortable and beautiful, was unprecedented for him.

As he exhaled lightly, Bai Zhan was quite pleased. He never imagined that a meal could be this delicious, and prior to this experience, he only considered food something to fill his stomach with.

When he reached the Supreme-Being realm, Bai Zhan completely abstained from eating, and if he wanted to fill his stomach, he would simply drink an elixir. In the years after his advancement, Bai Zhan only focused on his cultivation and didn't have a proper understanding of food.

As soon as he began eating the delicacies prepared by Bu Fang, his entire being became completely immersed in it.

Zhan Kong, who sat beside him, couldn't help but smile bitterly as he watched Bai Zhan gorge the dishes as if he was the reincarnation of a starved ghost.

Great Commander... you should pay attention not to damage our White Cloud Villa's image.

Jin Kun stroked his beard in astonishment as he watched Bai Zhan wolfing down food. Was the dish that delicious? Although the fragrance in the air could easily tempt anyone, in his eyes, Jin Kun still considered it bland.

In only a short while, all the dishes ordered by Bai Zhan had been served, and even the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew was amongst them.

After Bai Zhan swallowed a mouthful of the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew, his eyes became rounder, and his face became rosy as he burped comfortably.

"Good... it's a good wine."

As the Great Commander of the White Cloud Villa, Bai Zhan had tasted all sorts of delicacies, yet he still considered wine the most essential, because as a cultivator of swords, there were several sword intents that he would be unable to comprehend if he didn't have wine.

However, he had never tasted any wine that was as excellent as this one. It was as though ice and fire battled and caused a commotion in his stomach, which made him feel all the pores on his body open up.

The delicacies at Bu Fang's Little store were truly extraordinary.

The last dish that was served was the Premium Wok of Fortunes.

Bu Fang carried a small pot with him from the kitchen and placed it on their table.

Not only did the appearance of the Premium Wok of Fortunes shock both Bai Zhan and Jin Kun, it also piqued their curiosity.

When they saw the pot, they suddenly realized that the pleasant experience they gained from today's dishes was more than the experience they had gained from all the dishes they had ever eaten combined, till Bu Fang's.

It was rare to witness someone directly wolf down a dish that was still in its pot.

As he watched Bai Zhan cheerfully eat his dishes, Jin Kun began to itch for his own dishes.

"When will you serve my dish? I'm already quite impatient," Jin Kun looked at Bu Fang and said.

Bu Fang glanced at him and calmly replied: "Impatient men won't get to eat a good, hot tofu."

Once he'd said that, Bu Fang turned around and returned to the kitchen. He planned to begin cooking the intensely spicy dish that Jin Kun ordered. But what kind of dish would produce such an intense flavor?

Bu Fang pondered for a while before he made a decision.


He took out a big piece of fresh tofu and twirled the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hands, using his extremely gorgeous cutting technique to dice it into multiple smaller pieces.

These smaller pieces of tofu seemed elastic and jiggled slightly as they were tossed into a bowl.

"A dish with an intense flavor... It's a good opportunity to try out that dish."

Bu Fang muttered before he ignited the stove and started warming the pan. He took a piece of the Wandering Dragon Cow's meat and chopped it into minced meat. He also cut the Lightning Demonic Garlic, which the system had provided, into small pieces. This Lightning Demonic Garlic was a type of spiritual medicine, albeit of a low grade.

When he was done, a spicy aroma shrouded the entire kitchen. Bu Fang narrowed his eyes when he noticed small sparks of lightning flickering on the chopped pieces of Lightning Demonic Garlic.

After he washed the small pieces of tofu with the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water, they jiggled even more-as if they were lively little spirits.


He poured the Lightning Demonic Garlic's pieces and the Wandering Dragon Cow's minced meat into a pan and began to stir-fry them.

A strong and rich fragrance of meat and garlic began wafting out.

Xiao Xiaolong widened his eyes as he observed Bu Fang cooking.

"It seems like he's cooking Mapo Tofu," thought Xiao Xiaolong. He had once tasted Bu Fang's Mapo Tofu, and its flavor was truly intense.

However, if Bu Fang only intended to prepare Mapo Tofu, then it wouldn't be intense enough.

Bu Fang cut a piece of scarlet chili into pieces and tipped it into the pan. He continued stir-frying and soon, its aroma combined with the rich fragrance already permeating the kitchen. Bu Fang proceeded to tip the jiggling pieces of Mapo Tofu, which had been washed with Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water, into the pan as well.

While stir-frying tofu, other chefs would need to exhibit extreme prudence and caution, but this was unnecessary for Bu Fang.

He shook the pan as if he bore great hatred and enmity against the tofu, and as he watched the scene, the corners of Xiao Xiaolong's mouth couldn't help twitching.

Bu Fang's control over his true energy had reached a level beyond Xiao Xiaolong's imagination. As he stir-fried, his true energy covered the pan, and he was able to notice all changes in the tofu; thus, he was able to prevent the tofu from breaking apart, while the flavor from the other ingredients seeped into it.

He poured some rich juice into the pan, which immediately caused the dish's spicy fragrance to thicken.

When Xiao Xiaolong perceived the reinforced fragrance, he frowned. Although it was spicy, the spiciness wasn't intense; after all, the Mapo Tofu was an ingredient which was both spicy and sweet.

Spiciness was not its strong suit.

After Jin Kun who sat on the store smelt this fragrance, he revealed a slight strange smile.

"This aroma is definitely not intense, Owner Bu. Is this all you've got? if you can't satisfy me, this means that this store has an undeserved reputation."

Jin Kun laughed as he sat comfortably on his chair.

Crunch! Crunch!

However, Jin Kun had just started laughing when the sound of Bai Zhan gorging food reached his ears. His face stiffened, and he snorted before turning to face somewhere else.

When Bu Fang lifted the lid off the pan, thick steam immediately rushed out from within it and revolved in the air, as if it were a white dragon.

The countless pieces of tofu jiggled actively within the pan, and their rosy sheen could easily attract any customer's attention. Its spicy aroma alone was enough to completely captivate many.

"This dish is called the Lightning Mapo Tofu," Bu Fang calmly said.

When Xiao Xiaolong heard this, he was taken aback. It turned out that Bu Fang wasn't making ordinary tofu, after all.

"However, what are the differences between the two?" Xiaolong pondered as he gazed at the Mapo Tofu, and his pupils suddenly contracted. He had just discovered that flashes of red lightning occasionally flickered between the Mapo Tofu.

The dish truly contained lightning!

Suddenly, he discovered a small jar in Owner Bu's hands.

The small jar was completely red and had a weird design depicted on it, which could cause others to tremble when they saw it.

"Owner Bu, wha-what is this?"

"Didn't he request for a dish with an intense flavor? Therefore, how could we ever forget about this... Chili Sauce." Bu Fang played with the jar in his hand as the corners of his mouth slightly curled up.

Chili-Chili Sauce.

Xiao Xiaolong was slightly stupefied.

"This is called Abyssal Chili Sauce, and it's definitely intense... Until today, I have only used one drop of it," Bu Fang said.

He picked up a big spoon, scooped a spoonful of Abyssal Chili Sauce from the jar, and poured it on the Mapo Tofu.

The Chili Sauce, which was completely red, possessed a very rich fragrance...

After he poured it above the Mapo Tofu, the Abyssal Chili Sauce melted immediately and seeped into the tofu.

The Abyssal Chilli Sauce, a drop of it would set one's mouth on fire; a spoon of it would take the meaning of one's life away from them, and a jar of it would let one... immediately ascend to heaven.