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 Chapter 327: The Startled Supreme-Beings

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The system introduced the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames as a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Its name alone gave the impression that it was something amazing.

Bu Fang clearly understood how important the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was. After all, without it, he couldn't utilize the heavy Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

As a part of the God of Cooking Set, the effects of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok were extremely amazing. The flavor of dishes prepared in this wok would certainly not let him down.

Bu Fang lay dormant in his chair with a vacant look in his eyes.

Suddenly, cracking sounds became audible; It was the sound of rocks being crushed underfoot by someone, which made evident their approach.

Several people came over and stood before him, blocking the warm sun rays from reaching him. Bu Fang was jolted out of his reverie, and his pupils slightly contracted.

Bu Fang looked at the four people before him. They weren't strangers to him. In fact, he was somewhat familiar with them.

Elder Sun looked at Bu Fang awkwardly, and he had no words to say. Just a moment ago, blinded by hubris, he spouted multiple insults and ordered Bu Fang to hand over the object that was sought after by the Shura Sect. Back then, he had assumed that the Shura Sect would easily crush Bu Fang if he confronted them.

Who would have expected the outcome to be the complete opposite of what he thought? It wasn't Bu Fang who got crushed... but the damned Shura Sect, instead.

When Zhan Kong saw Bu Fang once again, his heart was filled with complex emotions. He had always feared this little store, and from the moment he witnessed that horrifying scene of slaughter, he understood how terrifying the store was.

The existences at this store, whether it was the ninth grade puppet or that harmless-looking plump dog-which was actually a supreme beast, were not the ones that someone like him could afford to offend.

That plump dog was an expert who excelled at feigning weakness in order to bait its enemies; who would have expected the fat watchdog to actually be one of those supreme beasts whose name struck terror in the hearts of everyone anywhere it was mentioned.

Moreover, it was a supreme beast even capable of killing a Supreme-Being of the Shura Sect.

As Jin Kun stood before Bu Fang, his shiny bald head appeared more dazzling when the sunlight reflected off it.

Bai Zhan took a deep breath and looked at Bu Fang.

This youth-who had a fair skin and wasn't too robust or too thin-had the cultivation level of a Battle-Emperor, and although reaching such a level at his age could be considered a good achievement, having already surpassed many disciples of the White Cloud Villa, it wasn't really that amazing.

Such a youth, who wasn't exceptionally talented, was unexpectedly the owner of this store, which would soon become renowned throughout the entire Southern Region.

Since they had managed to kill a Venerable of the Shura Sect, their name would surely spread throughout the Southern Region; after all, a Venerable of the Shura Sect was one the peak experts of the region. The news of the death of such an expert would definitely shock them.

Bu Fang stood up from his seat. He hadn't expected anyone to come for a meal today.

After all, because of the battle which occurred yesterday, the store was currently in an awful state, and its surroundings had degraded into ruins. All the bigwigs presently in the capital were now scared to come to the store; however, that little girl, Ouyang Xiaoyi, still came over cheerfully.

As one of the store's old personnel, Xiaoyi was clear about how powerful was the store, and she was already accustomed to such matters. Therefore, she remained calm and composed as she proceeded with her usual routine.

"If you want to have a meal, then please come in." Bu Fang calmly said and went into the store.

Jin Kun and Bai Zhan glanced at each other before following Bu Fang into the store.

When they entered the store, they were greeted with a scenery that was quite different from the one outside. Its ambiance made them feel comfortable and warmed their hearts.

Inside the store, the air was thick with the rich fragrance wafting from various dishes, making Jin Kun and Bai Zhan raise their brows slightly.

"Well? Is this a Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree?"

Bai Zhan quickly discovered the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree placed in a corner of the store.

After the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree bloomed for the first time, it quietened down and, for a long time, there hadn't any considerable changes to it.

It no longer emitted Path-Understanding Notes, and this made Bu Fang assume that it had been killed by the Dragon Blood Rice soup which he fed it.

"As expected from the store which was capable of killing the Shura Sect's Venerable, their wealth truly is inconceivable. The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree is one of the rarest treasures in the Southern Region; thus, it's extremely precious." Bai Zhan thick eyebrows scrunched up as he exclaimed.

Jin Kun clicked his tongue as he also expressed his admiration. A Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree wasn't something precious for those at their level, but as a spiritual tree which could help a seventh grade Battle-Saint advance to the eighth grade, it was still extremely precious. It was extremely important and valuable for a faction.

Normal factions would have no way of acquiring it, and yet in this store... the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Tree was part of the decor in this store, where meals were served to customers.

"The menu is behind you. Take a look at it, and when you decide what you want to eat, inform that little lassie," Bu Fang said as he gazed at the four of them. He also pointed at Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was staring at them, before he leisurely walked back to his chair and lay back down on it.

They looked for a table, sat down, and turned to take a look at the menu behind them.

When they saw it, their eyes widened.

"Is this truly a restaurant? Its prices... are slightly exaggerated."

Bai Zhan's thick brows furrowed as he muttered.

As a ninth grade Supreme-Being, he definitely didn't lack Crystals, but... he wouldn't be resigned to being cheated.

"Great Commander, you may not know this, but the store's prices have always been like this. This is because Owner Bu's dishes are worth such prices," said Zhan Kong.

He had frequented this store several times already, so he clearly understood the flavor of the dishes served at this store; therefore, he conveniently introduced and described the dishes to them.

However, he hadn't tasted every dish served in the store, so there were some he couldn't introduce.

"Hey, hey... I stepped into the realm of Supreme-Being a long time ago and after that, I no longer cared to eat the mundane world's dishes, but this time, I'll definitely eat to my heart's content." Jin Kun slapped the table as he laughed heartily.

However, his laughter quickly died down.

He had exerted some strength into that slap and expected to leave a mark on the table. However, he discovered that after he slapped it...

Not even the slightest mark was evident on the table.

What the hell?

Bu Fang, who was lying on his chair, suddenly turned his head and looked at the bald Jin Kun.

"Do you want to cause trouble?" Bu Fang asked expressionlessly.

Jin Kun stared back and narrowed his eyes, but he said nothing, only snorting in apprehension.

This store was truly interesting. Although he hadn't put any True Energy into that slap, he was still a Supreme-Being expert, and if he slapped an ordinary table, it would instantly turn into powder; however, unexpectedly, he had been unable to leave even a single mark on the table.

"Since you didn't come to cause trouble, then quickly order your dishes."

As it didn't look like they intended to cause any trouble, the corners of Bu Fang's lip curled up, and he continued lying there. The warm sunlight exuded a calm ambiance.

Bai Zhan's thick eyebrows were scrunched upward as he gestured toward Ouyang Xiaoyi, who stood far away, with a wave, bidding her to come over.

Ouyang Xiaoyi came over, blinked her big eyes as she looked at them, and asked, "What do you want to order?"

Unexpectedly, this girl was a... fifth grade Battle-King!

Bai Zhan originally didn't care much for the lassie, but when he sensed the aura emitted by Ouyang Xiaoyi's body, he heart suddenly shuddered. How old was this girl? Yet, she's already a fifth grade Battle-King. This talent was truly... terrifying.

Moreover, such a genius was only working as a waitress in a restaurant. It was truly wasteful.

"Uncle, order some dishes."

After being glared at by Bai Zhan for a long while, Ouyang Xiaoyi became quite displeased, so she coldly snorted and urged him.

Zhan Kong was unable to bear the lassie's impatient gaze, so he used his elbow to nudge Bai Zhan, jolting the latter from his reverie. Although he was slightly embarrassed, Bai Zhan continued to regard Ouyang Xiaoyi with a scorching gaze.

If he was able to take in such a genius as his disciple, then the land of Southern Region would gain another Supreme-Being before long.

However, he decided not to rush such matters, and instead wait until he finished his meal before he mentioned it.

Jin Kun also recognized Ouyang Xiaoui's talent, but he had no interest in her; after all, the disciples of the Ferocious Divine Hall cultivated their fleshly bodies, and this path wouldn't suit her.

"Give me a plate of every dish! Also, what is this Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew? Why is it so expensive?"

Bai Zhan eventually ordered all the dishes available, after mulling over the menu for a long time.

As expected of a rich and imposing Supreme-Being.

Bu Fang, who was enjoying his moment of peace, twitched his ears when he heard them. This guy had ordered all the dishes... this was big business, and Bu Fang was quite pleased, making him turn his head to look over.

Jin Kun licked his lips, laughed in an imposing manner and said, "I don't like common bland dishes. If you have any dishes with intense flavors, serve them."

Ouyang Xiaoyi blanked out for a while when she heard his request. It was the first time she had encountered a customer who requested a dish with an intense flavor.

"You want something with an intense flavor, then it must be something spicy?" While Ouyang Xiaoyi was still lost in silent puzzlement over the order, Bu Fang came over and asked.

"Indeed! I want something spicy, and if it isn't spicy enough, it won't please me. I heard that the dishes served in the store are delicious, so if you aren't able to serve a dish which satisfies one of your customers, then the reputation of your store will be damaged," Jin Kun said to Bu Fang with a faint smile. It was as though he sought to provoke Bu Fang.

Every expert from the Wildlands was fond of spicy food, especially those from the Ferocious Divine Hall because they had heavier tastes.

In the face of Jin Kun's provocation, Bu Fang remained expressionless. He only gazed at Jin Kun before he turned around and walked away.

Bu Fang stopped to pat Ouyang Xiaoyi's head before he went into the kitchen.

Xiaoyi's eyes immediately brightened. Would Owner Bu personally cook this time?

Snort... that bald head dared to provoke Owner Bu. Owner Bu will definitely shame him, all the bald head has to do is wait for it. After all, the sophistry of Owner Bu's culinary arts wasn't something that normal people could imagine.

However, she couldn't imagine what kind of spicy dish Owner Bu would prepare.

Mapo Tofu? it was feasible, but the Mapo Tofu wasn't just spicy, it was sweet too.

When he entered the kitchen, Bu Fang permitted the taciturn Xiao Xiaolong to stop his training.

These days, Xiao Xiaolong's complexion didn't look good. As Xiao Meng had been heavily injured, it was understandable that he would be in such a bad mood. However, despite this, Xiao Xiaolong still diligently came to the store and persisted in his practice, which made Bu Fang quite satisfied with him. It was a pity that he couldn't help with Xiao Meng's injuries.

"Come here and assist me. I will cook all the dishes, so observe it carefully. This is a rare opportunity for you to learn." Bu Fang gazed at Xiao Xiaolong and earnestly said.

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes brightened and he nodded. He understood that Bu Fang wanted to teach and guide him.

Bu Fang turned around and faced his stove. Green smoke curled around his hand, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in it.