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 Chapter 326: I'm Not A Fool... Why Would I Court Death?

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The Supreme-Being of the White Cloud Villa was a man with short hair. He wore a forbidding look on his face, his eyes flickering like electric sparks, seemingly filled with sharp fighting spirit. He was the Chief General of the White Cloud Villa, Bai Zhan, a Supreme-Being warrior. With an outstanding cultivation level, he was the biggest name in the White Cloud Villa, only second to the villa master.

The other warrior, sent by the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, was a bald fellow. The skin over his entire body flushed a bronze color as if plated with copper. He exerted a formidable presence.

Next to him stood a giant spirit bird, the wings of which were as sharp as blades as they emitted a chilling glow. It belonged to a powerful species of eighth grade spirit beasts-the Blade Bird.

The Master of the Godly Temple was the bald man named Jin Kun. He had a strong, muscular physique and a superior cultivation level.

Two Supreme-Beings had arrived in the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

They were both a little confused, however. The intelligence they received mentioned how the Shura Sect's demons had colluded with Ji Chengyu's army to attack the Imperial City. Yet... there seemed to be no troops around here at all?

The Imperial City was also intact, showing no signs of the demolition they pictured in their heads.

Could it be the intelligence was false?

Still in a state of bafflement, the two were quickly welcomed into the main halls by Ji Chengxue. They were both Supreme-Beings after all and certainly considered top elites throughout the entire Southern Region.

Having witnessed the disastrous ruins around Fang Fang's Little Store, Ji Chengxue finally gained a renewed understanding of Supreme-Being warriors. If anything... he learned that the entire city could be wiped out in a day with Supreme-Beings engaged in the battles.

Therefore, he dared not neglect or treat them coldly. Even though the Imperial City had already survived the crisis, he was still joyful that two Supreme-Beings offered their help.

To ease their perplexity, Ji Chengxue explained everything that had happened earlier. He described to the two Supreme-Beings who were here for reinforcement the Shura Sect Blood Guards and Venerable Master.

Bai Zhan, with a solemn face, arched his dense eyebrows and gazed at Ji Chengxue.

Jin Kun, as the Temple Master of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, was not only here to support the Light Wind Empire. He also came to the Imperial City to avenge the deaths of Xia Da and Xia Yu, warriors of his Godly Temple.

But after hearing Ji Chengxue's recount, he couldn't help but gasp instead.

"You said that the Supreme-Being of the Shura Sect was slain here?" Ji Kun, with his shining bald head, widened his eyes, his face in utter shock.

He evidently knew the Supreme-Being of the Shura Sect. As the Temple Master of the Godly Temple, how could he be ignorant of the Shura Sect's top warriors? That was a genuine Supreme-Being, one in the middle stage of the supreme echelon. Even he himself couldn't guarantee a victory over the Venerable Master.

Yet it was this very Supreme-Being who had perished in a small, ordinary store in the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

Was that little store really so mysterious?

And that store... seemed to be the very place where Xia Yu and Xia Da were slaughtered!

Ji Chengxue said no more but smiled at Ji Kun and Bai Zhan, who were both still in a state of shock. He understood that this piece of news was hard to digest. Therefore, he didn't continue on this topic and arranged living arrangements for the two before he left.


A pitch-black darkness enveloped the Imperial City as gray clouds floated in the billowing wind. Two crescent moons could be vaguely seen through the clouds, much like the faces of two bashful young girls.

The courtyard in which resided the White Cloud Villa warriors.

Bai Zhan quietly peered at Zhan Kong, who stood in front of him with a pale face. After hearing Zhan Kong's report, his pacified state of mind was disturbed once more, his heart shaking like ripples through a pond.

"So you're saying... everything that the Emperor told me is true? That little store... had actually injured two Blood Guards and slain the Shura Sect Venerable?" Bai Zhan knitted his dense eyebrows into a frown, drew in a chilled breath, and asked.

Zhan Kong nodded his head with a wan smile. This was the third time that the Chief General had inquired about this. Despite how inconceivable it seemed, it was alas... the truth.

"This store is... unbelievable. When I just arrived at the Imperial City, Miss Wu specifically asked me to look after this store. It seems now that her concerns were truly unnecessary," Bai Zhan remarked.

Hearing Bai Zhan mention Wu Yunbai, Zhan Kong narrowed his eyes and queried: "Chief General, Miss Wu... should be on her way to the Grand Serpentine City now, right? Is it really safe for her to go meet the Serpentine Sovereign?"

"Don't worry. Though the Serpentine Sovereign has an outstanding cultivation level in the Serpentine Tribe, there are still rules to abide. No harm will come to Miss Wu. What needs more attention is this little store. Able to exterminate a Supreme-Being warrior, this store must be a non-negligible power of influence in the Southern Region. Let's pay a visit to it together tomorrow."

"Sure, absolutely."

"I must see for myself what kind of special powers are possessed by a little store strong enough to slaughter the Shura Sect Venerable."

The courtyard in which resided warriors from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands.

Elder Sun came to Jin Kun's side with an aggrieved face. He went on and on about something as the muscles on his face wrinkled into an ugly, dismayed expression.

Jin Kun rested on his seat majestically. As he took in Elder Sun's words, his face became a shade darker.

"Humph! Way out of the line! Does this store think it can be reckless just because it managed to annihilate a Shura Sect Venerable? There is no way it can afford to fight with my Godly Temple of the Wildlands!"

"Having already killed two of the Godly Temple's warriors, and yet still here mocking at us, that store owner is heedless of the consequences!" Jin Kun uttered coldly. He smacked on the table beside him with a burst of true energy, instantly turning that table into a pile of crushed powder.

Elder Sun, observing the now fully enraged Jin Kun, immediately put on on a face of indignation and proposed, "Exactly, Temple Master. We shan't let it go! We must make that brat apologize to our Godly Temple of the Wildlands!"

"Let's go there tomorrow. I want to see what's so unique about the store."

"Temple Master, are you going to make a move? That brat needs a good beating... You can definitely make him beg for mercy on both knees!" Elder Sun exclaimed excitedly.

Ji Kun shot a doubting glimpse at Elder Sun and rolled his eyes.

"How stupid do you think I am? The Shura Sect Venerable was slaughtered on the spot for causing trouble there. I'm not a fool... Why would I go there to court death?"

Elder Sun's delightful face instantly froze. " What does that mean? But that's not what you just said? Where's all the talk about restoring the reputation of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands?"

"Tomorrow we go and check out the store first. Didn't you say that the store serves delicious food? Let's have a taste. There is a Supreme-Beast in the store after all, one strong enough to slaughter a Supreme-Being. We should deal with this with caution."

Jin Kun looked bold and reckless on the outside-basically all muscles and no brains, but he was actually a very cautious fellow. Able to acquire the position of Temple Master, he was naturally no ordinary man. The Godly Temple of the Wildlands was not all peaceful and relaxing. Instead, there was intense competition as the three internal branches contended with each other furiously.


Ji Chengyu's army retreated. The tense atmosphere in the Imperial City immediately evaporated and restored to its usual state of tranquility.

The post-battle reconstruction project was still on-going. Ji Chengxue directed plenty of manpower to rebuild the devastated areas.

When Bu Fang pushed opened his door in the morning, the first beams of sunshine shot down from the sky. The glaring gleams made Bu Fang someone lightheaded.

The alleyway had effectively blocked out these rays of sunshine in the past, and so this amount of light was rarely seen. However, when he opened the shutters, only a vast, empty space hit his eyes. This gave him quite an odd feeling inside. The buildings around the store had been flattened to the ground, rendering the surrounding infrastructure into a land of ruins.

Qian Bao, the owner of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, was most distressed. His "number one restaurant of the Imperial City", seeing as it was located so close to Fang Fang's Little Store, had been completely destroyed in the battle. His heart was bleeding. That restaurant, the work of a lifetime, had been burned to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, there weren't any casualties in the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. As long as his crew was all right, he had faith in making a comeback someday. He had already found another place in the city and would soon begin to rebuild the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

As for the choice of location... the further away from Fang Fang's Little Store, the better.

He didn't want another disaster like this. If history repeated itself, he would probably die of a serious heart attack.

A fragrant portion of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was placed in front of Blacky. That chubby dog's eyes immediately lit up as he devoured the food in the porcelain bowl.

Bu Fang pulled over a chair and laid himself down in front of the store. Watching the empty space before him, he became somehow pleasantly pacified.

He wore a blank expression on his face as he thought about the temporary assignment involving the "Ten Thousand Bestial Flames".

Xiao Xiaolong, on the other hand, arrived at Bu Fang's store very early. He had begun training his cooking skills in the kitchen.

Warm rays of sunshine fell on Bu Fang, wrapping around every inch of his body. The comfortable sensation made him want to take a nap. He gradually shut his eyes in a leisurely, relaxed manner.

A series of footsteps suddenly echoed in the air. The creaking sound of feet trampling over the crushed stones on the pavement caused Bu Fang to open his eyes.

A dozen or so figures appeared in front of the store, completely blocking the toasty sunlight.