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 Chapter 324: The Bark That Shattered the Shura Sect Sword Will

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The Shura Sect Venerable had perished, killed by the thwack of a doggy paw.

The chubby elder gaped in astonishment, almost feeling his soul slip out of his body. He observed the battered Venerable, still unable to believe in what his eyes saw.

That was the Shura Sect Venerable-a mid-level Supreme-Being, the ultimate backbone of the Shura Sect, a man who tyrannized the entire Southern Region. How could such a warrior be slain by...a random dog that nobody had ever heard of in the Southern Region.

The almighty Venerable Master who had just owned his ass a minute ago was now crushed into pieces... by a dog, how gruesome!

Finally snapping out of it, the chubby elder cast a terrified look at the black dog. His entire body was trembling.

The bloody fogs that had converged into a Shura Sect Sword Will, still hanging in the sky, was nowhere as disturbing to the chubby elder than the black dog.

What kind of trouble has the Shura Sect gotten themselves into this time?

The death of the Venerable Master was a ground-shattering incident for the Shura Sect... no, it would shake up the entire Southern Region.

Bu Fang was also taken aback. He himself had never expected such a fearsome warrior to be easily beaten by Blacky. In fact, Blacky looked like he was simply swatting away a fly.


Another ring echoed in the air.

Waves of energy suddenly began emitting from the location of the fallen Shura Sect Venerable. These ripples fluctuated violently, almost splitting through the air. A pale white streak of spiritual essence glided through the cracks. This was the phantom spirit of the Shura Sect Venerable.

The phantom spirit wore a furious look. He screamed a muted shriek, his physique twisting grotesquely, his face savage and wild.

A deep force of suction suddenly manifested from the pile of rubbles. The grayish white Departed Soul Orb floated up, drawing the horrified Venerable Master's spiritual essence inwards. After a series of contortions, it was ultimately swallowed by the orb.

With this, the Venerable Master was wholly, undoubtedly dead.

Blood-red clouds tossed and turned, condensing into a blood-colored long sword. A richly concentrated energy sword hang in the sky.

The Shura Sect Sword Will, so red that it looked like it was dripping blood, pointed toward Blacky. It had become so swift and fierce and the entire pavement was about to be ripped apart.

Outside of the Imperial City.

The Blood Guard, just tending to his injuries, immediately stretched open his eyes. He rushed out and stood before the army. Catching sight of the Shura Sect Sword Will suspending in the sky far away, his pupils instantly shrank. A panic-stricken expression smeared over his face.

"Shura... Shura Sect Sword Will? The Venerable Master was forced to summon the Shura Sect Sword Will?"

The Blood Guard drew in a chilled breath, his heart thumping violently.

Ji Chengyu and Zhao Musheng felt goosebumps spreading across their bodies. Still sitting on their spirit horses, they subconsciously retreated a couple of steps backward.

It looks like... the Shura Sect Venerable couldn't handle Bu Fang.


In a gloomy iron tower inside the vast Border City.

The High Priestess, with a mask on her face, fluttered open her eyelids. She felt her heart shiver, with a bad feeling churning in her stomach.

She waved her hand casually, summoning numerous jade talisman to rise to the sky. She bent her slender fingers, doing some calculations in her heart. As she continued tallying things up, a trace of alarm deepened in the eyes under her mask.

Suddenly, with a loud explosion, the jade talisman suddenly shattered. It burst open and showered the floor with bits and pieces.


The High Priestess got onto her feet. Her heart thudded strongly as she inhaled deep breaths.

"The Venerable Master... has perished?"

Boom boom bang!

A deafening crash indicated that something within the iron tower was stirring.

The High Priestess gazed at the thick iron gates behind her in a panic.

A remote, thick force of energy surged through the iron gates...

"Ah Ya... who triggered my Shura Sect Sword Will? Huh, this is the force of energy of the Departed Soul Orb?"

A raspy voice traveled through the iron gates, one exhibiting an interrogative tone.

The High Priestess dared not to breath. She replied diffidently: "Perhaps the Venerable Master... has fallen."

After a moment of silence, the faint voice issued a response.

"I already know... The spirit sensor I placed on the Departed Soul Orb was awakened."


Blacky's doggy eyes gazed at the blood-red sword hanging from the sky. Though it was gigantic in size and heavy in pressure, it did not unnerve Blacky even one bit. Instead, he only found it rather entertaining.

The Shura Sect Sword Will. Who would have thought that one could catch sight of the Shura Sect Sword Will in such a remote spot in the Southern Region.

Though this will of sword appeared lifeless and badly fragmented... it was still the Shura Sect Sword Will, something that did not belong in the Southern Region.


The blood-colored will of sword suspended high up in the sky, engulfing the Imperial City residents with an overwhelming sense of strain. They felt as if all the blood running through their veins was about to be sucked clean and absorbed by the blood sword hanging overhead.

This... was as terrorizing as the devil descending upon them.

The pale-gray Departed Soul Orb began to spin. Having swallowed the wailing phantom spirit of the Venerable Master, the orb instantly lit up.

Just like that, the Departed Soul Orb looked like it suddenly gained consciousness, gliding through the air smoothly.

An enormous, grayish figure burst out of the Departed Soul Orb, effectively blotting out the sky and bringing with it an unbearable sense of pressure.

This force of pressure prompted the chubby elder to blanch. His entire face now as pale as a ghost.

"The Shura Sect Overlord... Duan Ling!"

The chubby elder gulped, his eyes filled with dread. This name was a nightmare to him. This was a name that dangled over the heads of all sphere of influences in the Southern Region.

Could it be... he had already awakened?

The titanic figure was positioned high above the masses, lowering his frosty eyes to scan the crowd. Finally, his gaze landed on the enormous silhouette of Blacky.

The two locked eyes high up in the sky.

"You slaughtered my Shura Sect Venerable? What a nerve..."

Thunder rumbled across the heavens as the giant silhouette casually waved its hand, instantly catching the blood sword hanging in the sky.

The Shura Sect Sword Will ruptured fiercely, overwhelming everyone in the Imperial City. Awfully repressed by the force of pressure, their faces flushed red.

"Die, you will be buried alive with the Venerable Master."

He waved his hands, prompting the gigantic blood sword to blare and swoop down on Blacky.

Blacky twitched the corners of his mouth, revealing a trace of disdain. He drew in a sharp breath and bellowed at the Shura Sect Sword Will with a bark.


This bark resounded through the entire city, hitting even the ears of Ji Chengyu and his army.

The startled horses under Ji Chengyu and Zhao Musheng, hearing this bark, fell onto their knees. The two were thrown off their horses, distaste and fear smearing across their faces.

Yet something even more horrifying happened...

Amidst the bark, the forbidding blood sword hanging in the sky actually shattered into pieces, disintegrating into blood-colored particles and blown away by the wind.

The towering silhouette suddenly shuddered and condensed into a small ball before converging in the Departed Soul Orb. The orb, lit like dazzling stars in the night, shot across the horizon, firing toward a distant location.

That speed... had even exceeded the supersonic speed.

Blacky halted his bark, sticking out his tongue to lick his lips, and humphed. His figure shrank back into his original doggy form, sluggish and plump.

Blacky paid no attention to the Departed Soul Orb that rolled away. For him, the tool was not even half as appealing as Bu Fang's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. Walking his signature catwalk, Blacky strutted back to the store.

Bu Fang shot him a glimpse, as if he were staring at a monster.

Blacky rolled his doggy eyes and hummed delightfully. Then, he lay before the entrance of the store and went back to his nap...

It was like he could never get enough sleep.

Bu Fang glanced at the now calm and still Blacky. He took in a breath and scanned the surrounding with his eyes.

Everything nearby had already been obliterated into nothingness, including all the individual houses erected around the restaurant. The other buildings were also completely destroyed.

It was as if a tiny section of the vast Imperial City was completely wiped out, which was truly a ghastly sight.

The chubby elder fell butt first onto the floor.

His body was so numb that he could not feel the crushed stone under his butt. He could never look at Fang Fang's Little Store the same ever again...

A mysterious young chef, a ninth-grade puppet, and a freaking monstrous plump dog. This sphere of influence was... truly top-notch in the Southern Region.

Blacky, still lying on the floor, suddenly twitched his nose. Then, he sluggishly fluttered open his eyelids and peered toward the distance.

There was a chubby elder gaping back at him.

Suddenly detecting the black dog's scrutiny, his entire body stiffened. He smiled weakly and got his ass out of there.


Outside of the Imperial City gates.

The Supreme-Being warrior of the Hundred Thousand Mountains returned, badly shaken. He brought back a shocking piece of news.

The almighty Shura Sect Venerable, so powerful as to instill fear in everyone around him... had perished. In the process of hassling Fang Fang's Little Store, he was slaughtered.

This disturbing message caused Ji Chengyu and Zhao Musheng to jump out of their skin.