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 Chapter 323: What Kind of Dog Is This?

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

A soft and tender male voice rang in the sky and shot through the entire area.

What followed was a satisfying burp.


This burp was like a clap of thunder, startling the dumbfounded Shura Sect Venerable who was still hovering in the air.

It was somewhat amusing that he looked as if he had just seen a ghost-with his blood-red hair blowing against the wind, his mouth agape, and his hand clutching the glowing Departed Soul Orb, completely struck dumb.

What did he just witness? What?!

The countless wailing phantom spirits that filled the sky... were... completely devoured by a dog!

The Shura Sect worked incredibly hard to wage a war and collect hundreds of thousands of spiritual essences through the Soul Congregation Array... all to feed a dog!

All they ended up with was a well-fed dog...

"Where did this dog even come from? Why would a dog consume spiritual essence instead of the standard pet food? Are you freaking kidding me?"

The Venerable Master felt like his heart was being torn apart. These were hundreds of thousands of spiritual essences, and were also the hope of the Shura Sect's resurrection. Everything was now flushed down the drain?

Gripping the Departed Soul Orb, the Venerable Master was going ballistic. His livid bellow reverberated through the heavens.

A surge of true energy fluctuated, prompting black waves of true energy to swell and explode madly out of the Shura Sect Venerable's body. At this point, the Venerable Master has completely lost it and was on the verge of going crazy. His terrifying force of true energy caused one's heart to tremble.

The chubby elder was secretly delighted at the sorrowful state of the near insane Venerable Master. Yet, even he couldn't help but shudder in fear when he felt the infinite amount of true energy bursting out of the Venerable Master.


Blacky burped yet again as he stretched open his doggy mouth.

"I'm serious, there's not even a taste in this spiritual essence. It is nowhere near as good as the Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs." Blacky offered his honest opinion.

Bu Fang could sense the Venerable Master sinking into a deep state of despair.

"You damned dog! Do you know what you swallowed? You just devoured the hope and future of my Shura Sect!!"

The Venerable Master's eyes flashed a dangerous shade of blood-red. He put away the Departed Soul Orb and shot Blacky, who stood by elegantly, a frosty glare. As strands of his blood-red hair fluttered through the air, a terrible intent to kill flared up.

Blacky raised up his doggy head, and stuck out his doggy tongue.

"Then the so-called hope of the Shura Sect still tastes a lot worse than Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs."

"Eat shit!"

The Venerable Master exploded into a fit of rage. His entire figure rattled mid-air as he instantly charged toward Blacky at a supersonic speed.

Supreme beast, heh? This must be the supreme beast hidden in this store!

"Even if you are a supreme beast, you must pay in blood for destroying the hopes of the Shura Sect! Whatever you swallowed... spit it out!"


With a punch, a surge of true energy condensed into a gigantic black wolf. The wolf flashed its red eyes and materialized behind the Venerable Master.

From afar, the chubby elder felt his heart drop.

He could sense the terrifying aura contained in the Venerable Master's fist. If this thrust landed on him, his head would have probably been blown off!

"It cannot be stopped!"

Bu Fang watched the Shura Sect Venerable falling from the sky like a bloody bullet. He twitched the corners of his mouth.

He was not worried about this plump dog's safety. Even though he hasn't seen through Blacky's capabilities yet, he still felt very much assured.

Blacky stuck out his tongue and gracefully lifted up a delicate doggy paw. He waved his dark paw lightly at the Shura Sect Venerable.

Afterward, the silhouette of a doggy paw appeared in the sky. Such doggy paw silhouette was not large. However, as it collided with the Shura Sect Venerable's wolf, it prompted a burst of forbidding force of energy and a thunderous rumble.

The ear-splitting boom extended through the entire Imperial City.

On the city walls, Ji Chengxue and his crew turned toward the direction of the restaurant in terror. Was this the great battle between the Shura Sect Venerable and the little store's supreme beast?

This energy wave... was simply terrorizing!

Right outside of the walls, Ji Chengyu and Zhao Musheng wore long faces.

As expected... Bu Fang's store was not that easy to tackle. But surely their Supreme-Being Venerable Master couldn't lose to a dog, right?

Waves of true energy flooded out of the Venerable Master's body. His blood-red hair fluttered against the whistling wind. A ferocious bloodthirsty expression flashed across his face. Yet when his punch crashed into the doggy paw, he discovered a wave of energy bouncing back at him. The force of this blast caused his heart to tremble. A sense of crisis instantly washed over him.


Right before his eyes, the doggy paw clawed through his wolf silhouette punch. Next, it was heading straight for him.

A bubble of true energy enveloped his body before the doggy paw landed on him. The Venerable Master's entire figure was sent flying backward, smearing across the sky in a graceful arc before finally crashing into the pavement.

As he plunged down, everything around him was smashed into bits, leaving a ring of collapsed housing around his body.


A trace puzzlement flickered across Blacky's doggy eyes. " This one paw didn't finish him off? Looks like this fellow's combat capability is pretty good."

A howl of wind brushed past as the Venerable Master returned to the sky. The true energy armor around his body has been badly shattered.

His complexion was gloomier than ever before. A hint of panic and terror even flashed across his eyes.

"A beast at the final stages of the supreme beast level? Or one at the peak of supreme level?"

A terrifying thought flashed across the Venerable Master's mind. The state of ninth grade Supreme-Being reflected an exceptional echelon. Each smaller interval within this stage reflected a giant gap in capability.

Take the chubby elder as an example, who was still at the initial stages of Supreme-Being, and thus was easily subdued by the Venerable Master.

If the dog before his eyes really had reached the later stages, or god forbid, the peak of spirit beasts, then it would be at a serious advantage this time. In fact, he'd have to take the defeat lying down.

"No... not possible. It cannot be a spirit beast in the last stages of the supreme-beast echelon. This sort of spirit beasts have too much dignity to act as the doorkeeper of some little store!"

The Venerable Master calmed himself down and drew in a deep breath. He convinced himself that he was simply deceived by the looks of this dog.

"Not dead yet..."

A tender male voice rang in the air again.

The Venerable Master's racing heart suddenly lurched, his pupils shrinking. Right before his eyes, the black dog standing elegantly on the floor was undergoing a metamorphosis.

Its originally petit and dainty physique swelled up as if taking up the shape of a towering ocean wave. The deadly look in its eyes matched the erecting fur all over its body.


A deafening crash reverberated as his doggy paw scratched the floor.

The Venerable Master merely felt a spiral of wind blow up before a gigantic figure suddenly appeared right before him.

The moment they locked eyes, the Venerable Master discovered the ruthless and merciless look reflected in his opponent's eyes. His heart trembled violently, as if he could sense his impending defeat.


The Venerable Master roared lividly. As his blood-red hair glided against the air, he thrust a punch straight toward Blacky's giant head.

Yet before he could even launch his strike, he was smashed down by the speedy dog paw. Still stupefied by all this, he plunged onto the pavement, making a deep indent in the ground.


The colossal-sized Blacky landed on all fours, causing the floor beneath him to quake. The Venerable Master crawled out of the rubbles awkwardly, his will to fight completely sapped.

This dog... was too horrifying!


With another smack of the doggy paw, the Venerable Master was sent flying back again-almost as if a rubber ball bouncing between different buildings.

The still dazed Venerable Master detected another round of force of pressure closing in on him.


Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. His Supreme-Being body was about to be squashed into a meat mash.

He waved his hand and extracted pieces after pieces of jade talismans. He circulated the true energy within his body and hurled these jade talisman at Blacky. As they drifted in the air, these jade talisman all exploded, filling the sky with a spectacular show of fireworks.

This was the second time Bu Fang witnessed Blacky fighting like this. It was just as magnificent and sensational as the first time.

The Venerable Master, being only a mid-level Supreme-Being warrior, was completely dominated by Blacky...

What kind of dog was Blacky?

Bu Fang was suddenly curious about Blacky's origins.

The chubby elder hovering in the air was scared out of his wits.

Blacky's instant outburst tyrannized the Venerable Master. This was something completely beyond his imagination. This devil of a dog had become frenzied and wild!

Cough Cough...

The Venerable Master spat out mouthfuls of blood, his entire body about to burst apart. Unable to withstand the sequence of doggy paw strikes, he felt utterly powerless. He felt like this dog was simply toying with him.

Played by a dog...

Weak all over, he still crushed the last jade talisman in his hand.

As soon as it was shattered, a distant will of sword was suddenly awakened, summoning a blood-red sword slash to converge. What crystallized was a monumental sword that filled the sky.

"This... is the Shura Sword! No, the Shura Sword Will!"

The chubby elder of the Clear Sky Pagoda was pale with fear.

The Venerable Master howled with laughter as he continued to cough up blood. He stared at the gigantic dog with a deadly expression.

This will of sword was the Cardinal Shura Sect Sword Will, and also the power of the Shura Sect's semi-divine tool...

This sword was strong enough to exterminate any Supreme-Beings, even in their final stage!

"You damned dog! Die!"

The Venerable Master widened his eyes and bellowed.

Blacky lifted up his doggy head and cast a cool glance at the Shura Sect Sword Will levitating in the sky. Then, he flickered the guffawing Venerable Master a look.



The doggy claw swept over the chortling Venerable Master. Instead of flinging him backward, Blacky directly smashed him... into smithereens.

The Shura Sect Venerable, a Supreme-Being warrior, had fallen.