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 Chapter 322: The Array Shatters and Ten Thousand Souls Wail

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Bu Fang grabbed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and let out a light breath.

It was as if the air itself froze. The Venerable Master, still levitating in the sky, stared fixedly at Bu Fang, showering him with an awe-spiring force of energy.

From afar, the chubby elder also smacked his lips.

Bu Fang's origin was obscure and unknown. Safeguarded by a ninth grade and in possession of a Semi-Divine Tool, how could he merely be a restaurant owner in a dingy little town? He must have great patrons and great networks as his backbone.

The chubby elder was a warrior of the Clear Sky Pagoda in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, which represented the highest sphere of influence in all of the Southern Region. Yet he had never heard of this Bu Fang figure. The single time he had heard his name mentioned was when his disciple couldn't stop praising Bu Fang's dishes.

Someone so low-profile... how eccentric.

"Humph... no matter who you are, or which forces are behind you, as long as you stand in the way of the Shura Sect's resurrection, you must go down!"

The Shura Sect Venerable fell silent for a while, his eyes dimming. But alas, he opened his mouth and filled the air with his menacing words.

He had no idea who stood behind Bu Fang, but also found it no longer relevant. The Soul Congregation Array was the key to his Shura Sect's rejuvenation. He simply couldn't let it fall into the hands of a stranger.


With a light ring, a force of energy erupted from the Shura Sect Venerable's body, as if a prisoner finally breaking free from his shackles. In that very moment, his hair turned into a shade of blood.

His entire person seemed to have reverted to his youthful version.

His sturdy, muscular body bounced into the sky like a mechanical spring, then charging straight at Bu Fang as if he were a bullet shot from a gun.

Whitey's purple eyes flashed as it blocked Bu Fang with its body. With the rise of its machete, dense blade slashes made of energy poured down.

"Get lost!"

The Venerable Master, with his bloodthirsty eyes, was incomparably ruthless and savage. He thrust out a punch right at Whitey. This blow brought with it scattering dark waves of true energy, instantly shattering the blade slashes.


Whitey was sent backward by this fist. Its body spun numerous times in the air and finally crashed onto the floor. Though the Venerable Master couldn't totally exterminate Whitey, the latter also couldn't handle the former.

The chubby elder standing from a distance hesitated over whether he should lend a helping hand. However, in reality, he couldn't be sure whether his addition could make a difference.

This Shura Sect demon was simply too powerful with all of his mystifying strategies... The chubby elder wasn't confident that he'd gain the upper hand.

Just as he was thinking twice about intervening himself, his gaze suddenly froze upon realizing Bu Fang was ready to make another move.

Bu Fang inhaled deeply... he clutched the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and once again lunged it at his opponent.

"Doesn't this iron wok have no affect on the demon? Why throw it out again?"

The chubby elder widened his eyes.

The Venerable Master, on the other hand, sneered coldly. He flipped his palms, instantly summoning a surge of true energy that enveloped his entire arm.

Bu Fang gave a light shout. After twisting his body, he flung out the golden wok once again.

"Humph! Mindless! Aren't you at the end of your tether!"

Seeing Bu Fang resort to the same old move, the Venerable Master couldn't help but stretch his mouth into a wider sneer.

He watched as the golden iron wok flew his way and then thrust out a fist that was wrapped in swirls of true energy. This punch whammed the wok ferociously. The incredibly sturdy Black Turtle Constellation Wok weighed the Venerable Master down. His face darkened as the shield of true energy cloaking his arm suddenly burst open.

However, the moment his fist came down, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was sent flying back to where it came from.

"Hey... don't you want your talisman?"

Just as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok shot back through the air, a cool voice suddenly resounded and slipped into the Venerable Master's ears.

The Venerable Master's pupils shrank, all his hair standing on their ends. He had just discovered that right behind the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was the Soul Congregation Array arranged by all five jade talismans. It was heading his direction at an incredible speed.

And it was also about to collide with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok he punched away.

"Damn it! No!!"

The Venerable Master felt shivers down his spine. He bellowed and bolted toward the Soul Congregation Array like a flash of lightning. He couldn't let anything happen to the Soul Congregation Array!

Whitey's figure immediately sprang up from the pile of rubbles on the ground. Its purple eyes flickered and its cold, merciless blade slashed right at the Venerable Master.

The Venerable Master's galloping body was intercepted.

Whitey was a ninth grade puppet after all. Even if the Venerable Master could manage to suppress it, he couldn't easily withstand the pressure of its strike.

The muscles on his body bulged as he unconsciously took a step back.

This step threw him into the abyss of despair. This step forced him to watch helplessly as the Soul Congregation Array clashed into the mountainous Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang stretched open his eyes, suddenly feeling a thrilling stir inside.


As crispy as ever was the sound of talisman array smashing onto the floor.

Simple and straightforward.

The fragile talisman array surely couldn't withstand even a single blow by something as heavy as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. With just one collision, the array splintered and cracked until it completely burst apart.

The dense, mystifying patterns that covered its surface also shattered.


A spiral of wind howled in the sky.

What followed was a chorus of blood-curling shrieks that made everyone's hair stand on end.

"That's the Soul Congregation Array! An array that has absorbed hundreds of thousands of spiritual essences and phantom spirits! If it shatters... it'll release mobs of phantom spirits that will transform everything within a radius of ten miles into a devil's village!"

The Venerable Master's face was filled with bewilderment and rage. He couldn't care less if everything within a ten miles radius turned into a town of ghosts. However, it did pain him to lose the countless spiritual essence he had collected laboriously.

The deprivation of so many spiritual essences and phantom spirits... was a major blow to the Shura Sect!

Wretched wails reverberated through the entire Imperial City.

High up in the sky, black clouds began to roll in, engulfing the city into a world of darkness.

Shadows after shadows of ghostly white phantom spirits soared out of the array. Emitting billows of grievance and bitterness, they glided through the sky.

Bu Fang blanched slightly. He had never expected the array's destruction to bring about such a ghastly sight.

The chubby elder from afar also wore a frosty expression.

He already knew that the Shura Sect intentionally initiated this war to accumulate spiritual essences and phantom spirits, and thus prepare for the sect's resurrection. Yet he had never imagined such a tiny magic array to be overflowing with this many spiritual essences.

The Shura Sect... was certainly heinous and despicable!

He suddenly recalled that bloody massacre of the southern region by the hands of the Shura Sect.

The blood-haired Shura Sect Venerable howled disconcertedly and hurriedly extracted a gray orb from his pockets.

"The Semi-Divine Tool... Departed Soul Orb!"

The chubby elder's eyes lit up as he let out a surprised squeal.

With a flicker of the mind, the Venerable Master triggered the Departed Soul Orb, which then began to faintly glow in a grayish shade.

The magic array had perished, but he must try to salvage the escaped spiritual essences.

The Venerable Master clenched his teeth and activated the Departed Soul Orb. Miserable screeches filled the sky as the spiritual essences all flew toward the Departed Soul Orb.

However, a lazy bark suddenly echoed, resounding across the heavens. This woof was not loud at all. Yet this very bark prompted the sky full of phantom spirits to stop on their tracks. Their silhouettes, half-way into the Departed Soul Orb, also froze.

Perplexity filled the Venerable Master's face.

His heart lurched as he peered toward the little store, only to see the plump black dog who was napping suddenly standing up on all fours.

The fat on the dog's body swayed as he sauntered in elegantly.

His doggy paws were agile and light, not making a sound as they tapped on the floor.

"What does this dog want?!"

The Venerable Master widened his eyes, filled with bewilderment deep down. Could it be this dog here had some sort of capabilities?

Bu Fang was equally puzzled. Was Blacky about to make a move?

Wandering to the center of the small alleyway, Blacky tilted his doggy head and gazed at the spiritual essences and phantom spirits that covered the sky above. His jaws widened.

Afterwards, he raised his doggy head and woofed.

This melodious bark traveled for a thousand miles, not fading anytime soon.

The Departed Soul Orb glimmered, suddenly losing its power to absorb the spiritual essences.

The phantom spirits drifting in the sky formed the shape of a funnel and gushed into Blacky's jaws at an incredible speed.

The winds whistled ferociously and the clouds changed colors.

After a few inhales, the teeth-grinding, claws-waving phantom spirits all glided down Blacky's throat.

The gloomy clouds dispersed, returning everything to its tranquil state.

The bark finally stopped, and in replacement of it was a... satisfying burp, much like one after a hearty meal.

"As expected, the taste of these spiritual essences and phantom spirits cannot compare with that of the delicious Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs."

A tender male voice rang in the air.

Blacky stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He uttered these words as he gazed at the stupefied Shura Sect Venerable.