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 Chapter 321: The Black Turtle Constellation Wok Rams the Venerable Master

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

A black-robed shadow traversed the sky above the Imperial City, treading on air.

With every step, the air particles looked as if solidified into physical pieces of rock, allowing the traveler to step over them.

The gloom-faced Shura Sect Venerable dashed toward the general location of Fang Fang's Little Store.

Outside of the Imperial City, Ji Chengyu had commanded his army to wait for further orders. He was truly frightened this time around, since even the Shura Sect Blood Guards faced defeat. Provided that they couldn't deal with him, could the Venerable Master really tackle Bu Fang?

If the Venerable Master ended up subdued, their entire team would have no choice but to retreat.

After all, in confronting a supreme beast invulnerable to the Venerable Master, what reasons were there not to withdraw?

Inside Fang Fang's Little Store.

Having beaten the Blood Guards, effectively forcing them to flee, Bu Fang withdrew the talisman array once more. Its sheer amount of seekers spoke volume to the preciousness of this object.

Could it be that there was a secret unknown to him behind this object?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and studied it with his inquisitive eyes.

The five pieces of jade talisman were carefully carved to display intricate, intertwining magic array patterns. Together, they formed an even more mystifying array.

Instead of a magic array, it was perhaps more accurately characterized as a prison. Within that magic array were wailing ghost shadows grinding their teeth and waving their claws.

"What a devilish thing..."

Bu Fang placed the magic array onto the table. A wisp of smoke twirled around his hand, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his palm.

Say, what would happen if he smashed this magic array into pieces?

Bu Fang's heart itched to give it a try.

Just as he was about to slice open the magic array with his knife, an appalling force of pressure suddenly befell the store. This was a force of energy much stronger than that of the two almost Supreme-Being Blood Guards from before.

Bu Fang's heart lurched.

Boom Boom Bang...

It was almost as if the sky darkened at this very moment, enshrouding the store with gloomy black clouds.

Bu Fang put away the talisman array and arched his brows. There had been quite a few troublemakers showing up that day.

One visitor after another?

Bu Fang walked to the store's entrance and immediately caught sight of the black-robed warrior gliding towards him through the air. The dark robe seemed all too familiar to him.

Wasn't he from the Shura Sect?

Bu Fang had dealt with Shura Sect warriors enough times to observe their similarly fashioned black gowns.

The Venerable Master was at first unaware of the store's specific location. However, he could easily detect the presence of the talisman array. With the Departed Soul Orb in his hands, he was rather acquainted with the energy waves of the Soul Congregation Array.

The Venerable Master's icy eyes peered downwards and landed on Bu Fang.

The black and white hair on his head fluttered in the wind.

"Only a sixth grade Battle-Emperor..."

The Venerable Master scrunched his eyebrows and immediately saw through Bu Fang's cultivation level. However, this gave him an even more eerie sense deep down inside. Just hovering above the store, he could somehow detect an indescribable sense of crisis hitting him. If it was danger that even a Supreme-Being like him could sense... could there be some kind of formidable existence hidden within the store?

Huh? What could that be?

There were all sorts of doubts and conjectures in the Venerable Master's heart. He glimpsed at Bu Fang and then fixated his glance on Whitey, who was behind Bu Fang. He then turned to look at Ouyang Xiaoyi, who had merrily stuck her head out, and after scanning the entire environment, landed his gaze on the big black dog lying before the entrance.

"A dog?"

With everything this store had to offer, what looked the most like a supreme beast... would have to be the chubby black dog.

But a dog... as a Supreme Beast? How could that be?

The Venerable Master also failed to detect any signs of energy of a supreme beast on the black dog.

"You're the one who wounded my Shura Sect Blood Guards?"

A chilled voice resounded in the air as the Venerable Master questioned Bu Fang coldly.

Bu Fang curled his lips. As expected...

He retrieved the talisman array and casually waved his hand.

"You're also here for this magic array, correct?"

The Soul Congregation Array! The Venerable Master's pupils shrank, his eyes glued to the talisman array. This was something linked to the fate of the Shura Sect's rejuvenation.

"That's right! Hand it over!"

The Venerable Master stepped forward. His figure blurred, transforming into streaks of shadows across the air, and suddenly appeared right before Bu Fang. Waves of energy soared to the heavens, surging with a powerful force of pressure. That was the formidable capability of a Supreme-Being.

However, within the store, Bu Fang was not affected in the least bit.

A slightly chubby elder observed this sight from afar. He instantly drew in a chilled breath and muttered to himself, "Oh gosh! Owner Bu is certainly one of a kind. Able to keep his cool under a Supreme-Being's pressure. What a monster!"

"I've got three groups of people rolling in today demanding for the talisman. You're amongst the third group. Is this magic array really that important?"

Bu Fang casually tossed up the magic array, speeding up the Venerable Master's feeble breath.

An object that concerned the resurrection of the Shura Sect was thrown around like a toy by the lad before him. This was a complete insult to him.

The only way to wipe away this humiliation was to exterminate Bu Fang!

"As I said... give it to me!"

The Venerable Master bellowed, his thunderous voice churning like tumultuous ocean waves. The crushed stones on the pavement began to shake.

Whitey's eyes turned purple that very instant. A giant blade appeared and shielded Bu Fang's body. With the flash of a blade, the machete slashed toward the Shura Sect Venerable.

"Get lost!"

The seething Venerable Master waved his hand and collided with Whitey's strike.


The Venerable Master's punch sent Whitey staggering back a couple of steps. Its purple eyes continued to flicker.

Sensing a searing pain, the Venerable Master lowered his head to examine his hand. He discovered a bloody gash across his palm!

He was a fierce warrior even among the Supreme-Being echelon. How could he be wounded by a metallic lump of a puppet!

"A ninth grade puppet? Looks like I underestimated you!" The Venerable Master chuckled scornfully.

Nonetheless, he was not the least bit intimidated. A simple puppet did not instill fear in him. For a Supreme-Being, a puppet was only just a puppet and nothing more.

Bu Fang was caught by surprise. This was the first time he had witnessed Whitey stumbling backward. The old fellow before his eyes must have a superior cultivation level.

Pitch-black waves of true energy gushed out of the Venerable Master, materializing into a pack of true energy wolves.

These ferocious wolves emanated dark waves of true energy, their eyes flaring a blood red tone as they fixated on Whitey. With a chorus of wolf howls, the creatures darted straight for the puppet.

Whitey waved its giant blade, slicing the true energy wolves into shreds. Its mechanic body was as solid as rock, absolutely invulnerable to the wolves' fierce bites.

The Venerable Master narrowed his eyes. This was the first time he witnessed such a peculiar puppet. Even the infamous Puppet Sect from the Hidden Dragon Continent possessed no such extraordinary puppets!

However, it didn't matter what this puppet was. If it was determined to obstruct him from retrieving the Soul Congregation Array, then it must be demolished!

The Venerable Master extended a step. Pumping with energy, he flashed by like countless shadows and appeared right before Whitey. With clenched fists, he was about to pound Whitey with the force of an erupting volcano.

Whitey shielded itself with its giant blade. After a thunderous boom, its entire figure was sent backward until it was on all fours. The pavement underneath cracked into piles of crushed stones.

Seeing Whitey at such a disadvantage, Bu Fang knitted his brows into a frown. Though Whitey's robotic body saved it from accumulating serious external wounds, they simply could not go on like this.

With the flick of his mind, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok suddenly appeared in his right hand.

The pitch-black, unadorned Black Turtle Constellation Wok gave off a sense of somberness.

Waves of true energy burst out and flooded into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The mysterious magic patterns on the wok immediately lit up. The pitch-black wok suddenly shone brilliantly with a golden gleam. It was now as dazzling and radiant as the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Clutching the rim of the golden wok, Bu Fang took in a deep breath and then flung it out with a deadpan face.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok, with the force of towering mountains, smashed towards the Venerable Master.

Everything it passed, including the air itself, looked as if being ripped apart!

Having slammed another punch at Whitey, the Venerable Master lifted up his head only to see a golden wok heading his way.

"What is this?! A semi-divine tool?"

The Venerable Master furrowed his brows and thrust a fist toward the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.


The fist and wok clashed.

The Venerable Master's expression immediately changed for the worse. It felt like his punch landed on a mighty mountain. Even his knuckles began to numb.

What the hell...

Summoning all the true energy in his body, the Venerable Master uncurled his fist. Using both palms, he shoved his force toward the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. His figure sped through the surrounding space and was finally able to halt the advance of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

A wok that could subdue Blood Guards turned out to be no match for a real Supreme-Being.

Bu Fang felt it a pity. He had just used up more than half of the true energy in his body.

Compared to the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, this Black Turtle Constellation Wok drained much more of his true energy.

As its waves of true energy scattered, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok also dissipated and returned to Bu Fang's side. He grabbed it in his hands.

"This really is a semi-divine tool... with a ninth grade puppet and such a marvelous semi-divine tool, who are you and what's your deal? The southern region couldn't have possibly cultivated someone like you. Could it be that you come from somewhere else?"

The Venerable Master shook his numbed hands but kept his eyes glued to Bu Fang.

Still lying on the floor, Blacky heard the Venerable Master's inquiry and suddenly twitched his doggy ears. He lifted up his doggy head and gazed at the flabbergasted Venerable Master.