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 Chapter 320: The Invincible Shura Sect Venerable

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Outside the Imperial City of the Light Wind Empire.

A daunting force of energy dissipated as the clouds were suddenly compressed by a sense of pressure, almost as if they were about to explode. A figure dashed down from the clouds and landed on the ground outside the city walls.

It was as if a huge hammer was forcibly plunged into the floor, causing the entire ground to tremble. The crowd observed dense, cobweb-like cracks emerging on the earth's surface, as though it was about to shatter.

Ji Chengyu's army backed off a little to keep a safe distance from that location.

Everyone peered, with solemn faces, toward the site from which smoke and dust were spreading and rising.

"That is the Clear Sky Pagoda of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, this is all it's got."

The sound of a cold smirk, which contained a trace of disdain, reverberated through the heavens.

Riding on a spirit horse next to Ji Chengyu, Zhao Musheng instantly curled the corners of his mouth. The Venerable Master won the battle just as he expected.


The faces of the crowd on the wall immediately became ghostly pale. The warriors of the Hundred Thousand Mountains also felt their hearts sink to the bottom of their stomachs. Their Great Elder... was defeated?

"Bah... You demon, it's too early for you to celebrate!"

With an exasperated exclamation, a cloud of black shadow suddenly inflated within the smoke. A gourd, expanding in size at a speed detectable to the naked eye, charged at the Venerable Master floating in the sky.

The same look of contempt flashed across the Venerable Master's eyes once more. His head of grayish-white hair fluttered against the wind as he raised a foot.

An enormous black wave of true energy began to converge, condensing into a giant foot up in the heavens. Then, it came stamping down...

The gourd and the foot collided in an explosion. The already swelled gourd instantly jerked, and in the next very moment, shrank like a deflated balloon.

The chubby elder glared at once from down below, so depressed that he almost coughed up blood. The gourd returned to his side.

However, the foot was still stamping down.


Akin to an earthquake, cracks stretched across the pavement, spreading around the giant footprint before the Imperial City gates.

Everyone on the city walls felt like their hearts were smashed down by this step and almost physically crushed.

"Great Elder..."

The warriors of the Hundred Thousand Mountains were stripped of their last shred of hope.

"Stop shrilling, I'm not dead yet! Cough..."

A figure emerged on the walls. He picked his disheveled self up, with his body covered with dirt and dust, coughing nonstop.

The chubby old man cast a grave gaze at the Shura Sect Venerable, who was hovering in the air majestically, but sighed secretly in his heart.

The Shura Sect's techniques were simply too domineering. This Venerable Master had reached the middle stage of Supreme-Being. He himself was no rival to such daunting techniques.

The Venerable Master peered at the chubby elder coolly and lifted up his hands. Pitch-black smoke made of true energy began to swirl once again.

All of a sudden, his mind flickered, prompting him to turn his face toward a spot on the wall.

Over there, two blood red streaks of lightning flashed by. They rapidly bolted through the crowd, dashed out of the city, and stopped in the air.

The bloody mists scattered, revealing the figures of the two Blood Guards.

"Huh? The Blood Guards have returned. They must have retrieved the Soul Congregation Array." The Venerable Master's mind flickered as he thought to himself.

However, when he could clearly see the appearance of the two Blood Guards, his pupils shrank. The two Blood Guards were in a sorry state. On top of that, one them was clearly missing an arm, with a face as pale as a ghost.

"What happened? How did they get hurt? Where is the Soul Congregation Array that was supposed to be brought back?"

"You two..."

"Venerable Master... We failed you!"

The uninjured Blood Guard replied with resentment. They didn't anticipate there to be an intimidating ninth grade puppet with an invulnerable physical body and formidable combat abilities guarding the store.

More importantly... there was also that fellow flinging woks at everyone from the store!

Were it not for the flying woks, they could have had a chance at beating the puppet!

The miserable looks of the two Blood Guards instantly startled everyone. Ji Chengxue, standing up on the wall, was so delighted that he even smacked the wall stones with excitement.

Sure enough, Owner Bu's store was not easy to intrude, for a supreme beast was standing guard there!

These people were basically asking for trouble! So far, Ji Chengxue had never seen anyone manage to take advantage of Fang Fang's Little Store.

The bodies of both Ji Chengyu and Zhao Musheng's trembled as they gasped from down below.

Two Shura Sect Blood Guards, essentially powerful enough to match a Supreme-Being warrior, were actually... subdued!

One of them even lost an arm, this... was too disturbing!

Bu Fang's poker face flashed across Ji Chengyu's mind, giving his brain a throbbing headache.

Zhao Musheng wore a fierce look, refusing to accept the outcome. How could it be that... two Blood Guards were not enough to handle Bu Fang?!

The Venerable Master drew in a breath, recognizing the thorny problem on his hands. One of the Blood Guards even lost an arm. Was the guy who snatched the Soul Congregation Array really that powerful?

"Hahaha! So this is what the Shura Sect demons are capable of, such as it is!"

The chubby elder, seeing the miserable Blood Guards from the wall, immediately burst into fits of laughter, his face filled with thrill.

Owner Bu was truly competent, no wonder he could make a dish like Dragon Liver Popsicle!

The piercing laughter echoed in the ears of the Blood Guards, filling their eyes with blood. They were the Shura Sect Blood Guards, they would rather die than be humiliated!

"Take off. Tend to your wounds first, at least wait until your arm is recovered." The Venerable Master held back the Blood Guard who was about to step out and instructed calmly as he gazed at the chubby elder down below. He knitted his eyebrows into a frown.

Even though the chubby elder was injured, it was still very difficult to finish him off. At the end of the day, that fellow was still a ninth grade Supreme-Being. He must have some trump cards up his sleeves.

"But Venerable Master, the Soul Congregation Array..."

"I'll go get it myself. You two take care of your injuries first. The resurrection of the Shura Sect depends on it, as we cannot afford to lose any Blood Guard."

He patted the Blood Guards on the shoulders. The two then landed on the ground and slipped into Ji Chengyu's troops.

Afterwards, the Venerable Master turned his face toward the city walls. Hovering in the air, he strolled toward the city wall step by step. The crowd on the wall broke into a commotion as the force of pressure intensified alongside the Venerable Master's steps.

Ji Chengxue blanched. He felt a domineering force of pressure, causing his legs to tremble with fear.

A ninth grade Supreme-Being was absolutely formidable.

"Stop!" There was no way that the chubby elder could just sit there and watch the Venerable Master go on a rampage, and so he shouted out loudly.

"You're not my match, you cannot block me." The Venerable Master announced.

The chubby elder's face immediately flushed with mortification.

"Even if that is the case, this is the capital of our empire after all. You and I are both Supreme-Beings and we shouldn't have interfered with this battle! If you are set out for a city-wide massacre today, the countless Supreme-Beings of the Southern Region will never let you off!" The chubby elder declared.

The Venerable Master ceased his steps. Whistling winds brushed past his sleeves.

"Let me in. I just want to retrieve something that belongs to our Shura Sect, and also deal with the fellow who hurt my Blood Guards."

No more slaughters?

Hearing these words from the Venerable Master, the crowd on the walls sighed in relief. The daunting force of pressure that burst out of the Venerable Master made them think he was about to wipe out the entire capital.

So he was only going to be Owner Bu's problem...

Ji Chengxue frowned. He wanted to say something but was pulled back by Elder Sun.

"Your Majesty, you might not want to speak up. The Emperor of an Empire is merely a nonentity to a Supreme-Being... It's not worth risking your life to irritate him," Elder Sun suggested solemnly.

"Besides, if Bu Fang's store could defeat the Blood Guards all by itself, then you've got nothing to worry about. You should look after yourself and your empire!"

For a moment there, Ji Chengxue had nothing to say to that.

The chubby elder wanted to intercept once more but the Venerable Master lost all patience. As he glared, a sense of hostility erupted. Pitch-black, towering waves of energy stormed along like dark clouds, overwhelming everyone nearby.

"Don't you stop me. Otherwise, I won't hold back anymore... At that point, don't blame me for the bloodshed of the Imperial City!"

The chubby elder felt his heart skip a beat as he was shaken to the core. Sure enough, flattening the entire city meant nothing to the Shura Sect demons.

The Venerable Master stepped across the heads of the crowd beneath, making them feel weak and powerless.

The chubby elder gazed as the Venerable Master headed for Fang Fang's Little Store. He clenched his teeth, twisted his plump waist, and trailed behind.