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 Chapter 319: A Wok Shooting For The Heavens

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was made of an ancient mysterious shell. This material was extremely sturdy and weighed heavily. Perhaps because Bu Fang was its rightful owner, he himself did not feel the heaviness of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. However, that did not stop Bu Fang... from using it as a weapon to knock out other people.

This was the first time Bu Fang witnessed Whitey being tied down by the adversary. In the past, Whitey had always swiftly defeated its opponents. But now, Whitey seemed to be truly constrained by the Blood Guards.

Amidst the toss and turns, the blood curling howls of the dragon silhouettes made one's scalp have pins and needles.

Every time Whitey chopped apart the blood dragon, it did not take long for the clouds of blood to condense and materialize into a revived creature.

This gave Bu Fang a push to help Whitey.

Bu Fang had yet to receive the so-called "Ten Thousand Bestial Flames" from the system. Until then, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hand... was only a wok, at the end of the day. It just occurred to Bu Fang, in a split second of inspiration, that he might use it as a weapon.

Weighing many tons, once this wok smashed down, one would run home crying to one's mother!

Bu Fang clutched the rim of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. This touch sent an ice-cold sensation spreading through his entire body, from head to toe. However, he felt a burning flame in his heart.

He took a step backward, swaying the Black Turtle Constellation Wok behind him, and then suddenly darted forward as he let go of the wok.

"Off you go!"

After a light utterance, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was sent propelling into the sky.

This Black Turtle Constellation Wok did have another unique characteristic, which was the ability to easily change in size. However, activating this did consume Bu Fang's true energy.

This time, Bu Fang did not charge the wok with flows of true energy as he usually did with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, lest the Black Turtle Constellation Wok transformed in size.

The pitch-black Black Turtle Constellation Wok oscillated, as if a lonely boat floating on the vast ocean, drifting towards the heart of the tumultuous sea.

The loud pounding noise caught the attention of the two Blood Guards.

However, one of them merely shot a scornful look.

That was because he easily detected Bu Fang's cultivation level at first glance-the fellow was merely a sixth level Battle-Emperor. People like such were like ants to a strong warrior like him, who would effortlessly exterminate a batch with the snap of his finger.

Therefore, the strike launched by a sixth grade Battle-Emperor did not garner much consideration from him.

Imagine a tiny little ant snarling and clawing at you, threatening to bite you, what would be your reaction? You'd probably scoff and then slap it to death.

They held the same attitude toward the flying wok...

It meant nothing to them.

Their main target at the moment remained the almighty metallic lump, who they found a true match. Even though they could withstand a Supreme-Being with combined forces, they were at no advantage in the face of this metallic lump.

Bang Bang!!

After two loud explosions, Whitey once again chopped up the two blood dragon silhouettes wrapped around the Blood Guards. A surge of blood clouds dissipated.

The Blood Guards staggered a few steps backward, a trace of ruthlessness flashing across their eyes. The blood dragons had condensed once more and charged toward Whitey.

A black wok swung their way at a steady but slow speed. Given the cultivation level of the Blood Guards, anything that didn't travel at a supersonic speed essentially crawled like a snail in their eyes.

A wok charging their way like a wriggling snail. Now, was it there to give them a massage?

The Blood Guards laughed contemptuously.

Within the store, Bu Fang swung his arm. Even though he wasn't burdened by the incredible weight of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as its owner, it was still a large, and thus naturally heavy, wok. Once flinging it out, Bu Fang felt his arm numb. He shook his arm and then stared straight at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

"Get lost!"

After flying for a few seconds, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok finally approached the side of a Blood Guard, who shot it a dismissive glance and snorted coolly. He hurled out a bloody force of energy to smash this wok into smithereens.

It was only a wok, was it going to shoot for the heavens or what?

From the perspective of the Blood Guard, a strike from him would be insufferable to an average seventh grade Battle-Saint, not to mention a wok flung by a sixth grade Battle-Emperor.

The bloody streak of energy thrashed out like a dragon and collided with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok fiercely.

There wasn't the expected booming explosion, nor a battered wok smashed away as imagined.

The bloody streak of energy crashed into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, but as if an egg hitting a stone, cracked and dispersed with a light pop.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok didn't even swerve, and instead continued to glide through the air.

When the Black Turtle Constellation Wok drifted in with whistling winds, the Blood Guard was caught by surprise.

"This wok... why is it still here?" The Blood Guard asked in bewilderment with a frozen face.

"You haven't smashed it into pieces yet?" The other Blood Guard asked confusedly.

A flying wok shooting their way in the middle of a battle with a ninth grade puppet-why give it the chance to spoil their plan?

The first Blood Guard's face darkened. Then, he blew out a long breath, prompting the blood toned true energy wrapped around his arm to charge at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He evidently did not take this Black Turtle Constellation Wok seriously. As he launched that strike, his gaze fell once again on the metallic puppet dashing forward like a thunderstorm.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok swayed. It finally came into close contact with the Blood Guard's palm as Bu Fang watched with sparkling eyes.

The palm, cloaked with waves of true energy, finally slammed into the wok.

At last, his expression... soured!

It dawned on the guard that his strike... failed to move the wok by even an inch. He felt like he had just slammed his palm into a towering mountain.

Are you freaking kidding me? It's just a simple wok!

The hefty wok continued to close in, bending the Blood Guard's arm. As he gaped on, he suddenly realized that the wok was charging straight at him.

The wok's frosty cold rim crushed his arm as it smashed into his head without any precaution.

The hell...


A light crispy sound reverberated in the air.

The other Blood Guard felt his body tremble. He twisted around his head in confusion only to witness an aghast sight.

The Blood Guard smacked by the wok was flung far away into the sky. He looked stupefied with his dazed eyes and mouth agape, disbelief written all over his face.

Once hit by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Blood Guard felt like his world had turned into a shade of gloomy gray. Everything before his eyes had turned upside down and continued to morph into different shapes. A searing headache caused the roots of his teeth to tingle.

This wok... really was shooting for the heavens!

With a bang, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok has dispersed into a ball of smoke and returned to Bu Fang's side.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok lay quietly beside Bu Fang as he merrily rubbed its rim.

This Black Turtle Constellation Wok has certainly lived up to its name of weighing ten thousand tons. Though it didn't smash the Blood Guard to death... it certainly knocked the wind out of him.

Bu Fang felt somewhat dissatisfied inside, but he quickly got over it. After all, he was only a sixth grade Battle-Emperor himself. Given that, it was already an impressive feat to knock an almost Supreme-Being out of breath.

While one of the Blood Guards was still in a state of shock, Whitey began to amplify the purple beam shining in its eyes. With a blare, the bricks beneath Whitey's feet cracked and shattered. Its figure bolted toward the dazed Blood Guard like a flash of lightning, hurtling forward with a terrifying force.

The color drained from the other Blood Guard's face.

"Snap out of it!!"

He bawled, hoping desperately to awaken the stupefied Blood Guard. The latter suddenly regained consciousness upon hearing this bellow, his world finally becoming clear again.

His embarrassment had developed into a fit of rage. This was the kind of wrath one would feel if one was told to eat shit.

Damn it... He was a superior warrior half a foot away from reaching the echelon of Supreme-Being. How could he bear being subdued by a sixth grade Battle-Emperor toying around with a cooking wok.

What about his honor?!


A purple beam of light scanned over his body, sending shivers down this fuming Blood Guard. He widened his eyes into a glare.

What he saw was Whitey's frosty gape and its gigantic blade glowing coldly beneath the sunshine.


As the blade swooshed down on him, whistling against the wind, he felt as if he had just fallen through the hole of a frozen lake.

Whitey's slash was as fast as a lightning bolt, almost cutting through the air as it slashed down.


The sound turned this Blood Guard's body rigid.

It was true that the two of them could withstand Whitey, a ninth grade puppet, as a team... However, this was under the premise that they could utilize true energy from a remote distance to exhaust the opponent.

Their bodies of flesh simply could not compare with the freaky puppet's body of iron. And yet, the puppet was drawing even closer to them...


The blade swung downwards, sending blood everywhere.

One of the Blood Guards pulled his dumbfounded partner out of the way just in time to avoid him being sliced into two halves. But still, the startled Blood Guard had lost an arm. He wailed miserably as blood spurted out from the nasty gash.

The one-armed Blood Guard with bloodshot eyes reached out his remaining arm, sucking back both the blood he had lost and his amputated arm.

Whitey spun in the air and landed on the ground. Once its feet touched the pavement, it began to charge toward the two Blood Guards yet again, rampage-style. Its purple eyes flared menacingly as its blade soared like a dragon.

"Go! Let's go! We are no match to this puppet!"

The one-armed Blood Guard yelped. Without another second of hesitation, they turned to flee.

Since they were able to step across the clouds, Whitey had a hard time catching up.


Whitey landed on the floor, kicking up a cloud of dust around it.

Within the store, Bu Fang clutched the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with a single hand. He was prepared to toss it out once again, but was surprised to see the cowards taking flight.

Finding all this dull and uninteresting, Bu Fang concentrated his mind. With that, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok turned into a poof of smoke and disappeared into Bu Fang's wrist.

Smacking his lips, he rubbed his chin.

Surely there wasn't anything a wok couldn't settle. If one wasn't enough, then we shall make it two.