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 Chapter 318: Whitey Battles the Blood Guards

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Light Wind Empire, the city gates.

A thunder was storming in the sky as terrifying waves of true energy continued to spread. Such rumbles of thunder broke through the cloud banks, which were effectively dispersed by the rolls of true energy.

Two figures approached, walking on clouds. Through the hazy mists, one could detect the two coming at each other, exchanging ferocious blows.

The crowds from beneath tilted their heads to observe the fight. Terror was stamped across their faces. What they were witnessing were warriors from the Supreme-Being echelon.

"King Yu... This is the perfect time for us to seize the city."

The battle above their heads continued, but it did not capture Zhao Musheng's attention. Instead, he moved closer to Ji Chengyu and whispered in his ears.

The Supreme-Being of the Clear Sky Pagoda had arrived, which deeply unnerved Zhao Musheng. Once the Supreme-Being warriors of other spheres of influence arrived, their chances of conquering the city would be rather slim.

Though there was also a Supreme-Being on their side, they only had one. Even with their Supreme-Being able to summon duplicate versions of himself, they were hardly at an advantage when the other Supreme-Beings arrived.

By then, under the safeguard of multiple Supreme-Beings, the city would be infinitely harder to vanquish.

Zhao Musheng's concern also flashed across Ji Chengyu's mind. This kind of anxiety was common, but Ji Chengyu was actually preoccupied with another issue... and that was the two Blood Guards who went into the Imperial City to hassle Bu Fang.

Zhao Musheng hoped for the two Blood Guards to capture Bu Fang before they officially attacked the city. But would Bu Fang be easily seized?

After all, there was a supreme beast protecting his store...

If the two Blood Guards fail their mission and instead ruffle that supreme beast... prompting it to step in, then it would truly complicate things.

"Never mind... let's wait for a bit more. Once the Blood Guards successfully take Bu Fang captive, we can immediately besiege the city." Ji Chengyu announced resolutely.

Zhao Musheng was taken aback but kept silent.

Ji Chengyu wanted to play it safe, but at this point, Zhao Musheng began to wonder whether he was too optimistic... despite the fact that two Blood Guards should suffice to withstand a supreme beast.


Two bloody streaks of shadows dashed through the streets of the Imperial City at an incredible speed. They flashed past like tornados and disappeared from sight.

Once they approached Fang Fang's Little Store, the two bloody shadows finally stopped in their tracks. These were the Blood Guards of the Shura Sect. One of the Blood Guards clutched his jade platter, which glistened with sparkling spots.

"This is the store in the small alleyway... precisely where the Soul Congregation Array last appeared," a Blood Guard uttered with a raspy voice. Then the two exchanged glances, nodded lightly, and bolted toward the small alleyway.

Once stepping into the alleyway, both figures froze.

Given their superior cultivation levels-almost half a foot in the echelon of Supreme-Being, they could easily detect the sense of pressure spreading from the store.

The modest store was not big in size. A snoring black dog lay before the door. There was also someone lounging in a chair nearby... No matter how they looked, the store did not scream danger.

The Blood Guards scrunched their brows as a trace of perplexity flashed across their eyes. Afterwards, they walked toward the store.

Blacky, who was lying flat on the floor, twitched his nose and stretched open his doggy eyes. He studied the Blood Guards standing before him.

Damn, they stank like hell.

Blacky humphed, then twisted his head away in disgust to resume sleeping.

Bu Fang, still slouching in his chair, was taken by surprise as he noticed two Blood Guards walking toward him. The moment Bu Fang lifted up his head, he locked eyes with the two Blood Guards, who now wore fierce looks on their faces.

"You lad... tell the owner to come out!"

A Blood Guard scanned his surrounding cautiously. They were not in a hurry to make a move since the store gave them a lingering sense of crisis. Bu Fang curled his lips, suddenly bringing his relaxed posture into an erect position. He peered at them and replied: "I am the store owner."


The Blood Guard glowered and put on a wry smile. He immediately took a step forward.

As if the bricks on the floor somehow contracted, the Blood Guard suddenly appeared right before Bu Fang. A terrifying force of energy exploded, extending even to the tip of his now floating strands of hair.

His face was only inches away from Bu Fang's.

Bu Fang glanced back this Blood Guard completely unflustered, but his brows furrowed into a frown...

The heavy stench of blood on the Blood Guard simply repulsed him.

"Don't stand so close to me. I don't even know you that well." Bu Fang waved his hands.

"If you are the store owner, you must have the Soul Congregation Array that belongs to our Shura Sect, right? Hand it over... and I'll spare your life." The Blood Guard commanded.

A blood red swirl of true energy circulated upon his palm.


As soon his voice died away, he suddenly felt a daunting sensation strike through his heart. He lifted up his head only to see a red-eyed metallic lump probing him.

Huh? This metallic lump...

"The Soul Congregation Array?" Bu Fang arched his brows. Tapping his foot on the floor ever so lightly, he suddenly shot backward on his chair, effectively distancing himself from the Blood Guard.

He stood up from the chair and lifted up his hand. With the flick of his mind, a magic array consisted of five worn-out talismans instantly materialized upon his palm.

"You mean this thing," Bu Fang said with a deadpan face.

The Soul Congregation Array!!

The moment Bu Fang took out this magic array, sparkling rays of light suddenly shot out of the two Blood Guards' eyes. The jade platters in their hands also began to radiate.

It was on him after all! They got the right person. As long as they brought this Soul Congregation Array back, they would have successfully completed the High Priestess' task!

Both Blood Guards felt a fire burning in their hearts.

"That's the one! Give me the Soul Congregation Array!!"


The force of energy on one of the Blood Guards suddenly swelled. He widened his eyes and bellowed at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang simply puckered his lips, casually tossed up the Soul Congregation Array and stored it back into the system's dimensional storage, still composed as ever.


"You're courting death!"

One of the hot-tempered Blood Guard instantly exploded with rage. He breathed out a mist of blood that engulfed the surrounding. They soared toward Bu Fang like blood red flashes of lightning, seeking to seize him.


However, the Blood Guards were immediately intercepted by Whitey once they dashed into they store. Whitey's red mechanic eyes had already turned into a purple, flashing in a shade so dark that they sent shivers down the Blood Guards' spines.

Whitey thrust out a punch that landed directly on the Blood Guards. The force of his strike was so powerful that it astonished them.

The Blood Guards found their bodies flung outwards, landing on the pavement outside of the store. Then, they picked themselves up.

"This puppet has a ninth grade combat capability..." Traces of bewilderment filled the eyes of the Blood Guards. The two locked eyes, their expressions becoming grave.

But so what if it had a ninth grade combat capability? With combined forces... they could withstand even a Supreme-Being!

Bang Bang!

True energy burst forth as clouds of blood rose from their bodies. Like two beams of light, they shot straight to the sky.

Those on the city walls caught sight of the two looming beams of light. They felt their bodies tremble.

"The demons of the Shura Sect... have already began battling with the supreme beast in Owner Bu's store?"

"Who will win? Their match... will determine the outcome of this war."'

Many people muttered to themselves.

Ji Chengyu's eyes were also glued to the blood red streaks of light. He certainly hoped with all his heart for the Blood Guards to triumph, however... he had a bad feeling about it all.

Bu Fang's blank face surfaced in his mind once again as his heart thudded.


Bu Fang glanced calmly at the two Blood Guards erupting with surges of blood-colored true energy. These two really did have impressive cultivation levels. That force of pressure was the strongest Bu Fang has ever felt so far.

Whitey's purple eyes flashed as one of its arms had already transformed into a sharp blade. A cold chill circulated about as the blade slashed down, aiming for the two Blood Guards.

In that very moment, Whitey's figure launched like a rocket, charging directly at the two.


Two blood-colored dragons suddenly emerged, tossing and turning. With a forbidding wave of energy, they rushed down at Whitey.

Boom Boom Bang!

The entire small alleyway instantly shattered into bits and pieces, its walls demolished into rubbles.

Three figures collided with each other ferociously. Every collision brought a loud wham.

Whitey did not have any true energy, but its iron body was solid and unrivaled to a body of flesh.

The two Blood Guards relied on their blood dragon silhouettes to drag down Whitey. After all, they were warriors strong enough to resist ninth grade Supreme-Beings. Whitey was caught off guard for a moment there, finding an easy win not possible.

Blacky was still lying on the floor. It yawned sluggishly and made nothing of the scene before him.

Bu Fang walked to the door and watched the battle with glistening eyes.

With a flick of his mind, a dark wisp of smoke began to twirl around his left hand. A wok expanded in size and fully materialized before him.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok floated before him quietly. Bu Fang extended his long fingers to stroke the cold rim of the wok. A heavy feeling weighed Bu Fang's heart.

Afterwards, Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and snatched up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with a single hand. He drew in a deep breath, fixating his eyes on the Blood Guards in the battle.

He aimed carefully.

One, two three... off you go!