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 Chapter 317: Battle of The Supreme-Being, Incoming!

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The Intense Sun Bird, with an essential attribute of fire, was a powerful spirit beast living in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. This species was exceptionally scarce and rare. As an eighth grade spirit beast, every Intense Sun Bird had formidable combat abilities. One single spurt of its flames could burn an average seventh grade warrior to ashes.

Even the Clear Sky Pagoda of the Hundred Thousand Mountains only possessed two of such Intense Sun Birds, and both were considered extremely precious.

Therefore, nobody had ever expected an Intense Sun Bird to show up right there...

To top it all off, on the back of the Intense Sun Bird sat a chubby old man with his legs crossed. This old man's clothes exhibited an unconventional and unrestrained manner. His untidy gray hair floated in the air.

Yet none of these factors served as reasons for why he drew a crowd. Those casting him curious glances did so because he was stuffing his face with a lump of ice...

Riding on the Intense Sun Bird and eating a lump of ice... " Don't you know how to have fun?"

Ye Yunqing, this chubby elder with an unfathomable cultivation level, was the Great Elder of the Clear Sky Pagoda in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. A domineering force of energy immediately propagated as soon as he arrived, subduing the two Blood Guards just ready to pounce. Instead, they were forced to keep still.

"Delicious... It's a pity that I can only produce one popsicle after slaughtering so many eighth grade Flood Dragons and extracting their livers. This old-timer's cooking skill is still yards behind that of Owner Bu."

That chubby elder gazed at the lump of ice in his hand and sighed helplessly. He shook his head, and then pushed the entire ice lump into his mouth.

Under the crowd's gazes, this chubby elder's complexion suddenly changed dramatically, as if he were wearing a dozen of expressions.

Even the warriors from the Clear Sky Pagoda were stunned, their mouths agape, as they had never anticipated seeing so many expressions on the Great Elder's face...


Once the chubby elder dug his teeth into the ice, a type of dark liquid instantly burst out, splattering in a graceful arc. The chubby elder immediately widened his hands, stretching out his hand hastily to save the nectar.

This was his Eight Spirit Fruit Vinegar-his precious Eight Spirit Fruit Vinegar, how could he accidentally spill it out...

The chubby old man continued to chew. All of a sudden, a sense of sourness spread through his entire body, causing his face to wrinkle and his body to tremble. Having swallowed the lump of ice in his mouth, the chubby old man craned his neck, and without any warning... belched loudly.

"Alas... I added too much vinegar."

The chubby old man tugged at his own beard in distress and complained regretfully. How rare and precious was his Eight Spirit Fruit Vinegar, and here he was, accidentally using up more than needed.

The bystanders on the city walls were all stunned, and those at the foot of the walls were all speechless.

Was this old man... here to humor everyone?

The chubby elder drew in a long breath. As the sharp, sour scent drifted about, it added a trace of awkwardness to the onlooker's faces, and especially on those of the Clear Sky Pagoda warriors.

Their Great Elder had no other outstanding attributes aside from gluttonousness...

"Hey, you Shura Sect Blood Guards... what are you doing here?" The chubby elder resting on the back of the Intense Sun Bird asked, peering down at the two Blood Guards.

As soon as the old man's gaze landed on the two, they both felt their entire body stiffen as they detected a tremendous force of pressure bursting out.

The Blood Guards, on the other hand, were in fact quite close to the echelon of Supreme-Beings, given that they were at the peak of the half-supreme stage. Though facing a formidable force of energy from this old man, the two Blood Guards had no intentions of backing off.

They were the Shura Sect Blood Guards, ready to sacrifice their lives anytime.

"I heard that you two want us to turn over Owner Bu? Are you aware of his importance? What an excellent chef he is! His dishes are simply intoxicating and have subdued countless people. How can we just hand over Owner Bu to a group of... demons like you guys?!"

The chubby elder suddenly became somewhat agitated. He stood up on the back of the Intense Sun Bird, shaking his arms and stamping his feet.

The Intense Sun Bird twisted its long neck, as if a little exasperated by his actions.

The faces of the two Blood Guards froze. They didn't feel like wasting any time conversing with this old man. Instead, they both bawled, sending a blood red fog of energy straight to the sky as their disheveled hair fluttered in the air. The force of energy wrapped around their bodies were akin to the towering waves of a sea of blood.

Bang! Bang!

As the ground beneath shook, both of them dashed forward. Red gleams of light swirled around them and transformed into the silhouettes of blood dragons.

The chubby old man smirked to himself. After softly tapping his feet on the back of the Intense Sun Bird, his chubby figure floated upward effortlessly, as if he were a piece of autumn leaf. Waves of true energy soared to the sky and condensed into a flaming bird spreading its wings for flight.

The caws of the flaming bird reverberated through heavens and earth.

The growls of the two blood dragons were equally ear-splitting.


The three exchanged blows high up in the sky. Fluctuation of ninth grade true energy spread like ripples through the air.

An oppressive force of energy made everyone down below feel their hearts sink.

At the end of the day, The chubby old man was a ninth grade Supreme-Being. Though together, the two Blood Guards were comparable to one Supreme-Being, neither of them was a real one. The gap between the two sides was clearly revealed by just one round of fighting.

The two blood-toned shadows landed on the ground with rather feeble breaths, looking up at the old man with solemn faces.

The chubby elder snorted coldly as he brushed his beard with one hand and propped the other against his waist. His mocking behavior made blood rush through the heads of the Blood Guards below. They were about to charge forward once again, determined to tear this old man into shreds.


However, right before they could take further actions, a faint fluctuation stirred behind them.

The two Blood Guards came to an abrupt halt, looking back with ecstatic faces.

A warrior wrapped in a black robe slowly emerged from Ji Chengyu's army. His steps were extremely slow. Every step he took would generate a gust of whistling wind.

As he kept on walking, this old man managed to leap onto the air. He sauntered toward the chubby elder with his robe flapping in the sky.

"So you think nobody in our Shura Sect can rival you?"

A calm, aged voice echoed through the city walls. Afterward, the old man in black stood before the chubby old man with a faint smile.

"The Venerable Master!"

"The Venerable Master is stepping out! That rotten old man is dead!"

The eyes of two Blood Guards lit up with incredible excitement.

The Venerable Master was the Shura Sect's ninth grade Supreme-Being. He had an outstanding cultivation level and could definitely handle this voracious, chubby old man!

The chubby elder gazed at the other old man with a grave expression.

The Shura Sect Venerable was one of the big names in the Shura Sect. He had a superior cultivation level and relied on unorthodox techniques, definitely a thorn in the flesh.

"You two, get in the city and capture Bu Fang or whatever he's called. We must retrieve the object."

The Venerable Master's voice boomed and reached the ears of the two Blood Guards.

Their eyes instantly froze, both nodding along seriously.

The Soul Congregation Array was the key to awakening the Departed Soul Orb. Each Soul Congregation Array contained an abundance of spiritual essences, which were of great importance to the Shura Sect. The sect could brook no loss on this matter.

The two Blood Guards immediately dashed out, charging toward the city walls.


The chubby old man instantly glared and turned his body, about to chase after the two Blood Guards.

However, before he could move his body, a pitch-black, domineering force of true energy charged toward him forcefully, blocking his way forward.

"Your rival is me," the Venerable Master announced calmly, his hands behind his back.

The chubby elder took in a deep breath and summoned a surge of true energy. Hence began his fight with the Venerable Master in the sky.

With the waver of true energy, the Blood Guards transformed into two flashes of blood red lightning. They stepped across the city walls in a split second.

The faces of everyone in the crowd changed dramatically.

Zhan Kong blanched. He tried to ward off the Blood Guards, chanting the White Cloud Villa's sword incantations. Suddenly, a harsh vigor of sword surged out behind him and charged toward the Blood Guards.

"Get lost!!"

The hoarse voice of one of the Blood Guards rang. As he casually waved his hands, the bloody red fog of true energy swept by and broke Zhan Kong's sword slash into pieces.

Zhan Kong's face immediately flushed crimson. He was flung backwards, smashing onto the city walls as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Though like his adversary, he was also an eighth grade War-God, the gap between their cultivations was immense.

Zhan Kong's face suddenly turned ghostly pale.

The Blood Guards stamped their feet on the walls. The ancient city walls crumbled under their stomps, the surface instantly covered with dense cracks.

Even Zhan Kong was badly injured by just one strike, who else other than a Supreme-Being could block them?

The warriors on the walls dared not to even take a heavy breath. They all watched in fright the two shadows dashed down and into the city.

The minds of Blood Guards flicked as they detected the location where the Soul Congregation Array had once appeared. They rushed straight for that position.

Ji Chengxue had on a ghastly expression. He gazed toward the direction that the Blood Guards were headed for, very much concerned.

Although Owner Bu had a supreme beast to protect him... the two Blood Guards were hardcore warriors that could even rival a Supreme-Being!

"Owner Bu... You are on your own."