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 Chapter 316: Why Should I Hand Over what I Obtained With my Strength?

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Xiao Yue rushed forward and supported Xiao Meng's body. His complexion immediately became gloomy.

With a resounding clank, he unsheathed the sword in his back. Sword light flickered as it floated above him. It behaved as though it was a meteor which ripped the sky apart as it pointed toward Elder Sun.

"Do you want to fight me?" All of the muscles on Elder Sun's body bulged and convulsed. His true energy emerged from his body as Elder Sun raised his hand. He sent a terrifying pressure toward Xiao Yue and oppressed him.

"Elder Sun, restrain yourself."

Zhan Kong, who was taciturn all along, took a step forward as he stood in front of Xiao Yue. With a wave of his hand, he broke the pressure formed by Elder Sun's true energy.

Xiao Yue's complexion was cold as he sheathed his sword. He didn't have any favorable impression of this Elder Sun.

Zhan Kong was after all one of the White Cloud Villa's Commanders. Elder Sun didn't want to offend him, which was why he retracted his true energy. He gave a cold snort in response since he couldn't do anything else.

"What are all of you looking at? Quickly go and tell Bu Fang to hand over that object!" Elder Sun glared at those ministers who were standing around him. With a loud shout, he gave them quite a fright.

All of the minister's bodies stiffened for a second before they came back to their senses. They rushed down the city wall toward Fang Fang's Little Store.

"Stop right there! Which one of you have the guts to go down without my order?" Ji Chengxue angrily shouted at them.

"Your Majesty!" Elder Sun shouted at Ji Chengxue as he shot a death glare at him.

The ministers who were about to rush down hesitated for quite some time. When they saw that Ji Chengxue didn't refute Elder Sun, they started to rush down the wall again.

The moment they descended from the city wall, they led a huge group of soldiers toward Bu Fang's store.

Ji Chengxue was enraged at their actions, and his complexion paled. However, he couldn't do anything about it.

When the Blood Guards saw that Ji Chengxue and the others were creating a ruckus at the top of the city walls, they stared at them with disdain written all over their faces. They laughed coldly at everyone who was standing on the wall.

Ji Chengxue saw that the Blood Guards were laughing at them and shot a cold glare toward them.


On one of the Imperial Capital alleyways, Fang Fang's Little store.

Bu Fang, still lying on his chair, narrowed his eyes. He was basking lazily in the sun as he enjoyed the warm and cozy feeling of intoxication. Blacky laid before the store as it drifted off into a nice nap. As for the little girl, Ouyang Xiaoyi, she was sitting beside the Path-Understanding Tree. She was practicing earnestly. The sounds caused by Xiao Xiaolong practicing his culinary sounded out from the kitchen unceasingly.

Everything seemed quite peaceful and quiet.

All of a sudden, messy and flurried footsteps came from the alleyway outside the store.

Bu Fang, who was dozing off, instantly snapped awake. He opened his eyes and stared at the group of ministers rushing at him without a shred of expression on his face. When he continued to look at them, he saw that there were groups of soldiers beside them.

When they assembled in front of Bu Fang's store, the ministers looked at him with a glint in their eyes. It was as though they were looking at some kind of precious treasure when they looked at Bu Fang.

When Bu Fang felt their gazes on him, his whole body trembled. His hair stood on end and he felt as though there was something strange going on.

What did this group of uncles come here for? Why were they looking at him with such a strange gaze?

"Owner Bu..."

This group of ministers knew the strength the store had. There wasn't anyone in the Imperial Capital who didn't know how terrifying this store was. They would obviously not provoke Bu Fang if they could help it.

"Em? If you want to have a meal, please come in," Bu Fang indifferently said.

"Owner Bu, today... we aren't here for a meal. We are here because we have a request to make," one of the ministers forced a smile as he said.

Bu Fang blanked out for a moment. Were these people here to ask for something? Could it be that they want me to lend them money? That's out of the question. I'm too poor.

He stood up from his chair and placed his hands behind his back. He started to walk into his store without saying anything. Facing this kind of situation, it was better to just remain silent.

"Owner Bu... Don't walk away. We only want to borrow something from you." When that minister saw that Bu Fang was going back into the store, a trace of anxiety appeared in his eyes.

" As expected... They are really here to borrow money from me." T he movements of his leg became quicker and swifter without him realizing it.

When they saw that Bu Fang was running away from them, the ministers almost spurted a mouthful of blood. We only came to borrow an object from you... Why on earth are you running away? How are we supposed to carry out a proper conversation if you ran away?

"Owner Bu... Do you have an object related to the Shura Sect?" A minister who was unable to endure any longer quickly asked.

Bu Fang's body, which was about to reach the kitchen, suddenly stopped moving.

"Did all of you came here to borrow an object related to the Shura Sect?" Bu Fang narrowed his eyes as he summoned the five worn-out talismans. The array formed by them immediately appeared on his hand.

He turned around and waved the talisman array on his hand before asking, "Are you looking for this?"

Those ministers didn't have high hopes when they heard the other minister's question. They didn't expect that Bu Fang would take out the thing they were looking for.

After they came back to their senses, they couldn't help but curse Bu Fang in their minds. It seemed like this kid truly thought that they came here to borrow money from him.

"Indeed, indeed! Owner Bu, can you lend it to us?" The eyes of one of the ministers immediately brightened. It seemed like Owner Bu really had something which belonged to the Shura Sect.

Did the Shura Sect's Blood Guard come to the Light Wind Empire for such a worn out object?

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched as he threw the array toward the ministers. The array slightly revolved in the air before his system's dimensional storage retrieved it.

"I won't lend it to you guys," Bu Fang replied to them with no expression on his face.


Those ministers almost wanted to cry. They thought that Owner Bu was going to lend them the item and they had already prepared themselves to catch the talismans. However, he took it back in mid-air...

"Why should I lend it to you?"

"This involves our Light Wind Empire survival..." One of the ministers quickly replied.

This array formed by worn-out talismans could decide the fate of the Light Wind Empire? Was this worn-out object valuable?

Bu Fang took out the talismans once again as he started to study it. After looking at it for quite some time, he stored it back. He didn't discover anything unusual about it.


Outside the city gate, the Blood Guards were about to explode from anger. The compass which they used to sense the Soul Congregation Array kept on fluctuating. It glowed for some time before becoming dim again. The process repeated itself quite a few times. What the hell was going on?

They really wanted to rush into the Imperial Capital to take back the Soul Congregation Array.


Those ministers were quite frustrated and they quickly told Bu Fang what happened on the city wall. They hoped that he could empathize with them and hand over the object in his hands.

"Why should I hand the talisman to them? Go back and tell the Blood Guards to come and take it if they have the abilities to do so," Bu Fang calmly said.

After refusing their request, Bu Fang ordered the ministers to leave.

"Owner Bu... You just need to hand over this object to them and you can buy a day worth of time for the Light Wind Empire. This is extremely important for the survival of the Light Wind Empire."

A minister who wasn't satisfied with Bu Fang's response said.

"Why should I hand something which I obtained with my strength?"

Bu Fang retorted before completely ignoring them. He returned to the kitchen and left the ministers alone at the front of the store.

Although the expression on the ministers' faces changed, they eventually gave up. They didn't have the power to force Bu Fang to do anything. Neither did they have the ability to cause trouble here. The fearsome reputation of the store was well-known in the capital.

"Your current actions will lead to the suffering of countless people in the Imperial Capital." Another minister was unresigned and he shouted toward the kitchen.

"Don't try pressuring me by using the common people. Get lost!"

An apathetic shout resounded from the kitchen. The shout made all of them jump in fright and they immediately looked around. To their relief, they didn't see the supreme beast. When they saw that the clothes-stripping crazy demon didn't appear, they let out a long breath and started to leave.

They were at their wit's end. They had no idea how to deal with someone like Bu Fang who had a temper as stiff and smelly as a latrine stone.

This group of ministers eventually returned to the city wall.

The atmosphere atop the city wall was heavy, just like before.

"How did it go? Did you guys bring the object?" Elder Sun asked in a cold voice.

"We... We didn't. Owner Bu... He ordered us to leave," quickly replied one of the ministers, who was terrified of Elder Sun.

The blood guards standing in front of the city wall had been impatient since a long time ago. The moment they heard the minister's words, the bloody glow in their eyes deepened.

"You mean that Owner Bu actually possesses the object? Good..."

Looking at each other, the two Blood Guards saw the impatience and irritation in each other's eyes.

They immediately roused their true energy as they planned to rush into the Imperial Capital.

However, the moment they roused their true energy, something happened.

A resounding cry came from the skies. A giant Intense Sun Bird descended from the skies as it extended its wings. A boiling hot breeze was stirred up in the surroundings the moment the bird appeared.

There was a slightly fat elderly man sitting cross-legged atop that Intense Sun Bird. That old man wore an amicable and warm expression on his face as he took a bite from the popsicle in his hand.

The Intense Sun Bird chirped as it landed above the city wall.

When they saw the figure on the bird, experts from the Hundred Thousand Mountains' Clear Sky Pagoda immediately revealed a cheerful look. They simultaneously bowed towards the figure as they shouted out.

"We greet the Great Elder, Ye Yunqing!"