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 Chapter 315: Hand over Bu Fang

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When Xiao Meng heard the roars and bugle sounds, he stood up with a grave expression on his face.

However, he wasn't able to do anything. In the next moment, his chest became heavy and he started to cough heavily. As he hacked away, he spat out another mouthful of black blood. The moment the mouthful blood left his body, his complexion worsened even more.

It seemed like the poison was really potent. Even a seventh grade Battle-Saint became weak and feeble when affected by it.

Xiao Meng took out some crystals and handed them over to Bu Fang before turning toward the exit of the store. As one of the empire's commanders, he still had to fight at the front lines even if he was poisoned. It was his pride as a commander.


In the main hall.

Many experts assembled in the palace as they thought about how they should repel the enemies. They didn't expect that the bungles would sound at this exact moment.

The complexion of Ji Chengxue, who was sitting on the Dragon Throne, immediately changed.

"Damn! King Yu, you didn't keep your word!"

Ji Chengxue's complexion became extremely ugly. However, he wasn't the only one with an ugly expression on his face. Everyone in the hall had the exact same expression on their face.

King Yu's army possessed the Shura Sect's support. There were countless experts on their side and the people in the main hall wasn't confident that they could defeat the experts from the Shura Sect. They were planning on waiting for the Supreme-Beings from their faction to arrive before confronting the enemy. By the time their faction's Supreme-Beings arrived, they would have enough power to fight against the enemy. They never thought that the enemy would attack them before their backup was here.

They immediately became flustered.

Ji Chengxue left the main hall and wore his military uniform as he followed the army. He planned to head toward the city's gate.

However, the moment he left the palace, he met Xiao Meng, who had a pale complexion as he walked toward the army.

When Ji Chengxue looked at the feeble and weak Xiao Meng, he softly sighed. He continued toward the city gate and after climbing onto the walls, he took a look at King Yu's army.

The terrifyingly imposing manner those soldiers surrounding the city had instantly oppressed him. The insane number of soldiers outside the city waved their lances and roared loudly. Anyone would be afraid when they looked at this scene.

Wearing his golden armor, Ji Chengxue stood at the top of the city walls. He stared at the great army below him with a grave expression on his face.

It seemed as though the soldiers started to settle down the moment they saw Ji Chengxue.

In the army, King Yu rode a spirit horse as he leisurely and heroically left the ranks. He raised his head and stared straight at Ji Chengxue who was standing at the top of the city walls.

"My dear brother, you shouldn't blame me. I really wanted to give you some time to catch your breath, but something special happened," King Yu said with a slight smile.

The moment he heard King Yu's words, Ji Chengxue's expression turned cold. If it wasn't because he was afraid of the experts behind King Yu, he would have ordered his army to rush at them. It was because they had a Supreme-Being in their midst that Ji Chengxue had to bear with the humiliation.

Clip, Clop!

Ji Chengxue didn't reply to him. Zhao Musheng, who was riding another spirit horse, appeared behind King Yu. A smile was plastered on Zhao Musheng's face as he stared at Ji Chengxue. He shook his head and clicked his tongue for quite some time as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

"Do you know why I besieged your city ahead of time? It's because of a person inside your city. If you hand him over, I might order my forces to retreat. We can continue the negotiations tomorrow."

Ji Chengxue furrowed his brows. Did you attack us for a person? Are you looking down on my Light Wind Empire?

He was angered by Zhao Musheng's words but he knew that he couldn't rage at him. He angrily punched the city walls in order to vent his anger.


Ji Chengxue's voice which contained his repressed anger resounded from the top of the walls.

When they heard his reply, both King Yu and Zhao Musheng let out a mocking smile.

"You should be quite familiar with this person. He is from Fang Fang's Little Store. We want Bu Fang," Zhao Musheng slowly said.

The moment the words left his mouth, a commotion broke out.

"What? Owner Bu?"

Ji Chengxue's complexion instantly changed. Why would they want the Light Wind Empire to hand over Owner Bu? Why was Bu Fang their objective? Owner Bu was a low-key person...

Bu Fang's name was quite resounding and prominent in the whole Imperial Capital. All of the experts on the city wall knew what kind of existence Bu Fang was.

Fang Fang's Little Store possessed a supreme beast. How was it possible for them to hand him over?

Even if they wanted to, Bu Fang wouldn't listen to them like an obedient child.

"It's out of the question! I won't hand Bu Fang over to you." Ji Chengxue decisively and firmly rejected them.

No matter if it was Bu Fang's culinary arts, strength, or background. Every aspect of him made it impossible for Ji Chengxue to hand him over. Bu Fang was a special existence in the Imperial Capital. He was outside of the empire's control and jurisdiction.

Zhao Musheng seemed as though he had already anticipated Ji Chengxue's response. As such, he waved his hand to dismiss whatever Ji Chengxue just said.

"It's fine if you don't hand him over. However, you have to make him hand over the object he took."

Object? What object?

Everyone on the city wall was confused as they had no idea what Zhao Musheng was talking about.

All of a sudden, the two Blood Guards appeared from the troops and floated in mid-air. Their gaze was icy cold, as if they were looking at a sea of blood in front of their faces.

"Hand over that person and I will spare you. Otherwise, all of you will die here." One of the blood guard's hoarse voice warned.

Every single expert on the city wall was angered by his threat, especially the Godly Temple of the Wildlands and the other great factions. They glared at him with anger burning in their eyes.

"They are devils from the Shura Sect!"

The moment they heard the identity of the Blood Guards, everyone's heart turned cold. They met people from the Shura Sect before and their factions possessed various records of them. They were clear about the system the Shura Sect used. A person with such a powerful aura wore a blood-red robe. He would be none other than the Shura Sect's Blood Guard.

Every member from the Blood Guard was an expert at the peak of the War-God echelon, being half a step away from the Supreme-Being realm. They just needed to take one more step and they would become Supreme-Beings.

When the Shura Sect was at its peak and golden age, they had more than a dozen Blood Guards. At that time, the Land of Southern Border was ruled by the Shura Sect. Therefore, those factions' experts were quite familiar with the Blood Guards.

An existence at that level was enough to slaughter everyone present on the city wall.

Everyone was terrified of the Blood Guards. Their fear and dread only grew with the passing of time.

"Your Majesty... we should make Owner Bu hand that object to them. They possess an extremely terrifying aura..."

Above the city wall, there was a minister who was unable to bear the pressure emitted by the Blood Guard. His legs were trembling unceasingly. He couldn't bear it anymore and he tried to advise Ji Chengxue.

The moment someone took the lead, everyone would start to follow. All of the other ministers started to plead for Ji Chengxue to make Bu Fang hand over the object.

Since they could delay the attack just by handing over the object, there was nothing to think about. They would definitely hand it over.

Even if Bu Fang's store was protected by a supreme beast, they were only requesting him to hand over the object. That wouldn't be considered excessive at all, would it?

"Shut up! Where would we put our faces if we agreed to their request? If we hand over Owner Bu, they would be trampling over the Light Wind Empire's dignity."

Ji Chengxue waved his arm clad in his golden armor. He roared angrily at everyone who was standing around him. He was truly disappointed by those ministers.

Even if he didn't mention that he owed Bu Fang a favor, just Bu Fang's existence as a mysterious faction made him someone they couldn't provoke. Ji Chengxue wasn't a fool. There was no way he would agree to hand over Bu Fang.

Elder Sun from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands spoke up at this moment. His eyes flickered with a vicious radiance.

"Your Majesty, we shouldn't destroy an entire empire for one person. If we can delay the attack, the Imperial Capital would be safe the moment our Temple Master arrives. If they attack us now, we will definitely lose."

The Elder Sun was still bearing a grudge toward Bu Fang. Since there was an excellent opportunity to get rid of Bu Fang, Elder Sun was happy to help the Shura Sect this time.

"No way. We can't hand him over. We can hand anyone over, but not Bu Fang." Ji Chengxue was still resolute and unwavering in his decision.

The Elder Sun's complexion immediately became cold.

"Your Majesty... It isn't up to you whether we hand him over or not. If we can't delay the attack until the Temple Master arrives, the Light Wind Empire would be destroyed in your hands." Elder Sun raged firmly.

Ji Chengxue was instantly thrown into a dilemma as he had no idea what to do.

"Your Majesty, we shouldn't hand over Owner Bu..."

Xiao Meng was unable to take it anymore. Although his complexion was still pale, he stood up and spoke out against Elder Sun.

He didn't get to finish his words. Elder Sun glared at him and waved his sleeves. Xiao Meng was immediately sent flying away by his energy as he spouted another mouthful of blood.

"You don't have the rights to be speaking here. All of you... Go to Fang Fang's Little Store! Tell Bu Fang to hand over that object. It would be even better if he handed himself over to them."

Elder Sun coldly pointed at the ministers standing behind Ji Chengxue. They were trembling in their shoes as he roared at them.