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 Chapter 313: The Panic in the Imperial Capital

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"Shouldn't you give the Godly Temple of the Wildlands a compensation?"

Bu Fang, who was lying on the chair, simply rolled his eyes at Elder Sun's arrogant words. He blanked out when he heard that Elder Sun was there to demand compensation for the people in the Godly Temple of the Wildlands.

"Why should I give the Godly Temple of the Wildlands a compensation?" Bu Fang lazily stretched himself out on the chair. He looked at Elder Sun calmly as he asked his question.

Hearing Bu Fang's response, Elder Sun's eyes narrowed. The armored guards beside him trembled when they saw that Bu Fang didn't care about Elder Sun at all.

"Owner Bu... This is Elder Sun from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands. He is an eighth grade War-God," one of the guards introduced the man to him.

An eighth grade War-God? How was that impressive? There were many eighth grade War-Gods who had died in this alleyway. Bu Fang didn't fear nor envy those so-called eighth grade War-Gods at all.

The guard was also clear on how strong the people in this store were. He had already informed Elder Sun of everything that happened here in the past. However, as a person from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands, Elder Sun wasn't afraid of anything. He wouldn't be afraid even if Fang Fang's Little store was protected by a supreme beast.

"Today, I came here under the orders from our Temple Master. You have killed two experts from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands. We can't just turn a blind eye on all this," Elder Sun firmly said.

Bu Fang stared at Elder Sun with a calm expression for quite some time.

Under Bu Fang's scrutiny, Elder Sun's heart tightened. When he swept his gaze around the store, he realized that this was an extremely dangerous place. Even Xia Da and Xia Yu perished in this place. Obviously, he wouldn't fare any better if he were to attack the store by himself.

However, this didn't mean he was afraid of the store. Even if he wasn't capable of attacking it, his Godly Temple of the Wildlands was definitely capable of demolishing it.

There was a true Supreme-Being in Godly Temple of the Wildlands. They had once killed a supreme beast in the past. Precisely because of this, Elder Sun wasn't afraid that Fang Fang's Little Store was guarded by a supreme beast.

"Are you done talking? If you are, get lost." Bu Fang stood up from his chair and lazily stretched himself. After requesting for Elder Sun to leave the store, he walked toward the kitchen as if nothing happened.

"Youngster, don't assume that a supreme beast is enough for you to be fearless and reckless... The world is broad and vast. A supreme beast isn't invincible." Elder Sun took a deep breath and threatened Bu Fang.

Elder Sun knew the rules of this store. He knew that he should be safe as long as he didn't cause any trouble here. As such, Elder Sun was only here to send Bu Fang a warning and didn't plan to fight him at all. He wasn't a fool. This store possessed a supreme beast. Even Xia Yu died there... Compared to Xia Yu, Elder Sun was considerably weaker.

"If you are willing to follow me to the Godly Temple of the Wildlands obediently, Temple Master is willing to forget about this matter. As long as you acknowledge your mistakes, Temple Master said to let bygones be bygones. However, if you don't follow me back......"

"Get lost."

Bu Fang was starting to get irritated and he didn't want to waste his breath on such a person. He felt as though the experts from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands cultivated to the point of being retarded. Xia Yu was the same as this Elder Sun. In the past, he came to this store and started to cause trouble. This time, Elder Sun came over to the store to invite him over to the Godly Temple of the Wildlands...

It would be better for all of you if you didn't provoke me. Otherwise, Blacky would slap all of you to death.

You actually want me to go to the Godly Temple of the Wildlands to acknowledge my mistakes? What a joke.

When Elder Sun heard what Bu Fang said, he wanted to continue with his threats.

However, before he could open his mouth again, he discovered that a big figure shot out from the kitchen and was standing in front of him. When the figure's red eyes stared at Elder Sun, he couldn't help but tremble.

"Ah!! It's Fang Fang's Little Store's clothes-stripping crazy demon!"

"Owner Bu got angry! Elder Sun, you should quickly leave."

The armored guards' bodies trembled when they looked at the fat figure of Whitey standing in front of Elder Sun. Pulling on Elder Sun's sleeves, one of the armored guards tried to drag him out of the store.

"What are all of you..." Elder Sun was dragged from the store by the guard before he had any time to react.

After they were out of the store, the guards told him about Whitey's legends. After hearing the whole story, Elder Sun's heart clenched and his whole body trembled. He felt a sharp and cold gust of wind slice through his body.

The clothes-stripping crazy demon... It was said that Xia Da was beheaded by this clothes-stripping demon. This was an extremely terrifying puppet.

Elder Sun stood in the alleyway's entrance as uncertainty flashed in his eyes.

In the end, he simply sighed.

"Since I can't do anything about it, I'll wait for Temple Master to personally come. He'll condemn the store himself. Although the devils of the Shura Sect are currently causing problems everywhere, the dignity of the Godly Temple of the Wildlands can't be ruined by anyone."


This matter was just a small incident for the store and didn't affect its business at all.

On the next day, Yu Fu waved farewell to Bu Fang as she followed behind a group of merchants. She started her journey back to the Illusory Spirit Swamp.

On the same day, Ouyang Xiaoyi completed her breakthrough to the fifth grade Battle-King. Of course, it was because of the effect from the Premium Wok of Fortunes. This made her extremely excited as she had finally overtaken her three stupid brothers. It was good enough for her to show off in front of them for quite some time.

Fang Fang's Little Store was open for business as usual. There were streams of people going in and out of the store and business was flourishing. Although t seemed good, it was still lacking in popularity compared to the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, which was located outside the alleyway.

However, Bu Fang targeted the higher class and it was something the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant couldn't rival him in.

In such a carefree and leisure environment, time slowly passed without anyone noticing.

All of a sudden, a shocking news started to spread in the capital. When the citizens heard the news, they were stunned for quite some time before they started clamoring and discussing. Everyone was frightened by the news.

"The army which the Great General Xiao Meng led has been defeated. The Great General Xiao Meng was heavily injured by the enemies and returned to the capital in shame."

The news quickly spread through the entire capital.

In Fang Fang's Little Store, there were many customers discussing the defeat. If Xiao Meng's army was defeated, all of the empire's army could be considered defeated

It also meant that King Yu's army could rush straight to the Imperial Capital.

This was a disaster for the citizens living in the Imperial Capital. It had been a long time since they had felt danger looming over their heads. All along, they heard about all of the victories from Great General Xiao Meng. This was the first time they heard that Great General Xiao Meng experienced defeat. They were dumbstruck when they heard such tragic news.

Bu Fang didn't have any interest in that. However, he heard all the discussion on this topic when he was basking in the sun on his chair. As such, he had a considerable understanding of the matter.

"It seems like Xiao Meng was defeated..."

Bu Fang quietly muttered. He wasn't surprised by such an outcome as he had already faced those armies when he was in the Western Mystery Army. If the soldiers hadn't eaten the Premium Wok of Fortunes which he cooked, their condition wouldn't have been improved to their extreme limit. Western Mystery City might have already been seized.

Bu Fang wasn't surprised at Xiao Meng's defeat. He knew that the mysterious faction possessed unusual and strange means. It was normal for Xiao Meng to lose.

These days, Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Yue rarely came to the store. Even when Xiao Xiaolong came to practice his culinary art, he would have an ugly complexion on his face.

When Xiao Yue came over, he would quickly drink a bottle of the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine before footing the bill.

From the state of the members of the Xiao Family, it seemed like Xiao Meng was truly seriously injured.

Xiao Meng's army retreated back to the capital and started their defense in the city itself. It could be said that the capital was currently heavily guarded.

Smoke and dust were billowing outside the Imperial Capital. A densely packed army rushed toward the city and they completely surrounded it. Every road leading out of the capital was completely sealed.

An oppressing and heavy atmosphere immediately filled the whole Capital.

Ji Chengyu wore his armor and rode on a spirit horse as he stared into the Imperial Capital heroically. His eyes contained a trace of longing and his gaze was firm.

He said that one day he would come back to take what was rightfully his.

Today... He was finally back.

There were many black-robed experts standing behind him.

Zhao Musheng wore a long gown as he respectfully followed beside a black-robed old man. The old man possessed an unfathomable air as he stood proudly with his hands placed behind his back.


In the main hall, Ji Chengxue solemnly sat on the Dragon Throne. He wasn't panicked or flustered at all. Even though Ji Chengyu's army was right in front of him, the emperor was still composed. This was because he was the emperor. He was the Light Wind Empire's emperor. He needed to remain calm and composed no matter what. Even if everyone else was flustered and in a state of panic, he must stay composed.

Before him, stood the civil and military ministers. There were also experts from the various factions.

Many of those experts had ugly expressions on their faces. It was because Xiao Meng wasn't the only one who was heavily injured. The experts who were sent to support him were heavily injured as well. There were even some who had died.

This was extremely bad news.

This meant that the strength of the Shura Sect's experts surpassed their initial assumption.

"Your Majesty, don't be worried. The Temple Master from the Godly Temple of the Wildlands is already rushing toward the Light Wind Empire. Our Temple Master is a true Supreme-Being. The moment he arrives here, those devils from the Shura Sect are doomed," Elder Sun said to Ji Chengxue who was sitting on the Dragon Throne.

Zhan Kong shot a look at that Elder Sun before turning to Ji Chengxue,"The White Cloud Villa has already dispatched our Great Commander. Your Majesty, you can be at ease."

The White Clouds Villa's Great Commander was the most powerful expert under The Villa Lord. He was also a Supreme-Being expert.

They misjudged the Shura Sect's strength and didn't expect that so many eighth grade War-Gods and others near the Supreme-Being echelon would end up heavily injured.

The moment the news reached the ears of the factions, it shook them. In an instant, they made the decision to send their peak experts to the Light Wind Empire.

There was no way they were going to let the Shura Sect recover. Everything which happened in the past, those bad memories of being under the Shura Sect's rule, they still lingered in the minds of everyone in the powerful factions.