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 Chapter 310: The Dragon Bone Knife in his Left Hand and the Black Turtle Wok in his Right Hand

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Bu Fang's body, which was lazily curled up on the chair, shook. His slightly narrowed eyes opened and brightened up. He leaped up from the chair as he sat with his back straight and eyes wide open.

"I could exchange them for a piece of the God of Cooking set."

He had almost forgotten about that. After returning to the store, the comfortable and cozy environment almost made him forget about the system's reward.

His first piece of the God of Cooking set was the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. It was an important piece of equipment which was of great help to him this year. It made his cooking skill improve by a few grades.

He loved this knife from the bottom of his heart.

Unknowingly, Bu Fang had already collected three fragments from the God of Cooking set. He was already able to exchange for a second piece of equipment. Bu Fang was thinking about which equipment he would be able to exchange for and he was looking forward to it.

"The exchange for a piece of the God of Cooking set is undergoing..... Ten percent of true energy cultivation will be bestowed."

The system's solemn voice rang out and unceasingly resounded in Bu Fang's ears. His breathing sped up and his breaths became slightly rough.

Ten percent of true energy cultivation was definitely important to Bu Fang. However, he knew that even if his cultivation progressed by ten percent, it would be difficult for him to break through to the next grade. He would probably need another reward of ten percent of true energy cultivation in order to advance into the next grade.

There was no need for Bu Fang to be anxious about such things. Having a small progress in his cultivation was definitely better than having none. He was quite optimistic about it.

The thing he cared about the most was the God of Cooking set.

However, even after some time had passed, the system didn't mention anything about the God of Cooking set. This made Bu Fang slightly anxious and irritated. He became quite frustrated as he felt that the system was leaving him hanging on purpose.

The sound of orderly footsteps sounded in the alleyways. Fatty Jin and his great army of fatties appeared before Bu Fang. "Ah, Owner Bu! I wasn't able to see you for a few days, but it seems like I've had good luck. I can immediately taste Owner Bu's dishes after returning to the capital."

Fatty Jin looked at Bu Fang, who was basking under the sun. His eyes which were hidden under a layer of fat emitted a glow which wasn't the least bit lacking compared to the glow when he saw a beautiful woman.

Bu Fang was waiting for the appearance of the piece from the God of Cooking set and he was looking forward to the system's voice appearing again. However, after waiting for a long time, the system didn't say anything. Bu Fang was irritated by the lack of response from the system.

Being irritated wasn't the way of a chef. A chef must never be irritated or impatient. He must calm his heart and mind in order to cook a delicious dish.

Bu Fang looked at Fatty Jin's familiar smiling face. He immediately became aware that he was so obsessed with the equipment that he had forgotten about the basics of being a chef.

"Well... Today, all of the dishes at Fang Fang's Little Store will be cooked by me. I welcome everyone to eat my food."

Bu Fang stood up from his chair. Although his expression was calm as usual, there was a trace of warmth hidden under his calm expression.

Fatty Jin and the army of fatties behind him blanked out for a while and looked at each other. Before long, they started cheering.

At Fang Fang's Little Store, if anyone wanted to taste the dishes cooked by Owner Bu, they should order some specific and special dishes. The usual Egg-Fried Rice, Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and the other dishes were cooked by two apprentice chefs in Fang Fang's Little Store.

The dishes cooked by them had good flavor. Their culinary skill was better than many of the chefs in the capital and they could be considered extremely good chefs even in the entire Light Wind Empire.

However, everyone knew that compared to Bu Fang's dishes, their dishes lacked something. Bu Fang's dishes had an unspeakable charm, unlike theirs.

That was the difference between the dishes cooked by the apprentice chefs and Bu Fang.

As he gazed at Bu Fang's slim figure which turned around and walked toward the store's kitchen, Fatty Jin let out a long breath. Taking the lead, he ran toward the store.

By the time the rest of them came back to their senses, they started yelling at each other. They were not willing to let anyone enter the store before them. Squeezing against each other, they fought to enter the store's door.


Bu Fang spent the whole day cooking in the kitchen. His hands didn't stop for even a second as the sound of vegetables being chopped unceasingly resounded from the kitchen.

Ouyang Xiaoyi came to the store and when the first dish was placed before her, she discovered that the one standing before the window of the kitchen was Owner Bu. Her expressionless face stared at Owner Bu's face for several seconds before a shrill scream left her mouth.

Bu Fang speechlessly rolled his eyes at her.

The news of Bu Fang's return was quickly known by everyone. Shortly after Fatty Jin and his group left the store, the store's business boomed. Citizens from the capital formed a never-ending stream as they poured into his store.

Almost all of the bigwigs of the Imperial Capital came over.

Even the new guardian of the Imperial Capital, Xiao Yue, eagerly ran over to the store. With his hands behind his back, he slowly walked into the store.

How ironic was it? Currently, it was difficult to be able to taste Bu Fang's dishes. The significance behind tasting Bu Fang's dishes became extraordinary.

Streams of sweet fragrance were emitted from Bu Fang's store and wisps of the aroma curled up in the air like snakes. A long time passed before they eventually scattered.

Floating above the shop, the fragrance found its way into the alleys and continued on. It could be said that the fragrance traveled for more than a dozen miles before dissipating.

Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu looked at the store which was many times livelier than usual as they sucked in a breath of cold air. It was only at this moment that they knew how big the disparity between them and Bu Fang still was.

The happy smile plastered on every customers' face who walked out of the store gave them great stimulation.

It stimulated them because they were unable to achieve such a feat. It seemed like there was a long road before them. A long road until they would be able to reach such a level.

When the opening hours were over, the cooking in the kitchen finally stopped.

However, Bu Fang still made several extra dishes as he carried them into the kitchen. Placing them on the table, he called Xiao Xiaolong, Yu Fu and Ouyang Xiaoyi over. He planned to reward them with food and drinks.

It was a Premium Wok of Fortunes. Although it was lacking compared to the one he made in the army, it was because he didn't make this one from a seventh grade spiritual beast meat.

However, the taste would be the same even if he used other spiritual beasts' meat. As such, he retrieved some from the system's dimensional bag. Although the grade of the meat was somewhat lacking, the dish was still extremely delicious.

He also cooked the Sour Spicy Soup and the Mapo Tofu. Since the Mapo Tofu was cooked using the store's kitchen tools, the flavor it had couldn't be compared to the past. It was sweet to the extreme.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and the other two fellows stared at their boss.

Three new dishes!

Was the boss injected with chicken's blood? He usually stressed for half a month before coming up with a new dish.

"Come and have a taste. These dishes are extremely delicious."

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up into a smile as he addressed the three of them.

Bu Fang raised his head and looked at the menu which was in the store. There were several dishes which were added to it. They were the First-Grade Good Fortune Pot and the other two new dishes. Of course, the prices of these dishes were quite expensive. The price of a Premium Wok of Fortunes was the highest and it reached 205 crystals.

The Premium Wok of Fortunes served in the stall wouldn't be the same as the one he cooked in the army. He wouldn't use such high grade spiritual beast meat to cook the Premium Wok of Fortunes.

The last time he cooked the Premium Wok of Fortunes was a rare occasion. Who would have thought that so many high grade ingredient would appear from the Hundred Thousand Mountains?

The outcome was extremely satisfying to Bu Fang. Every time he waved his knife, he would find suitable ingredients before it. He was excited just thinking about such a marvelous scene.

He didn't see Ouyang Xiaoyi for half a month. It seemed as though this little girl became taller in the time he didn't see her. She became slimmer and more graceful as well.

However, there was a part of her which didn't change. She was still wolfing down food, which didn't seem ladylike at all.

"Fuuu... Ha... Smelly Boss! This Mapo Tofu is quite delicious! It's really spicy and refreshing."

Ouyang Xiaoyi was gasping for breath as her lips puffed up due to the spice. However, her eyes were unable to leave the shining Mapo Tofu.

Xiao Xiaolong's table manners were the exact same as Ouyang Xiaoyi's. Only Yu Fu had somewhat decent table manners compared to them.

Bu Fang cracked his fingers as the corners of his mouth rose. It didn't take him long to join the three foodies.

In just a short while, the three dishes were cleanly eaten.

After she finished eating, Ouyang Xiaoyi's cute face became completely red. She shot a glance at Bu Fang before bolting out of the store. She quickly ran home and didn't have the ability to open her mouth at all. It seemed as though she had suppressed herself for too long.

Those dishes Bu Fang prepared were dense in spirit energy. Especially the Premium Wok of Fortunes, which could bestow one with good fortune. Its spiritual energy was mild and gentle. It was the best dish which could help one achieve a breakthrough in cultivation.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's cultivation was stranded in the fourth grade Battle-Spirit Realm for a long time. As she was absorbing the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree's spiritual energy daily, she was also comprehending the world's truth. The stimulation of the Premium Wok of Fortunes brought her cultivation over the edge and she was about to make a breakthrough.

As for Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu, they didn't show any signs of breaking through. However, they both experienced large improvements in their cultivation. As such, they waved farewell to Bu Fang and left the store.

Bu Fang collected the chopsticks and bowls before closing the store. The moment he out the door boards back in place, the system's voice resounded in his mind.

He bustled for a whole day just to calm his anxious and impatient heart. Just like what he expected, he could only calm his mind by cooking.

"A piece of the God of Cooking set, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, has been unlocked. Will the host please check the contents..."

When the system's voice rang out, Bu Fang's mind was still calm.

The first thing he did was to go to the kitchen. After practicing his Meteor Knife Skill Technique, which reached its peak, he remained unable to break through. Only after he finished his practice did he return to his room.

After washing his slender hands, he wiped them dry. With clean hands, he solemnly connected his mind with the system and entered it.

The moment he connected, a humming sound resounded.

Countless specks of light appeared in the room and then a white teleportation array appeared before Bu Fang.

A gust of wind rose in the room and made his hair flutter around unceasingly as his velvet hair tie was blown away by the wind. The moment his hair tie was blown away, his hair sprang out and hung loosely over his shoulders.

Bu Fang placed all of his attention into that transport array. A loud rumbling sound emanated from the array as a huge luminous figure appeared in it.

It was a tool which was equivalent to the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. It was pitch black in color.

It was a huge wok with an extremely ordinary appearance. However, there were countless mysterious and odd patterns around the edges. There were also pictures carved onto the wok. After staring at it for a long time, Bu Fang finally made out its true appearance. He finally discovered that it was an indistinct picture of a giant black tortoise which was as heavy as a mountain.

He felt an ancient and dignified aura coming from the wok. The aura made Bu Fang's mind tremble slightly and he opened his eyes wide and looked at it.

This... this was one strange wok!


The specks of light disappeared along with the array. The huge wok which had a picture of a giant black tortoise engraved on it fell onto the floor of his room with a huge bang.

At that instant, it seemed like the whole store shook the moment the wok touched the floor.

The black dog which was laying at the entrance opened its eyes as it curiously looked toward Bu Fang's room.

"This wok... It is actually able to make one's mind tremble." Bu Fang muttered as he extended his thin finger to stroke the wok's edges. A bone-chilling air broke out of the wok as a chill shot toward the nerves on his fingers.

A strange fluctuation was emitted from the wok and Bu Fang was able to slightly sense it. He felt a scalding pain in his right arm as a design of a wok appeared on his wrist.

Facing such a scene, Bu Fang clicked his tongue in wonder.

When he thought of the Wok again, the heavy wok instantly became as light as a feather in his hand.

He waved his other hand. Just like how he usually summoned his Golden Dragon Bone Knife, the wok changed into a green smoke and disappeared.

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his left hand and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his right hand...

This God of Cooking set was truly high-end, refined, and classy.