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 Chapter 309: Second Part of the God of Cooking Set

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The glowing white dots of light dissipated, like evaporated water, without leaving any traces.

The eyes of the man with gray hair turned scarlet red. Immediately, he opened his mouth and howled. His expression became sinister; the chill visible in the depths of his pupils was enough to cause one to feel terrified.

The Soul Congregation Array had been taken away by someone else?

If the High Priest found out about this, he would be punished seriously. The High Priest's dignity could not be sullied.

"Who was he?! He actually dared to take the Soul Congregation Array away! Damn it! Damn it!"

The gray-haired man almost flew into a rage. How was it possible for Western Mystery City to possess such a formidable existence? This was something he didn't foresee, and when he had decided to take action, it was already too late.

"Demon spawns of the Shura Sect, die!"

A loud yet delicate scolding shook the sky, and a beautiful figure appeared before everyone, walking on the clouds. Her tender body was covered in a refined true energy armor.

Ni Yan's expression was grave, yet appeared extremely awe-inspiring. She held a resplendent longsword with a glow that kept flickering.

Killing intent erupted from the man's eyes. Suddenly, he stomped onto the ground, shot upwards and began fighting Ni Yan once again.


Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital, Fang Fang's Little Store.

The room on the second floor was quiet, as usual. A ray of sunlight shone through the window and lit up the interior of the room, giving it a dense sheen.

Suddenly, in the sun-lit room, bright dots of light seem to appear from the void. Like lively spirits, the light dots began revolving and converging into a teleportation array, in mid-air. The magic array produced buzzing sounds, subsequently, the wind blew and began to whistle in the room.

Under the whistling gale, a tall and a thin figure appeared and stepped out of the magic array, with his lank hair fluttering with the wind.

Bu Fang gripped the talisman array, which was formed using five pieces of talisman, in one hand as he stepped out from the teleportation array. The brilliant white glow revolved for a while and began to vanish. Everything returned back to a tranquil state.

Bu Fang's hair stopped fluttering and dropped back over his shoulder, quietly. He was bathed by the sunlight seeping in through the window, giving him a shiny golden glow.


Bu Fang felt his mind relax and exhaled lightly. The familiar smell of his room caused him to feel content. Suddenly, Bu Fang's slightly squinted eyes immediately widened, and he spun around to look at the void behind him. The revolving dots of lights which had seemed on the verge of dissipating still hadn't completely disappeared.

The void began to distort and a vortex appeared within. Flame crackling sounds resonated and brought with it a scorching heat.

A pitch-black flame arrow shot out from the void and streaked toward Bu Fang. Its might was frightening, and it radiated an intense killing intent, which seemed to have the sole aim of piercing through Bu Fang.

This was an all-out attack from a War-God.

Immediately, Bu Fang felt goosebumps spring up all over his body as an overwhelming sense of crisis enveloped him.

The teleportation array hadn't just teleported him over, it brought the arrow over as well...

Bu Fang hadn't expected this.

On the floor below, the store hadn't opened for business yet, since it was still early in the morning. Yu Fu was in the kitchen practicing her cutting and carving skills.

The big black dog lying down peacefully at the store's entrance suddenly jerked and opened its drowsy eyes. The eyes seemed to glow with an eccentric thought. In the next moment, it lifted its dog paw, licked it, and made a slapping motion in the air.

Faced with a sense of crisis from the War-God's arrow, green smoke curled up from Bu Fang's hand. As he had now returned back to his small store, Whitey's doppelganger had disappeared and was incapable of blocking this arrow for him, so he could only rely on himself.

However, just as he gripped his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, a fuzzy doggy paw appeared in the air.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up, and his tension loosened up. After twirling it in the air, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife immediately turned back into green smoke and dissipated.

The fuzzy dog paw slapped down and smashed the incoming arrow. With its advance stopped, the arrow exploded with a loud boom, and its shattered pieces dissipated. The room returned to its tranquil state, and the fuzzy dog paw also disappeared.

Bu Fang calmly exhaled again and finally relaxed. He took a quick glance at the talisman array before flinging it casually onto his table. Afterward, he unequipped everything he had taken with him and went into the bathroom.

After comfortably taking a hot bath, with his hair still moist, Bu Fang walked out of his room, dressed in a set of comfortable clothes, and went to the kitchen.

The sounds of knife skills being practiced echoed from the kitchen. It was a chord of structured noise. The stable cutting sounds made evident the improvement in Yu Fu's knife skill in the past half a month.

Yu Fu didn't notice Bu Fang walk into the kitchen; she was still focused on her knife skill practice. The kitchen knife in her grip sliced the ingredients flexibly and consecutively as though it had a life of its own.

Suddenly, the kitchen knife in her hand stopped as she sensed a presence. She lifted her head, revealing her delicate and beautiful face, and finally noticed Bu Fang, whose hair was still moist.

Yu Fu's pupils dilated and her expression swiftly switched from surprise to joy.

"Owner Bu, you're back!"

Owner Bu had finally returned! It had already been half a month; if he had returned any later, Yu Fu would have thought that something had happened to him.

"Yes. Not bad. Your knife skill has improved," Bu Fang praised with a nonchalant nod. "Continue practicing. I am going to cook a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Blacky," Bu Fang said.

Yu Fu nodded obediently and continued practicing her knife skills.

Bu Fang walked over to his own cooking bench. After half a month without using his stove, Bu Fang had actually developed a sense of longing toward it. As he touched the ice-cold stove, the corners of his mouth curled up. He casually selected a kitchen knife and put it down. Then, he took out the ingredients from the cupboard and with a twirl of the kitchen knife, he began to swiftly cut the meat, which was from the area close to the spine, into cubes.

Bu Fang ignited the stove, waited for the pot to heat evenly and began the cook the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that he hadn't prepared for ages.

Soon, a rich meaty fragrance filled the small store. As soon as she perceived the meaty fragrance, Yu Fu slowed her knife practice as she widened her eyes. Over time, she had become extremely sensitive to the fragrance of dishes, and she could tell that the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs that Owner Bu was currently making was a lot richer than those that he made in the past.

Oh my god! Could it be that Owner Bu's culinary skill has improved again?!

How formidable. Owner Bu's culinary skill was already so powerful, yet it was still improved. It seemed she couldn't goof off anymore. Otherwise, the disparity between her and Owner Bu would get even wider.

Tilting the pot, Bu Fang extracted the aromatic Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and tipped the intoxicatingly rich broth into a porcelain bowl. A colorful aromatic plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was completed.

Bu Fang glanced at Yu Fu, who was still practicing diligently, gripped the plate with his slender fingers and carried it out of the kitchen.

When Bu Fang opened the store's door shutters, a dull alley appeared before him. Although it was monotonous, the alley still gave Bu Fang a feeling of comfort.

Blacky was lying down lazily at the entrance, in a deep sleep.

"Blacky, time for your meal," Bu Fang said and placed the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky. He proceeded to rub Blacky's spotless and supple dog fur. Blacky's dog nose immediately twitched, and it opened up its eyes which gleamed brilliantly.

Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!

Blacky got up excitedly and began scarfing down the food in the porcelain bowl.

In the next instant, after gobbling down a single piece of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, Blacky's movement suddenly turned stiff. It raised its dog head and glanced at Bu Fang in doubt, with traces of confusion and bewilderment visible in its eyes.

"This Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs... how come it became even more delicious?"

Although Blacky was puzzled, it was delighted about this Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs upgrade. Blacky didn't give it any more thought and began wolfing down the food even more ferociously.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled up, and he stood up. He stretched his body and inhaled a breath of fresh air before going back into the store. He removed the door boards, indicating that the store had opened up for the day's business.

Bu Fang's hair was already dry, so he searched for a band and tied it up. he pulled a chair, sat down and took a satisfying nap.

Sure enough, the interior of the store was still very comfortable.

Not long later, Xiao Xiaolong came over excitedly. The moment he entered, he saw Bu Fang sitting on the chair taking a tap.

"Owner Bu! You were finally able to return!" Xiao Xiaolong exclaimed in excitement.

Bu Fang opened up his eyes slightly and glanced at Xiao Xiaolong, "How has your knife skill practice been coming along? I am going to conduct a knife skill test tomorrow... Wish you all the best."

The excitement on Xiao Xiaolong's face disappeared and his expression immediately turned rigid. Subsequently, it became completely unsightly, as though he was suffering from constipation, and he rushed into the kitchen.

Bu Fang shut his eyes again to continue his nap.

"Congratulation to the host for completing the temporary mission: heading to the Western Mystery City and joining the armed forces as the army chef. Within the allocated time, completing three dishes within the standard that the system had set. Mission reward will be released now."

"Mission reward: ten percent increase in your true energy cultivation, as well as one fragment of the God of Cooking Set. Rewarding successful."

"Gathering of three fragments of the God of Cooking Set completed. Beginning to convert it into a second part of the God of Cooking Set..."