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 Chapter 308: The Return and the Fury of a War-God

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

It was time to display... true knife skills.

Looking at the big radishes flying over... er no, the dense cloud of black poisonous birds, Bu Fang squinted his eyes slightly, twirled the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his grip and stopped it in an extremely cool position.

He held his breath and gazed at their chirping poisonous sparrows. He noticed a bloodthirsty radiance within the small beady eyes of the poisonous birds, and his spirit gradually became tense.

Tang Yin collapsed to the ground from excessive blood loss; his complexion was ashen.

He felt a type of death energy enveloping his body. An overwhelming sense of impending doom enveloped him, as the poisonous sparrows drew close, and his spirit began shivering.


His light sigh made evident his resignation to his fate. However, in the next moment, Tang Yin's eyes widened. An inconceivable scene was taking place right in front of him.

The night was quiet. A ray of cold light flashed across the sky, like a descending meteor. Everywhere the kitchen knife flashed past, it left behind an intimidating streak of light akin to crashing meteors. The streaks of light were reflected on Bu Fang's pupils, making him look invincible.

Meteor Cutting Technique.

Bu Fang's calm voice resonated. Thereafter, there was a rumble. The densely packed poisonous birds had reached him.

Puchi! Puchi!!

Shua Shua!!

Bu Fang's face was expressionless as he gripped his kitchen knife. The speed of his knife slashes was so fast that others would have a hard time following its movement. The swift knife lights exuded a terrifying chill as they sliced apart the poisonous birds.

The strength of the poisonous birds wasn't ranked high. Each poisonous bird was only comparable to a second grade spirit beast. Their abilities were very weak, but they mainly lived in flocks and usually attacked together. When they attacked as a flock, their combined might was out of the ordinary.

Bu Fang's Meteor Cutting Technique had reached the second grade. It had attained the extremely formidable realm as a result of long hours of practice. Bu Fang pictured the poisonous birds as big radishes and handled them as effortlessly as he would handle real radishes.

Black feathers scattered about as the birds were chopped down at a speed not visible to the naked eye. Everywhere the kitchen knife flashed past, a poisonous bird would split into two halves, dyeing the ground scarlet, as though they were chopped fruit.

With a calm demeanor, Bu Fang remained at his original spot, yet his kitchen knife danced freely in the breeze.

Tang Yin was completely flabbergasted by the scene.

The poisonous birds had all been sliced apart by Bu Fang... so effortlessly.

The kitchen knife revolved on his hand and, subsequently, came to a stop in front of Bu Fang's chest. It was shiny, without a single drop of blood on it.

Tang Yin and the surrounding Cooks' Army Unit personnel were flabbergasted. Even the black-gowned figure was perplexed.

All his poisonous birds had been completely sliced apart... just like that?!

Had they all been slaughtered by this youth who had appeared out of nowhere? What reason did he have to kill my poisonous birds?!

"Damn it! My babies!"

A roar filled with anger and anguish reverberated. A murderous aura was now evident in the eyes of the black-gowned figure.

Bu Fang glanced coldly at the pile of bird corpses on the floor; the poisonous bird corpses scattered on the ground had begun to emit a strong pungent smell. The blood dripping off the corpses was pitch-black, and the main culprit behind the strong pungent smell.

These poisonous birds had probably been fed those elixirs that caused beasts to go berserk; just like the Demonic Fish in Southern City. However, these birds may have been fed a larger dose than the fish.

A long gown fluttered noisily, and Bu Fang retracted his gaze from the poisonous bird corpses. He had sensed a strong gale rushing over.

The black-gowned person had reached Bu Fang and directly attacked him. He used one hand to support the talisman array and used the other to condense true energy. He planned to kill Bu Fang with a single slap.

In his eyes, Bu Fang was just a Battle-Emperor and wasn't worth this full attention. As long as his palm strike landed, the youth would just turn into pus without any time to scream. His poison wasn't something any average person would dare to underestimate.


Bu Fang's expression was calm. He wasn't the least bit worried about his safety as he stared at the attacking black-gowned person.

The indifference in Bu Fang's gaze caused the enemy's heart to shiver.

Subsequently, his palm attack landed on the target, however, it wasn't Bu Fang, but an ice-cold figure.

A brilliant purple glow was evident on Whitey's eye. The brilliant purple glow burst forth with its intense energy and sent the black-gowned man flying.

An explosion erupted. Whitey stomped the ground ferociously and, like an artillery shell, shot off towards the falling black-gowned man.

"What the hell is this thing?!"

The black-gowned person's eyes contracted in shock. He hadn't even sensed the existence of this lump of steel. Where did it suddenly emerge from?

Furthermore, its sudden explosive pressure caused him to feel a sense of crisis.

Boom Boom!!

He shot out two condensed energy attacks, consecutively. The true energy was pitch-black like ink and possessed a terrible corrosive might. The attacks smashed into the charging Whitey but didn't leave behind any mark on the puppet.

Bu Fang was very calm. Although this puppet was Whitey's doppelganger, it was sufficient to handle a War-God, and the black-gowned person was only a Battle-Saint. With Whitey making a move, it was sufficient.

Bu Fang was very curious about the talisman array that was being supported on the hand of the black-gowned person.

Tang Yin, who had collapsed, finally loosened up, took in deep breaths of air and spurted out a mouthful blood. This left his complexion ashen. However, he no longer felt the sense of crisis brought by that black-gowned person and heaved a sigh of relief.

In the distant sky, intense waves of true energy collided and resulted in a frightening explosion.

This was a battle between two War-Gods, and Ni Yan was one of them.

However, Bu Fang didn't have any interest in that battle. Instead, his gaze was directed to a distant place. Judging from Whitey's ability, disposing of this black-gowned person should be very easy. Sure enough, as Bu Fang had anticipated, the black-gowned man was completely abused by Whitey.

Whitey didn't unleash its big machete and smashed out three fists instead. The three fists were enough to pummel the black-gowned person until he vomited blood and was smashed into the ground, creating a crater.

That person had an expression of fear on his face. Although he wasn't an expert in hand-to-hand combat, he was still a Battle-Saint, yet he had been pounded into the ground by a puppet with only three fists.

He was supposed to be a Battle-Saint... Was he a fake?

Although his primary attack relied on those poisonous birds, he... he was still a Battle-Saint!

"You cannot kill me! I am from the Shura Sect!"

Blood dripped down the corners of his mouth as he widened his eyes in fear.


Whitey landed in the crater with a resounding bang, and the ground trembled. The purple light flickering in its eyes was enough to make one shiver.

Bu Fang calmly looked at the black-gowned expert with indifference.


Whitey smashed down again. The frightening might caused the entire ground to break into pieces.

That black-gowned expert had been smashed and embedded deeper into the ground. He no longer seemed to be breathing.


Immediately, the talisman on his hand soared up and wanted to escape again.

However, this time, Bu Fang squinted his eyes, shot upwards and captured the talisman array.

The Supreme Will of Sword on the talisman array had already been broken into pieces during its previous escape. This time, without the protection of the Supreme Will of Sword, it was directly captured by Bu Fang.

These five pieces of talisman formed an unusual magic array, in the shape of a white transparent sphere. Occasionally, a misty face struggling and roaring could be seen within it.

"What is this thing?" Bu Fang was puzzled.

Above them, in the sky, a roar erupted. The battle between the War-Gods seemed to get more heated.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the military mission. Beginning the return process now."

The system's solemn voice resonated in Bu Fang's ears. Immediately, he began to feel a peculiar fluctuation in his mind. Round white dots of lights began to spiral above his head and gradually converge together, creating a peculiar teleport array.

"Hmm? Going to start the teleportation now?" Bu Fang's eyebrows furrowed.

He gripped the talisman array and looked at the white dots of light revolving above his head.

"Bu... Senior, this is?" Tang Yin's eyes widened as he stared at the dots of light around Bu Fang. It was filled with pure energy and caused him to feel apprehensive.


The ensuing roar caused the earth to quake, the mountains to shake and Western Mystery City to tremble.

"Leave the Soul Congregation Array behind!!!"

The white dots of light had almost formed a magic array above Bu Fang's head which began emitting a suction force.

As the teleportation array enveloped Bu Fang, Whitey reverted back to its unsophisticated appearance and stood behind him.

In the distance, a human figure in the sky rushed over to them.

It was a middle-aged man whose scalp was filled with gray hair. The man stared at Bu Fang close, especially at the talisman array in Bu Fang's hand. As soon as he sensed the energy of the teleportation array, he roared out: "Stay behind for me!!"

Chi Chi Chi...

The sky seemed to begin to combust as black flames appeared on his hand and coalesced into a black arrow. He pulled the blazing bow fully and shot the arrow at Bu Fang. The arrow made of black flames seemed to distort the sky as it streaked over.

A violent gale began to erupt around Bu Fang and enveloped him. He gripped the talisman array and stared indifferently at the incoming blazing arrow.

That arrow began to distort under his gaze...

With a buzzing sound, Bu Fang and the talisman array disappeared.