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 Chapter 307: A Routed Army

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The experts of the General Mo Lin's army brandished their spears and snarled. A loud scream "Charge!" sounded from behind them and they rushed forward.

These soldiers possessed a valiant fighting strength because they had undergone the Apostle's medical strengthening process and had become the elites among elites. This was also the reason why they felt assured that they could conquer Western Mystery City.

As an ancient city in the Light Wind Empire, Western Mystery City had a long history and deep foundations. They had long since separated themselves from the imperial army and become self-sustainable. Being able to oversee the North-West Plains for so many years and thwart the invasion of spirit beasts from a hundred thousand radius yet still stand tall was a testament of their valiance.

However, General Mo Lin was very confident because he had faith in the Apostles. With the assistance of the Apostles, his troops had never been defeated.

The city gate of Western Mystery City had been breached, and General Mo Lin's army rushed in, one warrior after another.

Although Western Mystery City's army tried their best to repulse the invaders, the enemies held the advantage because they had mounted a sneak attack. The Western Mystery Army retreated in defeat consistently, even though they were the elite force of the Western Mystery City.

Blade lights, weapon reflections, and yells of "Charge!" echoed within the entire ancient city.

The citizens of Western Mystery City hid within their respective houses in terror. Wars were extremely cruel and merciless. Facing this war... they could only pray, helplessly.

Three figures floated in the sky above Western Mystery City, basking in the stench of blood wafting from below. Soul essences howled miserably as they were drawn out of their corpses by a formless suction force. The essences were sucked into the talisman array being held by the Shura expert, who was in the sky.

Carefree laughter resounded from the three floating figures in the sky.

All of a sudden, from the depths of Western Mystery City, a voice boomed "Kill!" loudly.

The laughter of the Shura Sect experts ceased immediately. Mo Lin brandished his long spear that was covered in blood and looked in the direction of the yell. The Western Mystery City soldiers charged from the depths, one after the other.

Zhu Yue, Kong Xuan... these were the upper management of Western Mystery City.

General Mo Lin's expression became grave. He knew that the genuine and challenging battle was just about to start.

However... didn't the Western Mystery Army seem a little arrogant?

General Mo Lin found the situation bizarre because the charging Western Mystery City soldiers seemed to possess a vigor so powerful that it seemed like their blood and true energy were about to burst forth from their bodies. It was extremely strange.

This was the Third Corp of the Western Mystery Army. According to the reports, they should be the weakest troops in the Western Mystery Army, right?

Zhu Yue, whose face was flushed red from trying to restrain himself, urged his horse to go faster. It was as though a raging blaze had erupted within his body.

After eating a bowl of spirit beast meat from the Premium Wok of Fortunes, Zhu Yue felt that the true energy in his body surged violently and made him feel like he possessed infinite strength.

"Kill! Slaughter this group of brutes!!" Zhu Yue roared. Immediately, he led the soldiers and charged into the mass of people. He brandished his longsword and chopped up a person with every slash.

General Mo Lin bellowed and rushed to face Zhu Yue.

Kong Xuan's energy level was mighty. As a Battle-Saint, he was one of Western Mystery City's powerhouses.

However, this time, his charge was being intercepted by a figure. This man was one of the experts donned in a black gown, and he used one hand to support the five talismans that were floating in the sky. Without a doubt, this expert was also a Battle-Saint since he possessed the ability to float in the sky. Furthermore, he gave Kong Xuan an extremely dangerous feeling.

"Assaulting my Western Mystery City! Spare no one!"

However, Kong Xuan had nothing to fear. His body emitted clanging sounds, as though he had donned a suit of armor made of surging spirit energy, and he charged toward that black-gowned figure.

In an instant, the doorway of the city gate seemed to have degraded into Shura's hell as it became a dreadful combat battlefield.

General Mo Lin and Zhu Yue fought each other, but the more they fought, the more astonished the former got. This was because he realized that something seemed different about Zhu Yue now, compared to last time!

Zhu Yue had become more ferocious and strong while his energy had become rich and powerful!

How was this possible... How long had it been? Previously, Zhu Yue was totally unable to give him such an enormous pressure!

General Mo Lin's eyes shrank, and he turned his head around to look at his surroundings. He was overwhelmed with shock. This time, his troops were the side... suffering consecutive defeats.

"This... how is this possible?!" General Mo Lin bellowed.

The surrounding soldiers of the Third Corp fought heroically and seemed unafraid of death. Unexpectedly, they pressured General Mo Lin's army and forced them to retreat little by little. The Third Corp was like a surging tide of steel, killing everything in their way.

"These Third Corp soldiers are fake, right? Weren't they very weak, previously?!"

General Mo Lin felt extremely unresigned as he watched his troops retreat over and over. He noticed how energetic every soldier of the Third Corp looked. This left him feeling extremely puzzled!

"Haha! Satisfying!" Zhu Yue laughed.

He certainly understood why the Third Corp was so bold, powerful, and extremely energetic. It was because they had just eaten gourmet food that they had never tasted before. That Premium Wok of Fortunes made them feel reborn!

Many of them had broken through and their cultivation advanced. The quality of the Third Corp had been increased by an entire grade.

Thus, under these circumstances, the vigor and fighting power of the Third Corp were at their best. Even if they were faced with the First Corp of the Western Mystery Army, they would still emerge victorious. So, why would they fear these invaders attacking their home ground?

You are so freaking dead!

In the sky above, the two remaining Shura Sect experts narrowed their eyes. They were also somewhat flabbergasted. They didn't foresee General Mo Lin's army getting suppressed so miserably.

"You, go. Western Mystery City has to be conquered. This was what the High Priest promised King Yu."

The hoarse voice calmly instructed. Subsequently, the figure whose hand supported the broken talisman figure sped out. He rushed forward, stopped, and stood upright in the sky.

As he stood proudly in the sky above Western Mystery's Third Corp, the gale caused the black gown around him to flutter violently. He curled the corners of his mouth into a cruel smile.

"So many soul essences... really cause one's blood to boil!"

At this moment, the black-gowned expert whistled, and a large group of pitch black sparrow-like birds unexpectedly flew out from within the black gown.

Those small birds flapped their wings and crowded together, forming a dense black cloud. They looked earth-shattering as they streaked downward to attack the Western Mystery's Third Corp.

"My poisonous bird babies, go ahead and gorge yourselves on tasty flesh as much as you want!"

This black-gowned expert supported the talisman on one hand as his face held a triumphant look, coupled with an abundant smile.

This black cloud of poisonous birds streaked down swiftly, like sharp swords tearing through the sky. Every time they attacked, they would pierce through a person's chest.

And, immediately, Western Mystery's Third Corp suffered heavy casualties!

"Damn it! A Battle-Saint made a move?!" Zhu Yue's eyes narrowed. Immediately, his gaze focused on the black cloud of poisonous birds rushing toward him.


Ni Yan finished another bowl of Premium Wok of Fortunes. Her small tongue licked her lips, glistening her tender and beautiful lips even more.

"Tasty! Sure enough, Owner Bu didn't lie to me. Not bad, not bad!"

"Teacher! They have started to fight outside... Aren't we going to help?" Tang Yin asked anxiously.

Upon hearing the sounds of battle and feeling the dreadful fluctuation of true energy, he had a bad premonition. How many people were going to die? How many soul essences would the Shura Sect collect?

"Got it... The Western Mystery's Third Corp just ate Owner Bu's Premium Wok of Fortunes, so their current strength is at its best. Even if they were to face Western Mystery's First Corp, it shouldn't be a problem for them, so why are you so anxious?"

Ni Yan placed the bowl down, clapped and looked over at Owner Bu.

"Does Owner Bu want to go over and take a look?"

"Not interested." Bu Fang shook his head. He never had much interest in wars. It would be better for him to stay behind and drink a few more bowls of Premium Wok of Fortunes.

Ni Yan gave him a quick glance. She knew, judging from Owner Bu's indifferent temper, that he wouldn't want to get involved.

Therefore, she didn't speak any more superfluous words and charged toward the battle area with Tang Yin in tow.

Bu Fang watched her go, scooped up a bowl of Premium Wok of Fortunes casually and proceeded to drink it.

He must not waste such a delicious dish, right?

Not long later, a frightening fight erupted above the city, and the true energy of a War-God burst forth with a loud rumble. Every time they attacked, there was a fierce explosion.

Bu Fang's current mood was very joyful and relaxed because he had completed the system's mission. Therefore, he felt no pressure at all.

He finished the bowl of Wok of Fortunes with immense satisfaction. This should, more or less, be his last meal at the army camp as he had completed the system's mission, so it should be making arrangements for him to return back.

Almost half a month of experience had made his culinary knowledge grow even more profound.

"You guys should also come over and eat together."

Bu Fang looked at the Cooks' Army Unit personnel, who stood at the side cautiously, and beckoned them with his hands to come over.

The Cooks' Army Unit personnel were taken aback. Subsequently, they displayed a look of excitement. They had long wished to taste this delicacy. The meaty fragrance that had permeated the air caused them to gulp their saliva irresistibly.

There wasn't a lot of the dish left inside the huge nine woks. After distributing the last of it to the Cooks' Army Unit personnel, it was over.

Boom Boom!!

All of a sudden, an explosion erupted, and numerous human figures were flung backward.

Tang Yin's face was deathly. His energy was chaotic, and he was riddled with sinister-looking bloody holes, constantly dripping blood.

A wave of bird cries reverberated loudly.

Bu Fang turned to look over and noticed a black-gowned figure hovering in the sky while surrounded by a dense cloud of black poisonous birds.

Unexpectedly, the black-gowned figure was supporting a talisman that Bu Fang could somewhat recognize.

"En? This talisman seems somewhat familiar..." Bu Fang murmured and immediately realized that it was the same talisman that unleashed the Supreme Will of Sword, causing Whitey to be thrown to the ground.

Didn't the talisman array escape? Why did it come back? Could it be that it came back for revenge?

The black-gowned person's face housed a cold expression filled with mockery.

"Celestial Arcanum Sect trashes are really weak. Babies... this trash is yours. Enjoy their delicious flesh to your heart's content!"

The figure said gently as he caressed the head of a pitch-black bird. The bird joined its counterparts and the black cloud of birds descended rapidly.

In an instant, Tang Yin's complexion turned deathly pale.

As the black cloud of poisonous birds flew over, their eyes changed into a tyrannical shade of red which made evident their killing intent.

Bu Fang frowned. He stood behind Tang Yin and was also able to feel the dreadful and cruel energy of that group of poisonous birds. Bu Fang considered Tang Yin an acquaintance, and so it was impossible for Bu Fang to let him die like this.

Besides... The other party obviously came back to seek revenge. All the more reason why Bu Fang was unable to retreat.

As Bu Fang looked at the rushing group of chirping bloody sparrows, green smoke curled up from his hand, and a pitch-black kitchen knife immediately appeared in his grasp. He twirled the knife in his hands as the poisonous birds closed in. In his eyes... these poisonous birds had turned into a bunch of big radishes.