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 Chapter 306: Drink a Bowl of Scalding Meat Broth

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Bu Fang paused, and his figure swiftly floated out of Ni Yan's grasp. He seemed unperturbed as he turned to face her.

"Wait," Bu Fang said.

With a porcelain bowl in hand, Bu Fang leaped and landed lightly at the side of a huge wok. With the bowl, he scooped up some broth with several pieces of meat in it.

There were nine types of spirit beast meat inside this big wok. Even Bu Fang was briefly unsure which spirit beasts' meat he scooped at random for Ni Yan.

Ni Yan licked her lips as she received the porcelain bowl from Bu Fang. She lifted the bowl up to her nose and inhaled deeply. Immediately, her nostrils were assaulted by a rich meaty fragrance, and her expression changed to one of infatuation.

"Rich and doesn't dissipate-truly fragrant. The aroma has been completed sequestrated within the spirit beast meat during the cooking process, resulting in an extraordinary fragrance. Now that the meat of nine seventh grade spirit beasts has been combined, this broth that has simmered out... is simply one of the most immersive delicacies in the human world!"

Ni Yan hadn't even tasted it yet and was already full of praise for Bu Fang's dish.

She couldn't help but praise this dish that she deeply admired. It had already reached the pinnacle in terms of recipe and control of spirit energy within the dish.

Ni Yan used a porcelain ladle to scoop up some broth, but she didn't drink it immediately; instead, she raised the spoon to her eye level and examined the broth. The broth had multiple colors, it could be passed off as liquid rainbow atop a spoon.

The rich fragrance wafting out of the broth caused Ni Yan to nibble her lips. Subsequently, she shoved the spoon into her mouth.

The warm broth didn't scorch as much as she thought it would, instead, the temperature was very appropriate-unlike the broth's initial scalding hot appearance on the spoon.

Ni Yan squinted her eyes as she felt the broth permeate every corner of her mouth, as though it was crossing a nine curved creek. Every time she swallowed a mouthful, she got to experience a different flavor stimulating her oral cavity lightly.

Bu Fang's true energy cooking method rendered the spirit energy within the broth unfathomable. The broth contained a mass of coalesced spirit energy, and Ni Yan was able to taste Owner Bu's flavor within it.

The recipe of this broth was very similar to the Fish Head Tofu Soup in Owner Bu's store. The Fish Head Tofu Soup had preserved the taste of the broth, allowing the spirit energy to explode like a fragrance bomb within one's mouth. However, this time, the coalesced spirit energy in this broth burst forth like a fragrance bomb, exploding consecutively. This caused Ni Yan to tremble like she was about to ascend to heaven.

Its deliciousness was unfathomable, and Ni Yan couldn't help but stare at Bu Fang with wide eyes. Afterward, she nodded her head repeatedly in approval.

"Taste this piece of meat," Bu Fang said.

Ni Yan complied and picked up a white and rosy piece of spirit beast meat. The fat in this spirit beast meat was extremely well-distributed and the vein lines on it resembled an artistic picture scroll being projected into her eyes.

"What kind of meat is this?" Ni Yan asked curiously. Bu Fang had cooked nine types of spirit beast meat in this wok, so she couldn't discern which spirit beast the piece of meat belonged to.

Bu Fang raised his eyebrows. Even though he hadn't tasted the dish, he could still discern the identity of that piece of spirit beast meat.

"This is the meat of seventh grade Old Mountain Turtle," Bu Fang replied.

"The meat of seventh grade spirit beast Old Mountain Turtle?" Ni Yan murmured lightly. Thereafter, she stuffed the piece of meat into her mouth. Her eyes widened and cheeks bulged as she chewed.

The glow in her eyes gradually brightened up while she chewed.

"So tasty! So filling! So chewy!!"

Ni Yan exclaimed in admiration. The piece of meat bounced unceasingly in her mouth and seemed to fill her oral cavity wall with a long-lasting crunchy energy.

Additionally, the piece of meat wasn't that difficult to chew. Due to the herculean strength of some seventh grade beasts, their muscle tissue was strained together. This caused the meat to look old and made it really hard to chew into smaller pieces. This type of meat would surely affect the texture of the dish.

However, the meat of this Old Mountain Turtle was crunchy and could be easily chewed into smaller pieces, although, it looked old and appeared difficult to chew.

Ni Yan had barely engrossed herself in the delicious Wok of Fortunes when the crowd rushed forward, flocked around her and began to fight over the dish.

However, Bu Fang had cooked more than enough, so everyone got a bowl each.

This dish was named Premium Wok of Fortunes because of what the name implied. The dish was cooked using the meat of several seventh grade spirit beasts. The strength of the spirit energy within a seventh grade spirit beast was, basically, too tyrannical for an average person to handle.

Normally, only those with the Battle-Maniac cultivation and above should be able to taste the dish, but Bu Fang had prepared the dish with lots of spirit energy vegetables and his own unique true energy cooking method. He guided the true energy orientation within the dish, during the cooking process, and this caused the berserk spirit energy to calm down and become a lot gentler. Now, everyone could taste it.

This was important because the army contained people with varying cultivation levels, especially the Third Army Corps. Some of their members had attained the level of Battle-Maniac while some hadn't.

After all, it was a feast prepared for the entire Third Corp, so, naturally, it had to be eaten by everyone present.

After undergoing the simmering process, the Thorn Elephant meat wasn't much different from tofu. However, compared to tofu, the meat was much more fragrant and could nourish the body better.

The soldiers who had eaten the Thorn Elephant meat felt as though they had combusted into a raging blaze, and their true energy began to circulate rapidly.

And this scene occurred unceasingly.

The nine huge woks were sufficient. Everyone in the Third Corp was able to eat the delicacy. Furthermore, a number of soldiers from the First Corp and Second Corp had run over and asked for a portion. The deliciousness was so stimulating it left them unable to walk.

The soldiers who had eaten the Premium Wok of Fortunes felt as though their bodies were reborn. Their energy core vortexes revolved rapidly. The warm feeling of the broth still lingered within their bodies, as if a hot dense energy was guiding them closer toward rebirth.

Although the Third Corp had a lot of soldiers, they were fewer in number than the Second Corp. There were a lot of soldiers who had experienced breakthroughs and obtained advancements while others strengthened their current cultivations-experiencing breakthroughs in their mental states and improvements in their fighting strength by a great amount!

This dish had improved the quality of the entire Third Corp by a grade!

Compared to the First Corps, they weren't lacking a single bit!

Faced with this delicacy, Kong Yao, the city lord of Western Mystery City, couldn't stay calm. He scooped a bowl full of it and sampled it delicately. The more he ate, the more astounded he got.

Finally, he sucked in a breath of air.

Kong Xuan also scooped a bowl. After he drank it, he did not say anything. Although the bowl of broth didn't enable Kong Xuan to achieve a breakthrough, it had solidified his energy by a large amount.

He was a Battle-Saint, but now his cultivation showed traces of being close to a breakthrough. This was simply too inconceivable. Was this truly a dish?

Tang Yin also received a bowl. He had always been very confident about Bu Fang's dishes. Therefore, he drank his bowl with keen interest. Once he had finished drinking, he found himself yearning for another bowl.

Bu Fang stood on his original spot and frowned as he stroked his chin. His expression caused the surrounding people to refrain from disturbing his thoughts.

The Premium Wok of Fortunes had caused everyone to respect Bu Fang more.

Quickly, Bu Fang's tightly wrinkled eyebrows seemed to loosen up, and he curled the corner of his mouth into a smile. He felt excited because the Premium Wok of Fortunes had been acknowledged by the system. This was the third dish acknowledged. Finally, Bu Fang had completed its mission.

Bu Fang patted on his own cheeks and exhaled a long mouthful of air.

He also went over to scoop a bowl of broth and picked a piece of Fire Lion meat. The meat was very fresh and tender. Although it had been cooked perfectly, the vein lines on the meat were still as visible as before. Furthermore, boiling this meat had somehow resulted in it being tastier than its counterparts, the meat of the other spirit beasts.

This was the reason why Bu Fang had chosen to place the Fire Lion meat at the bottom of the wok. There, the Fire Lion meat wouldn't get overcooked easily, and its taste could be discharged better.

A bite of meat and a mouthful of broth. Repeating the process, Bu Fang relaxed greatly and had unexpectedly felt somewhat pleased.


Currently, Western Mystery City, if viewed from outside, seemed very noisy. The soldiers atop the city walls turned and looked in the direction of the army camps. They had heard that the people over there were enjoying delicacies... This was simply too cruel!

The others ate delicious dishes while they had to patrol atop the ice-cold city walls. How great would it be if they were together with the others, drinking piping hot mouthfuls of aromatic meat broth?

Beneath the city walls, multiple shadows had snuck over and abruptly stuck onto the city walls.

They were the elites of the army of General Mo Lin, and every one of them was an expert. Even though the city walls of Western Mystery City were very towering, the elites of that army still climbed up effortlessly.

They climbed up stealthily like lizards for a while before rushing toward the top of the city wall.

A Western Mystery City guard turned his gaze away from the camp and became vigilant when he noticed a human shadow in front of him. Immediately, he drew out his long sword with rage.

However, an even faster streak of light flashed by the neck of the guard.

Crashing sound...

Within seconds, the human shadows climbing the city wall charged up to the top. They fought at close quarters with the guards on the city wall, and their fighting strength was a lot more valiant than expected. When dealing with these ordinary guards, the experts only needed a few moves to dispose of them.

Dong Dong Dong!!

The city bell in Western Mystery City had been rung. This, without a doubt, implied the invasion of enemies.

The experts, who had slaughtered all the guards above the city wall, rushed down the wall and into the city. They planned to open up the city gate.

Boom Boom!!

Western Mystery City's First Corp's soldiers charged over and began to attack the invaders. Although they initially hadn't paid attention to the city gate, when the enemies began attacking, the soldiers responded immediately.

Soon, a chaotic battle erupted at the doorway of the city gate.

Boom Boom Boom!!

The old city gate of the Western Mystery City was consistently rammed heavily, as though a huge beast was struggling to get into it.

Outside the Western Mystery City, three human figures floated in the air. One of them lifted up his fist and, immediately, a monstrous amount of true energy converged and turned into a huge reflection of the fist. The huge fist smashed the city gate ferociously.

When the third strike landed, the city gate of the Western Mystery City was smashed open.

Loud yells and sounds of killing came pouring into Western Mystery City in an instant.

The soldiers who had just finished their military feast immediately became energetic.

The complexions of the Western Mystery City lord, Kong Yao, and General Kong Xuan quickly changed. Immediately, they rushed toward the Western Mystery City gate.

Squatting at the side of the big wok like a swallow, Ni Yan drank the scalding broth happily and ate the tender spirit beast meat. She had completely ignored the yells and sounds of killing.

However, Bu Fang looked toward the city gate in doubt. Over there, flames had ignited as the sounds of fights and killing continued.