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 Chapter 305: Lady, Your Appearance Really Frightens People

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Nightfall in the Northwest Plain enveloped the land with darkness and solitude. This bloodstained land was a great piece of historical value.

Currently, Mo Luo City was ablaze with light and its ancient gates were opened wide with a loud bang. A group of organized soldiers marched out of the city. Mo Lin led his troops and headed to Western Mystery City with a serious expression on his face.

The spirit beast horde had just retreated, so it was the best time for them to attack. This was the chance that they had been waiting for. They could launch a surprise attack while Western Mystery City recuperated from the spirit beast horde's attack. They could then easily conquer the ancient city from the Light Wind Empire.

The plan was put together not just by their commander but also by the Apostles in black robes.

They had managed to conquer several cities with the Apostles' help, and, each time, their plans were successful, so they placed a lot of trust in the Apostles. Their planned attack on Western Mystery City could only proceed because it was endorsed by the envoys.

Now their status in the army was comparable to the commander as it was precisely the support of these Apostles that allowed them to win all their battles!

Amidst the boundless yellow sands, a hidden troop stealthily approached Western Mystery City, which had just suffered the spirit beasts' attack.

Within the army, three shadows walked around in circles. Two of them held onto brightly lit five talismans.

One of the talismans appeared damaged and didn't shine as bright as its counterparts. However, white mist swirled within the magic array, and the faint outline of a screaming face was visible with it.

"By conquering Western Mystery City while its dark, we will accomplish the High Priest's mission. Then, we will be able to go back and return the soul to the High Priest," a husky voice said.

The two shadows, who wielded the talismans, respectfully bowed to the third shadow.

"With the elder's help... We will definitely take over Western Mystery City."

"Even if our enemy had help from the experts of Celestial Arcanum Sect, we still won't fear them. With elder helping us, surely, those fools from Celestial Arcanum Sect will perish as well."

The voice was respectful yet emotional. Their ensuing laughter could be heard from afar.


"We can smell the fragrance already!"

"What a unique aroma... But, it's not as strong as we imagined."

"Idiot, he just started cooking! The spirit beast's meat has barely been cooked, so, obviously, the aroma won't be strong, yet!" The soldiers discussed among themselves; they were excited about the food being prepared in the nine woks.

Ni Yan also licked her lips. She focused her gaze and became serious.

Although she had no idea what Bu Fang was cooking, she was clear that the next step would test Bu Fang's skills. Spirit energy gushed out during the boiling process. The woks contained the meat of so many seventh grade spirit beasts, which were considered leaders in their respective species. They were authoritative, and the mixture of their spirit energy could trigger an explosion.

An explosion triggered by a mixture of several seventh grade ingredients... the damage it would cause was unthinkable, and the entire camp area might be destroyed.

Tang Yin was also nervous.

Kong Xuan, on the other hand, squinted his eyes in disdain. He was just a chef, so what was all the big deal?

Suddenly, Bu Fang quickly got up and stood in front of a big wok-his gaze fixed on it.


A cloud of steam coupled with thick energy wafted out from the wok and surrounded the white fire lion figurine, which was in the center of the wok, making it look more realistic.

Bu Fang could sense, albeit faintly, the mighty roar of the Fire Lion.

The broth in the wok boiled intensely, but it wasn't due to the heat. It was due to the spirit energy of the ingredients circulating throughout the wok.

Bu Fang frowned. This was the hardest step, and if he didn't handle it well, it may lead to an explosion.

He placed his feet on the side of the wok and raised his knee slightly. The true energy in his energy core started circulating and flowed through his legs and into the wok.

The true energy acted as a stabilizer, and once it flowed into the wok, the raging spirit energy was stabilized and the intense boiling subsided.

Bu Fang focused on his output of true energy and controlled the circulation of spirit energy in the wok.

This was an extremely difficult process, but a very crucial step.

Once everything had stabilized, it would be much easier.

With a light tap of his toes, Bu Fang leaped off the first wok and landed on a second; coincidentally, its intense boiling began to subside as well.

Bu Fang kept track of the temperature of each wok, and he knew exactly how to handle each temperature spike.

Ni Yan watched from afar and was speechless. Bu Fang's handling of true energy was what she had always been eager to learn, all along. She didn't know that true energy control could be so precise; the sight was too shocking for her.

Suddenly, Ni Yan, who was staring at Bu Fang, sniffed the air. She discerned an aroma with her sharp nose, and her eyes lit up.

The fragrance from the first wok was so rich that it couldn't be described with words. The aroma permeated the surroundings, causing the crowd to be completely captivated by it. Almost everyone could smell the rich fragrance spreading through the area.

As soon as Bu Fang leaped off the second wok and landed on a third, the second wok began emitting its own mouth-watering aroma as well. Although this fragrance was as rich as the one from the first wok, it was different. The aroma wafting from the second wok gave off a sense of tranquility, while the first wok's aroma was wilder.

The smell each wok gave represented the temperament of each spirit beast.

The Fire Lion was wild and violent; the Thorn Elephant was calm but fierce; the Old Mountain Turtle was old and peaceful...

Each ensuing fragrance immersed everyone in a different feeling.

Once Bu Fang was done with the ninth wok and leaped off it, an overwhelmingly rich aroma wafted out of the wok and into the air. It felt like dragons charging up into the sky and circling the area.

Bu Fang gently landed on the ground and sat at the center of the nine woks-his mind serene. The roars of the spirit beasts that echoed in his ears sounded so realistic.

The aroma wafting from the nine woks attracted each other and seemed to form an array. This caused Bu Fang's mind to tremble. However, this formation was not clear and seemed like it would be broken easily.

Bu Fang found it amusing... Delicacies could be used to form arrays?

"Who knows... It might be possible. Why can't delicacies be used to create an array?" Bu Fang pondered as he took a deep breath.

His thoughts were disrupted by the surrounding crowd's murmurs, and he turned toward them.

The more they stared at Bu Fang, the more amazed the crowd got. They stared at him, whose figure was covered by the mist formed from the spirit energy wafting from the woks. Sitting in the mist, he looked like some sort of god.

If he hadn't maintained a poker face, many girls would be smitten by him.

With a flick of his hands, Bu Fang got rid of the surrounding mist and walked out from the center of the nine woks. It did feel different for him when he looked at the nine woks from outside. The nine woks began to glow brightly and, from above, the light seemed to form different spirit beasts.

These spirit beasts were the ones that had been slaughtered. The Fire Lion, Thorn Elephant, Old Mountain Turtle, etc. They resembled the real deal.

The crowd was shocked. This was the first time they had seen a dish like this. Could... could this even be eaten?

However, the rich aroma of the food kept them captivated and caused their stomachs to growl. Hiding their hunger was no longer an option for the crowd as their stomachs growled loudly.

Even Kong Xuan, who disliked Bu Fang, rubbed his stomach and licked his lips.

"Premium Wok of Fortunes, completed."

The green smoke that swirled around Bu Fang's hand when he showcased his knife skills with the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife disappeared with a boom! His loud declaration, made with a serious voice, echoed around.

Was it completed?

The crowd exclaimed in astonishment.

Ni Yan stomped her feet on the ground and streaked toward Bu Fang. She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him close.

"Owner Bu! Give me a serving!!"

Her eyes glowed with excitement, as though she had just spotted her favorite prey.

Bu Fang was a little disturbed by the warm feeling next to him.

This young lady... She made him feel a little frightened...