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 Chapter 304: Premium Wok of Fortunes

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Bu Fang sat cross-legged inside his tent, rested, and was able to recover some true energy. He was restricted from using the system's storage space, so he couldn't retrieve the Oyster Pancake he had placed in it and this made him feel a little helpless.

Although he didn't have the Oyster Pancake, Bu Fang still regained most of his true energy after his rest. He didn't use any cultivation techniques, but the vortex in his energy core revolved at break-neck speed-akin to top-level cultivation techniques.

Once he had recovered his true energy, Bu Fang left the tent. The nine seventh grade spirit beasts had been placed outside his tent.

These were the seventh grade spirit beasts they had killed. The corpses emitted a strong depressing aura that filled the camp and caused many to vacate the area surrounding Bu Fang's tent.

Bu Fang washed his hands and approached the spirit beast closest to him.

This was the Fire Lion slaughtered by Ni Yan. How Ni Yan managed to kill the fire lion was unknown as there were no visible wounds on it.

Green smoke shrouded Bu Fang's hands and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared. He gripped the knife and walked a circle around the lion. What he needed to do now was to prepare the ingredients.

He displayed his Meteor Cutting technique and the knife in his hand, resembling a genie, twirled and revolved deftly around the Fire Lion.

Pick, scoop, cut and chop.

He displayed a dazzling top-tier knife skill and within minutes, he successfully removed the skin and bones of the Fire Lion.

His knife continued moving at lightning speed and soon, a bowl was filled to the brim with lion meat. The meat of the Fire Lion scorched the ceramic bowl and left it blazing hot. Although the Fire Lion was dead, its meat remained as hot as charcoal.

Once he had prepared the Fire Lion meat, Bu Fang clapped his hands and walked to the next spirit beast.

While Bu Fang handled the spirit beast corpses, he casually asked Long Cai to find and bring back a large amount of spirit energy vegetables.

He didn't require vegetables that were high-level, however, they had to be fresh and contain some spirit energy.

Long Cai agreed and, immediately, went around the entire city.

He waited for Bu Fang to prepare the nine spirit beasts and came over with some men from the Cooks' Army Unit. They all carried several baskets filled with spirit energy vegetables.

Bu Fang had just finished preparing the nine spirit beasts, and the men from the Cooks' Army Unit, who had just come with Long Cai, were all stunned and astonished.

They were greeted with the sight of multiple skeletons behind Bu Fang, and none of the skeletons had a single strand of meat still attached to them. The meat had been removed, completely.

"This... This...."

They were speechless. It was an extremely difficult feat for a normal person to achieve, but Bu Fang had done it. Moreover, he had separated the meat from all nine beast corpses in an incredibly short time.

Senior Bu Fang's knife technique... It was superb!

Nine big ceramic bowls had been filled with the meat of the spirit beasts, and the baskets of spirit energy vegetables had been delivered. Bu Fang instructed the Cooks' Army Unit to carry the ingredients to the field.

Nine huge woks were placed in the center of the field with fires lit underneath them.

The flames seared the woks and smoke filled the air.

Everyone sat and waited patiently, especially Ni Yan. She had put in a lot of effort this time, and If Bu Fang's dish failed to satisfy her, she would be pissed. Her anger was terrible to behold.

Tang Yin puckered his lips and calmly glanced at Bu Fang, who had walked past him, and concluded... "Senior Bu is always so calm."

The nine heavy ceramic bowls filled with fresh spirit beast meat landed heavily on the ground and caused a loud impact.

Many spectators stared at the nine ceramic bowls. Soon, a strong spirit energy covered the entire camp, leaving the crowd amazed.

These ceramic bowls contained the meat of the nine seventh grade spirit beasts! Too terrifying! A feast for the entire army meant that all soldiers would get to taste a delicacy. Moreover, the nine ceramic bowls were enough to fill the bellies of the soldiers.

Bu Fang once again washed his hands with clean water. His long hands were as fair and beautiful as a girl's. Then, with just one hand, he lifted one of the ceramic bowls and jumped.

He landed beside one of the huge lit woks.

Bu Fang's expression was serious as he took a deep breath. This was his last shot at cooking a dish that could satisfy the system. If he failed... he had no other way left.

He slammed his hand on a ceramic bowl, channeled his true energy and a piece of lion meat, that resembled charcoal, flew out of it.

"This is the meat of the seventh grade Fire Lion. The patterns on the meat are like a piece of art; it even glows occasionally... Owner Bu handled it excellently. This Fire Lion meat is flawless and high quality!"

Ni Yan was impressed and praised Bu Fang. Her knowledge of delicacies was vast, so she began explaining to the rest.

As each piece of Fire Lion meat was placed into the wok, it created a scene reminiscent of flower petals placed at the bottom of the wok, covering it entirely.

The large amount of meat was placed in the piping hot wok, and the sound of splattering oil could be heard. As the oil splattered, thick smoke accompanied by a strong and fragrant aroma of meat filled the air.


Bu Fang looked toward Long Cai and whispered to him. Long Cai nodded, picked up a basket filled with spirit energy vegetables, and threw it at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang caught the basket. He placed a foot on the side of the huge wok and leaped up high. With a flick of his hands, some vegetables floated out of the basket and into the huge wok.

These white vegetables contained spirit energy and were specially produced in Western Mystery City.

"Those are Azure Sky Vegetable, one of the special local products of Western Mystery City. I'm sure everyone here is familiar with it. Its texture is chewy and moist," Ni Yan explained.

Her eyes glowed with astonishment. She couldn't predict what type of dishes Bu Fang would prepare, having using these two ingredients already.

Was he trying to cook each spirit beast in separate woks?

If that was the case, everything would make sense.

However, Bu Fang's next action made her completely clueless. As soon as Bu Fang landed on the ground, he moved to another bowl, and this bowl contained the Giant Iguana meat.

Most of them had tasted the meat of the Flower Iguana Meat. That meat was succulent and tasted extremely delicious.

Bu Fang slowly placed pieces of juicy iguana meat into the wok, right above the Azure Sky Vegetables.

The spirit energy of the three different ingredients combined and gave off a distinct smell.

"Three different ingredients already... what kind of dish is Owner Bu trying to cook?"

Ni Yan gasped, but she wasn't the only one who did so. Everyone was shocked.

This was because, if a dish contained two seventh grade spirit beast ingredients and a spirit energy vegetable, the accumulated spirit energy would be intense, and this would make the dish difficult to cook well.

Every chef understood this principle. The more spirit energy ingredients a dish contained, the harder it was to cook.

The third spirit beast meat was the Thorn Elephant that was punched to death by Whitey.

The Thorn Elephant meat was soft as butter. Once its thorns and tough skin were removed, the remaining meat underneath was exceptionally tender and soft. Bu Fang cut the thorn elephant meat into pieces and laid it down. It looked as tender as tofu.

Next up, he repeated the same process of putting in spirit energy vegetables and spirit beast meat.

The enormous wok was actually filled to the brim by so many different ingredients!

Bu Fang landed on the ground, once again, took a dozen white radishes and speedily cut them up using his Meteor Cutting technique.

Soon enough, he had carved all the white radishes into fierce-looking fire lions which he placed at the center of the other ingredients. The fire lion made from radishes looked very realistic.

"Good knife technique!!"

This dazzling display won the hearts of many spectators. Although they couldn't guess what dishes Bu Fang intended to prepare, they were swept away by his knife technique.

He repeated the same procedure for the remaining eight huge woks. The only difference each wok had was the spirit beast meat they contained. There was the Thorn Elephant, Old Mountain Turtle etc...

Each wok had its own spirit beast carving, and it was elegant and beautiful.

Bu Fang poured clean water into each wok and sat at the center of the nine woks to replenish his true energy and detect the changes that occurred in each wok.

When preparing a dish, the placement of ingredients and control of spirit energy flow greatly affected the taste directly.

The crowd stared at the nine full woks and held their breaths; they were all anxious but excited. They had never witnessed such a spectacle before, not even Ni Yan. But, that was precisely why they were curious about the outcome.

Time slowly passed by. The camp was completely silent save for the sound of burning charcoal.

Suddenly, Bu Fang opened his eyes which were stern yet revealed excitement. The next step was the most crucial part of cooking the Premium Wok of Fortunes.

He had to control the dispersion of spirit energy. Otherwise, if the combined spirit energy of so many spirit beasts got triggered, it could easily lead to... an explosion.