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 Chapter 303: Nine Ingredients, Nine Big Woks

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A golden ray of light flashed with an overwhelming glare.

An invincible roar erupted from the kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hand, and the true energy within his energy core revolved at high speed. True energy gushed out from within into his limbs and infused into the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in this grip.

The draconic might of the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife naturally suppressed spirit beasts. This suppression allowed Bu Fang to manoeuvre through hordes with ease.

With the huge Kitchen Knife in hand, Bu Fang steadily approached the elephant that was covered in thorns.

This was a seventh grade spirit beast, Thorn Elephant. Its attack power was fierce. Its weapon was its frightening long trunk, completely covered with huge thorns. It could tear its prey apart in seconds, and crush them underfoot, right after!

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife could suppress spirit beasts that possessed the dragon clan bloodline. However, the Thorn Elephant possessed an extremely rare dragon clan bloodline, so it couldn't be suppressed as much as the others.


Whitey's robotic eyes glowed purple and it flew off in a gust of wind, charging toward the Thorn Elephant.

The Thorn Elephant rolled up its trunk and issued an ear-splitting roar. It stomped it enormous hooves hard, causing the walls to shake uncontrollably.

Large chunks of rock crashed down and the experts atop the walls began to panic.

This was a very powerful spirit beast.

However, Whitey showed no fear as it rushed over, and its arms transfigured into a huge machete in mid-air.

The Thorn Elephant smashed its spiked trunk into the ground, resulting in a quake that shook the firmament. Then, it took aim at Whitey.

If Whitey took a direct hit, it would definitely be torn apart by the thorns.

Everyone shared the same thought. The pressure exuded by the Thorn Elephant was overwhelming, and it was considered top tier among seventh grade spirit beasts.

Pu Chi!!

However, when everyone thought that Whitey would get smashed to pieces by the beast, a ray of light flashed by so fast that no one could get a good look at it.

Thereafter, in a stunned silence, the crowd witnessed the trunk of the Thorn Elephant get severed, followed by a rain of blood.

The Thorn Elephant wailed miserably and thrashed about violently, its thorns and hooves reaping the lives of several spirit beast bystanders.

Whitey landed atop the Thorn Elephant, which kept flapping its large ears, gazed at it ruthlessly and slashed the top of its head, before giving it a final punch.

The Thorn Elephant felt agonizing pain.


Bu Fang's kitchen knife, which he held in one hand, exuded a golden radiance. He focused his attention on the Old Mountain Turtle carrying an enormous shell in the distance. It was also a powerful spirit beast.

The pressure exerted by the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife frightened the surrounding spirit beasts and made them retreat backward. They didn't dare approach Bu Fang.

Bu Fang cared little for the low-level spirit beasts.

He couldn't contain his excitement as he stood in front of the gigantic Mountain Turtle. The Old Mountain Turtle was a rich ingredient, after all.

The turtle's brain lay within its shell. The beast had retreated back into its shell, probably because it had sensed the dragon might.

The turtle's shell was tough and difficult to pierce through-a natural shield.

Bu Fang examined the complex patterns on the turtle shell and felt amazed.

Suddenly, two spots of red light flashed with the shell and with a resounding bang, a huge brain burst out from within the turtle's shell and streaked toward Bu Fang, in an attempt to hit him.

This was the brain of the Mountain Turtle; it was old and wrinkled.

With bloodshot eyes, the Mountain Turtle howled and charged at Bu Fang with its mouth wide open in a bid to bite him.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes. He hadn't expected the beast to withstand the dragon might's suppression and even attack him. Indeed, the older it was, the more cunning it got!


Bu Fang blocked the attack with the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The turtle saw its attack fail and tried smashing into Bu Fang with its enormous body. It rammed its brain into the Golden Dragon Kitchen Knife with an impact so strong that Bu Fang was blown away, along with the kitchen knife.

Bu Fang twirled in the air and crashed further away, but he stood up immediately.

He donned a serious expression.

His True Energy vortex circulated even faster and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife glowed brighter.


The rock underneath Bu Fang's feet shattered as he rushed out.

Bu Fang gripped his knife in one hand and streaked towards the Old Mountain Turtle. The draconic might aura intensified, causing the surrounding beasts to retreat.

The turtle's shell was extremely tough, so Bu Fang couldn't be bothered trying to attack it with the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Destroying the shell would be almost impossible for him, and even if he could, he would exhaust his true energy in the process. By then, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's form would be lost, and that would put him in dire straits.

The Old Mountain Turtle roared, bared its sharp teeth and tried to bite Bu Fang again.

Bu Fang dodged the attack, slid under the Mountain Turtle and seized the opportunity to slash upwards, successfully cutting off one of its legs.

Maneuvering between the turtle's legs, Bu Fang gripped the heavy Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and slashed at the beast's abdomen.

The shell around the turtle's abdomen was tough, but slightly more brittle compared to the other body parts, making it easier for Bu Fang to attack. This was a technique to deal with the Old Mountain Turtle.

On the other side, Ni Yan had wrapped up her battle. As an eighth grade War-God, dealing with seventh grade spirit beasts was a piece of cake for her.

The Fire Lion crashed to the ground, raising a cloud of dust. Ni Yan landed on it with an indifferent expression.

Whitey punched the elephant repeatedly and completely shattered all of its thorns.

The gigantic Thorn Elephant was then knocked to the ground, unable to retaliate.

Si La!!

This was the sound of the enormous turtle being torn apart. To everyone's amazement, torrents of blood gushed out from underneath its belly. The violent turtle collapsed and stopped breathing.

The three of them had actually defeated the three seventh grade spirit beasts.

The people atop the city wall all heaved a sigh of relief.

Tang Yin's face seized up slightly at the sight. These three were ruthless indeed.

Kong Xuan couldn't accept that Bu Fang at sixth grade Battle-Emperor defeated a seventh grade spirit beast. How come he wasn't killed by the seventh grade spirit beast instead? It was too illogical!

The stampeding spirit beast horde all went on a rampage. However, they still retained their spirit beast nature and feared the aura of experts.

The spirit beasts stayed clear of the three seventh grade spirit beast corpses and went through a different part instead.

Bu Fang took a deep breath, patted the Old Mountain Turtle's shell and glared at the remaining spirit beasts.

The people at the top of the city wall were shocked. What sort of person was this guy? He still wasn't satisfied with a seventh grade spirit beast?

Suddenly, Bu Fang charged out with his knife.


The stampeding spirit beasts retreated hastily. Although it wasn't time for them to retreat yet, the ground was already littered with the corpses of several seventh grade spirit beasts. The combined energy emitted by the corpses deterred the spirit beasts from approaching them. Thus, they changed their destination and fled back toward the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Beads of sweat dripped down Bu Fang's forehead as he gazed at the retreating spirit beasts. He was slightly reluctant to see them leave.

There were quite a number of good ingredients among them... but, they had fled.

The others would surely be speechless if they read his thoughts.

Whitey returned to Bu Fang's side, followed by an out of breath Ni Yan. Fighting three seventh grade spirit beasts alone had worn her out.

She defeated three of the eight seventh grade spirit beasts. She had held unto Bu Fang's promise to cook some delicacies for her and gave all she had in the battle.

"Owner Bu... if the delicacies you cook this time cannot satisfy me, phew... I'll definitely beat you to a pulp!" Ni Yan exclaimed as she panted.

Bu Fang smirked at Ni Yan and ordered people to open the city gate.

Now that the spirit beasts had retreated, it was safe to open city gate again.

With the help of the soldiers, the corpses of the eight seventh grade spirit beasts were hauled into Western Mystery City.

The sight stunned the people of Western Mystery city. They had never seen a single seventh grade spirit beast before, let alone eight. Moreover, these eight had all been slaughtered.

The giant elephant covered in thorns looked really frightening.

"Owner Bu, what delicacies will you be cooking? Are eight seventh grade spirit beasts enough?" Ni Yan asked.

Wei Dafu and Long Cai rushed over as well. Although the seventh grade spirit beasts were dead, the corpses still emitted an aura that frightened them.

"Bring me the biggest woks in Western Mystery City, as many as you can find. This time around, I'm going to prepare a feast for the entire army," Bu Fang said to Wei Dafu.

Biggest woks...

Wei Dafu was flabbergasted. Then, he looked over at the eight spirit beast and gulped.

Adding the Gigantic Iguana that Bu Fang killed previously, the total number of seventh grade spirit beasts would go up to nine... There were so many seventh grade ingredients, what dish would he cook?!

A crowd gathered. The soldiers spent a lot of effort to haul the corpses back to the camp.

That night, a bright campfire was started.

The biggest woks in Western Mystery City were delivered to the vacant area of the camp, and several Cooks' Army Unit soldiers tried to light fires beneath the woks.

Many people, including Ni Yan, were curious about the delicacies Bu Fang planned to prepare using the nine seventh grade spirit beasts.

Nine seventh grade spirit beast ingredients... the thought alone excited the crowd!